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May 2008 - we just couldn't wait!

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thefortbuilder Thu 24-Apr-08 19:03:34

for everyone who's popped already and congratulations to us all!

goodcatholicgirl Thu 24-Apr-08 19:26:02

Hiya flick <<<GCG waves to flick and the others from the other side of the post-natal thread>>>
Really hope to be joining you soon!!!

podglet Fri 25-Apr-08 12:44:00

Hi Flick and everybody else, will copy and poste the arrivals list shortly for us to add too.

Hoping to see more people on here soon!

JackBlackRoady Sat 26-Apr-08 21:24:29

hello flick and podglet! big congratulations to all of us! (smug!)
podglet - i love your photos!

ok, is this list up to date?

_May 2008 - Birth Announcement List_
19th March - Chuffed - Mischa Grace 1.75kg, Reese Sofia 1.67kg, Tasmin Jade 1.72kg
20th March - flickthelittlefireengine - Samuel, 4lbs 10oz
26th March - Indiechick - Sophie, 6lbs 3oz
26th March - Macaco - Nicolas, 4lbs 7oz
9th April - JackBlackRoady - Isla, 5lbs 5oz
15th April - Podglet - Elizabeth Jeanette Shelia, 7lb 10oz
18th April - MissVicki - Olivia Megan, 6lbs 12oz
25th April - mumofk - Jasmine Elizabeth, 8lbs 8oz

I'm really happy as Isla was weighed yesterday and she is now 6lb 2oz! How is Samuel getting on flick?

JBR xxx

pinacolada82 Sat 26-Apr-08 23:39:39

hello, i know im not welcome here yet...but just thought i would pop in and say hi and that i am very jealous of you all and more than ready to join you very soon! hope you and your lovely little bundles are all ok! xxx

thefortbuilder Sun 27-Apr-08 18:23:09

hi everyone! samuel has'nt been weighed for nearly 2 weeks but was 5 lb 10 and had piled on the weight till then - he's a huge feeder but is being a it of a monkey with bf'ing at the moment - lots of waving his head around and then wingeing because he's still hungry.....

hope to have him weighed tomorrow or the day after so will let you know more then.

he also hasn't pood since friday about 10pm... but then ds1 did go through a phase of about 5 days without pooing when he was about the same age


JackBlackRoady Sun 27-Apr-08 22:10:29

Isla is being wierd with bf'ing too, mostly she just feeds and goes for about 3 or 4 hours, but on occasion she gobbles, throws some up, gets hiccups, then projectile vomits at me sometimes, then feeds properly and then goes to sleep for 4 hours. she poos about 6 times a day hmm but they are really tiny.
i never know if she is full or just having a rest either [confused emoticon]!

thefortbuilder Mon 28-Apr-08 09:10:09

well after a feed at 830 then 0010 (when he flatly refused to latch on so ended up with a bottle) sam then woke at 230 and had finally done a poo! but it was quite pasty not at all newborn like - he is peeing an awful lot so maybe that's where all the water is going! and at 230 since he was awake he thought he'd have a feed but not bf... and then up again at 6this morning. so probably not to obad but felt worse than it was!

the thing is even if he bf's he will go both sides for 45 mins in total if not an hour, then yell for a top up and he'll drink 120 mls on top of the bf of formula! and it's easy digest formula which seems to be more calorific and have more protein than normal newborn formula, so he's eating for england. and last night at 830 it was 100ml top up then at 0010 a full 120ml then at 230 another 100ml - this is a pre term less than 7lb baby! weh nfull term 7.5lbers are supposed to have 60ml in one feed hmm

but the good thing at the moment is that he can get himself to sleep which jacob couldn't do and still have issues with...

mumofk Mon 28-Apr-08 10:39:58

Hello, finally got here to join you all! I forgot how tiring all this is- up all night and getting the odd hour sleep during the day. Jas is sleeping now though, I'm thinking she'll wake soon so I'll feed her before I sleep. My milk came in last night, and that was almost as painful as my miserable cough symptoms- I've been to the GP today just to be reassured I've not got any nasty lurgy, but no, its just a normal upper resp tract bug, just got to wait for it to go. Can't wait until we get to 3-4 hrs between feeds! Lovely to 'find' you all again.

thefortbuilder Mon 28-Apr-08 13:11:19

many congrats mumofk! glad we're a growing little club again smile


podglet Mon 28-Apr-08 16:51:32


Thank you JBR and the same to you! I love the one of your 2 face to face!

DD being a monkey about bf'ing too - she does the head waving and coming off and on before latching on properly. She gets really angry if she's hungry and the milk isn't "instant"! She's nearly back up to birth weight today, day 13 and she's 7lb 9oz.

Nights ok, usually about 3 hour sleeps, much better than DS who was always 2 hours at the most <podglet touches a lot of wood> long may it continue.

pinacolada82 Mon 28-Apr-08 17:00:28

hello.... please can those of you who had sections tell me what to expect?! now ive been allowed one, altho i found out all the pros and cons, i dont actually have a clue what actually happens! how long are you in reovery for after, what happens to the baby once its born, do you get it straight away, and what is recovery like? thank you lovelies xx

goodcatholicgirl Mon 28-Apr-08 18:14:40

Hi all,
Sorry to crash the thread before I am officially allowed but I just wanted to let the others know I started a new 'due may 08' thread as our other one ran out of room. I don't know how to link it but I'm sure pina will do that for me smile.
I just thought people might look here if they don't know where else to go???

Hope you are all doing well. I had my 'show' this morning (pretty convinced that's what it was, if not, there was something REALLY disgusting in my knickers!!!!!!) So, hoping to join you all soon, hopefully by the end of the week.....please send some 'come out come out good catholic baby' vibes my way (I have had NO symptoms since the show at 9am today).

GCG xxx

thefortbuilder Mon 28-Apr-08 18:18:33

pina, i had a section with each - emergency first and elective the second. it's different depending on how you react, and at what stage you have the section. both of mine were quite prem (8 weeks and 6 weeks) so babies ahd to go to SCBU straight away - but if they are term or don't need special care I understand they are given straigh to mum, like a natural delivery.

with the elective i was in recovery for 5 hours or so, but only really because we were shipped down to epsom and it was really quiet. then up into a single room that we paid for (get a single room if you can it's so much nicer with a section!). I had the section at 730pm, and was up and moving around the next morning by about 9am. you will have a catheter in and a drip until they are happy that you are taking in fluids ok and processing them - unless there is a medical reason try and get them to take both out asap, they just restrict you!

take big knickers for other the scar, and beware you will probably almost faint the first time or 3 you stand up -don't worry it's normal, but you must keep trying to get up! just take your time and have some water. i made it to the bathroom (about 3 steps from my bed) and then had to sit on the loo for 15 minutes while i tried not to faint! take it really slowly but keep persevering - the best thing for healing is to get the muscles going.

o'h and start taking arnica a week or so before your section and then the day of the section and 2 days after take it every 30 mins. it really helps.

it is a big op but you will be surprised how much you heal very quickly. i felt dreadful the day after but by the next morning i was like a different person.

o'h and also take the drugs they offer for the first 36 hours! i had a shot of diamorphine just after i left recovery as i had co-codamol and paracetomol and they wore off pretty quick. ask what pain relief they can offer and then when you need it say to the midwife looking after you "i was told i can have this, can i have some now please?". i was also given some anti inflamatories with the painkillers which were wonderful grin

good luck - when is it planned for?

pinacolada82 Mon 28-Apr-08 19:06:27

thanks flick, thats really helpful smile - im actually not booked in for 2 weeks when i will be 41 weeks becuase it was decided too late to book me in before! so if i get to 41 weeks it will be normal elective, but if i go into labour beforehand i will have to go in and wait til there is a surgeon free to do the section

keep meaning to ask about arnica - is it the sort of tablet you swallow with water or is it a chewy one? and if so is it chalky? disgusting?! i will look at GCG's new thread and post a link xx

pinacolada82 Mon 28-Apr-08 19:08:00

new ante natal may thread!

thefortbuilder Mon 28-Apr-08 19:20:29

arnica are those little pills that you either chew or put under your tongue - they are tiny and just taste a bit sweet tbh


pinacolada82 Mon 28-Apr-08 19:28:34

thanks smile i was worried they might be like horrid chalky bricks lol

mumofk Tue 29-Apr-08 05:49:12

Ok, I have to ask, how is everyone else doing on the dummy front? I remember with DD1 (wow, have to keep remembering to put a 1 now!) getting to the end of my tether, getting a dummy, and it being fab for about a month. I have a feeling DD1 was more than 4 days old though....
I'm confident bf going well, but she's just been latched on for 7 hours- well, 6 then I tried a finger and she stayed happily on that for an hour! I'm happy I can make sure she's feeding enough, its just so I can put her down during the night. I keep trying, but within 2 minutes (I don't usually get enough time to pee and get a drink before she's screaming blue murder) she's expressing her displeasure in no uncertain terms! If I didn't feel such a dangerous driver I'd be off to Asda and back already. And, of course DD2 is finally asleep but DD1 has woken increadibly early instead. Arrgghh!
Still smiling here though smile it'll be later when I get all tearful!

JackBlackRoady Tue 29-Apr-08 08:34:41

Oh poor you mumofk! If/when you get tearful we are here for you honey! I remember with DS i had to give him a dummy, from about a month I think... he was bottle fed by that time anyway. And i worried about him giving it up but in the end, when he was 3 and a half and we moved out of my mum and dads, he put it in the bin by himself and although he asked for it again a couple of times i reminded him that he had thrown it away because he was a big boy now and he agreed! I was pretty amazed by that and trying to have faith that if Isla has a dummy she will also get rid of it at a good time and in a calm way... hmm grin

I'm so impressed with Isla's feeding - DS would be latched on for hours, and only sleep for a couple of hours maximum, until i was so fed up and exhausted my mum got him a huge bottle of formula, that she had added extra powder to, and he then slept for 4 hours and i was so grateful! It sounds bad, making it up too strong, doesn't it? But it worked for him - whenever he was starving, she put extra powder in, saying it never did us 3 any harm! Anyway, Isla goes on one side for about 30mins, then nappy change (and probably hiccups hmm) then back on the same side for another 20-30 minutes. Then sometimes she spits it out but wants more so I guess that she needs a little more, so i put her on the other side. guessing! She is going 3 or 4 hours nearly every time. But of course she takes an hour to feed, so actually that is 2 or 3 hours sleep isn't it?

I am hoping Isla has put on lots more weight on Friday fingers crossed!

goodcatholicgirl Tue 29-Apr-08 10:18:23

JBR Isla sounds like a dream, just how my DD was 2 years ago when she was born. I am hoping for another angel but my friends say I am not allowed, I am due a 'devil child from hell' apparently!!!

pinacolada82 Tue 29-Apr-08 13:04:05

im sorry to keep crashing this thread before im fully allowed (but gcg is as bad as me so i will blame her hehe) but please can i ask a couple more questions to those who had sections, i dont want to start a thread to ask, hope you dont mind!!!
* does your tummy feel really sore inside after and for how long, or is it just the scar and around that area that is painful?
* is it true you get really bad trapped wind and it that really painful??!! and is there anything you can do to relieve it? that must be very embarrassing on a ward!!
* is "recovery" like a seperate room you wait in before being taken to a ward?
* do you feel sick after like you do when you have had general aneasthetic?
* how many arnica tablets should i take each day in the run up?

Sorry for all the questions! Hope you and your lovely little babies are doing ok, cant wait to be officially on this thread! bobsmum casserole and pazza should be joining you soon as we are awating there announcements!!


thefortbuilder Tue 29-Apr-08 17:44:36


* does your tummy feel really sore inside after and for how long, or is it just the scar and around that area that is painful?

yes but not for too long and i found the scar really just itched more than anything. you have to hold your scar to cough or laugh for a week or so ime

* is it true you get really bad trapped wind and it that really painful??!! and is there anything you can do to relieve it? that must be very embarrassing on a ward!!

depends on how gentle they are! i got bad trapped wind first time round but not much second time around - polos and peppermint tea helped as does chamomile tea

* is "recovery" like a seperate room you wait in before being taken to a ward?

yes you will be on a high dependency unit while they monitor you to make sure you are ok after the spinal block, and that your bp etc is all fine

* do you feel sick after like you do when you have had general aneasthetic?
felt a bit sick just after they'd done the spinal but ok afterwards - felt more sick with the diamorphine!

* how many arnica tablets should i take each day in the run up?

a week before take two every 2 hours and then the day before day of and 3 days after take 2 every hour, or 30 mins on the day of if you can remember!

hope this has helped.

just to say also that sam is pretty much 4 hourly at the moment which is great. he's put on 740g i nthe past 2 weeks and is now 3.34kg! that's nearly 8lb they tell me! the community nurse did remark that i was looking a bit down though.... am feeling it a bit if i'm really honest - could happily swipe at dh most of the time as he is being no help whatsoever!

pinacolada82 Tue 29-Apr-08 19:10:06

thank you flick thats really helpful, i hope your feeling better soon, and your dh becomes more helpful! sounds like sam is getting into a good routine with his feeding, well done! xx

thefortbuilder Wed 30-Apr-08 09:48:51

CGC and bobsmum looking forward to seeing you on here soon! congratulations ladies and dads

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