Jan '07 part 22: Dr Foster went to Gloucester - but the rest of us are off to Nottingham. Or Northampton. Or somehwere.

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2happy Mon 04-Feb-08 16:17:48

To continue the nursery rhyme theme.

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eandh Mon 04-Feb-08 16:24:09

Yey fab title!!

DH when you get a mo email your address (michelleparks11@aol.com) and I'll send you that Dvd. Glad you are starting to feel better

2happy Mon 04-Feb-08 16:25:21

Thanks eandh.

D'you know, it's 25 past 4 and only just looking a little dimpsy. The days are getting looonger gringringrin. And possibly I should be doing something more constructive with my time hmm

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eandh Mon 04-Feb-08 16:27:25

Yep I should be doing a countdown target quarter one colour coded spreadsheet - I have lost the will to live so am on here!

Its quite light till about 5pm then when I get home at 5.20 its pitch black hmm

Oh fuck I have buggered my new printer, it was delivered today and I tried doing back to back printing and its printing gobbilidy gook blushshock

2happy Mon 04-Feb-08 16:28:58

Well at least it's not printing out pages from MN. That would be a dead giveaway!

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Dragonhart Mon 04-Feb-08 16:34:13

Mmm. I did EAH. Will try again! Must have typed the email in wrong! Thanks again xxx

eandh Mon 04-Feb-08 16:36:09

2happy - i could shred them in my spanking new shredder though!!

dragon - nope no email although didnt check my spam (alot of normal emails appear to go to my spam????)

Dragonhart Mon 04-Feb-08 16:39:17

Have resent it and I copied the address but it said it was already there. Some of my emails go into my junk folder if they are not in my address book. It is a pain sometimes as they delete after a week! Thanks again.

eandh Mon 04-Feb-08 16:48:40

right when I get home get bograts girls to bed and eaten I will check and let you know x

eandh Mon 04-Feb-08 16:48:53

right when I get home get bograts girls to bed and eaten I will check and let you know x

laughalot Mon 04-Feb-08 17:20:31

bograts lol

theUrbanDryad Mon 04-Feb-08 18:05:46

<<dances along shiny new thread>>

am making fishfingers RIGHT NOW 2Happy, will let you know how they get on!

Wilkie Mon 04-Feb-08 18:30:02

<<<ahem that would be Pupil Distance 2Happy - amateurs eh UD??! grin Will you be using a tonometer (sp?) too?>>>

DH - am being really dense but what do you mean MS? As in the disease in which case I didn't know you had it or is it an acronym for something else?? <<<Wilkie scratches head in confusion>>>

Had the shittest shit day from shitsville today. So boring and feeling very PMT-esq

Watched first half of Schindlers List last night and SOBBED (luckily DH had nodded off) - such a hard thing to watch as a mother. Going to brave the second half tomorrow becuase it is an amazing film.

Reggiee Mon 04-Feb-08 18:31:31

Hiya Dragon - good to have you back!
Vino - you lurking or just not plugged in yet? Love to know how the new gaff is.
2H - "dimpsy"?????WTF??? grin
EaH - am lovvvving your bargains!!

ERR...can't remember anything else from the last thread <end of day memory>.
LTH we all want to know too <impatient foot stamping>
UD have fun tomorrow smile
Shimmer /pcf hope the lo's are behaving themselves today.

Love to everyone else.

Having some mates over for pancake night tonight. My batter is resting hmm grin. I know I know, a day early and all that, but it's tradition in the Reggiee family. Then tomorrow is our work's Xmas do!!

Wilkie Mon 04-Feb-08 18:32:46

<<<sob>>> Reggiee doesn't love me

Reggiee Mon 04-Feb-08 18:34:56

<psst don't tell Wilkie, but I don't love her>

Reggiee Mon 04-Feb-08 18:35:18



theUrbanDryad Mon 04-Feb-08 18:41:55

the fishfingers have gone down a treat. i don't think Z was too impressed with my rendition of "Tha shall have a fishy on a little dishy" though!!

eandh Mon 04-Feb-08 18:53:28

I may have a go at making 2happy fishfinger/cous cous tomorrow grin

Wilkie - ms = morning sickness!

Bograts are in bed hadnt even got out of ellies room and she was asleep shock me thinks dh should have the day with her more often!

And the house was tidy (all toys away) dinner was cooked and had washed up and they'd both been bathed and had hair washed I was truly shock (and secretley wondering if someone popped in and helped????????)

2happy Mon 04-Feb-08 19:14:07

Ah. Pupil distance. I was in the right ballpark though, eh? (At least I knew what MS meant though wink). Think Mr EnadH needs to childcare more often!!
UD - really glad Z liked them. As a matter of interest, did you fry or grill (just wondering if frying does work better)?
Wilkie - IKWYM. dh likes films like that, Schindler's list and the Pianist and whatnot, but I can't bear to watch them - so much worse after kids, thinking of these people as people's kids, imagining how people can justify and carry out genocide, how lucky we are to live in this country but how it could change in a heartbeat. Ooh cheerful!
Reggie - hope the pancakes are good. Must try and remember/be arsed to do tomorrow. What do you mean WTF dimpsy??

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bunnyhunny Mon 04-Feb-08 20:15:08

love the new thread title!!

wilkie - sorry you had a shit day. shindlers list doesnt help! Great film, but dunno if I could watch it as a mum. I get so upset if anything happens to kids on films / tv now - just think in a different world that could be s sad.
have you had any more viewings? all has gone quiet round here..

I have been poorly all day. took s in bed with me at 9.30am, and it was so lovely sleeping with him - seems like ages since we did that. Although sleeping with a toddler now involves being poked in the eye, ear and mouth, and at one point his finger went up my nose. shock But I got his monkey and he nodded off, thumb in mouth (his, not mine wink )

..... I am also late coming on. Felt pre-menstrual last week, but nothing has happened. but I used to be really irregular, so I WILL NOT do a test yet... <scared>

nottingham is 2 1/2 hours on the train, so that is pretty good for me. bit scared of a spa day - what does it involve? I am not a girly girl so I have never done anything like it before, but am willing to try it. Then perhaps a meal and a sleep out? (I don't do things by halves - if we are going to meetup, we should do it properly grin )

I have the day off work tomorrow. I always feel so bad for taking a day off - one of the hazards of being a teacher is the illness-guilt. How will they cope without me wink

Wilkie Mon 04-Feb-08 20:20:05

Bunny - you poor thing. Hope you feeling better soon and we wait with anticipation to see if you are pg or not!!!!!!!!!!

Little funy tale for you: Sis rang and we were chatting about the twins. They are apparently obsessed with their 'bits' when naked. DT1 was having nappy free time and had her arms round BILs neck and was leaning over his back when DT2 came up behind her, parted her bum cheeks and stuck her finger up her bum. Made me P.M.S.L.

Dsis is HORRIFIED - she used to work for the CPU so is ultra sensitive about stuff like this but I said just to leave them to it and not make too much out of it. But honestly, bless em grin grin

bunnyhunny Mon 04-Feb-08 20:21:46

pmsl wilkie!

on the playing with bits note, does anyone else's little boy seem obsessed with his willy? when he has his nappy off, s just grabs it, giggling. I have to give him something to hold in each hand so he will leave it alone!!

Dragonhart Mon 04-Feb-08 20:30:37

Wilkie- yes the dreaded morning sickness blugh! I am crying so much at the moment. I watched ER on saturday and I blubed all the way through Abbey's little boy having scans and needles. I think I could cry at neighbours if I still had time to watch it! Shindler's list is very sad though. I made me cry even before I had kids.

Rgee- hope the pancakes go well! We are postponing our until thursday as DH makes the pancakes in our house. I am no good at flipping them so he has to do it wink.

Ratbunny- hope you feel better soon.

Urban hope your first day back goes well tom.

We got a new mattress today!!! Hurray, it has only taken me a year to convince DH we need a new one. It is one of those foamy ones that mould to your shape so cant wait to go to bed tonight!

Dragonhart Mon 04-Feb-08 20:33:29

Yes Luke had been at his willy since he could get his hands round it. At bedtime he has his pants on while watching tv and sits there with his hand on it as if he is just checking is it still there. Scarily like DH sometimes!

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