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FEB 08- Sore nips and no naps continued!!!!

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Hi Ladies thought i wouls open the thread but i have no imagination- hence the title!!!!

omy Fri 16-May-08 13:50:07

Thank goodness for that Sarah or I might never have found it!!!

Ty - love your comment 'in man-world, watching tv is obvs doing stuff' - soooo true. I am already hating the TV and we only got it 2 weeks ago! - I am so selfish I never thought of the poor nurses who have to jab babies all day! What a job!

tyaca Fri 16-May-08 14:14:18

checking in so i can find the thread again. the police have just turned up on our estate and are investigating our underground bins!! i am v curious.

bean - gl at doctors and touchwood the ABs'll do their magic work tout suit

Egg Fri 16-May-08 15:35:46

Got screaming household today but just wanted to say I checked in first thing to see Bean's news and breathed a HUGE sigh of relief smile. Thank goodness it is nothing serious.

princessllama Fri 16-May-08 19:49:31

beany so glad it's all ok. felt like a right whinger after reading your post.
also sarah hope your dh gets one of the jobs he's interviewing for, not what you guys need at the moment.
tyaca what did you put in the bin.
i won the bad mummy prize this am when dd fell off the see saw backwards whilst i was looking into the distance. v laurel and hardy-her legs stayed in sitting position, ie straight up in air. thank goodness it was the spongey playground surface. she went green and drowsy, didn't even want a croissant-def. a first. anyway she's fine now and keeps lamenting the croissant that never was.
meanwhile ferdie is now on ranitidine for the reflux. i think i'm not a good breeder. both kids with reflux and milk intolerance.glad don't have to have another attempt, would be bound to have same again. bummer is i'm looking into the near future and i know what it holds having been through it with dd. sleepless nights for whole first year shock. still, there is a chance might not be samehmm
now it's the weekend i don't really care about anything. am going to dance up the stairs to my bath as dh has managed to get home early. wish i could have an innocent smoothie plus vodka but sadly didn't think in advance enough.
omy i second everyone else's view and yours on the bouncing. mind you, for me it would be slight toss up as would be so keen not to be doing it myself for once, but think would still not manage to hold my tongue.

cosima Fri 16-May-08 19:56:03

evening everybody, thank god for mn. i get so annoyed when EE is on at 8 instead of 7.30, 8 o clock is my bedtime FGS.

DS has had diarrhoea for 6 days now, 8 poos a day, thats 48 poos! i'm fed up with poo!

tyaca Fri 16-May-08 20:12:36

bowel movement maths - oh the heady heights this thread has reached already grin. what is EE cosima, am i being v stupid?

omy, i forgot you didnt have a telly before. have you gone for the basic annaligue style, or are you freeviewed too? IMO, if you're going to do telly, you should succumb and go for a full sky 2000 chsnnels package. no point doing these things half-hearted.

princessllama, smoothie plus vodka, what an excellent idea. i once worked with a who swore by berocca and vodka. your playground story made me remember my grandparents taking me to the playground when i was a couple of years older than your dd. my body stopped in just the right place at the bottom of the slide, but my face kept on going - slam into ground. my luvly bruv called me chocolate face when i was covered in scabs.

ooooh... and meant to say well done on the baby-rolling-over lljkk grin

right - must turn computer off, what with it being friday night and all. BUT had to boast the following. this evening i got on the treadmill at gym and ran til i felt tired with towel covering the screen. when i stopped I HAD BEEN RUNNING FOR 40M AND HAD DONE 5K. grin grin grin

tyaca Fri 16-May-08 20:14:37

thats analogue btw, just spelt different. and more powerful in scrabble.

cosima Fri 16-May-08 20:23:54


beansprout Fri 16-May-08 20:51:02

Aha!! I have my anti-biotics. Doc took one look at my throat and said, "ooh, that's nasty". Yeah, I know!! grin
Feel like crap but hey.

Dh went to work this morning and then came back at lunchtime so I didn't have to take the whole circus to the docs. I was gone 20 minutes and came back to both boys howling and dh having "resorted" to putting Cbeebies on (we have a not before 5pm rule in this house). hmm

Am impressed with baby rolling. I think ds2 has been on his tummy about 4 times as I keep forgetting!

Spoke to a friend today who had her baby 2 weeks ago and, wait for it.... she is working (from home)!!! Also her (d)h is doing feck all but they have a doula AND a nanny who she is working to pay for. Wtf?!!! hmm angry

Tyaca - lol at your scrabble comment - will remember that one!!

Has anyone else got a baby who is squealing like a stuck pig? grin

Gill79 Fri 16-May-08 22:24:10

Had a minor panic whenI thought might not be able to find you all again! Well here we all are again.

Quick catch-up - Egg - can you fit all three car seats in the car at once? And what about all the stuff? Can't imagine it.

Bean - hello again and phew. You don't need moments like that!

Princess - sad things sound really hard and your last post sounds awfully down.... must be daunting if you know what to expect re sleepless nights, but you never know DS may be entirely different!

Re: What They Say - DS says "Ug! Ug! Ug!" which I interpret as "Hug! Hug! Hug!" and oblige accordingly. He also says "ahGOOO" as well as a random assortment of squeaks. And when you swing him upside down he laughs just like a grown up with a huge wide grin smile

Sarh - sorry to hear about redundancy sad - hope something else comes up.

Pleased to hear there is a 16 week growth spurt - had a day this week of reverting to 2 hourly feeds! My boobs caught up one night and I woke up with the pammies back. Am quite keen now to carry on exclusive BF for as long as I can - for one reason feel really sad about the thought of moving onto the next stage......also need the wee man's assistance in shifting these pounds!

Think we are beginning to have gum issues - he's been pretty grumpy for a week or so, dribbling loads and sometimes with really red cheeks. The thing is that all of the teething aids (even the early stage ones) are too big to fit in his mouth.

DP bounces DS on the ball in front of the TV. We do worry about the TV a bit but tbh can't really think of a concrete reason why at this stage. DS loves it - especially The Simpsons - he leans forward transfixed and dribbles vigorously. Surely flashing lights and colours are just visual stimulation at this stage? Will obviously have to be much stricter when he's able to play and entertain himself a bit more, but it's just such a relief to be able to sit down and have him calm.

Just spent six hours at the climbing wall with him - kept expecting him to fall asleep but he was awake for most of it, getting passed around and having a lovely time watching people climb. Just like a proper friday night out and so good to be out of the house for so long.

Gill79 Sat 17-May-08 16:00:42

Helloooooooo! Is anybody there? Just a quick bump in case we've lost anybody.

Well after saying above "Am quite keen now to carry on exclusive BF for as long as I can" was discussing this with a friend at lunch today and as I was saying "maybe we'll introduce a little baby rice in a month or so" heard this little-baby-lipsmacking-yummy-yummy noises and looked round to see DP spooning his lunch into DS's mouth......shock Quite a comedy moment really - DS was very keen on the idea and seeing him covered in soup and with his face stuck in a big spoon was v cute.

hee hee gill!!!!!

omy Sat 17-May-08 20:01:39

Hi Gill - I just looked at your pics - your DS is soooooo cute. You must know my bruv in law steve if you are a climber - he seems to know all the climbers!

princessllama Sat 17-May-08 20:45:06

gill top marks for getting on the climbing wall. can't believe your dp was giving him soup-weaning seems like it used to be way more low key. now it's a high octane topic. soup is prob more natural than babyrice-who knows. the thing about the tv was that it hots some babies up-mine used to take alot of interest in the tripe i watched when bf. had to stop because i couldn't get her to sleep after. i never worried it was addling her mind-not like now when we watch total rubbish on ceebeebies for the endless feeds of her brother.
i've got mastitis again. big bum. (can't swear anymore as dd keeps copying my blue languageblush. so coming up with absurd substitutes. i was feeling quite upbeat but now a bit less bouncy.-apart from right breast that is which is like a zepelin and overly bouncy. i can't drain the milk, have tried the shower head with hot water, hot flannels and expressing and bf in silly positions.dh reckons it may be time to call it quits on the bf. he probably has a point. feeding ferdie now takes on average an hour and 10mins. as have to bf then give a bottle and we're now faffing with ranitidine, special formula and a thickening agent and i'm avoiding all dairy products and pumping. it's a massive wrestle doing all this whilst entertaining/preventing dd from molesting ds. oh, and i reckon i still have thrush and have been continuing with putting the bras in milton steriling dummies constantly and not using the same towel twice hmm. on the other hand i feel like feeding ferdie is about the only time he gets my attention although i do get time with him when dd goes off with part time nanny 4 half days. and a bottle is still close just less time. i think i'll see how the night goes, just worried it's not going to clear up because i can't drain the breast i'd hate lo to have to have more ab's in the milk again.
sorry i'm boring for england.
cosima comiserations on ee. really glad someone else goes to bed as early as me too.

princessllama Sat 17-May-08 20:45:26

btw what happened to pobletsmum?

omy Sat 17-May-08 21:29:28

Oh Princess that sounds really shite. sad You have put up with so much!! I really hope you can sort out that breast tonight. xx

beansprout Sat 17-May-08 21:48:09

PL - Am so impressed with your perseverance. Hope it gets sorted out and that you feel better soon!

Baby rice is basically wallpaper paste and not food at all. grin My rule of thumb with ds1 has always been to not to expect him to eat anything I wouldn't eat myself. Have to say though, that to this day, he has never wanted soup!! Just one thing about soup though, it can be quite salty (as someone who has eaten gallons of the stuff lately as part of this weight loss malarky!)

Still feel like crap on a stick but am hoping I'll feel better tomorrow. Please. It's been a bit of a week.

Gill79 Sat 17-May-08 21:53:49

Oh dear Princess. It's a tricky one - you could turn a corner tomorrow and have a three or four months of happy BF or you could limp on and on suffering - and you just don't know. I can imagine you always want to try one more day / week just in case it gets better but if you think you would all be happier with FF maybe its worth cutting your losses. (and you can always try to give him extra cuddles afterwards to make up for the lack of boob)

Whatever you choose your decision will be the right one though- cause mum's always right.

Gill79 Sat 17-May-08 21:56:59

Omy - what is Steve's surname? Sadly there are rather a lot of climbers in London - sad that is whilst queueing to get onto a route in hot overcrowded climbing walls!

leesmum Sun 18-May-08 08:25:55

Hi everyonesmile

Ohh princess i really admire your perseverance, i don't know you do it. BIG hugs for you love xxx smile at big bum!

I'm with beany on weaning, baby rice is shite! and weaning isn't as easy as people think, its very messy and quite frustrating when you take ages to cook and puree stuff and then they spit it outwink So glad your Ds1 is ok now, how worrying for you xx

My Ds1 has got his open day at school on wed, wow i can't believe he'll start on the 2nd of sept, he's very excited because the nursery has a huge tree house outside it!!

Sarah how has your implant been? i'm having mine put in next week. Has it been ok?

Well done Gill and Tyaca on the running and climbing, and here's me thinking i'm doing well because i go for a walk everydayblush actually i've lost no weight at all in two weeks but i have eaten some crap, so now i've got it out of my system i'll start again next week, i knew this last half stone would be a bugger to shift.

lljkk well done on your lo for rolling oversmile James can roll from his front to back but not the other way round! his face is a picture when he does it though!

Cosima how's things with your DS? has the poo subsided? hope he's better xx

Omy i love your pictures of the girls and DD3 holiday snapssmile

Egg how are your lot? doing well i hope, honestly how do you get everything done? or don't you. lol

Its lovely here today Ds1 and i are off to church in a bit, every time we go he says "what's that king doing in church?" meaning the priest lol

OH and i have my smear tomorrow afternoon, doesn't that 3 yrs come around quickly.

Have a lovely day all xx

alkar Sun 18-May-08 09:03:28

Thanks for the advice bean, I think you're right he is heading for his 16 week growthspurt. I did try him on some baby cereal Friday night and he slept through but I am now going back to just bf.

Well done on the 5k tyaca, any more offers on your flat?

Hope the bf issues resolve themselves princess, it must be very hard for you

On the rolling over, DS can go from front to back but not the other way yet, I think you have beat us all lljkk grin

Hi lees mum-

Good to hear from you,

My implant has been fine i don't notice that its even there, However about 2weeks after it was put in i have period that lasted 14 days!!!! was not funny at all- but since then nothing!!!! i am sure i am not preg again!!!grin well better not be grin

I cannot believe all these babies are rolling over it does not seem that long ago we were all complaining about being preg and fed up!!!lolgrin

must put dd on the floor more- i keep forgetting!!!!lol

Have a great sunday everyone we have sunshine again so were off out !!!!!

rozzyraspberry Sun 18-May-08 10:38:17

Hi everyone.

Princess - that's crap - it's so unfair for one person to have so much bad luck with bf. You have done really well carrying on this far. Only you can decide what's best for you what your dh or anyone else thinks is irrelevant really. Take carexx

On the weight loss front I've been a bit better with food this week and have done more than 20 miles on my treadmill but don't think I've lost any weight. I've now got a horrible cold so am feeling a bit sorry for myself.

DS is 14 weeks old tomorrow and has gone from doing a 6/7 hour stint in the night back to being up every 3/3.5 hours. Struggled with it to begin with as I was really struggling to get back to sleep after being up with him - lay for more than 2 hours on Thursday night getting more and more annoyed because I knew he would be back up again fairly soon. Anyway after reading posts by beany and alkar, and also another thread, I'm dreading the 16 week spurt. I'm going to try and hold off weaning for as long as possible. I find it much easier with just milk - particularly when we go out for the day - just need nappies and a change of clothes and we're ready to go.

I'm a bit hacked off today as lo's tiny love cot mobile which he LOVES has stopped working. I don't want to splash out another £40 on a new one when he'll only get another few months use out of it and we're not having any more lo's to pass it down to. It's made life so much easier for me though as he goes in his cot and watches the mobile whilst I'm having a shower and getting ready in the morning and also when I'm getting the bath stuff ready in the evening. Ho hum

Sorry - what a moany post!!! On the plus side ds3 is getting more and more gorgeous and scrumptious every day!

beansprout Sun 18-May-08 10:52:26

Am impressed with the rolling babies, ds2 is showing no signs of moving whatsoever!! Ds1 was slow in this regard too and now he's the fastest runner in town, so am not worried. smile

Well, can recommended illness and stress as a weight loss programme as I am now down to my target weight grin, but I suspect a few days of eating normally again will put pay to that so am not calling it just yet!

Leesmum - good luck with the smear test, lol at the 3 years coming round quickly, I know what you mean!!

PL - how are you today?

Hi to everyone else!! smile

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