Sept '07 - I'm sitting..I'm sssitting....I'm sssssitting......I'm ssssssssssssssssitting...... THUD!

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sophus Mon 31-Mar-08 20:58:18

thought i'd start us off

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LisaLessLumpy Mon 31-Mar-08 21:08:22

:wavey: I love the title grin

dal21 Mon 31-Mar-08 21:14:28

hello! well done sophus.

kinki Mon 31-Mar-08 21:36:58

Good job sophus!

Finally managed to get a photo up on my profile. The other lads have got some nasty spotty disease, so please excuse that!

To finish the look he had a stick on moustache, but by the time of the photos it was a bit dog-eared and sticky from too many sweets!

I really wish we could have filmed them. I might convince Seán to let me film a performance at home just for prosperity. That would be a real treasure for the future.

Lollypopzmummy Mon 31-Mar-08 21:56:57

Oh you people, always dashing about, I can never keep up! lol grin

Wow! Dal what a man your LO is! All those tastes, very adventurous!!

LLL: for your poor LO, hope it does get better over time!

Age: 6 months, 1 week.
height: 64cm
Weight: I can't be bothered to get up off my bum and check her red book! grin I know she's just over the 13lb mark (still just under the 5th centile)
Sitting: no, definitely not even close!
Rolling: only halfway, not onto front, same as Dal's Ryan, hates being on tummy.
Teeth: none.
Sleeping: As good as you can get with a baby I guess! (Given last BF at anywhere between 9 and 12, depending on when I'm going to bed, then wakes at 7 or 8 for another).
Fave Food: Apple and pear puree (with a rusk), she seemed to like the strawberry/raspberry concoction with a rusk too but hey-ho!)
Meals per day: 2, but definitely going to try 3 as of tomorrow!)

My hands have been very dry lately, absolutely covered them in savlon this morning (which worked a couple of days ago) but nothing will have a look at something a bit more specific tomorrow, any suggestions? (I'm not sure what's causing it yet, just looks very dry but is starting to be a bit stingy. I've not had my hands immersed in water or anything lately so no clues).
Right, I'm off for a wander round the net, night all

sophus Mon 31-Mar-08 22:19:28

age: 6 1/2 months
height: no idea, but he's very tall
weight: 20 lbs 3 oz (good thing he's so tall)
sitting: yup, with the occasional "thunk"
rolling: like it was the only thing he was put on this earth to do - ever tried to put a nappy on jelly?
crawling: backwards but not quite forwards although he's trying.
sleeping: 7.30 - 7.30 (but sometimes ends up with me)
teeth: none and now convinced he'll NEVER get any teeth.
food: just loves it all. favourite is probably papaya with a dollop of greek yogurt.
words: says "dada" but it's totally random.
fave cat: willow
fave bear: ernest the giraffe
fave mummy: ME.

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Lollypopzmummy Tue 01-Apr-08 02:29:51

(I'm just not tired, blame it on daylight savings <grumble, grumble>)

MrsBumblebee Tue 01-Apr-08 21:27:05

Like the new game!

age : 27 weeks
height : 68.5cm three weeks ago
weight : 17 pounds 8 today
sitting : yes, very adeptly
rolling : yes, back to front - just managed front to back for the first time
crawling: occasionally backwards a few inches, much to his disgust
sleeping : 7.15 until anywhere between 6 and 7
teeth : 2
food : anything and everything. have to employ portion control, as he has never yet refused a mouthful. favourite is still boring old baby rice with veg. chicken makes him shout a lot, not sure why. must try him on curry while he's so receptive!
words : says mama a lot, but randomly
*favourite activities* : bouncing in his door bouncer, splashing in the bath and pulling mummy's hair

Going by my NCT friend, we should also add proper crawling (one side of the room to the other), and standing holding onto furniture, as her DS is doing both at 28 weeks shock.

PurpleLostPrincess Wed 02-Apr-08 02:08:12

Well ladies, I finally managed to find you!!! lol I can't believe its been so long since I've posted, I'm ashamed of myself and I've missed you. Thanks Lolly for your message on fb, have been catching up on my reading on and off all day...

Lets do the fun bit first lol [not that the rest of it isn't fun of course xx]

Age: 7 months today! [not sure what that is in weeks]
Height: I think it was 62cms last time we visited the hosp...?
Weight: Around 15 pounds
Sitting: Can stay up for 5 mins or so sometimes, depends on her mood so we do get lots of thuds too.
Rolling: Lots but still gets her arm stuck under her and hasn't figured out what to do about it yet.
Sleep: 12 hours at night, 3 or 4 naps in the day of about half an hour depending on how tired she is.
Teeth: Also beginning to wander if they will ever come being as she's been teething since she was 3 months old! Has been particularly sensitive the last few days so I think one is cutting through.
Noises: Very entertaining lol! All the usual babbling - mamama dadada bababa, gurgles etc.
*Fave toy*: Iggle Piggle and a set of three links that she loves holding and chewing on.

I'm typing on dh's computer but really carefully so I don't make lots of mistakes lol! Part of the reason I've not been online lately is that dh and I have... well I suppose you could describe it as 'changed our lifestyles' really! We used to stay up all evening on our computers, having spent the day on them too and wandered why the house was such a mess! Now, we do stuff in the day [nothing exciting, just housework and little bits of diy etc]; then we go up to bed between 9 and 10 and watch a film. It has been really refreshing to have the house at a much better standard etc but I've realised that I do miss my time on the computer so I'm going to rethink that bit and set aside time for catching up more regularly cos you lot are so lovely!! hugs

Right, didn't realise the time or that I'd typed so much already - will post this for now but have written out loads more notes to post a proper update so I'll be back tomorrow... Got loads to say and loads to tell you!

Love and hugs, PLP xxxxxxxx

PurpleLostPrincess Wed 02-Apr-08 02:09:07

Oh, and Cerys loves bouncing in her door bouncer loads too!! xx

HammerHeadShark Wed 02-Apr-08 12:20:15

Helllooo - have not found time to get on for ages - poor Millie has got a terrible cough and is really sad and clingy and finding it hard to sleep and coughing so much she is sick loads - poor little poppet sad- just after she had got over chicken pox too!

Kinki - great to see you about and it sounded like Sean and his mates were amazing - the home performance for video posterity sounds like a great plan and the photo is fab! How are things going at home and are you feeling ok?

PLP - must start being as sensible as you - me and DH spend far too much time surfing in the evenings and I wonder why I live in a pit!

Hi to everyone else, must catch up properly on news on the old thread too, just had a quick skim - hope you are all well and little ones are fab!

Oh yeah and my GP thinks I might have pneumonia sad as I have had a crappy cough/chest infection for a couple of months and felt mega-knackered and it only now seems to be shifting with the second lot of different antibiotics - am hoping I will get a bit of zing back soon!

Have a good one xx

MrsBumblebee Wed 02-Apr-08 12:25:41

HHS, poor you and poor Millie. Sending you big hugs, and hope you both feel better soon.

PLP, great to see you back, and look forward to hearing your news.

Dal, was it you who asked about eggs a while back? I ask because I've just given Paul (27.5 wks) egg for lunch for the first time, stirred into a veggie casserole. He wolfed it down (as with everything hmm), so I guess we'll wait to see if there's any reaction. I only gave him the yolk, though - I've heard it's the white that's more allergenic, plus I presume the yolk's more nutritious anyway.

Lollypopzmummy Wed 02-Apr-08 14:05:11

Crikey PLP what were you doing up at that time of night! Usually it's me that's up at silly O'clock!!

Lolly had a go in her door bouncer the other day and loved it, DD1 quite liked her being in it too, it meant that she was out of the way and she could go and play with her (expecting her to kick a ball to her was hillarious to watch BTW!) and then could disappear but know exactly where she was as she was tied in! grin (Not that she does a lot of moving around but I think DD1 expects her to just get up when she's led under the baby gym hmm )

HHShark Poor Millie, hope she's better soon

MrsBB Yup, the yolk's the bit with all the calories in! (which is why I'm so pleased that DD1 has started liking egg yolk again recently grin we'll get some meat on those bones yet!!)

Not a lot to say today, DD1 ended up not going to her test day at pre-school, she was very badly behaved this morning and hit a boy with a maraca (sp?) and refused to apologise and was continuously badly behaved when we got home, she ate her lunch nicely then went for a nap (she's being very good now but it's too late now! hmm ) so we'll be going in the day before she officially starts to see how things go, (I still haven't heard anything from the social inclusion application so she might not be able to go at all yet!!).
DH still has no job as of yet, he went for an interview yesterday, he'll hear back from them by Monday. His agency has phoned this afternoon but he's gone out to play golf (just the driving range) and left his phone at home, so they'll just have to wait.
I've applied for a job in Starbucks (wouldn't it be hilarious if I get a job before he does grin now that would be entertaining!) and will be popping my CV round town tomorrow (it'd be better if he got a proper job as he's more qualified than I am but at the moment it's whatever we can get!)

DH added up all our money that we've got since he left work and, including the £200 worth that we sold on Ebay plus our benefits, it only just adds up to £1000 (bearing in mind that our rent is £600!!) so if we end up getting into stupid amounts of debt it'll be the council that get's the bill for it for not issuing enough HB this month (they still haven't re-calculated our HB yet, it's been over 3 weeks now!!!!!!! Who runs these departments hmm maybe I should apply for a job there grin )
Anywho, I'm off for a wander, take care!

amyclaramum Wed 02-Apr-08 14:28:02

Hello everyone - hope you are all having a good day ?

Thanks for the advice on reducing Eloise's 10pm bottle - unfortunately she has now got a cold so is waking up loads at the moment!I'll wait til she is better before dropping the feed !

Here are her stats-
age - 31 weeks
weight - 16lbs
sitting - yes but falls sideways alot !!
rolling - her favourite thing and loves being on her tum - she looks like she is doing yoga as she stretches her head up to have a look around!
fave food - yogurt, courgette gratin (AK), so far hates fish !
teeth - none so far
talking - lots of "hey" and "dada"

Got to go she's woken up !

take care xx

PurpleLostPrincess Wed 02-Apr-08 19:58:53

I'm back, yay! And this time I'm on my laptop so I can type quicker and more freely without worrying about mistakes... smile

Hopey: OH MY GOODNESS!!!! shockshockshockshockshockshockshock How awful of your PIL's, unbelieveable that somebody can be that horrible and not surprising you feel a bit low now. I know its hard but try to block them out - it doesn't matter what they think/do/say, you're a fabulous person and a wonderful mother and that is final! Bless you for crying when you'd had the wine, I can sooo empathise with you, especially when you say about the reality of things never being fixed. Although my DH's illness is completely different, I do have phases where the truth of the fact that he will never completely recover really freaks me out and I almost feel like I need to grieve but I can't explain what for (does that make sense). I think its that inner need for a 'normal' life perhaps? (in my case anyway but then theres no such thing as normal is there!?). How are you feeling today? Brilliant name for the new thread by the way! xxhugsxx smile

kinki: Wow at you going back to work, well done! Hope its all going smoothly. Sorry to hear things haven't improved much with DH but really impressed with DS and his show - what confidence! Obviously, he gets his amazing character from his mum! grin

dal: Hope the dream-feed issue is going OK? I'm amazed at Eloise attempting crawling, Cerys has only just started lifting her knees while on her front and I'm convinced thats just from being uncomfortable! I know what you mean about others feeding etc - I'm determined not to make a rod for my own back and it just so happens that Cerys's afternoon feed is at the same time as the school run so she is now used to Daddy feeding her too. Funnily enough, she seems to prefer him feeding her lol! We did have an agreement that I would get a lie in every Saturday and he would get up with her and vice versa on a Sunday - so far it hasn't worked for either of us for one reason or another so we're determined for it to happen this weekend grin Excuse me, <PLP looks around sheepishly> but did you say something about SCHOOL!!!??? shockshock!! Actually I was wandering how soon I should get Cerys enrolled - did you find anything out?

lolly: Hope all goes well at the test-day for DD1 and you! Sorry to hear you're still having a nightmare with benefits etc - I've got all that to come in the next few weeks... I have now officially left my job and I'm just waiting on my P45 so I can take a copy in to HB, then send it off with my carers allowance application whilst waiting for Tax Credits to get sorted out; which will in turn have an effect on HB and the list goes on and on!!! Anyway, hows your cold? Are your hands feeling any better yet?

bumblebee: It was only when I read your post about Paul being clingy that I realised that is exactly what Cerys has been doing lately, only we hadn't twigged! We've been trying all the tips mentioned for the past few days so hopefully that will reassure her. She gives such lovely hugs now though and she has taken to giving my mum (only her!) massively long big kisses which is really sweet!!

sophus Wow at Linus crawling backwards, thats amazing! Thank you for starting up the new thread smile

LLL (can we call you that now!) Love the new name! So pleased you now have a better understanding of the whole skin situation and hope the treatments work well xx

Hello to everybody else - Hammer, Chatty, ACM xxhugsxx

I'll be back in a bit with more, just going to clear up the dinner stuff...

PLP xxxx

kinki Thu 03-Apr-08 11:12:41

Hammer, in reply, things aren't too good tbh. I'm getting a bit of respite this week because he's working away from home again. It's a break from him and all the turmoil, but it throws up its own challenges. I don't think I'm coping too well.

Had parent's evening last night, was anticipating a 'not good' one. But was delighted to hear ds1 is doing really well. They've never been worried academically but they have been concerned about his attitude and general cockiness. But they said in the last 2 months he has been a different boy and are really pleased with him. Came away mightily proud and relieved. Only after did I think more of the time scale. It was 2 months ago the screw was removed and my health improved drastically. I'm wondering now if my illness affected him more than I thought. Might speak to his teachers some more.

Can't remember if i posted this last week but when I started back at work I discovered something which has made me totaly rethink my decision not to sue. My chest scan last Oct was misdiagnosed - you can see the screw. Misdiagnosed by one of my medical colleagues. Absolutely devastated doesn't come anywhere near to describing how I feel. Am planning to meet the boss to discuss this.

We're going away on Saturday for a week's break. Not far, but away from home. We had a similar holiday a year ago and the boys really enjoyed it. Guess I ought to do some washing so I can pack. Actually, thinking about it I ought to phone them because I don't think we've had any details through yet. I booked it online. Better go.

kinki Thu 03-Apr-08 11:16:24

plp, meant to say awww shucks, you say the kindest things! How's Cerys coming along? Are things working as they should? I often think of her.

sophus Thu 03-Apr-08 11:39:54

i need to amend my list:

sleeping: 7.30 - 7.30 5.15 and then playing and practising his crawling for 3 hours when i dropped him at the CM and told her i would be back when in about a month when i had regained my sanity.

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Hopeysgirlwasntbig Thu 03-Apr-08 11:49:56

Morning all on our new thread.

Kinki, OMFG!!! I can't believe the screw was visible on the October Xray, you must be SO angry. GREAT photo on profile by the way! I'm glad parents evening went well. Have to confess we've always been a bit nervous on DS1's parents evenings, much muchly improved over recent yrs thank goodness, he was a NIGHTMARE the first few years of school.

PLP, nice to hear from you, you say the kindest things, thank you. How's Cerys doing, is she all better now.

HHS, sorry to hear Millie's poorly again, so unfair after those nasty pox. sad

Here are her stats-
age - 27 weeks
weight - 17lbs 8oz ish (weighed at home using me as control!)
sitting - getting better everyday, but still does thread title!
rolling - when she feels like it, v laid back
fave food - at the moment, lamb hotpot
sleeping - 9pm - 8pm
teeth - no
talking - 'agoo' and lots of high pitched squeals, so far refusing to comply with the mama dada
*favourite toy* - in the night garden toys (her big brothers both bought her one with their pocket money.....awww)

Arbensmum Thu 03-Apr-08 14:52:50

Hey LOLLY, get over to FB and play your turn!! Dont make me nudge you

Hopeysgirlwasntbig Thu 03-Apr-08 15:27:08

Hi Arbensmum, I've forgotten my password for fb, my puter always remembered it for me, and not its forgotten it!

Arbensmum Thu 03-Apr-08 15:44:10

Oh Hopey!!!!hmm cant you ask for a password reminder??

Hopeysgirlwasntbig Thu 03-Apr-08 15:59:25

yes, done it

Arbensmum Thu 03-Apr-08 16:08:29

cool, you going to play scrabble??

Lollypopzmummy Thu 03-Apr-08 16:37:13

Hello my lovelies!
PLP my hands are looking a bit better today (bought some cream from boots)

Righty, I'm off again, DH is now bugging me to get the girl's outside in the sun (I don't hink it's that warm but hey ho!)
P.S: will read posts properly later x

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