April 2007 - It's just like the Waltons round here y'all know!

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PillockOfTheCommunity Fri 04-Apr-08 00:51:11

Which I guess would make me Mary-Ellen grin

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PillockOfTheCommunity Fri 04-Apr-08 02:13:23

photos of today are here smile

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StealthPolarBear Fri 04-Apr-08 07:23:06

Happy Birthday Isobelle (Sunday names only on your birthday)

Isn't that odd, I assumed her full name was Izzy until I checked the stats thread

StealthPolarBear Fri 04-Apr-08 07:24:41

T's D&V is back

poo (literally)

Sexonlegs Fri 04-Apr-08 07:56:40

Happy Birthday Izzy!!!! Have a lovey day flower

SPB, bugger to the d&v. What a nightmare. Hope he is better soon.

Caz/octo, pmsl at your "riding" talk!! You go girls grin

I like horses, but am quite wary of them.

Must look at the pics POTC - sounds like you had a lovely day.

How is everyone?

All ok here. K full of snot though. I have to say I am totally fed up of the constant round of illness, albeit minor we have had sinc xmas. Seems to be one thing after another.
Also mightily peed off with dh. He is so effing self-absorbed and just focuses on what he wants/needs to do.

Rant over. Better get my bum off the pc.

Back later. x

Eddas Fri 04-Apr-08 12:20:15

<<<<shudder>>>> the whole morning with no mnshock

Happy birthday izzy x

NorthernLurker Fri 04-Apr-08 12:33:04

Happy Birthday Izzy smile

A whole morning off-line - how dreadful was that!

Am honoured to be inspiring thread titles - must be because I'm so aged and wise grin hmm wink

StealthPolarBear Fri 04-Apr-08 12:38:52

Hi everyone

cazboldy Fri 04-Apr-08 12:42:00

Happy birthday Izzy! smile

Glad to be back at last!

I didn't realise I was on the photos shock grin

cazboldy Fri 04-Apr-08 12:42:57

Molly's present arrived this morning smile

but I am still waiting for the kitchen to be delivered......... angry

StealthPolarBear Fri 04-Apr-08 13:06:42

Present from who caz?
T has another docs appointment this afternoon. Has been fine all day, just seems to be the nights

Doobydoo Fri 04-Apr-08 13:09:47


Doobydoo Fri 04-Apr-08 13:10:40

Hope the doctors appt goes ok spb.
Hope Ernies finger is feeling better.

cazboldy Fri 04-Apr-08 14:27:41

from us for her smile

hope you get on alright at the docs SPB. We are off there later with ds1. Nothing major, but he walks with his feet a bit wonky, and I want to know if insoles might help???

poor little ernie sad hope his finger is better soon. When ds1 was 18months he did the same thing with a ferret shock but my dad ended up having to strangle it to make it let go sad I thought it was going to pull the end off his finger! but luckily no lasting damage smile

StealthPolarBear Fri 04-Apr-08 15:17:47

hi everyone
docs went as expected, carry on doing what you're doing
Hope DS1's goes OK caz
Anyone else about today? Everyone enjoying the sun? Can you believe it's meant to snow this weekend?!

StealthPolarBear Fri 04-Apr-08 15:18:54

Just figured out your first sentence!
What did you get her? Sorry if you've already talked about this...have been really dozey these last few days
Off to open back doors again, the fresh air has been lovely today

Eddas Fri 04-Apr-08 15:28:53

spb, many sympathies with the docs. I find it so frustrating when they just confirm and i'm still thinking, but he's/she's not right help me! But at least they confirmed that you are doing what you need to be. Fingers crossed he gets better soonsmile

I have just sorted through the bags of ds' 12-18 months clothes and put them in storage boxes to go under his cot. He is so many it's ridiculous.

I weighed and measured him today(just rough home done jobbies) but he's diddy compared to the charts and when I compare him to dd at his age. Mind you she was/is a giantgrin She was always on the 98th centile for height/weight, ds is on the 9th. He was on the 50th for weight until this weigh in. But the previous one's were pre his cp and pre his d&v outbreak. His height's also fallen from the 90th centile to the 9thhmm but that was a tricky one to measure since he wouldn't stay still grin My little man is still in 6-9mth trousers

Oh and he's pretty much there with walking. He walks between things quite far apart now and can stop and steady himself. Not all the time but a fair bit.

StealthPolarBear Fri 04-Apr-08 15:31:35

Wow! We are still waiting for that second step No pressure but it has to be over the weekend!
TBH I have never moved T up a size because of trousers - only ever sleepsuits and I'm sure I shrink them in the drier .Will be interesting to see what happens when they line dry - he could be in 12-18mo until he's 6!

StealthPolarBear Fri 04-Apr-08 15:32:08

Wow that will save some money, not that I buy him a lot anyway with mum and MIL falling over themselves to buy him new outfits

oooggs Fri 04-Apr-08 16:39:11

Happy Birthday Izzy smile

no mn shock

well dts enjoyed nursery this morning and I managed to get them there at 7.30am shock and they finish at 12.30pm on fridays smile

hurray it is getting easier grin

how did T & C get on at nursery today Katy & Weeonion?

StealthPolarBear Fri 04-Apr-08 17:21:35

He wasn't there today oooggs - he wasn't booked in as today was meant to be a day mum looked after him. He wouldn't have gone anyway after last night.
Glad the DTs enjoyed nursery, I think you've cracked it!
Where is everyone today? Has Pesha been on recently? Hope everyone is OK

Sexonlegs Fri 04-Apr-08 17:51:43

Hi all

Oooggs, so pleased the dt's got on better today at nursery.

POTC, lovely pics

Eddas, K is still in some 6-9 month stuff bless her. Mostly the top half.

Has been so quiet on here today. All enoying the sun before the snow??

All ok here, although K has had 2 gross nappies. She seems fine in herself tho - really cheerful. I feel really queasy too, but I think that is probably hunger.

Pesha hasn't been on for a bit has she. Or IDOC.

Hope everyone is ok.

liath Fri 04-Apr-08 18:06:25

Hi everyone.

Enjoyed the pics POTC.

Dreadful news about your friend, Octo sad. Hope ds's finger is ok today.

Eddas, ds is a midget too, only just out of 6-9 month stuff!

SPB, this bug seems never-ending! At least the docs have given him the once over.

Hilarious chat last night, PMSL at juxtaposition of KNUF/horseriding/new pregnancies!! I used to ride, still have a horse but he's been pensioned off now with navicular sad. He's a lovely beastie - arab-connemara cross but as gay as a horse can be grin!!

DH has gone off the idea of a 3rd child, I think it was just momentary excitement after getting his job. However he's said we can think about it once dd starts school (although I'll be 38 by then....) and we can get a dog instead if I want (I'd rather have a baby and a dog...) and has agreed to use condoms to spare me having to take pills/endure coil fitting so there's always the possibility of a wee accident happening isn't there????

geordieminx Fri 04-Apr-08 18:50:38

I never knew you had a horse Liath!!

C still in 6-9 mostly too... with the occasional 3-6 thrown in if dp gets him ready wink

StealthPolarBear Fri 04-Apr-08 19:01:33

lol I remember DH squeeeeezing T into a 0-3 vest when he was about 7 months - I pointed out if he broke a sweat when dressing our son he was probably doing something wrong!

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