April 2007 - A little bit of Pillock, Love, and a few hugs thrown in too

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PillockOfTheCommunity Sat 02-Feb-08 21:02:23

Sorry to confuse you all but inspiration just struck!

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cazboldy Sat 02-Feb-08 21:14:22

hello Ellie.....smile

Ange - dh hmm nearly as bad as my escapade last night! blush
love your hair though....I wish I was brave enough to have mine cut.... [wistful emoticon!]

geordiemacminx Sat 02-Feb-08 21:31:02

just popping in so I can find you

oooggs Sat 02-Feb-08 21:31:09

I'm home and knackered. left house at 8.30am and got in at 8.30pm shock (2.15 hours driving each way)

yes ellie did hugs - real ones wink

Ange you hair is fantastic and I am so sad that you were thinking of coming today and didn't

sol - would be great to see you next time - if they'll have me again hmm

Octo made James and I a fab lunch smile

All the children were so well behaved, Maia held her own with all the boys and Joshua played with the older ones so well.

Well my bed is on wink and I will soon be in it!

DH has just rung to check I was home after meeting my 'virtual friends' wink

next time it really needs to be warmer - I am still cold now

oooggs Sat 02-Feb-08 21:31:39

sorry about the foal caz

gmm - good to see you smile

Sexonlegs Sat 02-Feb-08 21:40:12

Thanks Pillock my lovely

Oooggs, I am sure they will have you!

I really would love to meet you lot.

Poor K is so full of snot. She woke up just as the bloody curry was on the plates! She never wakes up!! Anything else I can do.. she has had medised, her bed is raised at the head end, and she has a menthol vaporiser going.

Eddas Sat 02-Feb-08 22:34:25

I'M BORED sad anyone about?

weeonion Sat 02-Feb-08 22:56:04

just so i can find you all later!

Eddas Sat 02-Feb-08 23:07:35

sad no-ones talking tonightsad

I have had a few vodkas so reading the thread isn't really an optionwinkgrin

DH and his mate have made a start on our front roomgrin It looks HUGE without the fireplace. The lovely greenhmm day-doh(anyone know how that's spelthmm) has gone! such a shame! and we now have NO WALLPAPER IN OUR HOUSE gringrin bleugh that horrible bumpy paper that you paint over was everywhere and now it's gonegrin

elkiedee Sat 02-Feb-08 23:11:39

I'm about but on the laptop piggybacking on a neighbour's internet connection - we had some sort of power problem earlier and the mouse and keyboard on my computer are playing up AGAIN grrrr.

No suggestions SOL, did you get to eat the curry? I've reached a point where I assume D will wake up for a few hours and I will have to make the best of it.

Eddas Sat 02-Feb-08 23:13:00

hi elkie smile bloody computersgrin

StealthPolarBear Sun 03-Feb-08 07:56:02

morning everyone
well 5.30 was wake up time this morning He's on his first nap of the day
Hope you're all well, glad the meet up went well

oooggs Sun 03-Feb-08 09:11:37

morning - dts woke in the night, but then that was probably because of the mess of last nights bedtime. I hadn't prepared for night time feed so gave them a bottle of cows milk and they loved it, even Erin drained the bottle, so thats it for me now, no more formula - I know its supposed to be 12 mths, but I did James at 11 mths (just before trip to USA).

And I was weaned onto it at 6 mths and I'm okish wink

Will save me a fortune!!!!

sorry eddas (I apparently pronounce your name wrong - sorry) I had to go to bed last night I was so cold, no one was here to put the heating on sad, but in your clearing out if you find long sleeved body suit things that you wear under dresses in 9-12 & 12-18 and tights I would buy them off you grin - good luck with the decorating (we what photos on completion smile)

Sexonlegs Sun 03-Feb-08 09:31:42

Morning all.

Hope you haven't all been blown away by the wind or snowed in!

Oooggs, hope you are ok.

SPB, sorry about the early start. Hope you can get some rest too. You are sounded a tad pissed off.

Eddas, how's the head?? Fab news re the decorating.

Elkie, hope you get your connection sorted out.

All ok here. K slept fine after her dose of medide - fab stuff - and seems a bit less snotty today. Off to my parents for lunch today - hurrah!!

Hope you all have a lovely day. xx

Sexonlegs Sun 03-Feb-08 09:32:50

Meant to say medised!!!

AngeG Sun 03-Feb-08 10:00:45


Who wanted to meet me then? grin Glad you all had a great time, I really am sadenvy I didn't get to meet you all. Intrigued as to why you wanted to meet me though hmm

Thanks for the nice comments about my hair.

Glad K slept better after the medised SOL.

Sorry you had such an early start SPB sad

Oooggs - Sorry DTs didn't sleep that well. I'm sure the cows milk will be fine! How do you pronounce Eddas then??

Eddas - Sounds like your house is gonna look great. I too would be interested in any girls clothes you might be getting rid of!

Forgotten everything else.
Still sat here in a towel, must go and get dressed!

Pesha Sun 03-Feb-08 10:27:22

hello hello hello

everyone wanted to meet you Ange because they said you sound so lovely smile (obviously Pesha and I put them straight wink)

oooggs was saying Eeee-das where I think it's Edd-ass hmm?

PillockOfTheCommunity Sun 03-Feb-08 10:30:07

And obviously that wasn't Pesha going mad and talking about herself as two people hmm

It was me, forgot to change name over!

I'm downstairs with all the children while she's upstairs shagging dp sleeping shock

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PillockOfTheCommunity Sun 03-Feb-08 10:30:07

And obviously that wasn't Pesha going mad and talking about herself as two people hmm

It was me, forgot to change name over!

I'm downstairs with all the children while she's upstairs shagging dp sleeping shock

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PillockOfTheCommunity Sun 03-Feb-08 10:30:49

no idea what happened there hmm
not used to laptops!

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runnyhabbit Sun 03-Feb-08 10:47:00

Morning allsmile

Had a FAB day yesterday. It was so lovely to meet so many of you.

Although came home to a bathroom with no ceiling, floor, bath or sink. Still, it'll be worth it when its finished. Please, someone, tell me it will be worth it!

I am so tired today though. Boys were up at 6am - which meant we were as well.

Anyway, need to go and sort tiles, mirrors, doors out etc

Have a good day allgrin

Eddas Sun 03-Feb-08 11:17:48

Hi everyone!

oooggsgrin don't worry about the name! it's like chedders but eddas! Comes from my maiden name Edmondshmm Ocassional get called chedders too, expecialy by dh's best matehmm dd gets called mini cheddersgrin!! Bit worried you were all talking about me now[paranoid] hope it was all goodwink

Sounds like the meet up went well, wish we all lived closer be nice to meet everyone

SOL, think CDhmm had the headache.

Am currently having a rest after glossing. About to start the white undercoat but it's only the bottom half of the wall so hoping it won't take longhmm

Oh and i've sorted some of the girls bits and email you the lists first if you like ange and oooggs. Oooggs probably won't have bodysuits as dd didn't really wear them. Might have tights, i definately sent some to the charity shop yesterdaysad oh well might be the little ones anyway which'd be no use. Still got loads to sort through. Have a couple of beautiful(well i think so!) party dresses in 1-1/2. Will take pics soon.

I REALLY WANT CHOCOLATEangrysad af due soonwink

CaptainDippy Sun 03-Feb-08 11:47:48

Glad stuff's happening in your house, Eddas smile

Hello! smile

elkiedee Sun 03-Feb-08 11:58:58

Rant coming on! Piggybacking on the laptop again, as we can't get into the PC to access our main internet connection. I'm obviously going to have to replace the mouse and keyboard yet again - not sure if this is the 3rd or 4th replacement altogether but it's the second in a few months. First mouse munched batteries, the second one was ok for a while but a battery leaked in it and I think after that I should have thrown it away as there's no cleaning up a mouse safely from battery acid. Instead I tried to carry on using it until it blew up blush. The mouse on this set has a rechargeable battery but I've let the charge run a bit low a few times.

Now one bit of the controls hub won't plug back in - just hoping it's the plug in bit of the connection and not the computer socket or we've had it with that machine. We're going shopping for a new mouse/ keyboard this pm - hope to see you later.

runnyhabbit Sun 03-Feb-08 12:29:08

Eddas - I've got some milky way stars left over from yesterday ........catch....(rh throws a pack to eddas)grin

af has decided to visit me today - lovely - and I'm feeling rather crampy too. Just what I need with no bathroom, and no bathroom doorsad

W is full up with snot, and has decided he doesn't want to eat. Great. But yesterday proved one thing - he doesn't like bf during the day, esp when out and about. Too much to see!

Hiya cd and elkie

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