Feb '06 You know you've a 2 year old in the house when...

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EachPeachPearMum Tue 04-Mar-08 21:37:07

the TV remote is in the freezer, your car keys are down the loo, and there are little smears of food at knee height down each corridor!

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Phoenix Tue 04-Mar-08 21:40:28


I'd have done it but my title ideas are crap

Thanks EPPM

CantSleepWontSleep Tue 04-Mar-08 21:41:55

You can no longer bathe alone, food must be instant because they 'want it now!', and your dc goes to bed talking about Justin and Mr Tumble.

CantSleepWontSleep Tue 04-Mar-08 21:43:16

But when he was born you just had different excuses Phoenix! Do you have any local friends with toddlers, who you could go with for moral support the first time?

Phoenix Tue 04-Mar-08 21:47:32

I only have Trace2 in Barnsley but she's in a different village. The ones near me are mostly on afternoons too and i work afternoons. I'm just so quiet in rl.

DontDreamItBeIt Wed 05-Mar-08 07:37:11

Thanks EPPMsmile

DS just says no. Very clearly, to everything he doesn't want/like.

Phoenix. Cold you look for a small toddler activity like a music group or something? I went to one with the dds and it was run by the council so you paid for the term in one go, and there were only 12 children at it. Because it was small and very structured it was very easy to go and join in. There was no sitting not being talked to time because we just got suck straight into the activity.
As it was the same people every week, we got to know each other a bit, toosmile
Failing that, could you take him to the park every day and let him make hhis own way with other children?

csws ds loves mr tumble but usually goes to bed wih a 12" cyberman and a Barbie washing machine to play withgrin

How is Frizbe oday?

MRM -Is your computer really dead??? shocksad I will call you....

damewashalot Wed 05-Mar-08 13:08:34

Hello, found you!

EPPM and anyone else that wants a look EPPP cake here I hope grin

CantSleepWontSleep Wed 05-Mar-08 13:39:38

Very impressive dame .

That's a good idea from Jas Phoenix. IME these sort of groups are nearly always on in the mornings, so it should be quite easy to find one. Which council do you come under?

Well I had a totally crap night with dd. We were up for nearly 2 hours from 12:50, and then up another 3 times after that. I have no idea why, unless she was cold (room was 19 degrees, but is usually more like 21/22).

My bit of good news though is that I found baby's heartbeat with my doppler last night (quite early for this at 9+3) grin.

We are off to the dentist later this afternoon. Can I ask if the rest of you manage to clean your dc's teeth without a huge fuss, and how often you do it? We just do it once a day, because it is so stressful, but I have to pin dd down and hold her arms out of the way to get into her mouth at all. It is quite the worst part of my day .

damewashalot Wed 05-Mar-08 14:48:11

Ds loves his tooth brush but wants to do it himself as his brothers do, which means a bit of a battle, do the best i can at night and on the mornings I rememberblush (bad mother)

Cake is pretty isn't it? She claims not to be artistichmm If you are feeling nosey, the rest of the photos are mostly ones he's put up for his photography forum but there are a couple of my boys and I think just 1 of me(not that you need to see thatwink but I think my boys are rather lovely)

Oh yes and agree jas has a good idea there, I haven't been able to face toddler groups this time but have got to know people through rhythm time, it's much easier as you have stuff to do with your child the whole time so people don't sit chatting to their friends and ignore people, also children will be similar ages

CantSleepWontSleep Wed 05-Mar-08 15:02:08

Ah, just spotted that our dh's have the same name .

I'm slightly confused as to how to find the ones of you, but did you come to Hitchin and not stop by?! shock

CantSleepWontSleep Wed 05-Mar-08 15:05:19

I found the one of you! (searched on your name). You are not blond in RL, but you always have been in my head hmm. (I am recalling lots of convos about redheads now, but my head still says differently!)

damewashalot Wed 05-Mar-08 16:16:18

Dh was in hitchin, uk office is there but he works mainly from home, do you live near there then? I'm cluelessblush He just went for a walk at lunch time, he likes playing with his cameragrin

If you search in his photos for 'boys' you'll find them.

Frizbe Wed 05-Mar-08 16:26:29

EPPM grin at the tv remote sad for the loo incident.

Phoenix, toddler groups aren't that bad, try a tumble tots type one, we've only just started one and the mums are all friendly (even if dd2 did try to hula hoop someones little girl this am blush)
I think the older I'm getting the more verbally astute I'm getting (posh for can't shut me trap, keep it shut, or want to keep it shut, or maybe thats just mad hmm)

CSWS wink shockblush your mind is a sewer grin

Dame fab cake, cripes you'll all laugh at Peppa Pig when I eventually get her uploaded! did you have a good day??

MRM shock nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo
someone tell me she's ok?

Jas smile better and calmer for now thanks blush

Well had to take dd2 in the big pool today as someone had puked in the lesson pool again, so we only managed 10 mins as it was freezing blush Then took dd1 swimming, and all the cars had blocked the entrance to leisure centre, so couldn't get buggy through, only way was long way round and onto path, which was blush as they'd just cemented the only bit that the buggy could get up(safety rails round rest) and as dd2 was asleep in it I had no choice but to go through cement and apologise at reception and request they enforce their parking restrictions better shockblush The builder was looking unhappy at me when we left,and had roped the area off properly, but the cars had been moved by then blush luckily no cement stuck on the buggy wheels hmm
Have a friend coming round for dinner tonight smile and dh is working late, so nice girly night in!!

DontDreamItBeIt Wed 05-Mar-08 16:26:42

I don't know where to search. But I scrolled through and found the ones of you and a few of the boyssmile
The cake looks good, too.

I'm feeling very sick and anxioussad My friends ds got my tea this afternoon and tipped it all down his front. This is the same child who had third degree burns on his foot as a baby. The only good hing is his mum was very quick into action and there doesn't seem to be any major damage.

damewashalot Wed 05-Mar-08 16:34:56

Yes frizbe, we did, he was very excited but didn't really understand whygrin How was yours?

DontDreamItBeIt Wed 05-Mar-08 16:35:44

Frizbe - Just calmly agree to his idea re childcare, and then let him find someone. I still think he won't be able to.(unless he is the type who will leave his children with random strangershmm)

damewashalot Wed 05-Mar-08 16:36:09

I knew there was something else, try not to feel bad jas, these things happen and as you say he seems ok.

DontDreamItBeIt Wed 05-Mar-08 17:04:04

I know, but it was my tea. His mum doesn't blame me at all, but I don't think I'll be drinking hot drinks at anyone elses house until the toddlers are bigger.

DS' only two word sentance is hot tea.

csws - I only do ds' teeth in the evening. It is hard work, but he likes to try himself, and loves the dds electric brushes, so does a bit wh them.

mustrunmore Wed 05-Mar-08 20:00:13

Im here, as a fleeting visit. Pc randomly turned itself on while I was out at aerobics hmm so am thinknig only option is to leave it on night and day.

Sorry, only scan read to catch up.
Ds1 cleeans ds2's teeth grin Actially, he tries to just chew the brush, unless you say 'oonneee...' then he knows you're gonig to count to 4 bits (top and bottom each side), then he'l lopen up!

Right, pllleeaasee all keep your fingers crossed for me!!!! Am waitinf for a call back from a man, to tell me if his wife can take Friday off work. If she can, that means she'll be at home to let us in, to remove and keep................... AN ENTIRE KITCHEN OFF FREECYCLE!!! WE can only do Friday , as thats the day my Dad is here to drive a van for us. Well, at a push we cpud hire a man and van at the weekend, but then the timings have to be exact so the hourly rate doesnt rack up, and he actually has to turn up! I'm so desperate to get the call!

Er, not sure if I'll get back on here or not sad

EachPeachPearMum Wed 05-Mar-08 21:08:08

Wow! Where to start?

Just to clear up the confusion...it wasn't my 2 year old who did these things, because she is an angel and not allowed near anything destructable good as gold wink -it was more a general thing for comedic effect!

Dame- Stunning cake! Love it (see my comment) and how young and gorgeous are you????
(sorry, I associate "dame"s with elderly ladies y'see, and I know you already have several children (who I now have peeked at- they're gorgeous!) so I assumed you would be a grey-head grin)

mrm- everything crossed for your kitchen! freecycle is awesome!

Phoenix- i was rubbish at mum and baby things too- i'm naff at small talk, and just can't do it. After 'how old' 'name?' etc i.m lost.

Jas- sad for tea. my brother pulled a scalding teapot all over him when he was about 10 months, and he never had a mark on him after the first day! None of the rest of us ever did because my mum was lightning quick after that.

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mustrunmore Thu 06-Mar-08 07:50:48

phoenix, just go to a group, and tell youeself oyu're there for him and the free biscuits, any conversation is a bonus grin

Trust me, I've done it all ways, and they all work...
hated groups
found a friend to go with
made some friends to aty least talk to whilst there
made a couple to get together with other times
now I'm biding my time till ds2 is too old to go and I never have to again grin
now I only talk to a few people I already know. I have no desir to talk to new people because I cant be arsed and have no time for other friends blush

Cake is amazing BTW!!! forgot to say yesterday.

Onmyl on ere because I left the pc on all night hmm

Dh going over to lok at the kitchen this eveining; fingers crossed.

Flamesparrow Thu 06-Mar-08 07:58:27

Too much to take in blush The only thing standing out is MRM's possible kitchen and Jas scalding small children wink. He will be fine - accidents happen.

Far too hectic round here

damewashalot Thu 06-Mar-08 08:06:16

hmm eppm thought I was old and grey but grin will forgive her as she thinks my boys are gorgeouswink

DH was highly amused that csws thought I was a blond hmm

mustrunmore Thu 06-Mar-08 08:07:17

Yep, Jas shouldnt worry; I've done far more horrendous things to the boys blush They survived.

DontDreamItBeIt Thu 06-Mar-08 08:24:01

I probably wouldn't feel so bad if it was my child I'd burned.

DP has started a job in Kent, so we were all (Except dd2who I stll had to wake up at 8) up at 5.30.angry

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