June 2007 - cheesecake, chocolate cake, newspaper, dog biscuits ... What DON'T they eat?

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milkyJammy Sun 24-Feb-08 18:23:13

Couldn't resist, hope this is OK with y'all?

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HellHathNoFury Sun 24-Feb-08 18:30:32

lol fine with me

The only thing DS turns his nose up at is rice.
Hello lovely Derlor, did you get my email?

Sorry to hear about mastitis/sick LO's
Having just had a sick DS for about the last 2 months in total I can sympathise totally.

milkyJammy Sun 24-Feb-08 18:56:30

The jamlet had problems with basmati rice, but liked risotto and ate curry with jasmine rice fine tonight. It was a curry I'd made for us last night, so saved her a bit, added some yoghurt and whizzed it up a bit. DH was so pleased she liked it.

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HellHathNoFury Sun 24-Feb-08 19:05:49

jamlet sounds like she gets foot fit for royalty
DS has to make do with whatever I can be bothered to give him! But then again I have never pretended to be mother of the year grin

HellHathNoFury Sun 24-Feb-08 19:07:43

foot??? FOOD

HellHathNoFury Sun 24-Feb-08 19:08:39

My beloved bugaboo is up for sale.
I will miss it.
But it will be nice having more space in the house.

BumperliciousIsOneHotMother Sun 24-Feb-08 19:28:55

evening all, just popping in as hopefully I will get to have a bath too when DD has been fed.

Well derlor if you think you can come waltzing back in here after being away for that long and think that we are going to fall all over you you can think again.

Oh who am I kidding? It so good to have you back <falls at derlor's feet clinging to her legs and sobbing>


Norty, my DH does that too when I don't cook, or he suggests take away. If I want a nutritious meal round here I have to cook it myself angry God knows what he will be like when he is off with DD. If I ask him to feed her he always asks "what shall I give her?" er have a look at what we've got and use your fricking head like I do! I expect they will live on pizza on his days off.

Sputnik hope you are feeling better.

Holly love the bag grin

LardyMardyDaisyBoo Sun 24-Feb-08 19:34:16

lol at the thread title jammy...at least it doesn't mention gregg's sausage rolls wink...babyboo is partial to dried cat food. she gets very annoyed and cries when I take them off her. tonight though she polished off three bits of roast sweet potato, a big brocolli floret, two sugar snap peas and half a chicken thigh. She fed it all herself as well, and got really cross with me when I tried to give her some on the spoon. She is a feisty one that's for sure.

did you get my e-mail and does it all make sense?

Hi fury, are you and yours; all well again now I hope?

Are you still using bumgenius? I'm being wooed by pocket nappies at the moment, and trying to justify buying some. I need someone to tell me how crap they are so I can resist!

HellHathNoFury Sun 24-Feb-08 19:38:39

Hi Daisy yes we are all well!
Quick write it down, it cannot possibly last.

BG are fabulous I am not going to lie - I found they needed boosting but DS does elephant pisses so don't let that stop you.

I preferred them over fuzzibunz which wicked far too often for my liking. They seem better made as well.

Shame you are looking only now, I just sold a load of them. If I had known I would have given you dibs!

LardyMardyDaisyBoo Sun 24-Feb-08 19:38:57


LardyMardyDaisyBoo Sun 24-Feb-08 19:41:27

I've just ordered eight fuzzis and I have a couple of winning bids on used nappies at the moment.

I need to take photos and get all my nappies listed on there, but I know it's going to be an all day job and I can't face it at the moment.

I might try a bumgenius, but if I like them......

HellHathNoFury Sun 24-Feb-08 19:49:41

BG are the best ever.

I am sleepy. Off to bed soon, in preparation for the 5.30am weekday wakeup, urg.

Took DS to a party last night. He was a little champ, got passed around, he played on the dancefloor for a while, ate cheesecake, squealed at helium balloons, not once did he grizzle even though it was an hour past his bedtime.

I am probably going to develop him into some hardcore raver now.

milkyJammy Sun 24-Feb-08 19:53:46

Fury, my brother and sister are quite a bit older than me (7 & 9 years respectively), so by the time I was born they were wanting to stay up later at family parties - so I had to too. Apparently by the time I was 2 or 3 I was happily seeing in midnight at New Year!

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Sputnik Sun 24-Feb-08 19:54:24

Like the new thread title
I'm sitting around a bit waiting to put DS to bed. It's pointless yet as he had such a long nap. After that it's hot bath and flannels for me. The fever still hasn't come back so maybe I can avoid the abs, I was reading that fever isn't necessarily a sign of infection, just the body's reaction to backed up milk.

Wish I could just plug the baby in but he's just not all that interested (except at night, obviously hmm), even if I try to feed him before dinner when, in theory, he should be hungry. I guess that's how I've ended up with blocked ducts.

HellHathNoFury Sun 24-Feb-08 19:55:09

lol Jammy
Are you a hardcore nutcase raver now as a result? Are my fears unfounded? grin

How is work anyhoo?

Sputnik Sun 24-Feb-08 19:59:54

Fury, that sounds a bit Italian! There is actually no word for bedtime here.
IME they love parties, I have photos of DD dancing on tables

HellHathNoFury Sun 24-Feb-08 20:04:46

Sputnik - we are currently weighing up where to move to.
No 1 is the US
No 2 Is Singapore
3/4 is Spain/Italy

I used to live in Spain and love it there but I am 1/4 italian and I can't help but think I might fit in grin

LardyMardyDaisyBoo Sun 24-Feb-08 20:08:38

Sputnik, babyboo has changed her feeding patterns recently as well and she isn't feeding nearly as much as she was. Her suck doesn't seem nearly as strong as it used to be either. I get quite a few pea sized blockages, but daily boob maintenance (massaging towards nipple) keeps big blockages at bay.

sorry, was that tmi altogether grin

HellHathNoFury Sun 24-Feb-08 20:09:56

DH keeps suggesting I need daily boob maintenance.

foxythesnowman Sun 24-Feb-08 20:11:44

LOL at thread title grin

LardyMardyDaisyBoo Sun 24-Feb-08 20:13:09

pmsl fury grin

milkyJammy Sun 24-Feb-08 20:14:13

Someone mentioned combing breasts to treat mastitis earlier - my boss told me that when C was 5 days old and she visited us at home. People thought I was mad when I passed it on as a piece of advice.

I'm no party raver now. As a student I would regularly not go to bed at all on a Friday night though, or sit gassing & drinking until 2/3/4/5/6 am (though 4/5/6 was rather rarer), but since I turned 30 it's all changed.

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HellHathNoFury Sun 24-Feb-08 20:15:45

I know it's all good advice and I mustn't judge being a formula feeder - but the mental image I have of women combing their boobs makes me PMSL

HellHathNoFury Sun 24-Feb-08 20:16:40


LardyMardyDaisyBoo Sun 24-Feb-08 20:17:09

I used to work in a pub and would do the friday night shift, then we would drink after hours till four and five o'clock, then it was back in to work Saturday day shift till 6pm, then we would sit at the bar drinking our tips for ages, move on to another pub and go clubbing afterwards. I think I used to drink my wages before I'd even been paid. Those were the days <wistful sigh>

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