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mypandasgotcrabs Thu 24-Apr-08 20:57:29

Lets start again girls!

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BrownieBells Thu 24-Apr-08 22:06:47

Ok - so am I still welcome here? am clueless about what's gone on (a good palce to be?) and have no beef with anyone....does that make me ok!

Panda - meant to send wishes re CP - have you tried adding bicarb of soda to bath? THis is supposed to take heat (and thus itchiness) out of rash....I am reliably informed it works (not having had CP myself, but a colleague got it a few months back, and then his wife did just after!)

Lots of love to all


feetheart Thu 24-Apr-08 22:12:24

Just posted ENORMOUS message on previous thread, will now cut and paste but don't feel the need to read it again smile

Hello everyone.

Brownie - SO glad that your Dad has a diagnosis and that he's home. Pneumonia isn't nice and takes a LONG time to get over but I'm sure you are all hugely relieved.

Panda - poor S, he must be feeling really rough How are you in it all, make sure you look after yourself too, have you got much support around you? I will say it again - poorly children are HARD WORK

AmI - worth telling twice

Actually haven't read the stuff on the TTC thread (though thanks for the heads up text) and having caught up on here I don't think I'm going to bother, life is too short to spend it getting angry. Well done on making the effort you did to sort things out BTKS, thank you for being big enough to try and sort things out for the sake of all of us on here. I too would have been devastated if it had all folded.
Also well done ChaCha on all the 'backroom' chats, if the UN ever need an envoy I'll do you a reference

As for books - Giraffes Can't Dance and (any)Hairy McClary have already been mentioned but they feature highly on our list as do:
Commotion in the Ocean
Rumble in the Jungle
More Pants (all Giles wotsit!)
There's a House in Mummy's Tummy is another great one from him for the situation you are in now ChaCha!
Gruffalo's Child
The Very Hungry Caterpiller
Kipper's Toybox
The Blue Balloon
Hippos Go Berserk

We have books in about 4 different places in the house all at child height. Maybe we have been lucky but each of them have only defaced a book once so far though A was more prone to chewing them than T! One of the bookshelves is halfway up the stairs and I often find one or other of them sitting on the stairs 'reading' quite happily on their own.
Nova - we worried that we weren't reading to A as much as we had to T and that we started reading him a bedtime story much later as well. What we had failed to realise was that he had been listening in to a lot of the reading we were doing with T and loving it even if he didn't understand much. Now his love of books is just as great as hers (and mine and DH's) though he is the only one who insists on sleeping with his bedtime story book

Sorry for the epic, good night all, hope S sleeps as well tonight as he did in the day Panda

mypandasgotcrabs Thu 24-Apr-08 22:20:17

lol FH, S also sleeps with his bedtime book. ATM it has to be his 'kuck (duck) book)! He has a very strict bedtime routine, and if I deviate from that even slightly I get shouted at blush grin! Thanks, yes, my mum is great, has been round here today to look after him as I had lots of house related type appointments. I'm feeling lost though, I'm usually pulling my hair out by 10am wishing he'd calm down a little, or stay still while I'm trying to change a nappy, but right now I want my wriggly little boy back. sad

BB - Stay clueless, best way to be lol. wink

Is chatting to a 20yr old wrong? hmm

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BrownieBells Thu 24-Apr-08 22:49:23

Oh, and chacha - forgot to mention anything about books!

T likes:

Tootles the Taxi ~(one of my old books)
Spot (first walk, and goes to the park)
Each Peach Pear Plum
Here's a little baby one, two three...
Three little pigs
Puss in boots

And anything else you will read him!

Bed time books are usually left by him in his bed (apart from Tootles the taxi, as this is a treasured possession of mine, so always goes back on the shelf)
T knows virtually all of the words to the above book (as did I), and really loves it.

He has a love of books, which I encourage and love to spend time with him talking and discussing what we see (except that I don't always have the time, and sometimes rush through it blush)


ChaCha Thu 24-Apr-08 23:02:14

Hi girls,

Am not emotional smile am sat in bed listening to the boys snore and enjoying the peace and quiet. Today was a 14 hour day with the boys with a small nap after lunch, i did everything from let them play with kitchen utensils to make cakes (water, flour, paper cases, rolling pin etc.) to toys in bath, train tracks, reading, drawing and everything else. How do you all fill such long days? Does anyone not have a toddler in nursery? I think i'm finding it hard at the moment as i am not venturing out too far and we have all been poorly. Hmmm.

Book lists are fab. I forgot to mention Kipper too - i do like Kipper. I got Chicken Licken from the library a few weeks ago (not DS's cup of tea right now) but i realised that i'd only borrowed it because it had been read to me as a child. Think the same was of the Tiger who came to tea - i love it. Poor DS lol.

I'm glad i popped in, great new thread. Everything seems better after feet up and the kids have gone to sleep...ahhhh! x

novadandypowder Fri 25-Apr-08 09:40:34

Thought I'd add a happy thought..

Was walking with noo to the car yesterday and as we stopped to cross the road another car pulled up in front of us:
Noo: (as loud as possible) Look mummy a gay car!

Nova: (after pmsl) yes noo, it's a grey car.

BTKsmum Fri 25-Apr-08 10:43:23

Morning girls what a lovely day

BB glad to hear that your dad is home and that hopefully he'll soon be on the mend. Lol of course you're still welcome - we have the reputation of being the friendliest thread on here don't you know grin

Lol Nova they say the funniest things.

They also say the scariest T said on wednesday "I run in the road" and did before I could grab him, I shot out after him and thankfully the car that was coming had seen what happened and stopped a long way back. I thought I was going to throw up I was so scared.

Ts not a huge fan of books although I probably haven't tried as hard at them with him blush but when he does find one he likes he will want it read ad nauseum, these include Tiger that came to tea, Dear Zoo, In the night garden books & Kipper. B on the other hand loved books at this age and still does and has been known to read a whole Captain Underpants book to himself when he's been put up to bed smile

Chacha T doesn't start nursery till september and I know what you mean about filling the days, T seems to spend most of his time climbing all over me, playing with playdough, drawing, playing with cars and his kitchen and unfortunately watching tv, he is a real tv boy unlike his brother. I'm constantly amazed at how different my two boys are. Looking forward to the warm weather as T is an outdoors boy who just loves water.

Right I'm off to do a spring clean for my best friend who's 8 months pregnant and has daftly invited the worls and his wife to stay over the next couple of weeks.

Have a great weekend all and thanks for your support as ever. Beks

mypandasgotcrabs Fri 25-Apr-08 13:11:31

Well my little man is a little more like his normal self today. One of his spots seems to be infected, so maybe that is what has been making him ill? He's still very clingy & quiet, but definately got a little bit of his spirit back!

lol @ gay car nova, how funny!

Beks, S is the same as T (I know we've said theyare very similar), he's so quick, I often know he's going to run into the road, but never react fast enough.

My cute moment for the day was earlier we were just on our way out & he had my Wembley bear, he was talking to it, then was getting angry saying "talk me mummy bear", then poking it in the nose saying it over and over to it! Had me in stitches.

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mypandasgotcrabs Fri 25-Apr-08 13:24:51

Oh and S's favourite saying atm is "bom-chikka-wah-wah!" O says it lots too, it's from Alvin & the Chipmunks, but I do worry that people hear them thinking my little bos are copying the lynx advert! blush

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mypandasgotcrabs Fri 25-Apr-08 14:14:11

Oh I can;t wait til he's eating again, have just had a proper baby nappy. Korma style! Niiice grin hmm

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AmIWhatAndWhy Fri 25-Apr-08 18:50:02

Sorry to ruin the nice new thread, but come feel my pain (Londoners especially will have some idea of why I am so fecked off)

AmIWhatAndWhy Fri 25-Apr-08 19:01:18

Panda, I head a tot yelling that in the park yesterday and thought it was really funny!

nobodyputsBBinthecorner Fri 25-Apr-08 19:54:52

pitch invasion!!!!!!

AmIWhatAndWhy Fri 25-Apr-08 19:59:52

Oh fuck off.

Are you Dieges alter ego?

nobodyputsBBinthecorner Fri 25-Apr-08 20:11:38

no im not i mistakenly posted on this thread as it is in my watch section, my apologies, and what acharming use of the english lexis you demonstrate.....

mypandasgotcrabs Sat 26-Apr-08 15:19:52

Well I'm on my own again this weekend. Was supposed to be going to Thorpe Park today wiht N, but he's bloody stood me up again. Really peed off, no call or text to say why. He knew it was his last chance and he's blown it. For those of you who have seen the texts he's sent me it'll come as a big surprise! Unfortunately he owes me money, if it wasnt fo that I'd not bother contacting him again, but I have to so I can get that back. @r$3h0le!

On the plus side t mean that I can get plenty done in the house, but I could have got cracking early if I'd known. Ah well.

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BrownieBells Sat 26-Apr-08 21:23:40

So sorry Panda - did he contact to say he wasn't coming or just didn't turn up? Perhaps there is a valid reason (is this the one that had the poorly Dad/Grandad? or have I got totally confused!?)

Hope everyone else is ok? Rodeo - are you still here?


mypandasgotcrabs Sat 26-Apr-08 22:36:35

Just didn't turn up BB, no text, nothing, still not heard from him. Ah well, doesn't matter, annoyed with myself that I fell for his crap, but have moved straight on, and 'meeting' other guys.

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mypandasgotcrabs Sun 27-Apr-08 15:47:41

Well who's just been made to feel like the worst mum inthe world by nhs direct? Yep me! S seems really ill today when I picked him up from xp. He hasn't stoped screaming since we got home, & sounds really distresseed. sad Anyway, gave them a call, as obv. don't want to take him to miu or gp cos of the cp. The nurse had a go at me for 1. not taking himto gp when he 1st got cp (if i had they'd have had a go at me for wasting their time over cp, had a go at me for possibly infecting very sick people, and would have told me what I already knew), 2. not feeding him (erm, he's been throwing up anything thats gone near his mouth since tues. I haven't deliberately been starving him, he hasn't wanted to eat, and even if he did eat, it all came back up) 3. not taking him to gp when he started vomiting (see no1).

carry on moaning later, oout of hours doc just phoned i'm on my way up there

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mypandasgotcrabs Sun 27-Apr-08 17:35:58

Back from doctors, his chicken pox are quite badly infected, so we have antibiotics. I think it's going to be quite difficult getting it into him though, as it's vile! He usually loves taking medicine, but took this and backed off, pulling a face, I put my tongue on the spoon & it's still tingling now. Yuck!

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BrownieBells Sun 27-Apr-08 19:00:19

Ooh Panda - poor S - let's hope he is on the mend now....and as for the guy who stood you up - you so obviously deserve better - and let's face it, right this minute there are a million other things to focus your energies on.....

How is everyone else? Doing ok I hope?

Dad has taken a step back today - he is feeling quite weak, and says the pain in his lungs make it difficult for him to sleep - his antibiotics run out tomorrow - so I suggested he gets on the phone to the Docs tomorrow and gets them to see him asap....don't want him being admitted again sad

Hope everyone has had a good weekend, and enjoyed the min-summer whilst it's been here!?


BTKsmum Sun 27-Apr-08 19:12:02

Ahh Panda sweetheart, don't beat yourself up, R could have taken him to the dr too you know, he has had him all weekend.

Don' envy you the antibiotics though, hope he cooperates for both your sakes.

You know where I am if you need to let off steam

BB sorry to hear that dad isn't doing so great, hope they manage to sort himout tomorrow, take care of youselves both of you.


mypandasgotcrabs Sun 27-Apr-08 19:43:02

BB, hoping the dr gives your dad something more effective. Sending you lots of strength.

Both the boys are up in bed and I'm feeling quite angry now. So many of his spots on his belly and chest are infected. That hasn't happened on the car journey home from xp. He's obviously just slapped calamine lotion on him, and not taken any notice of how they look & he knew one of them was infected, so should have been extra vigilant with the rest of thme. He is so ill bless him, just seeing him laying in bed looking so sad is so upsetting. sad It's now over a week since he last ate somehting.

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novadandypowder Sun 27-Apr-08 19:43:42

Hoping your dad feels better in the morning BB, but good advice re: drs. Sometimes not sleeping properly can make you feel so much worse sad.

Panda, sorry to hear your news about S's CP. I always leave it when it comes to going to the GP for the very reasons you stated, and then feel really bad when it's something that needs medication blush. Has happened on more than one occasion - once we even needed to take miniman straight to hospital, we had no idea he was so sick blush blush. As for being stood up, I suppose the positive thing in all this is that he's shown his true colours and you don't need to waste anymore time on him.

AmI, I appreciate you're still a bit angry with the aftermath from last weekend, but I think swearing at random posters isn't very nice. I'd like to think Diege and Twinkle would be welcome to post on here if they wanted to. Just my thoughts....

Beks, pmsl at 'friendliest thread'.... I remember the days....

Well, we've had a lovely weekend at the beach. Noo and miniman spent a lot of time playing in rock pools, and miniman must have knees of steel, as he was crawling over rocks and stones just to get to the water. We had a bbq last night, although dh didn't put the charcoal on until after the kids had gone to bed so we didn't end up eating until 9.30, by which time it was really cold, but we put our coats on and sat outside on the new garden furniture. It was very funny as the only light we have outside is a security light so every 5 mins it switched off, plunging us into darkness, so we'd have to run around to make it come back on again - I suppose it helped us to keep warm!

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