Jan '07 part 24: As soon as she's finished her nativity scene, Loosh is going to knit each and every 101 Dalmation!

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2HipHopandHappy Sun 30-Mar-08 11:55:49

No, really wink

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looshkin Sun 30-Mar-08 13:55:24

Nooooo, Mary's skirt thing was bad enough not dogs with spots - then there would be cruella etc. We decided I could become one of those mad people and generally knit stuff eg noah's arc, moses in basket, 10 commandments etc.

eandh - thanks for all the hard work but have managed to get our cositoes on this stroller so yah pounds saved to spend on more gore-tex stuff....

Right off to park


ladytophamhatt Sun 30-Mar-08 14:27:33

Loosh, I wish you were my Gp, TBH I don't really think G does has a chest infection, for a start he's not really ill at all. Just this horrible cough. I can hear it rattling on his chest but as you know they're so little that all that phelm in their throat etc makes it sound rattley.
'Upper respriatory track infection' I think the technical term is when they have a cough thats all phelm in their nose/throat (I just know you;re impressed with thatgringrin).

The cough has got fractionally better with a few days of meds(when I bloody remember to gve them <rolls eyes>) but maybe thats just a conincidence.

Dh has taken the big Dsses fishing..heaven help him is all I can say. DS1 has been a little shit today. I don't really knwo what to do with him...I worry about the relationship I have with him because its so crap now god only knows what it'll be like when he's a teenager.
Its ds3 1st time fishing and they've also gone with DH's brother and his 2 children, all of which have never fished before.

He's gonna come home looking 40 yrs old I think.

G is asleep, so I've just had lovely long shower and shaved/immac'ed all my hairy bits and even painted my toenails


ladytophamhatt Sun 30-Mar-08 14:28:25

40 yrs older that should have been. He's 34 now so he wouldn't look that different if it was 40grin

Lizzzombie Sun 30-Mar-08 16:15:52

: : : : : : : : : : :
: : : : : : : : : : :
: : : sad : : : :
: : : : : : : : : : :
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Lizzzombie Sun 30-Mar-08 16:22:22

Hello everyone!
I've infected the thread with chicken pox!


We went to the wedding, and my Mum looked after DJ. He was fine. But the spots doubled. He has sooooooooo many. And a HUGE one on his little willy.
He's really perky though and hasn't got the hang of itching yet.
He had an oat sock bath this morning, and the calamine aqueous cream was a good call EAH, I'd not heard of that and its miles better that the lotion. Thanks for that.

Can I just ask everyone whose had CP recently, how long did it take for all the spots to come out. My mate said her DD's spots were all out by 48 hours into it. Well, we are over that now, and he is getting more still. hmm

Wilkie - I am sorry that your new place is not so nice.
Shimmer - Re your engagement party invite. I got invited to one of these 'big' engagement parties and had no idea what to take, so brought a really nice orchid for about £15. That, plus the wedding, the hen night, the hotel etc etc etc...I am sure thats enough.

oh oh oh...there is a new Beverly Hills 90210 show coming soon. How exciting! x

ladytophamhatt Sun 30-Mar-08 17:07:41

it was about 4-5 days for G, but he did have billions!

SmoothandWilkie Sun 30-Mar-08 19:03:25

Have absolutely NOTHING to say but wanted to post so I don't lose the new thread.


eandh Sun 30-Mar-08 19:25:22

Yey glad your cosytoes fitted Loosh (was wondering why it wouldnt as have a universal one on mine but am trying to persuade Eddas to make me a buggysnuggle as she made one for her mclaren and its fab) Thanks for looking re night terrors everything I have read has said its assocaited with her age/overtired/stress and anxiety. Although she is a onderful outgoing girl she has alsways been 'nervy' and is biting her fingernails all the time (habit I am trying to stop) took ages to settle at preschool but loves it etc so it seems o be when things are out of her control she gets anxious/scared. She was so tired this afternoon at my parents she fell alseep at the dinner table shock so we lwt her sleep for half an hour and then woke her normally she'd be a nightmare to put to bed tonight but she fell asleep at 6.15 so am hoping some extra sleep will help plus I am going to wake her around 8 to go to the loo and try and break the 2 hours cycle thing.

Lizz - glad you managed to get to the wedding - Hatties first spots were thursday (but only a few) few more friday and loads over saturday/sunday started drying monday/tuesday all gone of body by sunday but loads in nappy area for weeks.

LTH - so how did DH get on? Just think few more years and he'll be bale to take them all (and realise what its like grin)

I assume Susies internet not working still so am going to send her a text in a mo to see if she is ok.

DH and I have been very 'snappy' with each other this weekend think its all the tiredness from Ellie and Hatties waking so am hoping we'll get back to normal sleep soon, my parents have said they'll have girls on the 12th when we are going out as was wondering how PIL would be if she has terror, my parents tried to persuade Ellie to sleep there tonight but she didnt want to

looshkin Sun 30-Mar-08 20:33:48

Evening all,

eandh - I emailed a friend re night terrors as it really isn't my forte but she is skiing (I forgot bad friend alert) so may take a while for reply. Hope susie is OK

LTH- I have just had a lovely soak and preened myself as had friends round for lunch today and I looked like a bag of spanners and felt really dumpy sad but feel better now. I think it helps not still wearing ds's lunch.

Rgee - how was lunch has wilkie been fed and watered and feeling better about yorkshire?

Lizz - curse of the spots I know menthol in aqueous cream is also good (I think it is called dermacool) and is ace for itchy bits also keep any lotions in the fridge for extra cooling effect (creams tend to go a bit hard so not as good). I know when william had his random rash it took a few days for all the spots to come out but I am still not convinced it was chicken pox - just not poxy enough shock

Right off to make salad as feeling fat - I will just ignore the cheese and dressing piled on. Dh is playing on xbox so happy for a while - he seems to be shooting eastern europeans which seems a little mean to me but then again I ony like fluffy bunny games where everyone is gets on and stuff.


SmoothandWilkie Sun 30-Mar-08 21:11:23

Loosh - PMSL at your last paragraph. You sound like me when DH is playing SplinterCell and shoots lots of people! hmm

Forgot to say - Reggiee cooks a mean roast dinner although she did peel the skin off the chicken shock cos she doesn't like it shock shock so I made her pile it up on my plate!!!! Nom nom. I impressed her and her DH with my culinary skills as I made the yorkshire puddings to go with it grin

Defo feeling better about Yorkshire grin off to see Vino next Sat too (although Reggiee has set the standard so I expect a full christmas dinner...!!)

vinojaune Sun 30-Mar-08 21:57:03

Wilkie - you could have had roast beef for seconds at my house this evening! And I made yorkshires too, lovely fluffy ones, so nice I wished I had made double the amount. Our friends next door came round too so nice to chat.

Rgee- I don;t eat the skin off chicken either.

Ellen is still at my parents, missing her really and am away overnight tomorrow so won;t see her til Weds morning. Mum says she has been having fun in the garden with my dad wearing her new wellies. Things like that make me miss her all the more!

I was so tired this morning I was crying painting....not doing anymore for a few weeks. My hair feels a mess, don;t think I had enough cut off it, generally been feeling a bit crappy today. Don't feel organised for work this week. Fed up of being pregnant. I want the baby NOW.

E&H - I hadn;t reallised Susies internet wasn't working. I wondered how she was.

Lizxz - hope DJ recovers soon. Does him being poorly mean you can't work this week?

Tra la ala la I don;t feel as though I have much to say tonight.

Loosh I was wondering if you had trained with one of my friends who is a doctor and went to Leeds uni (I think about all sorts as I paint), I think she may have been the year above you though.

I had a bath today too. In my newly painted bathroom so very enjoyable. I had some beauty couchers for my birthday so am going to try and book myself a pedicure for Weds I think. I feel like being pampered.

laughalot Mon 31-Mar-08 16:05:40

Nom nom wilkie/rgeeie I want to come !!!!!! Hay wilkie have you bought a gold buggy yet and rings for every finger ? Chavtastic !

I v been a busy girl today iv been in the garden and mowed all the lawns and even did some weeding shock. It was cool because aidan was loving it in the garden and l was asleep bliss.

Vino hope you are feeling a little better its so hard being pg and looking after another and decorating. Was your dh angry with the football yesterday ? Have been meaning to ask you for ages if you have picked any names yet or arent you saying.

Eah thanks for the parcel and the pressies and I hope e will be ok tonight.

Shimmer Mon 31-Mar-08 17:30:05

Hello. I've come to complain.... (brace yourselves...) I'm pretty sure I have tonsillitis (sp?) sad I've been feeling shit for about 3/4 days now, very fluy etc. and yesterday evening DP looked at my tonsills and was all 'URGGGH YUCK!!'. I made an appointment at the doctors this afternoon but due to a (very unlikely and unforeseeable) set of circumstances I ended up being about 5 minutes late leaving the house. Docs is only 5 mins away, so I called to say I'm really sorry i'm running late, I'll be there in 5 minutes just as i was leaving the house, and the recptionist said okay no problem. However when I got there, the same woman said sorry you're 10 minutes late the doctor can't see you. So we had a huge argument,which ended up in her having to call the doctor (who also said she wouldn't see me!) and me bursting into tears cos I was feeling SO ill and had literally run down to the surgery cos was feeling bad about being late (and have AF, not a good combination with flu/tonsillitus i find). And the receptionist and doctor were just both completly heartless and not helpful or nice at all. GRRRRRRRRRR..... I HATE DOCTORS. (Sorry Looshwink) I'm pretty sure I need anti-biotics, although tonsillitus can jjust go away on it's own can't it? but I also really need to go into work tomorrow cos I had the whole of last week off as holiday and am mega behind with loads of work.

I'm just feeling so pissed off with my doctors right now. There wasn't even anyone else waiting - no one else in the waiting room at all! Whcih I pointed out, but all they could say was 'sorry, if you'e 10 minutes late you have to re-book another appointment'. No reasoning or explaination or compassion or anything. Dr didn't even ask me what was wrong with me, what if i'd been really really ill??

Hmmm.... rant over. I'll try and pop back later and post something more cheerful grin

DP had just got home from taking F for a walk and he's bought an INTG magazine! Which comes with a blow-up Pinky Ponk!!gringrin

laughalot Mon 31-Mar-08 17:37:38

Oh shimmer we shall get loosh to have a look down your throat later, open wide and say aaaaaaaaaaaaaa. Im not must use as I have had my tonsils out but I think that is poor that they wouldnt see you. Hope you feel a bit better xxx

Lizzzombie Mon 31-Mar-08 17:41:46

Poor you shimmer. Big hugs. Can you get an emergency appt tomorrow morning?

LTH - do you still have those photos of G with his spots. I swear I've never seen so many in my life on DJ. I tried counting them this morning, but a rough estimate put his back at about 300-400. He has literally 10 just on his little willy. And tons all round the rest of that area.

Loosh - good tip re that miracle cream, I'll put it in the fridge now. Just about to finish my first pot! He has just fallen asleep on me whilst I was applying the cream all over him. Poor little thing. Considering he didnt go to sleep until about 10pm last night I'm hoping he will stay asleep so I can go out to a mates baby shower this evening!

I'm sooooo itchy, all these spots are totally giving me sympathy itches!

Eah - 1st spot appeared properly on Friday morning, there are still lots of red pin pricks which will turn into spots and they are migrating down his legs now. sad

We had a chicken pox party this afternoon with a couple of kids down our road, and I even warned their mothers - are you sure you want to do this?! its that nasty I almost wish he had got it when he was older.

My poor baby. sad sad

laughalot Mon 31-Mar-08 17:48:34

Oh lizz the poor little thing and even on his ittle winkie sad. Did he pick it up from nursery ? How was the wedding btw ?

ReggieegeeGrandNational Mon 31-Mar-08 19:17:12

Shimmer you have my total sympathies. If I'm ever really poorly, it always seems to be with my throat. Had tonsils out when younger, but about once a year I get a bad throat infection with white/yellow pus filled spots on the back of my throat, and soooo painful to swallow / speak. <Shudder>. Do not go to work tomorrow. Go to bed and stay there.
My last two bouts have been bacterial infections - evil strep B pharyngitis or summat like that - tippa-tappa-tippa-tappa

SmoothandWilkie Mon 31-Mar-08 19:33:53

Shimmer - Dequacain (sp?) fantastic for tonsillitis. I had it a couple of years ago and bought these throat lozenges and it went within 2 days. Think your DR was awful though - my old GP in Lincoln were fab. I was half hour late once (got wrong time written down - my fault) and they still squeezed me in!

Lizz - poor D Sounds awful. I think I would still rather that J caught it now than later though.

J didn't have a good day at nursery - he was very unsettled and cried for me a lot apparently Poor little man.

Feeling very low tonight - just sobbed on the phone to my mum blush

ReggieegeeGrandNational Mon 31-Mar-08 19:43:19

Sorry pmsl......DH just leant over my shoulder and typed the last bit then posted........then the phone rang so I couldn't come straight back. It's all go go go.

Lizz hope DJ's feeling ok if not a bit spotty.

Had a lovely morning yesterday with Wilkie and J. J is v v cute and Pip tried to give him a kiss when they arrived but he wasn't having any of it. But chicken skin shock Urgh!! She makes mean yorkshire puds for a non Yorkshire lass.
Loosh - you had a fun day today?

Vino I hope you vhave your feet up this evening. You are doing too much <waggles finger in face>. I am prob going to pop in next Saturday morning to make you and your visitor a cuppa, and make sure you are relaxing.

Ohhh next Saturday is the Grand NAtional. 2HAppy have you got any tips?

Lal gorgeous afternoon yesterday. I planted some spinach and radish in my small veggie patch.

Eah how was your night? Was E ok?

Anyone (Eah?) got any good garden toys "must haves". My dsis is getting lo a slide for (last) Xmas but I need to source and buy it. Any suggestions? And any other garden toys you have found invaluable. Have a swing which she loves.

ladytophamhatt Mon 31-Mar-08 19:45:04

Lizzz, I've kept all the photos of G with his spots and am still shocked by how many he had. DJ sounds like he's got it like G had.
I couldn't have even attempted to count the spots. I would hazard a guess that he had 300+ on just his belly and prob the same on his back. He prob had 100 or so just on his forehead and in his hair.
Re-sizing the photo to post on here makes the quality crap so theres not much point me doing it. Next time you come over(if you wantto, that is) we'll compare spotty children photos smile.

I totally understand what you mean about warning people off and wishing they were older. Asd I said when G had it, I've nevr been scared when any of them havebeen ill before but G was so ill I was terrified he wouldn't recover. I certainly would't wantto go through it agian....

Gotta go, G seems to have toxic gases seeping from his nappy. I think teh air had a starnge tinge of green all around him grin

ReggieegeeGrandNational Mon 31-Mar-08 19:45:32

Wilkie xposts. Hope your mum gave you lots of virtual hugs. Have you arranged to see your dsis soon - she lives much closer now.

ReggieegeeGrandNational Mon 31-Mar-08 19:47:29

<Waves at lth whilst holding gas mask over face>

susiecutiebananas Mon 31-Mar-08 21:46:59

Right, I've found you all at last!!!

I have had net since weekend, but not really been on much. I came to look for the post natal threads, and for the love of god, could not find them anywhere I'm sure they disappeared and have only just come back to me!! wink

Anyway, i've got you all now, I've missed you all so much! ( how sad does that sound! )

I've had a horrible virus type thing,been just so utterly exhausted, Its been really horrible. every time I sit down, I end up dozing off. Worries me with izzy. Mum has been taking her a bit, so i can just sleep. She's popped over a few times for just an hour, to catch up and have a cuppa, and i've just headed straight to the bed and slept solidly when she's here. Going to have some tests next week if still here... getting a bit worried now as it's been 3 weeks or so that i've felt like it.

Hope you are all doing ok. Obviously not had chance to read this thread, or end of last, well, don't know where the last one is. I'm afraid the last thing I remember was Mrs C's rotten news. Hope she is ok, been on at all? any news?

Wilkie, Have you moved yet? got a house? etc.. how is it all going?

erm, shit, izzy shouting, must go... back soon... sorry everyone i've missed out!!

Suze. x

Lizzzombie Tue 01-Apr-08 10:55:59

I had about 2-3 hours sleep last night. He was a total nightmare and obviously in pain with it.
Piriton just doesnt touch the sides though.
Is there anything else which anyone can recommend?

How come he is totally chirpy in the day then a total grizzle at night?

I am still in my pjamas! - which I am never in this late normally. I have no energy to do anything, I'm soooooooo knackered!

Can't wait for it to be over.

Am taking photos at next bathtime!

- Wedding was lovely btw, but we left about 9pm as there was lots of waiting around and I'd overdone it on the free bar! But totally missed getting any of the chocolate wedding cake!

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