Jan '07 part 25: Tell our families that they may take our social lives, but they'll never take our FRREEEEEDOMMMMM!

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2Happy Mon 12-May-08 13:23:23

Now paint your face blue, and stick your tongue out at the world - end especially the half-wit-mid-life-crisis-lacking-common-sense-PMT-suffering-eejits we otherwise call men.

eandh, ratbunny, susie, UD - this one's for you

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laughalot Mon 12-May-08 13:42:40


eandh Mon 12-May-08 14:21:10

'd'h coming round tonight to talk, I have asked him not to come till the girls are in bed as if they see him they'll want to stay up. He has sent grovelling text messages and the ennormity of what he sis does seem to be hiting him.

If I let him home he needs to cut down the drinking alot especially when indoors (dont mind so much when he goes out for a night) and it does mean my social life is on hold as for the time being there is noway I can go out and leave him with the girls at night time without feeling anxious plus Ellie keeps saying she doesnt want me to go out anymore sad, I have a preschool meeting tomorrow night and really can't decide what to do I need to go but what do I do with E&H?

SmoothandWilkie Mon 12-May-08 14:21:32

I just dribbled in my pants at the pic of Mel! Nom nom nom

Nice one 2H!

Lizzzombie Mon 12-May-08 15:12:13

EAH - Could you ask the pre school people round to yours and have the meeting at your house?

Lizzzombie Mon 12-May-08 15:23:17

btw - LTH.
I took Dj to have his pixi photos done on Friday morning. We managed 1 photo before he kicked off and went mad. hmm May have to re-think that child modelling idea I had for a few extra £!
Not like your little Georgie! x

Reggiee Mon 12-May-08 18:10:23

Who-hooo new thread!!

Hope tonight goes ok EaH.

Hiya LTH. Where've you been? <nosey>

theAfkaUrbanDryad Mon 12-May-08 18:20:58

ooh - new thread.

<<marks place>>

Dragonhart Mon 12-May-08 19:53:39

Have a question. How many of your ankles got really swollen for our Jan babies? Mine went enormous for Luke and he was a summer baby, didnt swell for Ruth born in Jan and are already swelling for this baby.

However, with this baby and with Luke my placenta was posterior whereas with RUth it was anterior (at the front). Have no clue if this has any bearing but it feels the same as with Luke. Or does that mean it is a boy?

Ok so quite a few questions but just wondering how you all had it.

EAH- Could you arrange the preschool meeting for in the day and take E and H? Or is it a meeting with lots of people?
Tried CLarks website and you cant order from there either. Paying that much I would want to make sure they fitted right anyway. I am definatly going to email them and say how crap they are though. Might get some vouchers out of it <<hopeful>> hmm

eandh Mon 12-May-08 20:39:58

Dragon - mine swelled with Hattiue but she is early sept baby so weather was hot, swelled right at the end of pg with Hattie. Fingers crossed for clarks

UD - how did today go?

Chris has been round and we've talked, he is incredibly sorry and remorseful and it does seem as if he understands the ennormity of what he did and the possible consequences of what could have happened. I needed to make him realise that I mean it this time and therefore I have printed off all the details that will help me if we were to separate (assets, tax credits, maintenance etc) so he understands this is his last and final chance and I can do this without him (I do 98% of childcare as he is normally at work and I deal with the finances, we'd have to sell the house or my parents be guarantors for me but I could rent a decent 2 bedroom house with the benefits I'd get and although I wouldn't be rolling in it I could cope). He has gone back to his parents to get his stuff but he needs to prove to me he means what he says or that's it he loses me and the girls. No more chances where alocohol is concerned.

Ellie doesn't seem to bad just needs reasuring that she wasn't alone and that it wont happen again, she can be so confident at times and then something like this happens and she takes 12 steps backwards, she worries a lot and I suspect she'll have a wobbly when I take her to preschool tomorrow as I'll be leaving her but fingers crossed she'll see her mates and be fine. Hattie is very very clingy which is not like her but I dont think she'd remember Saturday night, but shes probably clicked that she hasnt seen Chris for a few days (funnily enough Ellie hasnt noticed

Preschool meeting has to be in the evening as some of the staff have to attend, we tried having it in houses before but when it was my turn both the girls woke up and I missed most of the meeting. Since 'd'h will be here he will have them but my neighbout over the road (who knows abit of what happened) is going to pop in (she needs to drop something back to me) and I'm only going to be an hour.

theAfkaUrbanDryad Mon 12-May-08 20:42:48

DH - my ankles didn't swell but my hands and feet did. I had Carpal Tunnel Syndrome for the last few weeks IYRC!

ladytophamhatt Mon 12-May-08 20:47:10

1 photo is ok Lizzzz, £4.99 rather than £564,987,999 is much better valuegrin

I've not been anywhere, just have nothing to report, well that you haven't all heard before anyway <rolls eyes>

We're ok though, G is a complete menace and into everything. The little monkey has worked out how to open doors with door knobs that you twist, so he's managed to unroll a whole loo roll (downstairs bathroom, 2 doors to open) about 4-5 times. He's constantly in the fridge, or cupboards looking for food.
I found him almost at the top of the stairs the other day, 11 stairs up (higher then my head) and he just laughed at me.

He'd spend all day in the garden if he could but that means I have even further to run after him....maybe I'll get him a leadgrin

SmoothandWilkie Mon 12-May-08 21:29:40

DH - my ankles didn't swell. My entire body did though!

LTH - nice to have you back. G sounds like J! Toilet roll is the worst one. Plus he has a penchance for the toilet brush. Yuk! He brings it through to me, dripping, from the bathroom to the bedroom! He goes up and down the stairs on his own now cos I got bored of constantly chasing him up and down them!! grin

EAH - glad it sounds like you are working things out.

eandh Mon 12-May-08 21:33:15

Hattie can go up the stairs at a rapid rate, however, comes down backwards on her tummy hmm

Hattie fell asleep at 6pm woke up at 7.30pm and is still awake [grrrr]

Lizzzombie Mon 12-May-08 22:16:39

Ugh! Don't talk to me about toilet brushes! I had to hide ours in the airing cupboard as I found DJ playing with the brush end of it next to his 'fluffy dog' (bedtime companion toy thing) totally grossed me out.
He hasn't found out how fun toilet rolls can be yet...but knows how to open the oven, turn on/off the washing machine, constantly bangs doors and can climb onto the coffee table and up to the window and bang on that at people walking past. He also knows how to open the nappy wrapper....hmm
Oh, and loves scooping all the dirt out of my pots in the back yard.
Its scarey how quickly they grow up! x

LTH - tell me about it, I could NOT believe the amount of people who spent the full £180 on all of the photos...and some of the outfits! Wow! Well, satin, lace etc etc very highly flammable is all I am saying!

SmoothandWilkie Tue 13-May-08 06:18:40

Lizz - ahhhh yes, the washing machine. He turns the cycle knob mid cycle - the washing machine ran for 4 hours the other day because he kept switching the cycle without me noticing. Luckily it was just my 'smalls' so it didn't matter that they got a bloody boil wash!!!!!

5.30am start again!

theAfkaUrbanDryad Tue 13-May-08 08:20:11

Z loves playing with the washing machine - but i lost the plot at him and screamed at him to leave it alone last week when i was trying to get my washing done! he now contents himseelf with looking at it when it's on.

For those that are interested, here's a thread about my friend Morgan's blog entry about the National Breastfeeding Awareness week and my experiences yesterday are at the bottom of the blog entry.

Lizzzombie Tue 13-May-08 18:55:18

UD - I read your mates blog. I cant believe they treated you all so badly. Did you not even get a mention of thanks from the organisers? Were you spoken to by anyone other than the press? Were you even acknowledged other than to provide the event with a spectacle to be photographed? (did you get into the papers btw?)
I don't understand why anyone would organise such an event and then treat you all like this. Its contemptable. Have you written to/contacted the organisers to discuss how you were treated?

eandh Tue 13-May-08 19:19:58

UD - that is shocking and what shit person organised it hmm???

HAvent had internet access today as aol would not connect, spoke to neighbour and they couldnt so phoned aol and after 5 attempts was finally told server down but its just reappeared grin

Preschool meeting sorted - its been cancelled smile

'd'h swapped his routes at work today to help someone help and the bloke he normally works with got raided, he was punched and had a sawn off shotgun stuck to his head shock 'd'h just chatting to him, hes been suspended on pay whilst a full investigation takes place (they got over £100k) and if there is one thing him and the colleague havent done 'to the book' they'll be sacked angry

Ellie been a stroppy cow today, it started after school as she'd fallen over, we went to town and they both had mcdonalds an mcflurrys for lunch blush then she decided she wants a plaster but not any plaster a school one, she screamed and tantrummed the rest of way round town, then in tescos I have to ignore her when she does this as she literally puts herself in a rage and doesnt give up (where some old lady told me I should sort her out, I 'kindly' replied that maybe she'd like to have a go) got home, neighbours heard me and in the end I left her in house and me and hattie went to play ball oputside after 65mins she finally stopped and said she didnt want a plaster anymore (grrrrrr)

Dragonhart Tue 13-May-08 19:25:12

Ruth walked today!!!!!

Most was 4 steps but she looked so pleased with herself and kept doing it.

UD- Sounds like it was really badly planned for you all. Have you had any reply? And those posters are horrible. Surely they had someone who bf involved?! Or a woman even?

Also, can I just pick your brains about Avent. Is it the fact that they make bottles and advertise them or do they advertise formula? I have always bought avent cups as when I was really stuggling with breastfeeding Luke, DH went out in the middle of the night to Tescos to get me a breast pump and steriliser and they came with loads of bottles. I used the cups because all the part interchanged and also I like the fact that they were made in England. Just wondered how bad they were?

Anyone want a bottle of E45 factor 30 suncream? Bought it for Luke as he reacts to suncreams with his excema and someone recomended it but it has made it a million times worse. Does it suit anyone's lo? If it does I can post it.

Dragonhart Tue 13-May-08 19:27:56

EAH- We went to Asda today. Much much much sympathy from the Dragon household re tantrums. angry

laughalot Tue 13-May-08 21:28:18

Oh dragon I wouldnt say no to the cream if thats ok, it will be good for the holidays. I can paypal you some money grin.

Eah lol at e glad she calmed down. shock at c changing his route that would have topped your week off.

Ud that was crap planning.

Lizz how many weeks till the hol ?

Just watching this program on abortions it is making my blood boil.

Reggiee Tue 13-May-08 21:35:41

Bloody hell UD that is awful. Great blog btw. I'm looking forward to hearing the responsde to your complaint.

Lal am also watching the programme. I think it might make me cry though....

SmoothandWilkie Tue 13-May-08 22:09:20

Can't watch the abortion program. Think I would cry too Reggiee It is such an emotive subject though.

Lizzzombie Wed 14-May-08 07:41:26

Dragon - Yay Ruth! Thats fab. She'll be tap dancing before you know it!
Lal - Its 2 weeks on Saturday. My list of things to do/take is getting longer and longer. Bit scared!

DJ slept through the night.
Only napped for half an hour at nursery yesterday so was obviously knackered. Went straight off at 6.30pm - till 5.05am!!!
This hasn't happend since before xmas!
Am so chuffed, I had a full nights sleep. I think I woke up in the same position I went to sleep in. Oooh...imagine if he did this every night! I could almost cope with 5am starts if he slept through. grin

Have MMR jab this morning though, so not sure how the rest of the day will go...must by chocolate buttons on the way to the Drs!

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