January 08 shiny new - year babys , tired mums and dads!

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lilyloo Mon 17-Mar-08 13:26:01

Will that do smile

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lilyloo Mon 17-Mar-08 13:33:53

Frag i would also be very cross if work were like that sad i think it's hard enough as it is to go there with lo the least they could do is make a fuss for a while!
Hope your sil ok !

Madmouse poor you and Nathan let's hope it clears up soon!

Mixedmama good luck on the job , sounds ideal and none of that guilt working mums feel as you get best of both worlds.

Naetha with you on the ghd's they are fab couldn't live without mine, i use them every day and although hair not in great condition they don't seem to have damaged it to much.

Kelly know what you mean r/e the real tears it breaks your heart doesn't it ?

Nicky have you tried just feeding her before you go to bed even if she isn't awake , sort of dream feed ?

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lilyloo Mon 17-Mar-08 13:41:52

Katie i don't bother with ebm unless i going out and will leave one for dp if i not sure how long i going to be. But agree i find it easier to just feed dd myself than mess about with bottles. I think some people use them to top up later in evening when your supply can be lower. Good idea about getting them ready for weaning though.

Susie we are doing 4 hour flight withe 3 dc's in May. Agree with others about having plenty of spares and accepting they will prob cry but hey ho you not likely to see the other passengers again, and most people are understanding.

All looking good here at the minute and Martha now only waking for 1 feed in the night so feeling good but will prob all change again Wed when she has her first jabs !

Sorry if i missed any other posts but Martha needs feeding so will have to go <<<<<<<<waves>>>> to everyone else.

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Fragolina Mon 17-Mar-08 14:04:09

Thanks for new thread lilyloo!

susiemj Mon 17-Mar-08 14:30:55

Just putting my name down for the new thread. Off on hols tomorrow. I keep packing and repacking my flight bag.

Wish me luck everyone!

p.s. why oh why is it acceptable for reputable babywear companies (Mothercare for eg) to make mittens, socks and booties that just FALL OFF! It is possible to make these things so that they stay on - I've got a few examples - why is it ok for so many companies just not to bother. 95% of all these things that I've been given are entirely useless.

phew...(pants, looks round, slightly embarrassed) rant over.

p.s. lilyloo - good luck for 1st jabs. Sabela cried enormous fat tears but soon got over it. Was a bit cranky for a few days too. A bath and Calpol did the trick.

lilyloo Mon 17-Mar-08 14:33:55

Have a lovely time Susie smile

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Amani Mon 17-Mar-08 15:47:58

Afternoon ladies,

Hope you all are well. Had a lovely 'half' weekend at my parents place in Surrey. Left bright and early and got stuck in the annoying A40 traffic and a 3 hour journey ended up taking 5 hours!! angry. As a result we ended up staying only a few hours at my parent's and then back again for the drive home sad

Well done for the new thread Lilyloo. Am shock you have time to straighten your hair. I gave up doing it when when DD2 was born.

Mixedmama - food lick with the appliication.

Susie - have a lovely holiday. Tell us all about it when you get back.

Cuddled my friend 5 day old baby yesterday. Can't believe how big my DD2 looks in comparision even though she is only 12 weeks! LOL

Saw GP about my PND today and been told to keep taking the AD for another month. Told my MIL that I had PND and she said 'Be careful with the AD as I've seen some people go mad with taking it' ???? huh shock

AngeChica Mon 17-Mar-08 15:48:54

Hi all, have fought off the mastitis - it was non-infective anyway. However the antibiotics have made me break out in really itchy hives all over my body so am well fed up about that. Alek and I have our post natal checks tomorrow so will hopefully get something to treat it then.
Am fretting as it seems lots of you ladies can now get their LOs into bed for evening, (also re the long sleep stretches you mention is that without them waking for a feed envy?? I get 4 hours at most and still having no luck with evening routine here. If I get him down he won't sleep very long and then gets overtired and has a meltdown! Also re the daytime naps, if we try and use the cot for them he doen't sleep very long and again he will get overtired. Again do I have to just keep persevering, despite what I said to kellyann earlier, I would love to get him to have at least one decent nap in there a day otherwise I will start to feel like I can't get anything done...

MamaChris Mon 17-Mar-08 17:23:06

angechica - we also have no routine. tho daniel did sleep 11-5 on saturday night except I woke up with rock hard boobs - they weren't used to going 6 hours without feeding but then he spent the whole of sunday v v unsettled and miserable and I was actually happy to be woken every 3 hours last night, especially as he's back to his usual self today and we've had some playtime.

for those whose LOs do do daytime naps - how many and how long? Daniel just has small naps after eating or longer ones in a sling or on my shoulder. trying to put him down in moses basket during the day just wakes him up - don't know how he knows!

toomanyshoes Mon 17-Mar-08 17:59:14

hello! haven't been on in ages but have had a quick scan through posts and pleased to hear lots of the babies are starting to sleep for a bit longer at night!

susie, have a fab holiday! Am very envy Have you tried Gap baby socks? I found them to be the only ones that stay on. Also, Shoo shoes seem to stay on too. Was given a pair for DS and they have the added appeal of keeping the rubbish socks on his feet when all the gap ones are in the wash!

Ange, sorry to hear about the mastitis and hives. Hope doc can sort it out and hope post natal check all ok.

Frag - i would have been annoyed re work colleagues too. Do any of them have children? Sometimes its all a bit alien to those who haven't gone through it all yet.

Re daytime naps Charlie wakes at about 8 and I give him a BF in bed whilst we both doze til about 9ish (luckily DD is a big sleeper and often sleeps until 9.30am!! Goes to bed at 8) He then needs to sleep again about an hour and a half after we get up. usually for 1.5 hours or so. He then has another hour an a half awake and goes back to sleep for 3 to 3.5 hours! That takes us to about six when he is awake for another 1.5 hours and goes back to bed at around 7.30. However he is a mega sleepy baby so i think this is more than the average for naps. DD was the same, i think my children have inherited my lazy gene!
He has only really started doing all this reliably in the last few weeks and he is one of the oldest on the thread so sometimes it just takes time for them to fall into a routine. For ages he was sleeping on me loads in the day which drove me nuts so I started putting him in his room for daytime naps. I swaddle him then cuddle him in his room til his eyes start to close and pop him in his cot. It has worked really well. I am also using one of those positioning thingys that looks like two sausages to wedge him on his side. He is much happier on his side than on his back (he has reflux and vomits constantly so I prefer it too, hate the choking noises when he is sick - scares me!) and i think it makes him feel like he is being held.

At night he sometimes does one longer stretch of 5 or 6 hours. Usually wakes at 10/11 then 4/5 on a good night. There are also plenty of not so good nights when he wakes more frequently but not stressing about it. this too shall pass and all that grin

One day they will be 15 and we'll be screeching up the stairs at them to haul themselves out of their stinky beds because its lunchtime grin

toomanyshoes Mon 17-Mar-08 18:02:56

meant to say, if i try and put him in moses basket in the day he goes bonkers or only sleeps for 10 mins before waking up and crying. The only thing that works for him is swaddling in his dark bedroom. Just thought i'd mention it because i was starting to think he was only ever going to be able to sleep on me in small bursts. Just a chink of light for anybody that is lugging a half sleeping baby around in a sling all day or pinned to the sofa unable to move grin

MamaChris Mon 17-Mar-08 20:52:55

toomanyshoes - thanks - will try a dark room then. he sleeps ok at night, so perhaps a dark room would fool him in the day hmm

toomanyshoes Mon 17-Mar-08 21:18:26

worth a try! I also find that if i put him down asleep he wakes up very quickly but if I wait until he is really sleepy but not quite asleep he falls off by himself and stays asleep for much longer.

Both children are now asleep in bed and i am sat here wearing a top covered in snot (DD) sick (DS) and wee (also DS!). The worst thing is I am actually considering keeping it on for a bit as too knackered to go upstairs and change! maybe I'll just turn the heating up and sit here in my bra grin

nicky6 Tue 18-Mar-08 11:46:23

well looks like we all have different sleeping problems

charlie again had her 5pm feed then bath then went down about 6.30pm then slept through til 1am - so thats 8 hours between feeds bu then ws up at 3.30 am then 7.30am

So i still have to go to bed early in order to manage sensibly whihc is annoying as if she went down a bit later i could have a proper nights sleep.

But health visitorsaid the important thing is for them to learn to sleep long stretches and eventually they will stretch to go through the night. even so i might try the dream feed tonight.

Chalrie sleeps for about 30 mins in the morning after first feed and playtime in her cot, then usually take her for a walk in her pram about midday in which she loves to sleep then try to get a little sleep in the afternoon but all a bit erratic.

anyway am sure it will all sort its slef out we have our 8 week check today.

Me and dh got back on track this week but episotomy scar is still a bit uncomfortable and sex was a little bit uncomfortable to start with (sorry tmi) anyone else found this??

gingeme Tue 18-Mar-08 13:24:52

Here you all are! Theres me typing happily away about our weekend away on the other thread then realised you'd all sneaked off and started a new threadhmm
Ah well. Hope your all ok.
Is the meet up still going ahead tommorrow? If so would one of you clever ladies do a link to the place where it is please so I know where to go ? Thankyou smile

VictorVictoria Tue 18-Mar-08 13:25:13

hello all
sorry havent posted for ages. having a nightmare with feeding and wind. taking well over a hour to get really not very much formula in with much screaming. Infacol doesnt seem to be working. anyone any suggestions? its getting worse not better. My DS did this too and we never really cracked it..........

lilyloo Tue 18-Mar-08 13:25:19

Nicky good luck on check ours is tommorrow. I had same issues with scar after ds but it soon sorted itself out and never had any probs after either dd's. Charlie is doing really well going for 8 hours well done, would be tempted to try dream feed though.

grin at tms sat in her bra on computer, hope no one can see you may think it's some kinky site your on grin Agree it will all be over in the blink of an eye, wonder how many of us will still be here moaning of stroppy teenagers.

mamachris Martha's day time naps are all ad hoc here too. She still fits in moses basket so tend to use that in day or the car seat as often in and out of the car doing school run , pre school run.

Ange good news r/e mastitis. Hope check goes well today and you get something for the hives must be awful.
Do you put Alek down in a cot on the evening ?
We tend to bath Martha at 6.30 then feed her then put her in her cot with mobile on and she usually goes to sleep quite quickly with little fuss. She then sleeps until 10/11 and i feed her and put her back down. She then wakes at 2/3 she has another quick feed and goes back down until 5/6 where i feed her in my bed and she goes back off until 7. So not great gaps in between feeds but they are quite quick and she is good at settling herself so i am happy.
I wouldn't worry too much what other babys are doing so much as getting to somewhere you are happy with. Each of mine have been so different r/e bed time routines and length of sleep. But i really reccomend play , bath , bed in cot.
Our day times however are completely unstructured which suits me as i am often in and out doing other things.

Amani shame that you didn't get to spend so long with your parents. hmm about ad's sending you mad where did she get that piece of research from ? As for time to straighten my hair it actually quicker now as i just rough dry it so it's like a bush then run straighteners over it and it's lovely and smooth so only take 15 mins as oppose to an hour pre straighteners!

Had a frightening moment yesterday with my sister and her dd. She is 18 month old and my dd1 had some polo mints. She gave her cousin one in the back of the car and she almost choked on it! Her face went white and her lips blue. I had to stop the car in the middle of the road and luckily my sister had just done a first aid course so she knew what to do.
I am now putting my name down for one as it is so important when you have children she was really good i just panicked! However she fine now and she won't be having a polo mint again !

Hope everyone else ok smile

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lilyloo Tue 18-Mar-08 13:32:10

Victor have you tried colief ?
Not much experience with formula sorry but others on here are. It couldn't be the type of formula could it ?
Also massage sometimes help if they have trapped wind with the side of your thumb in circular motions around the belly button.
A few on here have had lo's with colic so mayu have more suggestions ?

smile Gingeme glad you found us

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gingeme Tue 18-Mar-08 14:34:16

Thankyou lillyloo smile
Had a lovely weekend away. Lo slept like an angel in the caravan in his pop up cot. Lots of other babies there too so had some nice chat with some other Mums.
He is sleeping better at home in his cot too. Hell usualy have a bottle at around 8pm and down to sleep. Awake again at around 1am. Sleep till about 5.30 and a bottle then wake about 7.30 ready for the day smile
Meet up tomorrow anyone?

madmouse Tue 18-Mar-08 16:08:30

Hi all

Mightily impressed with the stretches some little ones sleep. Nathan is now 6.5 weeks and does pretty well at night for a breast fed baby, usually goes from 11 to 2 and from 2.30 till 6.30, then sleeps some more. He tends to feed himself back to sleep during the night so that is easy.

During the day he tends to be really settled, but when he sleeps and how often he feeds varies hugely. Today he is very sleepy. Bawled after lunchtime feed and medicine and nappy change (poor thing grin then fell asleep in the car and lugged him round mothercare asleep and he is still out now (anyone understand why cot sheets cost so much? hmm). Ah, I hear crying, type faster madmouse!

Evenings are hardest here with colic, which is now more intermittent, but he does not sleep much, except fitfully on my chest, so no evening routine here. Quite jealous of those with fixed feed, play, bath times. Nathan hates bath (well the dressing and underdressing) so no help with colic there. We do not use medicine for colic, because he already has his anti-convulsants and other stuff. Hugging, rocking, singing, just weathering the storm is our tactic. Luckily I find it easy not to let it get to you. Practical Parenting has an item on colic, one parent swears by reggae music!

mixedmama Tue 18-Mar-08 16:30:52

Afternoon all.

Have just been to register with the agency that adviertised the vacancy so fingers crossed they want to interview me - they even have a free onsite gym!!!

Has anyone heard from MrsMcJnr??? Or Beller??? Or Barristermum??

fluffyeasterbunny Tue 18-Mar-08 18:17:29

aaargh...typed long post, then lost it, now T crying...

<waves and blows kisses frantically before scurrying off to see to howling baby....>

gingeme Tue 18-Mar-08 20:03:30

Regea music! Never heard of that one. Maybe thats more to lift the mood of the haggard Mum rather than stop the colic.
Is it just me or is anyone else having to log on every time they come on here today? I press the remember me till I log out bit but I still have to keep logging in angry Realy looking forward to tommorrow. Especialy as dh is now coming with me and my other 2 ds's. Ill bring my camera too and take some pics and put them on here after. Is that ok with everyone?
Lo has been smiling loads today. Ds4 has an Iggle Piggle doll and Ive been showing lo it and hes been cooing and smiling at it. So cute. He was realy laughing properly at my Dad over the weekend too which just charmed everyone. Mind you hes not the only one to find my Dad funny.......hes always been a bit funny grin

ayrshirelolo Tue 18-Mar-08 22:59:44

Hiya guys! just logging on to the new thread, will post properly tomorrow, love to all, lolo x

Fragolina Wed 19-Mar-08 09:16:25

morning all, am sooo exhausted this morning - seems like I was awake and feeding all night.

I still haven't bought a nursing chair, and now really need one. Am thinking of going for the Ikea poang - I know a couple of you guys bought one, and was wondering how it had worked out for you. Is it really fiddly to fit the covers back on after washing? Also, if lo is sick all over the chair, with it seep through to the stuffing, or is the fabric fairly watertight? How comfy is the chair and does it take up a lot of room (have a teeny nursery).

Have my appointment with a gynae to look at my stitches tomorrow, and the final decision on repair work. Am really dreading it!

Think the reggae music works because it has a strong regular beat.

Gingeme - looking forward to the pics!

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