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August 2007- The one where we miss our plonkable babies! They're licking the pram wheels as we type...

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New thread!

KnickersOnMaHead Sat 17-May-08 09:30:39

Message withdrawn

Bogwoppit Sat 17-May-08 18:28:26

whoo hoo new thread & a very apt title except in our case today it has been eating grass in the field whilst mummy amuses 200 rainbows!

Meandmyjoe Sat 17-May-08 18:47:32

Ey up everyone. Good to see a nice new thread for us all. Wonder how long it will be before we need another?? Not long I bet!!! grin

Hope you are all doing OK. Me and dh went out for dinner today with Joseph and my FIL. It's the first time he has seen Joe as he works at sea so is away a lot. Joseph was rather excited about a new person to shout and screech at!

They got on rather well. So well infact that Joseph didn't want an afternoon nap as he was far too engrossed in what was happening. Consequently, he was in bed for the night by 6:20pm and went down like a sack of spuds as he was completely knackered!

Had to laugh at the title, Joseph loves trying to lick the pram wheels and also when he's say on our laps, he always tries to lick and chew on the parasol hmm He always has to have something to fiddle with and explore all the time he's awake. I don't think I've seen him without something in his hands or mouth for about 6 months! Even in the bath he is either grabbing at his bits or trying to get the bath thermometer in his mouth. I really worry he will be one of those fidgety, unable to concentrate and sit still kids! He's such an inquisitive, nosey little thing!

Anyway, Tasha, please take care of yourself. I know it can't be easy for you.

Take care everyone!

My2Weegirls Sat 17-May-08 20:15:39

i miss my plonkable baby! at every opportunity she heads for where she shouldn't giggling all the way - tv, video (to press all the buttons and make the tapes go in and out and in and out and in and out.....), sky card, patio doors that at open with a drop at the other side, downstars loo, DP shoes (eeeuuuuugggghhh), oven, stairs.....she's full of cheek.

she's started pulling herself up at every opportunity as well. stands for however long she wants then sits down with a thud - bruised bum maybe??

thomas the tank was great fun - got photo's but not uploaded them yet. dd1 had great time - they had a magician and puppet show, thomas, percy, hamish and a few others. would really recommend it for when this lot get older.

they also asked to take dd1's photo for maybe using the next brochure - they are going to phone if she is selected smile.


tasha - hope you've found some cheaper flights?

james - lol at your drunken post! i used to send drunken texts too - used to end up having text conversations with people i'd never met. ooops

meandmyjoe - dd2 is exactly the same, she has to have something in her hands - preferably 2 things that she can see how big a noise she can make banging them together.

take care everyone

Hi guys, Not feeling 100% today, not sure what's wrong with me, feel as if my kidneys are tender or something, just want to go back to bed.

J will not stop moving, ever. He's crawling properly at last and geting faster by the minute. I was embarassed yesterday, we went visiting family and I was feeling exhausted. J was driving me mad scrambling repeatedly towards the lit open fire about 20 times. I moved him away again and again, tried blocking it off with his carseat, put the fireguard up, tried distracting him with toys, food etc but nothing worked.

I was trying to talk to my aunt who I haven't seen for years and it was impossible because he was just flinging himself towards the fire again and again, so in the end I lost my rag and grabbed him up and said "I'm bloody fed up of you now, just STOP IT!" so of course he started to howl and everyone was looking at me like I was the worst mother in the world (and you just know they think you're 300 times worse at home, when the opposite is true because my house is babysafe and I'm not usually feeling so worn out and pressured because everyone was watching)

It just doesn't seem fair that even when I'm in a house full of family with dp sitting there I don't get a break from James and it was obvious I was shattered because I couldn't stop yawning. It's annoying because my niece offloads her baby onto her mum on a friday evening and doesn't get him back til sunday evening- can you imagine that? - being able to have a guiltfree lie in, or a regular night out, an uninterrupted shag or even a few hours to catch up on housework? envy

I love James to bits, and I wouldn't want to palm him off constantly or be without him all weekend like that but a couple of hours now and then might be nice for my sanity's sake. I so desperately need some time off from him. Sorry to have a big selfish whinge (especially as I only have one child) I know I'm being unreasonable but it's the way I feel.

lizziemun Sun 18-May-08 12:39:53


Don't feel bad we all have days like thissad.

Make dp take James out for a few hours while you have a rest.

Have you got someone who can takes James overnight for you.

It's ok Lizzie, just having a whinge. I'm ok now, I went back to bed and slept for almost 4 hours and felt masses better. I think the sleep deprivation builds up after a while and suddenly makes you feel awful! Fine now.

Hope everyone's doing ok and having a nice weekend!

mamamila Sun 18-May-08 18:14:09

hi everyone, i found you! not at a lot new to tell here, no teeth yet, less sleep than ever. mila's added to her hourly or two hourly waking alnight. now she wakes between 5-6 am and will not go back to sleep

i laughed at the title too as mila loves to pull herself up on the pushchair and often goes in for a sly lick. she also get easily distracted with something to fiddle with.

she's pulling herself up constantly but cleverly just got the hang of bending down again. i keep watching her thinking how i should be doing some similar sort of squats to sort out the wobbly arse but i'm too exhausted to stand up most of the time!

like james said on the last thread it's funny too how our perceived risk of dirty stuffs has eased off over these months.

i say 'a-ah or no' when i can see she's about to grab something she shouldn't and she hates it. she has a mini tantrum- terrible!

have everyone else's babes produced teeth already? how long can this go on for?? it can't be good giving her calpol everyday

lizziemun Sun 18-May-08 20:21:37


No Lexie still hasn't got any teeth, just 2 lumps on her lower gum where they should be. When Lexie is told no she looks at the floor and waves her arms up and down.


I think your right about sleep deprivation builds and then hits you with a sledge hammer.

helibee Sun 18-May-08 20:34:00

James-hee hee love the new thread title. Glad you're feeling a bit better, when they're this active it can be hard going and your only human to want a break. My pain with my FM has been really bad recently and i can't take enough painkillers cos they can make me drowsy so i'm in quite a bit of pain atm-nevermind!

hi mamamila-i feel the same with Callum-his teething seems endless and if you don't give him calpol he's in so much pain but as his eczema is so bad at the moment i don't feel as bad giving him calpol or medised (it def does NOT sedtae my lo!! [wink[)

tasha-hope you're ok hon-have you booked the flights?

knickers-hows the pregnancy going? how is your lo-is she a wee monkey like the rest of ours!! grin

will post some more later-off to have a late dinner

MamaTama Sun 18-May-08 22:52:20

Hi everyone, reading through your posts on this thread had me laughing out loud at intervals & nodding my head in agreement at so much of what's been said already - so I'm not the only one! grin
Wow that grin emoticon is a bit scary isn't it? shock
My lo (8 month old boy) is a real powerhouse (with muscles in places I thought babies were meant to be all chubby & soft) & now he's managed to co-ordinate arms/legs/hands/feet/brain/brawn to crawl there's no stopping him! Like Joseph, Jahleel never stays still for more than a minute & always has to be into something. I can't believe the amount of energy he has on so little sleep, but I guess expending so much explains why he's such a milk monster too, even though I feed him 2-3 decent sized meals a day as well!
I'm desperate for a tiny bit of 'me-time' too but there are only a small number of people I'd trust to have him for more than an hour or so & they all seem to be preoccupied with their own lives right now & my family are all up north (I'm in London). Still, I guess as he gets older I'll feel happier about leaving him with others for extended periods (just as I've lightened up about him putting all manner of things in his mouth that I would have been horrified at a few short months ago, although as a lifelong vegetarian I draw the line at him consuming itinerant insects that have the misfortune to pass his way, much to his disappointment!).
To Helibee & Mamamila, have you tried homoeopathic Chamomilla pillules for teething? That's all I've used for mine, it really seems to help & has no side effects: my DS even slows down, leans back & opens his mouth/sticks his tongue out for me now in anticipation when I get the little brown glass bottle & show it to him. Worth a try, you'd need to give it a week or so to see how they react to it though as it works subtly on their whole system...
This site is great, I'm so glad I found it (& you all!).

helibee Sun 18-May-08 23:20:03

hi mamatama - great to hear from you, it soinds like your wee boy is doing well. We use the nelsons tething granules and they do help but not when it gets to the days just before they cut through unforunately!

I think Callum may be intolerant to dairylea and other dairy (i really hope not though) His eczema has gone through the roof and aside from very bad teething nothing has changed aside from a love of dairylea spread (he loves it on pitta bread and mixed with potato, butternut squash and carrot. I've checked the label and it has no crap in it so thought it'd be ok but stopped him having it to see if it makes a deifference and i'm going to get him checked out at the docs for any food allergies or intolerances!

Callum is walking round all the furniture and he nearly took his first few unaided stpes but he suddenly realised that we weren't holding his hand so he sat down! He is very confident walking one handed now inside and outside and he loves or neighbour across the road (thankfully we live in a very quiet road where there are very few cars and mostly other children playing so i don't need to worry too much about him making a dash across the road (although car awareness may have to be taught sooner than i'd hoped! grin)

my2weegirls- i think Callum is the wee boy equivalent to your dd2-they sound very similar in their mischeivous ways!!!

Good morning folks and welcome to the thread/site mamatama! Always nice to see a new face on the thread.

I just read through your profile, the bit about hobbies and pastimes pre and post baby made me laugh- you aren't the only one to have a totally babycentred life now! Sometimes it's hard to see where "you" went, but I live in hope that when my son is a little older he can share in my old interests a bit so I can enjoy them again too. I used to love painting and drawing, hopefully he'll enjoy crafts too so we can get stuck in and indulge our creative sides!

lol @ you not letting him eat bugs, I found a battered spider amidst J's toys the other day, just a crumpled ball of legs. It was a big 'un too! shock I don't like to think of whether it was just hugged to death or whether he did actually think it was a raisin with extras. <shudder>

Aaw helibee I hope C doesn't turn out to be lactose intolerant, that'll make things more difficult for you. Sorry to hear your FM is worse recently, hope you aren't suffering too much with it, I can't imagine how difficult it must make everything.

James keeps taking himself off into the kitchen, he sits there playing with the hoover quietly for ages, I think he's in love. grin I'm on the lookout for a toy one on freecycle for him so he stops snogging ours!

mamamila and lizzie, we get the occasional teeny tantrum here too at the dreaded N-O word. He actually prostrates himself on the floor and kicks and smacks the ground whilst screeching, but it only lasts 2 seconds thankfully. (He's a redhead remember- definite little temper!)

Mamamila sorry the sleeping has got even worse, how on earth do you cope? yesterdays whinge was a result of just a week or two's sleep deprivation (since he went in his own room) I'd be a complete harridan if I'd had 9 months of it so kudos to you, you're doing a great job, love!

My2weegirls, how's dd2's arm now?

Hersetta Mon 19-May-08 10:23:33

Morning all - hope you all had a good weekend.

my Mum has been over from Spain this weekend so Caitlin has been spoilt silly. She's very happy though apart from she's suffereing with her teeth at the moment so have had to resort to baby nurofen a couple of times. She much prefers the taste to calpol (it's orange as apposed to strawberry) and actually opens her mouth when you put the plunger in front of her mouth. She's got 3 teeth at the moment and I'm sure another bottom one is on its way and for the first time she seems to be in a bit of pain poor love.

She's been very vocal this weekend. She spent 30 mins yesterday afternoon sitting playing with her toys shouting Dada dada dada constantly. Her Daddy was at Wembley watching football and the news cheered him up after his team lost the play off final.
She's also got a new noise which she now makes all the time - even at her swimming class on saturday. hard to describe but she blows out and makes her lips reverburate like a motor cycle engine. Very cute.

Also had our first tantrums this week. First was my DH not letting her rip his glasses of his face and then not letting her play with the car keys which she is facinated by. Didn't last long but included back arching and screams. I hate tantrum throwing toddlers so I hope this is not a sign of loads more to come.

conkertree Mon 19-May-08 10:32:32

mamamila - sending a hug for sleep deprivation - have got ds in bed pretty much every night now since dermatologist said not to swaddle him any more. she said it wasnt helping his eczema which I can understand but at least he was able to sleep for three or four hours at a time. now he goes for about an hour before he stirs and wakes himself scratching (even with mits on).

james- I've felt like that a few times - and more so the older he gets cause i think you accpet it when they are really wee - its what you expect, but i had (naively maybe) thought that by 9 months he would be a better sleeper, so when it really builds up, its awful.

estate agent coming tomorrow so frantically trying to get the house looking respectable but i just seem to have no time at all just now. feel guilty that i'm not playing with ds much cause am either at work, at kilt school, or tidying etc for house sale, but hopefully will all settle down soon.

conkertree Mon 19-May-08 10:35:20

hi hersetta- sorry posts crossed - ds does that noise too - one of his favourites. sometimes he gets the comic timing just right too when others are having a conversation.

ds can say mamamama but much prefers dadadada and pretty much everything is "ada" just now - seems to cover all important topics that he wants to talk about.

My2Weegirls Mon 19-May-08 11:19:01

morning! just laughing at all the things we don't want babies eating as dd is eating my trainers - yuck.

hi mamatama - welcome!

tantrums - oh boy, does this little drama queen have tantrums. when you take something of her that she really wants, she lies down on her tummy, head in hands, cries, looks up to see if you are looking, then head down again.

james - her arm is fine now, if anything it's stronger than it was! i know you don't like talking about it on this thread but how's things with your dad/family etc.

conker - hope the tidying goes well.

i don't how you all survive with hourly/2 hourly wakings! dd2 was up 3 times last night - normally she's up once about 1am which i can cope with (as long as her big sister doesn't get up too early).

helibee - sorry to hear you're not doing to great. I don't know much about fybromyalgia (apart from FM being my initials grin), is it a case of just managing it rather than 'curing' it?

ooh must go - lavendaer scented wipe now being chewed with yum yum noises.....

James razzes like that at random people in the supermarket. He always makes sure he has captured their attention first too, so it's nicely insulting. grin

Since we have a lovely new thread, shall we have some updated pics of the babies too? If anyone has any new pics they want to stick on go for it, let's see how much they've grown in the last 9 months!

Here are the latest ones of J from last weekend, playing in paddling pool and generally being a cheeky chap.

pic1 pic2 pic3 pic4 pic5 pic6

Hersetta Mon 19-May-08 11:23:15

Conker - glad you managed to make sense of my description!

Caitlin seems to play up to both of us I think. When she's with me she says Dada all the time. When she's with DH she doesn't stop saying mum mum mum.

Sometimes she looks at you so intently before spouting lots of baby babble that i wonder if she's trying to convey something vitally important that I'm missing.

x posts my2weegirls, glad her arm's better! Ooh looks like we're all seeing the start of some toddler behaviour then, where have all our little babies gone? By the way, J tried to crawl up the stairs earlier so if like me you haven't got a stairgate yet, it really isn't too soon to get one- he's only really been crawling properly for a few days and we need one now!

(((Yeah, don't want to clutter up this thread with all that family crap but just to update you- thankfully dad hasn't made any attempt to contact me since he came out of hospital with his hip so looks like he's finally got the message. It might not be the end of our dealings with him as our car is still on his drive (declared as off the road) and we still need to get rid of it, but we do have the car keys now (he had them in his house before) so in theory we could go there sometime when he's asleep and take it away and that should be the end of that. One of the saddest parts of the whole saga though is that my relationship with one of my brothers is now very strained, hopefully it will sort itself out in time though once he learns the full story- thanks for asking hon. )))

conkertree Mon 19-May-08 11:43:34

james- those photos are absolutely gorgeous - he's such a cutie.

Hersetta Mon 19-May-08 12:19:44

James - pics are so cute. Here are some very recent ones of Caitlin.

pic 1

pic 2

pic 3

pic 4

mamamila Mon 19-May-08 12:33:06

hey everybody, thanks for the support, it feels very nice to know other people realise my sleepless nights!

conker and helibee- ah your poor little ones, it must be terrible to see him scratching and so uncomfortable.

james-your little guy looks so grown up in his swimsuit n hat. and is that toned arm and sleek hair yours? lovely colour.

hi mamatama- love the name wink

mila's very vocal too, constantly chatting and favourites baba, baba is daddy here and she definitely uses it right. in fact today she cried when baba was leaving for first time. she waves and kind of says hi and bye bye too. when she's really tired or hurts herself she cries mam mam

she's had a couple of bumps this past week and reverted to one leg crawling instead of 2. she probably feels safer but actually topples more easily. all our floors are tiled and and she hates being indoors but is constantly dirty. i bath her 2 or 3 times a day and constantly washing her hands. i hope these teeth are coming, she's a bit grizzly and hard to please these last few days

My2Weegirls Mon 19-May-08 13:21:07

i've uploaded a photo of dd1 at thomas and dd2

love the photos of james dticking his tongue out grin and caitlin in her bath smile

if anyone has got any tips on getting them to keep their sun hats one - please share! as soon as it'sn she's pulling it off again.

james - hope you get the car soon! sorry to hear about your relationship with your brother - hope everything does work out soon smile

dd2 has just gone for another nap after hardly eating anything (my trainer must have filled her up wink) - think her teeth are bothering her too had to give her some calpol.

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