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December 2004 babies

(251 Posts)
PotPourri Fri 17-Dec-04 22:34:49

Message withdrawn

georginatheRednoSedreindeer Sat 18-Dec-04 21:10:28

hi PP
not much time to type but glad to see you started this thread, was thinking about doing it myself.
re the breastfeeding - already my nipples are much less sore than they were during the first week, they were agony then but now only sometimes hurt at the beginning of a feed and on the whole are absolutely fine. I recommend Lansinoh lanolin stuff for them, helped a lot. Mind you, still haven't sorted out the breast feeding properly, or the sleeping or the incessant crying and wind for that matter! But the sore nipples DO seem to get better if you persevere. I'm plannig to go to the breast feeding counsellor at the hospital next Tuesday if we can get out of the house....

hana Mon 20-Dec-04 11:58:08

hey girls! How are your babies?
pp - there is an breastfeeding clinic at West Mid on Tuesday mornings run by the midwives and NCT volunteers - I'm not sure if it's running over Christmas, but give them a call. It's also being extended to Friday mornings too as it's been quite popular.
It shouldn't be painful. Have you tried one of the phone help lines as well? Hope it gets better.

Can't wait to join you with a little dd or ds in a week or so!

PotPourri Mon 20-Dec-04 14:25:50

Message withdrawn

georginatheRednoSedreindeer Tue 21-Dec-04 20:35:27

so, were you at the clinic today PP? Wearing a grey tshirt....or was that someone else with a baby called Elizabeth! Was far too scared to reveal myself - there is safety in the anonimity of the net...

hana Thu 23-Dec-04 00:24:29

thanks pp .....I must really be nesting, look at the time and I've decided I MUST open up 3 months work of bank statements and go through them and check everything out. This is after I wrapped presents for about an hour. GO to bed hana!!!!!!!!!!

lilymum Mon 27-Dec-04 21:02:09

Glad to have found this thread.

Hope breastfeeding is going OK PotPourri. My little boy - still nameless - is doing brilliantly, but that is because I made such a hash of things feeding with dd1 and ended up spending hours at local breastfeeding clinic, so I learnt properly then!

Just had a lovely Christmas, the six of us at home. Can hardly believe I've got 4 wee ones, but love it at the same time. Feel very lucky, and very much in love with my new ds! Have felt fine emotionally this time, which has come as a blessed relief - was all over the place after dd3 which was pretty unpleasant.

How is everyone else?

PotPourri Wed 29-Dec-04 14:55:05

Message withdrawn

scubamum Wed 29-Dec-04 15:58:40

Breastfeeding on the whole is going well (so far...) - I have had bruising on lower part of my nipples which the MW said it was not a problem of latching, but of taking her off when she had not latched on properly - I had been wary of hurting the inside of her mouth (so nails filed right down) when putting little finger in, now she is sucking on that before sensitive nipple is pulled away.

Also another help early on was that I had been hunching my shoulders instead pulling them back and relaxing.

One problem I have trying to latch her on, is she has her mouth wide open in every direction but my breast (even with a guiding hand on head and another on the breast) and then when she gets the right direction her little fist gets in the way or her mouth closes.

Hope it works out PP - the thought of sterilisation on top of the feeding is a good incentive for me to perservere with bf

lilymum Thu 30-Dec-04 17:23:46

Potpourri, good for you sticking with breastfeeding, it does sound as though it's really hard going for you. You are right to take it a day at a time, and just keep asking for help. I struggled for about 12 weeks with dd1. Even once attachment was sorted out, she seemed to feed non-stop, sometimes for an hour at a time. Stuck with it, and it paid dividends in the end, but a really long slog. I hope you don't find all your travelling about the country too exhausting. I don't think I could be away from the delightful comfort of my own bed at the moment. And yes, I too am apprehensive about my dh going back to work on the 4th.

Scubamum, have you tried "pinning" her arms out of the way? This was a trick they taught me at my local breastfeeding clinic. Lie the baby on a blanket as though you were going to swaddle them, and then cover the arms only with the blanket and tuck that edge behind the body, so you end up with a baby with arms pinned to her side. Probably haven't described it very well, but if you can follow it, then it does get the arms out of the way.

Nimme Fri 31-Dec-04 16:45:08

So glad to have found this thread

Potpourri - hope the breast feeding is getting better. DD1 had latching problems and I used a nipple shield for first few weeks - never had sore nipples. Thsi time I have used on and off for right nipple only (must be more akward?!) simply to take the edge of it. And lots of Lanisoh cream. Good latching, being relaxed and comfortable definitely important - and drinking lots of liquid (milky they say).

I am already pretty exhausted by 2-3 nightly wakings and am considering expressing evening feed (DH or DD could use for morning feed while I catch up) and topping her up with formula instead. Is that a bad idea?? Anyone??

georginatheRednoSedreindeer Fri 31-Dec-04 21:07:56

Hi all, Happy New Year and hope to have more time to post on here next year - just impossible at the moment.
Nimme - sorry, no idea if it's a bad idea or not, but so tempted to do that myself - desperate for a proper night's sleep. My baby seems to have forgotten how to sleep on her own again and I think she has also caught a bit of a cold from me.
PP - you are brave doing all that travelling - I thought it was bad enough going to my parents for 2 days at Christmas and that's only the other side of London! yes, was sitting more or less opposite you at BF clinic, decked out in full black (all I can fit into) and deathly pale looking like an aging goth. also, when I left, firstly didn't have enough cash to pay for my parking and then had a flat battery and had to call the AA - not my most successful trip. Clinic did help though and also madame put on 8 and a half ounces last week - now 10ibs6! - so I think she must be feeding OK.
going to try that arm pinning thing, but fear it will bring on a fury. Oh, she's just been sick again - great. Bye!

lilymum Sat 01-Jan-05 19:14:51

Happy New Year everyone, we're all going to be having a busy old time of it. Anyone actually see the new year in last night? I have to admit, I was tucked up in bed with baby boy, nearly 2 weeks old and STILL NO NAME, fast asleep next to me, and the ruddy fire works going off everywhere were keeping me awake, curse them!

lilymum Wed 05-Jan-05 16:27:47

How is everyone? Tired, I'll bet...

dd1 back to school today. Fortunately a terrific friend is taking her in for this week. Just as well, as it takes about 5 minutes to fasten all my little darlings into their relevant car seats, plus an extra 20 minutes at least to get new baby ready, plus actually wake myself up and get dressed etc.

Still haven't got a name for baby boy yet. Terrible parents. Any suggestions??? We were contemplating Thomas, but a friend who had her little boy on the same day has called him that, so that seems out of the question now!

PotPourri Thu 06-Jan-05 19:20:04

Message withdrawn

Nimme Thu 06-Jan-05 20:55:27

Hi all,

Bad day today so not much energy left and getting very close to my bedtime.

Lilymum - if I'd had a boy he would have been called Miles - any good?? Also very much like James.

PP - why tell you off about nipple shields? They saved me first time round as we had latching problems and this time for a week or two as I was getting very sore.

DD very unsettled today so I tried to give formula (for the second time), thinking that my milk is not good enough (nonsense I'm sure) - but she won't take it. Now I'm worried about that as I had hoped to introduce a bottle last thing at night soon.

I hope you are all well and getting some sleep - bed for me now

georginars Fri 07-Jan-05 00:23:50

aargh here I am awake AGAIN with a furious baby. She feeds loads in the evening then off she goes to sleep - just as I am dropping off she wakes up and works herself into a huge rage. according to the baby whisperer book the signs are sge's overtired, but only feeding shuts her up and she does feed properly. the rest of the day she goes off to sleep uite happily. WHY? it's as though she waits until I'm most knackered to kick off. It's so depressing.
PP agree about Infacol. Also, loads of people i've met have given up on bfeeding, so I would have thought anything you could try first to help you conyinue would be better than giving up whether frowned upon or not. I also know people combining bf and formula to no ill effect. It really annoys me the pressure - if you can't do it you can't do it, it's not going to hurt your baby! I know you'd feel bad but realy try not to -it's really hard.
Hope everyone is doing OK. I'm making sure I get out every day and it does seem to help. but I need some sleep NOW! if only she would oblige...

BeachedWhale Fri 07-Jan-05 12:04:34

Hello Ladies, At last I have found some time to come and join you all on the post natal thread. Have been living in breastfeeding hell for the last two weeks but at last Baby Whale seems to be getting the hang of it and I am slightly less paranoid about it after seeing a breastfeeding consultant this morning. I have a baby who is happy and content all day but as soon as the midnight hour approaches she decides to wake every 1 1/2 hours through the night and has terrible wind which makes her scream. She's also quite sicky when laid flat in her crib so by the morning she looks quite disgusting (all soggy with milk covered hair and "cottage cheese" snot coming out of her nose)

PP - hope the bf is getting better for you.I agree with Georgina about the enormous pressure we feel under to bf. When DS's were born I tried to bf but we just couldn't make it work and I felt so guilty and a failure when I stopped after only a few days of it. However, when I switched to bottles it was a huge relief and a weight off my shoulders. DS's were fine and thrived. I think you have done so well to get this far and whatever you decide to do now your DD has had a really good start on breastmilk. Thinking of you and wishing you well with whatever you decide to do.

Nimme Fri 07-Jan-05 13:09:46

georginars and beached whale (by the way can I become beached whale no 2?? - bought a air of jeans 3 sizes up today, depressing or what!) - sorry to hear about your midnight nightmares. I can't actually complain about the nights (she whispered hoping it doesn't jinx everything) but yesterday was a complete stinker of a day. Being desperate for sleep is awful and it becomes that whole countdown thing - if baby goes down now I can sleep for 7 6 5 4 hours.... Hope it gets better soon.

georginars - don't have baby whisperer book but also sounds to me like overtiredness. Definitely our day yesterday. Don't know the answer except for maybe waking her up and trying to feed her earlier - that may of course just make the whole thing a longer nightmare.

pp - hope the breastfeeding is getting better. If it doesn't - so what. I know you really want it to work but not at any cost - you need your sleep and sanity. And forget about feeling guilty.

Today I have put DD2 outside in her buggy for a sleep and plenty of fresh air. So far she has done a hour and I'm very very pleased. Of course she is probably exhausted and therefore doesn't mean anything - is she sleeps well outside tomorrow and the day after and and then I'll be well chuffed.

Tomorrow I'll be back desperately tired and in a bad mood I'm sure.

scubamum Sat 08-Jan-05 10:33:46

Warning, a moan
Starting to go out more - but parking is a pain. The town I live has no parking for mother and baby (although one car park is soon to have some). The next town with a large shopping centre car park has v few given its size - in fact it has got rid of a load to comply with new rules for the Discrimination Act and provide even more disabled spaces (of which virtually all were empty the other day).

With a 'family' sized car and parking spaces designed for minis does'nt leave much space to get baby in & out, especially when another car has parked 2" away from your car upon returning.

All the best for those having difficulty BF, makes me realise how lucky I am that I have only minor problems - taking of BF etter go and do some more

lilymum Sat 08-Jan-05 14:51:28

PP - so glad you had a good New Year. Just read about your struggles with BF and wanted to say major sympathies. It's just the most awful thing when it is not going right, because you know the responsibility for your baby's wellbeing stops with you, and it feels like a major personal failing when your told all is not well - at least that's how I remember it feeling. I remember doing my head in about it with dd1 for sodding weeks. Just take it a day, or even a feed at a time. It sounds like you're doing absolutely everything you can to sort it out, so please don't worry too much, and you have fed her this far yourself which is great going. Why is breastfeeding such hard work to get going??

Feeling shattered at the mo. People keep saying "you look so well!" and I keep replying, "yes, make-up is wonderful isn't it!" For anyone not in the know Yves Saint Laurent Touche Eclat is the business for disguising under eye bags!

fortnight Sat 08-Jan-05 17:28:08

Hello everyone,my ds2 is nearly 4 weeks old and this is the first chance I get to log on to this thread! I am actually breastfeeding him as I type, but my parents have taken the other 2 kids out for the afternoon, so I feel very free.He is a very hungry baby,and windy,but it is getting easier.I think that is the good thing about no3-you know that life actually does get back to (almost) normal again at some point,although it's not always easy to remember when things are tough.I agree with your idea of having a mission each day,potpourri,I found myself going a bit stir crazy last week,so I've made a few trips out with the 3 on my own.It's fine once we're out,it's the getting ready is the problem.And we're back to school on Monday-help!
As for breastfeeding,I found with ds1 the first month a nightmare,but then it was fine,so it is worth perservering if you can.I think it is so unfair that it can be so bloody difficult.

PotPourri Sun 09-Jan-05 15:15:10

Message withdrawn

Nimme Sun 09-Jan-05 15:25:51


PP - you sound so much happier having made a decision to ditch the boob. I have been lucky this time (so far) but struggled a bit last time and combined with bottle from day 1. By 4 month DD ditched me and I was very relieved. Just think you can now eat and drink whatever you like. Don't mean to sound flippant - but there's a positive side to everything (and it does not make you a worse, less of or whatever-you-else-you-can-come-up-with mum)

DD2 sleeping outside today for the third time. She really does seem to like it and has been out there for 3 hours now (with raincover on). Speaking of which she squeeks now.

Nimme Sun 09-Jan-05 19:38:47

And back again.

Fortnight - although only my second (and last!) baby I agree with the comfort there comes from knowing it doesn't last forever. Also think you know more, worry less and just gets on with it. Definitely as much my fault that DD1 fretted quite a bit and we had a tough first 3-4 months. This one is easier to read - or I'm better at reading her.

lilymum - lol at Touche Eclat - I have but can't actually be bothered to use. Now if only I had enough energy to get back in the gym. I am really hoping we can increase the sleep from 4 hours to 5-6 by next month.

I have mislaid my baby books and have all these questions popping up. Off to the shops tomorrow then. I do remember doing an awful lot of shopping last time round in my attempt to have a daily mission. This time perhaps it'll be cheaper if I go for a long walk

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