May 06 babies - and then they were 2!!!!!!!!!!!!

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hockeypuck Tue 15-Apr-08 08:07:53

New thread girlies.

Happy Birthday to DS of LittleFairySmile on Saturday!!! TWO!!!!!!!!!

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LittleFairySmile Tue 15-Apr-08 21:19:36

Thank you (whispers - his birthday is on Sunday) and happy birthday for Theo on Monday!!

I know, two - where has the time gone!!

DS has a fairly mean chest infection, has antibiotics! He's a very subdued little boy. Either sleeping, or just wanting cuddles, so we hope the birthday party won't be sans birthday boy!!

hockeypuck Tue 15-Apr-08 21:49:29

Ooops sorry littlefairysmile - Sunday! I'm getting very confused with the name changes - were you once louismummy? or someone else entirely. The brain of a mother you see grin

Hope birthday boy gets much better - at least starting the antibiotics now will give him plenty of time to get back on his feet again, I'm sure he'll improve by then (of course by then you'll be exhausted from the worry, the lack of sleep, the constant cuddles, etc - but such is life with nearly 2 year olds!). Have a great birthday weekend!

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BrummieMomInMerthyr Wed 16-Apr-08 15:28:42

Well done hockey, my finger was starting to ache scrolling up and down!!
LFS, hope ds is better for sunday and hope you all have a lovely day.
And just in case i don't get chance to post again, happy birthday to Theo for monday!
Dylan has just had his 2 year check by the health visitor, and she came to the house to do it! She bought a case of toys/activities for him to do and as soon as she was through the door, D was saying "whats that?!" and trying to open it! It was so funny! He chatted his way through the next 30 mins beautifully and me and dh were so proud of him grin blush
Any news on GCG yet?

goodcatholicgirl Wed 16-Apr-08 20:21:39

littlefairysmile Hope your DS is better soon, poor thing, I hate it when they are ill sad.

hockeypuck well done on new thread and happy birthday to Theo too.

brummiemom I can just imagine my DD doing what your DS did, bless him, they are just so cute at this age aren't they?! It's a lovely feeling to be so proud of your kids isn't it?

I am 38 weeks on Friday, nothing happening yet, tbh, I haven't had time to have a baby, we have been sooo busy, decorating the house, getting things sorted, having visitors, seeing friends while we can (ha ha!) and I have been trying to keep my swimming up too. My Nan passed away on Monday (very expected and long overdue) and we have the funeral next Weds, so the baby will simply have to wait til at least Thursday before it can come out...LOL grin

Right, I need to go and sit down, I am cream crackered....

GCG (luckymummy)

louismummy Fri 18-Apr-08 15:17:56

Ds2 is doing well. he is starting to say little sentences. Is loving his mummy at the mo and not wanting daddy to do anything, which i've been turning to my advantage because if he's messing about, say ' i'll get daddy to do it.' which prompts a nooooo and lets me get on with it. He had a check up at the hospital today and they're really pleased with him, and don't want to see him for a year ( he's got E.B.) so thats great. God only knows what we'll get him for his b'day. he only ever plays with ds1 toys , and always has done. thinking of getting them both some sort of wooden outdoor play thing but it will take up the whole garden though. still got 3 weeks to decide. hmmm

LittleFairySmile Thu 24-Apr-08 22:23:40

DS also has the not wanting daddy thing. Quite upsets DH TBH.

Sunday went well. DS got over his infection in time so was able to go to his own party, but is still not fully over it.

LOL grin GCG on baby having to wait!!!

Hope all the birthdays are going well!!!

goodcatholicgirl Fri 25-Apr-08 12:47:05

Can you all send my baby some 'get out of Mummy's tummy' vibes please!!! I still have a week to go before my actual due date, but because DD was early I am already in unknown territory!! I am desperate to know what we have (blue or pink) and just want my baby now!!!!!

Oh, and I do feel for all your DH's who are feeling left out. That's me in our family. DD is SUCH a Daddy's girl, if he's around, I don't get a look in. He works shifts so is at home a lot in the day and has her on his own a lot, so she is as used to him as me. I did have a massive hormonally pregnant cry-fest a few weeks ago cos she didn't want anything to do with me, just DH, so I know how yor DH's feel hmm.

BrummieMomInMerthyr Fri 25-Apr-08 14:58:31

GCG, thought you were too busy to give birth grin!!!!
Sending you lots of 'baby come out' vibes! Dylan was 12 days late, so you may have a while to go yet!! shock
Hope it's not much longer for you! x

goodcatholicgirl Fri 25-Apr-08 20:50:04

brummie I was too busy, but all my jobs are done now, and I am more than ready for lo to make an appearance smile.

I don't want to think about being 12 days late.....I am sooooooooooo bored already and I haven't even reached my due date yet....why am I so impatient?!! hmm.

LittleFairySmile Tue 29-Apr-08 13:16:31

GCG - is LO here yet? If not, I'm sending lots of 'come and meet the family' vibes to your tummy!!

goodcatholicgirl Tue 29-Apr-08 20:04:54

Ah, thanks LFS. No, lo not here yet. Due this Friday. Had my show yesterday but absolutely nothing since. Saw the MW today and was hoping she'd do a sweep but she said she's not allowed til I am a week overdue hmm.
I can't complain really, I am not uncomfortable at all, sleeping really well, no SPD/pelvis pain (which I had really bad with DD). No heartburn, I actually feel really well/good. I am just so ready for baby to come keep sending those vibes!!!!

Thanks for thinking of me, I promise to let you all know when LO arrives.

GCG (luckymummy)

goodcatholicgirl Thu 01-May-08 15:28:10

birth announcement

Cerys Mary born at 4:58am on Weds 30th April. 7lbs 7oz.
Super super quick (and very 'easy' compared to DD1). 2.5 hrs start to finish, I was 9cm dilated by the time I got to hospital!!!

I am chuffed to bits, loving having 2 girls. DD1 so far quite smitten with her little sis.

Will post some photos on my profile page soon, will let you know when I do.

Thanks for all the 'baby come out' vibes, they worked!!!

GCG (luckymummy)

goodcatholicgirl Thu 01-May-08 15:31:27

GCG birth story (if you're interested!!)
Having been a complete miserable cow on Tuesday night following my MW appt, I had a bath and went to bed early. Actually blubbed in bed cos I felt so fed up. DH wanted sex but I wasn't in the mood at all so denied!!
2:30am, woke up for the loo, had abdo pain but couldn't work out if it was 'bowel' pains or contractions. Had a few contractions which were painful, but not too bad. After the previous day, didn't want to believe it could actually be happening.
Woke DH after half an hour as they were getting stronger. He suggested we ring my sis (half hr drive away) to come and look after DD, and I still kept saying 'let's just wait and see what happens, it might be a false alarm'. Luckily he insisted! We rang the hospital and they said if I was dealing with the pain I could stay home a bit longer if I wanted, but then I had 2 strong contractions while I was on the phone to them (they seemd to be only mins apart straight away, similar to DD1) so they suggested I came in. Luckily we are only a 5 min drive away. Got to hospital, got checked by MW, and I enquired if I was dilated at all yet and she said ' umm yes, 9 cm'!!!!!! !! Then I said that my community MW had told me she was on call tonight so I could ask them to call her in to deliver baby and she laughed and said 'she won't have time to get here, this baby will be here in 15 mins or so' !!! I was then a kind of mixture of scared and relieved! I had ONE urge to push, I pushed, and out she came, just like really was that quick. I had gas and air towards the end, but didn't even have time to get the TENS machine out of the bag!!!! 2.5 hrs start to finish!!
No tearing or stitches (RLT??!!)

So I am chuffed to bits. Obviously a bit sore but nowhere near as much as with DD1.
I didn't say as much beforehand cos we didn't know what we were having but I really wanted another girl, I love the fact I have 2 girls, and so does DH.

hockeypuck Thu 01-May-08 17:36:47

Wow GCG - Well done. How quick?

Welcome to our gang Cerys!

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LittleFairySmile Thu 01-May-08 20:17:55

Hello and welcome Cerys, and congratulations GCG. What a GREAT birth!!!!

Oooo - love and hugs coming your way!!!

plama Fri 02-May-08 14:10:55

Congratulations GCG . Well done you. You must be really proud of yourself! 2 girls is lovely (but I'm biased as thats what I have )

louismummy Fri 02-May-08 18:21:19

congrats its great having 2 the same think of all that recycling clothes and toys fab!

BrummieMomInMerthyr Sat 03-May-08 21:39:35

Fantastic news!! Well done GCG, and welcome to Cerys (fab name!) Congrats to you all xx

asur Sun 04-May-08 19:56:48

Congrats GCG - really good news... Very quick labour, am quite jealous... My boys made me suffer for days... Hope you're all getting settled in as a new, bigger family

DS1 is getting really cheeky and is definately happy to go for the terrible 2's and tantrums! DH actually stole a chip from him yesterday so DS1 told him he was bad and told him to go sit on the naughty step!! Not that the naughty step works as DS has decided it's quite a good place to go and play! LOL - they are cute, eh?!

BrummieMomInMerthyr Tue 06-May-08 14:37:57

Just been and spent a fortune at asda for Dylan's birthday tea tomorrow - i vowed i would never do it again after last year and here i am doing the same again.....!!! shock Oh well! I'll let you know how it goes, my mom is making a thomas the tank cake, so that should be interesting!!

LittleFairySmile Tue 06-May-08 17:25:59

I made a Thomas cake for DS. He loved it and wanted in for breakfast!! It didn't look great though - I am a complete amateur! Shall I post a piccy?

LittleFairySmile Tue 06-May-08 17:28:55

GCG - love the piccys of your two darlings. Such a gorgeous family!

hockeypuck Wed 07-May-08 10:50:22

pics of all the birthday cakes please ladies!

Happy Birthday Dylan (for some reason I thought he was one of the youngest ones Tamsin? not sure why - I got confused with all the name changes over the last two and a half years i think!)

I've been in the park this morning with Theo and my friends daughter who is just two as well while my friend had a haircut. Theo and his little friend were so happy running around holding hands together - so cute. I'm loving the wardrobe change now the sun is here - cute sunglasses and sunhats and little Doodles shoes :-)

I have my last exams on 13th and then I'm free of studying for at least 3 weeks - hooray!!

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hockeypuck Wed 07-May-08 10:51:54

Have to add as well - gorgeous photos GDG. What a lovely family you have

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