Feb 06 - I'll do it then...

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Flamesparrow Mon 21-Apr-08 20:24:59


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CantSleepWontSleep Mon 21-Apr-08 20:29:30

Inspiring title!

Flamesparrow Mon 21-Apr-08 20:32:21

Indeed - decided it fitted with what I say all day

"Pick up the teddy"
"Can you put on your coat?"

"I'll do it then....."

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Flamesparrow Mon 21-Apr-08 20:34:05

Itchin all over now, but I think that it is like when someone mentions headlice and you start scratching grin

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Phoenix Mon 21-Apr-08 20:35:15

for itchiness Flame

DontDreamItBeIt Mon 21-Apr-08 20:50:26

grin Thanks

I've got a sudden onset cold, if there is any sympathy left....I was fine thismorning, and feel like crap now. Just waiting for the dds o stop bickering and go to sleep so I can go to bed.

CantSleepWontSleep Mon 21-Apr-08 20:56:20

Shall I just chuck in a job lot of sympathy to cover anyone who needs it?

CantSleepWontSleep Tue 22-Apr-08 06:56:33

<Sigh> Tumbletots yest morn. School yest aft, inc doing PE whilst there. No nap. Slept 7:45 - 6:15. What do I have to do to get her to sleep longer?!

DontDreamItBeIt Tue 22-Apr-08 07:21:15

Oh, dear. Is she tired in the day? Maybe she just doesn't need that much sleep. in whih case I'd keep her up later to get a later start.
Or is she over tired?

CantSleepWontSleep Tue 22-Apr-08 07:32:44

Not overtired, but needed to go to bed then rather than later (standard bedtime is 8pm or a bit later). If I keep her up later then I get no evening. I'm going up to bed between 10 and 10:30 as it is. I really thought she would do 11-11.5 hrs last night. Well she will have another very busy day today, so let's hope for better tonight.

Flamesparrow Tue 22-Apr-08 07:54:49

<sympathy for Jas>

No idea what my spots were, but they have gone down and stopped itching. Random allergic reaction maybe??

Som ekids just don't need much sleep CSWS

DD is here sobbing that she wants to go to school. I have no idea what to do.

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CantSleepWontSleep Tue 22-Apr-08 08:03:48

Does she still have a high temp or any sign of any spots? If not then I would let her go, otherwise you could spend your whole life keeping her off 'just in case'.

DontDreamItBeIt Tue 22-Apr-08 09:45:56

What did you do?

My plan for today is to drink lots of honey and lemon, and sit around.
I've got playdoh in the fridge, so I think I'll get that out for ds in a minute.

Phoenix Tue 22-Apr-08 10:03:56


Did dd go to school Flame? Glad your spots have gone

Ds doesn't have a nap at all most days so is ready to drop at 7pm and usually sleeps til 7am.

Hope you feel better Jas

We just got a letter from the bank, our mortgage payments have gone down about £10 a month as from May 1st

Flamesparrow Tue 22-Apr-08 10:04:23

Took her to doc, she wouldn't open her mouth, but he said to send her to school grin

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mustrunmore Tue 22-Apr-08 19:38:12

Hello. Might ge time on gherelater. bit busy. But feeling gooood as I finally got round to getting my bikini linew done, albeit taking 2 kids with me hmm With ds1 finding uot how to work the camera on the phone whilst sitting at the end of thecouch blush

CantSleepWontSleep Tue 22-Apr-08 19:46:37

lol mrm. That explains the picture message he sent me grin.

How is dd tonight flame?

And how are you feeling now Jas?
The paddling pool isn't likely to be open at PWP this weekend is it, even though the forecast is really good? Dh is taking dd with the inlaws, as I'm away for the weekend shock.

Frizbe Tue 22-Apr-08 22:48:25

ROFL at picture message

CSWS dd2 isn't sleeping during the day here hardly anymore and is going to bed at 7, then rattling around till 8.30ish most nights hmm and she got dh up at 5.30 this morning hmm so I have no answers for you, but can sympathise.

Flame grin for the training, must get around to it soon.....shock at ds being down the garden path, scarey....he's a rum un, as my gran used to say wink

Phoenix shock at the cot nightmare, but smile for ds happily sleeping in bed now.

smile at your new clothes MRM, shame about the swimmo's but they do just 'go' sometimes eh?

Did you have a good day with your playdough then Jas?

Went out for a meal with a friend last night, we've not seen each other properly for half a year or so, as she's had a young one and been bf, so we've done the chat with kids in tow thing, but sporadically, as I've been working mainly when she's popped by the shop, so had a lovely night catching up smile

other odd things going on here though, my dad originally declared at start of week, he was paying for us all to go on a 3day break with him to Mallorca in June, then he rang me back to say he was paying for everyone but dh shock so I reminded him we couldn't afford to go, hence why we aren't already having a holiday abroad this year......after him obviously haggling with my mum, he rang to say he coulnd't better the offer???? angry(he damn well could afford it if he wanted too, what he wants is to take the girls away and not have to look after them, hence he'll pay for me to go ) But by this point, dh had decided that him and ss would stay here (ss will be at his mums during the time we're going anyway, but he was going to be paid for) and declared he doesn't want to leave the shop anyway and that I should go, as we'll never hear the end of it from my dad..... so that's what appears to be happening, although nothings booked yet, so angry at my dad refusing to pay for dh, when in fact he doens't have to pay for me, if he'd just look after the girls himself....but smile as I'm getting a free 3 day break in hopefully warm weather.

ChasingSquirrels Tue 22-Apr-08 22:53:50

just popping in to say hi, hope everyone is well.

EachPeachPearMum Wed 23-Apr-08 00:36:20

csws- see Loobyloo's post here!

Hope you're all well!

CantSleepWontSleep Wed 23-Apr-08 07:26:15

Hey CS - how are you doing? Are things amicable since the split? How have the boys taken it (it is 2 boys you have isn't it?)?

Thanks EPPM - have responded.

Yay for free break Friz, but hmm for dh being uninvited.

Flamesparrow Wed 23-Apr-08 07:36:52

Will try and post more later. DD ok, whingey but fine for school wink

Frizbe, the rum un getting worse... any advice to stop my boy killing himself???

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mustrunmore Wed 23-Apr-08 09:24:41

Meant to say to you phoenix, donr you remnemver that when we tried to turn the cot into a bed, the prevoius owner ha glued a split, so we had to have it just as a cot with no sides hmm, hencewe got a sencond toddler bed off freexycle.Rckon its a scam by all cot and bed makers to force you into buying anthefr thing justwhen you've chucked hterecepit out grin

Dh's colleague gave me an mp3 player last night; lots of stuff on it I quite like, but donr know who it is, whcih is very irksome. gping ot have to google the titles of the tracks! I must be getting old blush

Friz, I'd say a hol is a hol, regardless of the principles at stake! Although if I were you, I'd be wanting dh to be with me so that he could share the parenting!!! I was onlt thinking last niofgt actually, that I need to start filling in my spare says for the hols, and work out potty traininig qweek! Have we decided on aweekend for girls piss up? Did I miss the conclusion of that debate?!

DontDreamItBeIt Wed 23-Apr-08 12:16:14

I've bumped your thread, Flame. DS gets his arms out of the ar seat occasionally, but the dds an be relied on to tell me, so I can stop and sort him out,plus we don't drive very often so ot a huge issue here.
I hope you find something to sort him out.

mrm - I remember the cotbed saga nowsmile

Agree a hooliday is better than no holiday, but I would be angry at dh being uninvited.

Don't think we got very far with date planning. Also supposed to be planning a dater for Warwick aren't we? Phoenix told us her days off somewhere on the last thread, but I don't think we got any further.

I think I'm busy the first, and def the last week of Aug, but the first week is flexible.

CantSleepWontSleep Wed 23-Apr-08 12:29:19

I think the date planning degenerated into you all being my birth partners hmm.

You're already talking about filling in 'spare days' for the hols shock. My whole holiday is spare!

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