April 2007 - So humous me, it's great newts on the bathroom conspiracy front . . .

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PillockOfTheCommunity Tue 12-Feb-08 13:48:50


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Bramshott Tue 12-Feb-08 13:57:19


IDOC - great that you and DH are talking.

I half wonder whether there's something hormonal which kicks in at about 9 months (or maybe it's the cumulative tiredness by then?) as so many of us have been feeling down to various degrees. I was feeling crap over Christmas, but feel like I'm on the up now.

SPB - I agree with others who have said that sleep breeds sleep. I am very lucky in that O sleeps well, but she does settle better if she's had 1 or 2 good sleeps in the day. I was thinking of you last night because I was on the phone to my friend whose 8 month old is still waking every 2 hours for bf in the night - she sounded exhausted and very, very down about it. I didn't really know what to suggest - she has tried not feeding him, but then he will just yell for 1.5 hours!

Idreamofchocolate Tue 12-Feb-08 14:00:53

Hello Bramshott! Yes have hit the magic 9 months mark....maybe there is something in that theory.

mammyjo Tue 12-Feb-08 14:03:11

Is she feeding him enough solid food during the day?

Bramshott, I had a rough patch over christmas too and our babies were born close together I think. Maybe it is a 9 month thing! I am definitely better in myself now too.

Bramshott Tue 12-Feb-08 14:04:35

Hello Mammyjo and IDOC!

PillockOfTheCommunity Tue 12-Feb-08 14:06:24

I hit that really tired spell where I started to worry I couldn't cope just as Joe hit 9 months ....

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Idreamofchocolate Tue 12-Feb-08 14:08:18

That is strangely reassuring..hopefully this feeling will pass. S was 9 months on 5th Feb - she's one of the youngest in here.

PillockOfTheCommunity Tue 12-Feb-08 14:08:19

see, I knew I was right to avoid hugs wink

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Bramshott Tue 12-Feb-08 14:09:14

MJ - She says he eats well and is big. I think her first DS was pretty bad in the night until 10 months too (but aparently not this bad). I felt crap because tbh, if O was that unsettled, I would have no qualms about controlled crying, but I don't think that's her thing, and after 8 months of very little sleep, surely no-one has the (I am searching for the right word here - patience? stamina? nerve? - I don't mean it in a bad way) ... to put up with hours of yelling in the night?

PillockOfTheCommunity Tue 12-Feb-08 14:09:24

It is actually quite bizarre to find that we've all felt the same things at the same time!

Joe is now verging on 10 months and I'm feeling so much better

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Idreamofchocolate Tue 12-Feb-08 14:09:50


Idreamofchocolate Tue 12-Feb-08 14:10:25

That was for the hugs btw...

Idreamofchocolate Tue 12-Feb-08 14:11:41

Roll on March then potc.

OK, got a mug of tea, need chocolate.

Bramshott Tue 12-Feb-08 14:13:40

IDOC - I do think there's something in it, as so many of us have been feeling it, and at slightly varying times (eg. me and MJ, both over Christmas). External factors are definitely a contribution too - I felt very down when N was turning 5 and not my baby any more - but I think there's got to be something in the hormones argument!

PillockOfTheCommunity Tue 12-Feb-08 14:13:49

I am being a little harsh today blush

I get very annoyed with pfb parents sometimes, usually I bite my tongue but I just slipped up!

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Idreamofchocolate Tue 12-Feb-08 14:14:46

What have you done potc?

Pesha Tue 12-Feb-08 14:14:49

IDOC - glad you managed to have a talk with dh smile hope you can get some together time soon.

Was awake at 6 with D and although he seemed like he might go back to sleep after his feed I forced myself to get up and exercise again! It makes the mornings alot easier as we are all ready earlier so less no shouting and we get to school early shock D sleeps at 10 - 11 ish so bf better in the afternoon as hes more tired. I start to feel very tired around now though and could do with an hour or 2 nap! Need to start making myself go to bed earlier I think.

Was just eating some frozen yogurt and D grabbed the spoon from me and had some, pulled a face like I'd just fed him poison but then grabbed the spoon again and started screeching for more!! hmm grin After a couple more mouthfuls I think it got too cold though so he is now lying on the floor chucking the spoon about!!

Idreamofchocolate Tue 12-Feb-08 14:16:01

Bramshott - it's got to be me going back to work that has tipped me over the edge. I was fine all last year. Am missing my meet-ups for coffee with assorted mums (including yousmile).

Idreamofchocolate Tue 12-Feb-08 14:17:01

Pesha - what exercise are you doing?

PillockOfTheCommunity Tue 12-Feb-08 14:26:09

it's okay, every poster since me has said the same thing grin
it's the tummy time thread, told her it was a load of tripe!

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Maveta Tue 12-Feb-08 14:30:22

hello, made it to M&T for a change, always nice to meet other english mums here.

IDOC - see you knew you shouldn´t have stayed away! put the world to rights in here, we do! grin

SPB - what time do you put T to bed? N goes down between 7.30-7.45 and is asleep by 8pm. He used to go down nearer 7pm but was waking regularly at 5am and pushing his bedtime back helped that. So personally I am wary of trying to get him to bed earlier. Though he does sleep better when he has 2-2.5 hours total naps in the day.

I´ve bought some pull up nappies to try at night, one of the mums suggested his night wetness might be due to him moving more now at night and the nappy moving? He def. IS moving about all over the shop at night lately so fingers crossed these do the trick hmm

Bramshott Tue 12-Feb-08 14:31:35

IDOC - I miss our coffees too! Maybe we can meet up over the Easter hols or something, or even a Sat if your DH is working.

Pesha - they are getting sooo assertive now these babies aren't they! O was standing by the coffee table at the weekend, with her arm outstretched, shouting for crisps!

PillockOfTheCommunity Tue 12-Feb-08 14:31:51

washable pull-ups maveta?
If disposables then I'd be quite surprised if they work better

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Maveta Tue 12-Feb-08 14:36:54

lol - N slept on his tummy so tummy time never got very far as he just took it as a cue for a nap grin

Maveta Tue 12-Feb-08 14:39:22

dammit, really?! Flippin heck I haven´t got money to go buying a whole new bleedin´ pack of nappies everyday angry I only use one disp./day.

So now what? Poo.

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