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July 2006 - They're not really babies any more. Nearly 2!

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AnnieAreYouOkAreYouOkAnnie Mon 14-Apr-08 15:59:12

New thread anyone?

funmum21 Mon 14-Apr-08 16:13:22

Hey I'll chat my DS was born June 2006! Little monsters at this age I must say

thefortbuilder Mon 14-Apr-08 17:16:57

hey annie! petrus is a ramsay one - it's marcus wareing (the main gorgeous gordon protege) and the food was great. MIl pronounced it interesting and said the service was too intrusive - it's silver service FFS... and some of the best service you'll get anywhere around. it was lovely and would recommend it to anyone for a lovely dinner out, although my usual gripe - a supplement for beef and a supplement for cheese and it was £75 per head to start off with.

jacob doing well with his glasses - wore them for an hour this morning without trying to take them off, and it was at monkey music. i was so proud of him. bloss how is toby doing with his?

it's funny i have joined the march thread but not even been on there - too attached to you july ladies and lo's i think grin

still have to register sam's birth as the office at epsom was closed - phoned lambeth registry office and was told no appointments till 6 may! too late for the 6 week deadline. so think i will pop over to fulham tomorrow afternoon as you don't have to make an appointment there, you just turn up. also means i can stock up on some organic bath stuff for the little chaps that i can't get over here!

anyway, must be off, admin to do and loft guys to hassle...


MaeWest Mon 14-Apr-08 18:27:34

Thanks for the new thread Annie - we had a sleep thro in own bed until 5.30!!! this morning, some kind of record in this house. grin Glad your barbie went well.

ceebee74 Mon 14-Apr-08 20:11:09

Annie - thanks for the new thread.

Will catch up later but just checking in to put this on my threads.


MaeWest Mon 14-Apr-08 20:53:36

<whispering> I did a pg test today....

and got a line! (faint, but definitely there) Early days, but v

ceebee74 Mon 14-Apr-08 20:55:47

MaeWest - can I whisper <congratulations> then?? smile

Wallace Mon 14-Apr-08 20:56:15

Annie - 'Appy Bird-day tooo Joey grin

funmum21 - they are so full of cheekiness, aren't they?!

Maewest - fantastic! Must have been in the air as Leo slept through too shockandgrin

ceebee - Hi! How are you doing?

I like new threads, much easier to make sure that you have replied to everyone!

MaeWest Mon 14-Apr-08 20:57:36

Thanks ceebee, think I'm due at Christmas tho, eek!

Wallace Mon 14-Apr-08 21:02:14

Woah crossed posts!!!!!

A congratulations gringrin Wow!

ceebee74 Mon 14-Apr-08 21:04:04

Mae - I did wonder if you would be due at Christmas as it has been about 4 weeks since my BFP and I am due end of Nov. Fantastic news anyway grin

HumphreysCorner Mon 14-Apr-08 21:06:05

Whoopee, a new thread! grin

And whoopee, congrats to Maewest. A line is a line. grin

Annie, glad Joey had a lovely time. Shame about the rain though.

Hi funmum21-my DD2 was a tad early so a June baby. smile

flick-what a kerfuffle over registering Sam's birth. £75 per head <thud> shock

Lost 3 lb at WW so now 3.5 lb under my goal. Fed up of the too thin comments-ho hum.

Waves to everyone else. smile


JeanieG Mon 14-Apr-08 22:18:35


Been trying to catch up. My God, so much has happened whilst I've not been on.

Flick- Congratulations on little Sam.

Congratulations to you Ceebee, (I know am a bit behind, but yay all the same.)

Maewest-Congratulations to you.

Bloss-How is it back at work?

Spin-I hope the move went well and Chilli and Roshi are settling.

HC-Emma is looking beautiful on those pics and how is Sophie. Is she still the most placid little girl?

Annie-how are the mozzies, or am I well behind with that one? How's Abbey's twin?

Abbey is a little monkey! She is soo cheeky but also very cute with it. She started nursery today and loved it so much that she told me to go home when I came to collect her! I must bore her to tears. She's going to do two days a week Mon and Fri and I am so looking forward to starting work and doing something. (Haven't got a job yet like!)

Sorry to those I've forgotten, and Hi also.


catchingzeds Tue 15-Apr-08 07:05:46

Hi guys smile

Hi Funmum, welcome to the group smile

Flick- What a treat, sounds fab! Pain about the registry office tho.

Mae- Hope the sleep continues, fingers crossed for you. Congratulations too, wonderful news!

Hc- Congrats! Don't do all size 0 on us tho will you?!

Jeanie- Bless Abbey. I've been thinking of having some childcare 1-2 dyas a week but I'm so pathetic about leaving Zack.

Finding some days tough at the mo, all a bit of a grind. Ho hum, sure it will improve when Spring properly arrives.

Zack has had chickenpox, quite a mild case just a couple of hellish nights when he was itching. He' now having great fun picking at all the scabs angry My beautiful boy is going to scar himself for life wink

Have been a bit slack about organising the wedding, I have found the dress although a bit concerned that it isn't going to be ready until the week of the big day. Registry office booked and notice of marriage dealt with. Which just leaves the reception venue, struggling to find anywhere suitable for 3 disabled guests.

Saw SleepIsForTheWeak on a thread the other day, wanted to say hi but wasn't the kind of thread you could politely hijack. So if you're peeking please come and say hi and let us know how you're doing x

Hi to all smile

HumphreysCorner Tue 15-Apr-08 08:54:19

Morning ladies

I'm sure now I am eating a bit more I should get back to normal. Everything I eat still gives me a gripe so still no wine for me. sad

catchingzeds-oh, I hope Zack is OK and has bounced back to full fitness. I had the pox when I was 14 so very poorly with it. Good luck with the wedding plans.

Jeanie-Emma has been on her school hols and she has definitely rubbed off on Sophie who has become a madam. Can't believe what I am seeing and hearing. shock Am hoping normal service will be resumed next week when Emma goes back to school. Dreading the long summer hols.

Both girls are at MIL's today so must get on. Have got to sort out my car insurance renewal-'tis mindblowing.

Love to all


hiccymapops Tue 15-Apr-08 09:05:07

Morning everyone smile

Can i join you please? I've only just found this thread while i was having a nosey around smile

My gorgeous little monster Ben, will be 2 on 25th of July and we've just found out we're expecting No2 in December (fingers crossed everything goes okay)

Hope everyone's okay xx

HumphreysCorner Tue 15-Apr-08 10:15:37

Hi and welcome hiccymapops and mahoosive congrats to you. grin smile We are v. friendly on here. smile

Car insurance doing my head in, DH is going to have to sort it.



catchingzeds Tue 15-Apr-08 10:46:31

HC- 14 sad Have heard it gets much worse the older you are when you have it, you poor thing. Glad you're feeling a little better.
Def a job for DH smile

hello hiccymapops smile Congratulations and welcome!

MaeWest Tue 15-Apr-08 15:25:19

Hi Hiccymapops - how spooky, my DS's birthday is 31 July, and just found out I'm due #2 in December.

Welcome to the thread

And thanks for the congrats you lot, can't tell anyone else in RL so feels nice to share on here. My mum is coming to stay this weekend and I prob will tell her tho...

hiccymapops Tue 15-Apr-08 16:59:53

Thank you for the welcome and the congratulations everyone smile

Congratulations MaeWest grin I have to say it's lovely being able to chat to someone in the same position. I joined mumsnet when Ben was first born, but i've only started using it the last couple of months (much to the hubbys dismay grin I spend more time than him on the computer now!)

thefortbuilder Tue 15-Apr-08 19:05:38

welcome hiccymapops!

and CONGRATS maewest grin grin am sooooo pleased for you!!!!!

well declared the little man to be alive today, so should get his certificates in next couple of weeks. had to go to fulham where i walked in and was done in 15 mins! talk about lambeth council making things difficult for you...

we are thinking about getting an au pair - anyone got any experience? dh (of course) wants an easter european or scandinavian one (lecherous old git grin) but i've restricted us to a nice NZ girl! he has no choice in the matter - am asserting myself after his git-ness recently.

sam has put on 300g in the past week so doing v well - now moving u pthe growth charts nicely which is great.

ImpyChica Tue 15-Apr-08 20:17:43

CONGRATULATIONS Maewest - so happy for you!! How exciting.

and CONGRATS to you too Hiccy and welcome!

too to FunMum - always lovely to hear from new peeps!

Loved the pix of Emma HC - she looked adorable!

Glad you got Sam legal, Flick! What a palavar. Good luck on finding an aupair (maybe go for a sixty/plus matron! Working in celeb-land means I can't help thinking of Jude Law and his nanny...!) Not that I'm saying your DH would do that of course!!!

Thanks for new thread Annie - give Joey a belated b-day cuddle from me! Wish we could have made your bbq!

Hi to everyone else [waves]

All fine here. Ryan has been mainly eating plasticine and getting covered in paint at nursery this week...

Just found out DP is off to India next week for 10 days... meaning he'll miss my birthday (on 24th). Boo. In-laws are popping over to help out and I'm going out with a load of mates to celebrate - so I'm sure I'll have a ball. What are you planning for your b-day CB? Guess you won't be getting trashed wink

Hugs, Impy xxx

Wallace Tue 15-Apr-08 20:23:41

Hiccymapops - my ds Leo is Ben's twin, his birthday is also 25th July grin

ceebee74 Wed 16-Apr-08 09:15:53

HC – ignore the ‘tto thin’ comments – I bet most of the people who are saying that are just jealous of your fantastic achievement!

Jeanie – good to have you back smile Am glad Abbey is enjoying nursery – she is probably in her element there (and I bet you love having 2 days to yourself!)

Zeds – Poor Zack, glad he is on the mend and I believe chicken pox is ‘easier’ when they are younger.

Hiccymapops – welcome smile and congratulations! Josh was born on 14 July and I am expectiong no2 in November so you are in good company.

Flick – glad Sam is now ‘legal’ grin and glad he is doing well. How is Jacob managing with a new baby brother?

Impy – what bad timing with your DH going to India! Haven’t decided what I am doing for my birthday yet. I have stopped DH playing cricket on my birthday grin so now I have to come up with something spectacular to make sure he doesn’t whinge all day about it! Plus, obviously it can’t involve alcohol – any ideas???

Have my booking-in appointment with the mw this morning which I am really looking forward to – makes the whole pg seem ‘real’ iykwim.

Have a good day


AnnieAreYouOkAreYouOkAnnie Wed 16-Apr-08 14:06:11

Hello All!!!

WOO HOO!! Maewest!! Congrats!!! Brilliant news! When I was trying to think of a title for the new thread, I actually was going to put something like 'here come some siblings' or something, but I don't know why I didn't!
Absolutely delighted for you though! Great that Dom is trying to sleep though as well. It is getting better, isn't it!

Hiccymapops, welcome to you smile and CONGRATS too! Tell us more about Ben please!

Welcome Funmum21 too. smile

Flick shock at £75 a head! But hey, it's Ramsey. I've read his book and he reckons it's worth it! Well he would, wouldn't he...
Glad Jacob is getting used to his glasses and Sam is all official!

Jeanie, thanks, the mozzies are still fine! Now I have two other technicians to help me through the day. It's great that Abbey likes nursery straight away, it's so hard to leave them the first few times.

Impy, lol at Ry's diet!!

Ceebee, how did the booking in go?

HC hope you're feeling better, my dear. You are not too thin!

Well I had a lovely day off yesterday (what better excuse for a day off than a birthday!)
Joey opened all his presents first and then played with them (as opposed to playing with the paper and ignoring the pressies!). First thing, DH said, Right I'll go and make us a cuppa tea now, and Joey said: 'NO DADDY! You can't have tea for my birthday, you must have BEER!'
Just the job at 7am!
We just chilled with some wine in the garden (well the children didn't have wine obviously!) with a lunch bbq, and then in the afternoon went to the park in search of the ice cream van. It was all rather relaxed. Joey didn't want to go anywhere, he just wanted to play in the garden. Fair enough!
And this morning I had to read his Going On A Bear Hunt book about 10 times for him and K, and then I said, I really have to go to work, why don't you read it for Mimi, Joey?
And he did! Well he didn't read it, obviously, but he seemed to have learnt it off by heart, and was saying the words while turning the pages, so it looked like he was reading it! And Mimi joined in on the last word of every line... sweet!

Right well, best be off. Going to Ireland tomorrow, until Tuesday, so I won't be online til then. Will miss you all though!

Bloss, Spin, where are you?? Hope things are ok...

See you all next week

x x x

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