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April 2004 Babies - seventh heaven!

(378 Posts)
Turkiegirl Sun 05-Dec-04 16:37:37

Needed a new thread...

DD2 is much better today, she ate some fruity toast for her tea last night and loved it. And it didn't reappear an hour later either!
Have been to a mnmeet in Harrogate today, DD2 is starting to enjoy play dates now, especially this one as there was a fantastic baby section for her to play in!

Chuffingoodtime Sun 05-Dec-04 17:41:23

Hope you all had a good weekend. We have had a good one, took dd to watch the swans and ducks being fed in Kensington Garden this afternoon and she just loved it, I don't think she has really noticed real animals before.
It was gorgeous her eyes completely lit up and mouth ajar.
Attempted to go shopping on Saturday and just couldn't face the crowds any longer it was ghastly.

TracyK Sun 05-Dec-04 22:07:41

How do you do fruity bread then? ds loves eggy bread so will prob be up for this.
his favourite trick is to offer the dog whatever he is eating or a sticky hand and giggles like mad when she licks him. hygienic?? i think not!

OhTickleTownofBethlehem Sun 05-Dec-04 22:22:39

Hi everyone -

Just whipping thru the end of the last thread - YG, or rather TG - I can't believe all your presents are wrapped! I still have to figure out many of mine - including my sister's and she is in Australia. Oooh nooo

Lovely to hear all the smalls are doing well. DD2 is 8mths exactly today and completely gorgeous. One small downer is that yesterday I noticed the first marks of chicken pox

The older two have had it, and it doesn't seem to bother dd2 all that much - it's just in her hairline and under nappy at the mo.

But we are booked to fly to England on Weds to see the rellies and handover our house to new tenants. Not perfect timing

MerryMetrobaby Sun 05-Dec-04 22:37:51

I didn't even realise we now have a new topic area for Postnatal clubs.

Tickle - i think chicken pox is doing the rounds at the moment. DD has just had it and most of her nursery are down with it. ds however is still showing no signs.

Last night was a killer. We had 6 wakings between 12 and 7.30. 2 were from dd who was bothered by her itching spots and the other 4 was from ds who keeps turning onto his tummy in his sleep and then waking up as he wants to get back, or he gets stuck rolling around his cot. Argghh

MerryMetrobaby Sun 05-Dec-04 22:40:13

Turkiegirl thanks for signing the petition. Would other April and March mums please sign too? All the details are here

OhTickleTownofBethlehem Sun 05-Dec-04 22:41:53

MMB it took me a while to find the thread too!

Ouch on the wakings - luckily dd2 isn't rolling over at night - she just does it from sitting, so she stays where I put her in the cot But ds (4) gets up most nights for something, so no rest for the wicked.

in fact, I should go to bed now, in anticipation...

OhTickleTownofBethlehem Sun 05-Dec-04 22:52:48

Sitting here with tears in my eyes now after signing that petition.

So sad.

We are building a nature centre here in Denmark, where children can go pond dipping - and one of the first set of health and safety rules I found was RoSPA's - we plan to make all the ponds raised, so the wooden walls are at adult knee level (like Barnes Wetlands Centre if anyone has been there).

Chuffingoodtime Mon 06-Dec-04 09:22:51

Just signed it as well. Can't believe that there isn't anything in place from a health and safety point of view.
God I hope dd doesn't get chicken pox, that would be all we needed with our flight rapidly approaching.

MrsDoobaubles Mon 06-Dec-04 10:53:32

Have signed the petition Metrobaby. Very upsetting

We have had a lovely weekend after a week of sickness. I still have a nagging sore throat but 100% better than the coughing mess I was last week. Dd is sleeping through again and waking up very chirpy as a result. The little darling let us all sleep until 8.30am on Saturday.

Cuffingoodtime - I couldn't stand thought of Christmas shopping this year. This is the first year I have dipped into Amazon and got everything online. The advantage of this of course is that you don't spend any more than you intend to. I always get sucked into other promotions or end up spending far more than I intend. So I have decided to avoid the city altogether this year.

Tickle - you baby has lots of teeth!! Dd still has just the bottom two. So I am waiting in trepidation for the next round of teething.
Oh and an idea for you sister in Australia - go to an Australian gift website. We have done that for our rellies in NZ. Easy as....

Well best get back to it

dollsandbears Mon 06-Dec-04 11:27:35

hello peeps
have also signed petition , could not read the site though ! I can't even watch the news when children r involved now , and I am not a sentimental kind of gal
ds still waking once a nght , but not bugs fingers crossed , just has a never ending cough , but does not seem bothered
went to nursary on firday and rolled in jelly was v excited , though he did need a bath

Yorkiegirl Mon 06-Dec-04 18:53:11

Message withdrawn

yulettsdaughter Mon 06-Dec-04 22:55:33

New thread, under a new topic - took me a while to find you all! Have signed the petition Metrobaby. Going to bed now.

lunavix Tue 07-Dec-04 08:43:49

Metrobaby - Have signed the petition.

Everyone - very envious of having all your presents wrapped I haven't even managed to go shopping yet.

Was wondering what stage everyones up to, with crawling and talking and things. DS is wriggling his way backwards but nothing forwards and he can't stand on his own or anything... also no words yet just an occasional babababa. How's everyone else's doing?

Oh, and an update on my 'big' baby - he's 22 and a half pounds

Chuffingoodtime Tue 07-Dec-04 09:16:44

dd getting weighed tomorrow at HV. Still nothing more than mamamama but I'm sure she understands quite a lot of what we say to her.
She is cruising really comfortably and crawling at the speed of light. In the weekend she balanced for about 5 seconds without holding on which was quite exciting although she does get scared and sits herself down.
Have been trying more finger food, she doesn't particularly like sticks of cooked carrot or celery but she loves hummous and she also enjoys a prune.
I'm still in that 'ooooh' phase she just blows me away every day, dh and I count our blessings every day for her.

MrsDoobaubles Tue 07-Dec-04 10:31:14

You know TracyK - was it you that said your ds is 8 months? I am confused. Dd is only 8 months on Thursday.

Anyway, I am thinking of you Chuffed doing to your meetup today. Hope it goes well

I know what you mean about dd 'blowing you away'. Dd is no way near as advanced but she is so so beautiful I can't get over it. Everytime she opens her mouth and sticks out her tongue, everytime she grabs my necklace and grins inanely at me, when she sees me as I walk into the nursery and her face lights up and the way she lifts her arms up for me to pick her up.... Nine months ago this is something I simply could not have understood

Chuffingoodtime Tue 07-Dec-04 10:39:14

Mrs D, Tracy and I are intruders from March remember.
Meet up is tomorrow - it is a shame that there are only a few of us now by the look of it, it'll probably make it easier to chat.
Completely get what you are saying about dd, dh said to me that all he wants for his birthday is a + for another, unfortunately not a lot of control I have over that.

MerryMetrobaby Tue 07-Dec-04 10:55:39

Chuffed it'll be nice to see you tomorrow. It is a shame about so many people dropping out at the last minute but I think that is the nature of meetups.

MrsD - your post made me smile. It's a wonderful age when they interact with you. I'm savouring every minute as soon I know they'll turn into toddlers . Are you thinking to ttc no2 then?

ds has now got chickenpox poor mite. He still can't crawl but rolls everywhere.

MrsDoobaubles Tue 07-Dec-04 10:57:47

I was just being thick. I thought March babies were born after ours. Doh! How stupid is that?

MrsDoobaubles Tue 07-Dec-04 11:01:33

MerryMetrobaby - you need to take your ds on a trip to see Yorkiegirl and dd.
It's nice that your meetup will be intimate so you will all get a chance to speak to each other. I would still have liked to have come

MrsDoobaubles Tue 07-Dec-04 11:02:01

MerryMetrobaby - you need to take your ds on a trip to see Yorkiegirl and dd.
It's nice that your meetup will be intimate so you will all get a chance to speak to each other. I would still have liked to have come

Yorkiegirl Tue 07-Dec-04 15:23:32

Message withdrawn

TheFennelandtheIvy Tue 07-Dec-04 15:50:34

yorkiegirl are you too tired to use your festive name?

hope all the chickenpoxy babies are OK. when dd1 and dd2 had it in April/may it was very mild really. I still don't know if dd3 had it then, she had one spot.

I have been very tired too. enough to start advertising for an au pair to help cope with the relentless onslaught of junior fennels. have had a response from an experienced tall slim leggy Swedish girl - hmm. DP will probably vote for her

Yorkiegirl Tue 07-Dec-04 18:56:22

Message withdrawn

OhTickleTownofBethlehem Tue 07-Dec-04 20:04:58

Poor dd2 YG - the doc probably won't do much though, and you'll just sit in a waiting room full of germs Maybe sit out another day or 2? Have you got a vapouriser to make the air damper? Helped a lot with ds when he was small.

We are as of this afternoon now staying here and not visiting the uk dd2 can't fly with chicken pox - we thought about risking it, but couldn't live with the idea of passing it on to an adult or (gasp) newly pregnant mum on the plane. So we will postpone til mid Jan.

dd2 seems fine with chicken pox, but sleeping a bit more than usual.
HV came today - 9kg and 72cm (all metric here I'm afraid...)

Oh, and Fennel - some friends of mine have au pairs: they have learned that the pretty leggy ones are great cos they tend to go out alot when they have time off, and you have the house back. Not sure I'd want one, even tho...

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