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March 06 - the other thread ran out of space!!!!!

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laundrylover Thu 21-Feb-08 15:00:22

Oh no - the thread ran out of space so couldn't even post a linkshock!!!

Let me know when you find it ladies....hmm...

laundrylover Thu 21-Feb-08 15:13:52

Meridian, I think you misunderstood my 'posh' comment. It isn't your jewellery that is posh (just lovelysmile)...I just meant that I didn't have enough occasions to wear it as I wasn't posh enough!

meridian Thu 21-Feb-08 15:35:22

blush sorry i killed the thread... I wear jewellry but I never go anywhere posh either... DH never takes me.. not that I really ask.. mind you got taken out for a lovely family meal last night. DH took us to Costco for a slice of pizza and a look around hmm , in his defince it is good pizza but still...

Astrophe Thu 21-Feb-08 16:07:31

Found you! I was just coming to start a new thread called "March 06 - the quiet thread - no chatting please!!"

Meridian, I remember now that Friz emailed me with a link to your store and I thought ooooooh, lovely

If any of you ethical ladies fancy fair trade summer tees - there is a people tree sale on atm, go to 'clearance, previous seasons' or something. Not many sizes left, but I got 2 tees, one for £5 and one for £10 and they are really nice.

lilQuidditchKel Thu 21-Feb-08 16:45:27

Hello - I have a boy who will be two soon and desperate for advice/support/shoulders to lean on... is there space for a moment??

Sorry am just losing the plot today...

Astrophe Thu 21-Feb-08 17:03:31

of course there is space - welcome Whats your boys b'day? I have a DS who will be 2 on March 9, plus a nearly 4 year old DD.

You ok?

lilQuidditchKel Thu 21-Feb-08 17:23:37

I'm not really ok today. Really wondering how I'm going to deal with this mini neanderthal who is my own flesh and blood!!!

lilQuidditchKel Thu 21-Feb-08 17:27:33

...and I have a gorgeous little girl who is so cuddly and innocent at the moment. If it weren't for her I think I would seriously resign from my job as SAHM!!!!

Astrophe Thu 21-Feb-08 18:35:27

so your dd is younger? That must be a serious handful!

I'm a sahm too, i know just what those bad days at home are like.

Tell us more about your little bruiser though...whats he doing that is so diabolical? It's a really hard age to discipline, I find.

davidtennantsmistress Thu 21-Feb-08 18:54:10

hello all long time no talk!!!!

all is well here I really will keep up this time lol. can't believe boy is 2 on sat shock where did the time go?

lilQuidditchKel Thu 21-Feb-08 19:22:12

DD is younger - only 8 or 9 mo and so sweet natured. DS has always been a bit slow - was born at 37 weeks & went straight to SCBU because he stopped breathing when born. I do often wonder if that lack of bonding ever mattered...

He's ordinarily a pretty quiet and loving child. Lately though he's devil incarnate and I just can't muster up any sympathy for his antics!!!

Frizbe Thu 21-Feb-08 20:10:46

Hi guys, found you all, what you like Meridian, I'm surprised you got that last post on!! wink

Hi DTM, glad you found us too smile have you moved yet? I can't remember and haven't been on facebook in an age, cause its often slow and pants for me lately???

Hello Lilkel smile feel free to entertain us with your ds's antics, although sure my dd2 can give him a run for his money, sigh....Meridian (if you're still looking in?) did I mention I found her balancing gym beam style on the head of her bed (your boys old one) the other morning, going mummy, mummy, look (argh! near certain death!) shock

Uni, how's the boiler?

Astro, you got loads more 'snow' than us then shock

UniS Thu 21-Feb-08 20:17:56

Hi Lil quiditch Kel. Harry potter fan??? I used to play unicycle quiditch!
I rather suspect that nearly 2 yr old ARE all the devil incarnate. even the mostly sweet good ones can be vile in private.
Are you manageing to get him OUT for a good run around somewhere most days. I find that being at home is far worse than being out, even just going to the park helps tho toddlers suits me better as it comes with tea and biscuits, I go to toddler groups at 3 places and work one day a week, so the remaining day we go to someones house or the park... Will dd still sleep in the pushchair?

Boy is getting ratehr ken on playing football again, so after tea tonight we played ball for a very excited 20 mins. He was predictable screaming with tiredness by teh time he was in his PJs and put to bed. Ho Hum.

Thanks for starting new thread, shall we just keep going on this one. alternatively I have an offering for title " no time to post , we have 2 yr olds" or "quiet, unlike our kids."
Kitchen looks like bomb hit, I ought to go and wash up. Did lots of cooking this aftrenoon, boy "helped" and made aright mess with flour and pasta. net result, I oaf bread, 2 carrot cakes, 1 big pan of ragu, some pasta to go with, and a garlic bread. need to pack up a bag for boy for tomoz, I'm working an extra day so hes off to play with Best mate ( and go to toddlers with them).

UniS Thu 21-Feb-08 20:20:31

oh yeah, boiler. All fixed for just the minimum call out fee. condensate drain had got blocked by bits of depoist from teh heat exchnager, so boiler had gone into self protective shut down. Engineer ( the same one who has serviced it from new) cleaned it out , all sorted in 30 mins.

Frizbe Thu 21-Feb-08 20:34:38

Uni you're far too good with all that cooking, boy do I need to do something like that and soon, my veg box arrived today and I still have a bit of stuff from last week and the week before!!! mainly turnips, parsnips, carrots and 2 x celeriac, argh!! hmm
Yay for boiler fixing cheaply too smile

Forgot to post this next bit earlier/have copied from feb thread, hope you don't mind blush

Sooo you'll all be shocked to know that Butlins was having what appeared to be a Middle Class week (and let me tell you I was amazed )shock Lots of yummy mummies their/families, in fact I think it was us bringing the tone of the place down blush with me shouting at dd2 after swimming, as she insisted on sitting on the wet floor in her clean clothes hmmafter I'd gotten her changed 1st, as I was thinking smallest child = coldest child, I should have bloody left her till last but bar that incident and me having to find her a spare set of trousers and dry her socks under the hair dryer we had a lovely day smilestill £20.00 for a family of four, the kids went on all the free rides, did soft play, saw puppet show, missed fireman sam as we were swimming, but saw Bob the Builder and dd1 did house building with him (glue and stick thing, on a timer) we did arcades (grandad forking out the 2p's for the push n shove machines) oh and they also did an animal show in the morning, where the kids could handle iguanas, spiders, rabbits etc. If you're bored on a cold wet half term day I recommend it smile Oh the food has improved as well, with the addition of a new pancake bar, better range of sarnies/paninis etc and SOFAS (you can even get Costa Coffee if you look hard enough!)

Astrophe Thu 21-Feb-08 20:38:19

Blimey Uni - I made a large bowl of mash for tea and felt rather proud! Do you make your own pasta then? We left our pasta roller in Australia...I miss it so.

I did make a rather large batch of cup cakes yesterday, (for DS's birthday party) which I froze. What are you all planning by way of 2nd birthday celebrations? We are having a party at home - 10 kids, 2 babies, 15 adults, 3 I crazy?

Is a tractor themed party - tractor invitations, tractor balloons, and a tractor shaped tractor lollipop (bought the molds off ebay) and stickers to take home. Oh, and tractor cake. Eeek, as I have not yet sourced a design, so will have to make it up. Happily, DD has said she wants a 'purple' party (in June), so that should be easier .

lilQuidich - I suspect we all have DC with rather devilish antics. DS got into a jar of cream yesterday and absolutely coated himself, his hair, clothes, my bed and the floor in it <sigh>. He was very impressed with himself. He is generally rowdy and loves to run along the back of the sofa then fling himself onto it. Like you DD Friz, he shouts "Mummy, look me, look me!" Inevitably he falls, give me a heart attack, and himself a large bruise. For me, the fact that DD is even naughtier makes DS easier to cope with!

Sorry you are having a hard time though lil, feel free to come and vent here any time. I agree in principle with Uni, about getting out and about. Works well for my DD, but DS hates the cold and cries when we set foot out of the house (its the Aussie in him!)

Going to have an early night as I am full of cold. I really need to get on and make my Goddaughter's Thanksgiving gift, as the service is on Sunday...but not tonight.

Astrophe Thu 21-Feb-08 20:42:29

argh is right Friz, celeriac is so revolting (had it in a veg box recently, now I select my box based on which one has no celeriac!) - what on earth will you do with it?

Frizbe Thu 21-Feb-08 20:44:18

Astro I was just off, then I spotted your post smile

Birthday? you mean there's a birthday soon hmmgrin can't be, its not March yet, lalalalalalallalalalalalalalalalalaa, sorry what?

Astrophe Thu 21-Feb-08 20:56:15

You have got a few more weeks up your sleeve don't you? Or is it Kiah who is the baby? Can't remember...blush

Remind me of birthdays everyone:

DTS DS = Saturday? 23rd Feb then?
My DS = 9th March

Where is Butlins then? Sounds good. I am thinking of taking kids to new ThomasLand for DD's birthday, it opens in March I think.

laundrylover Fri 22-Feb-08 21:47:09

Oi you lot slow down eh??? What's happened to the quiet thread??????grin

Uni glad boiler is sorted and was so cheap (ours broke in the rented house and cost us £150shock, mostly parts).

Celeriac is lovely in soup or just mashed with potato....try it ladies.

Kiah isn't 2 until March 29th so yeah she is the baby (but also the most advanced of coursewinkgrin)! Tilly is 4 next week so haven't had time to even think about Kiah's fact, between the two dates is my sister's, brother's, 2 BIL's, FIL and MIL 70th...oh yeah and my birthday too!!!! Busy time for us, Marchhmm.

DP has gone to see a friend's band and the girls and I stayed up late and watched Ice Age all snuggled up on the sofasmile. First time we've done this and was good fun....hope they sleep in tomorrow!

Friz, Butlins sounded great - we are at Centreparcs with DP's entire family for Easter w/e so will see how it compares.

Hi to DTM and welcome to the terrible twos to LilKelsmile.

Frizbe Fri 22-Feb-08 22:01:28

dd2 slept till am shock shockgrin hurray! we may be starting to make progress hmm

I did celeriac in a gratin with spuds last week, lots of cheese/cream/milk, dh didn't notice it, hurrah grin think I may do that again! Uni inspired me to cook tonight, so have made vat of veg soup tonight, carrotts, parsnips, turnip, spuds, cougettes and of course onion, its heavy on the root veg taste of turnip though, so may well be adding lot of cheese to sort it out tomorrow when it comes to eating it! (or poss sweet potato) Got another bunch of turnips in this weeks box, sigh, what else can I do with them?

LL I look forward to the comparision smile

Astro 4th March is dd's birthday I need to get my arse in gear blush which reminds me, its my grans this week too 94 shock

laundrylover Fri 22-Feb-08 22:30:32

What time in the am Friz???!

UniS Sat 23-Feb-08 19:17:39

Ummm, my post got lost, bum. celeric- good in soup. dito most veg box remnents tho dh won;t touch anything with swede in.
I had to wake boy up this morning at 9.45! hes still limpingly screamingly tired tonight tho as he refused to nap for the 3rd day in a row. Ho HUm.
V pleasent B/D party this morning, just 9 or 10 kids plus parents at a hall with toddler group toys and hefty snack time then some songs and a game of pass the parcel with all winning a pack of choc buttons.
Took boy to local farm shop with playground afterwards so he had ice cream for lunch! Bought a sack of spuds , local honey and meat so feeling virtuous before we hit the ice cram parlour.
Boy b/d is March 10th.
hows your weekemnd going LilQKel?

Frizbe Sat 23-Feb-08 20:33:47

Nice day Uni smile

7am LL, duno where that went? and she did it again this am gringrin we could be onto something here, finally hmm

Have been mainly cooking today, we did sugar cookies, cherry cake (does anyone know a recipe that gets the damn cherries to stay in the middle? mine always sink?! even the Be-Ro one isn't working for me?) fruit flan for desert and pizza dough smile

Frizbe Sat 23-Feb-08 20:34:15

ooooooo and dd2 had her 1st hair cut this am smile proper little girl now.

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