April 2007 - piercings, puddings and periods

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StealthPolarBear Tue 29-Jan-08 21:31:28

the word period can't be offensive...can it?

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geordiemacminx Tue 29-Jan-08 21:34:53

I'm here..

geordiemacminx Tue 29-Jan-08 21:34:54

I'm here..

AngeG Tue 29-Jan-08 21:34:56

I love it grin

Well done GMM and SPB

Pesha Tue 29-Jan-08 21:35:28

Well this is Mumsnet so assuming everyone has had one at some point or at the very least has a partner who has so I'd say no!

And if they have a problem send them to me!!!! wink grin

Pesha Tue 29-Jan-08 21:36:17

Alright GMM we get it, Jeez... hmm

wink wink

elkiedee Tue 29-Jan-08 21:41:37

Well, D surprised me by zonking out at 8, don't know how long for, I'll probably hear him wail now. Then my mum phoned, then dp while waiting for a bus home from work. He's going to visit his mum on Friday and meet her social worker and try and persuade mum to sign forms consenting to social services seeking info they need for assessment. I feel sad for her, she's had to take care of herself for so long and has gone from independence to not being able to be so quickly. Last year she was very physically frail but the difference between meeting in Cambridge up to the last time in December and how she was over Christmas was just shocking. Poor dp. I hope my mum or dad never get like that sad.

ellesbelles Tue 29-Jan-08 21:42:54

Evenin' all.

Hi Pesha, AngeG and SPB

GMM got your text cheers you are a wonder! No way I could possibly live that close to you, I'd be an alcy within a couple of weeks!! wink

I've been diagnosed with osteoarthristis in my left hip, no idea what the implications are, apart from no high impact exercise. Will need to do some research - but probably bad.

Happy, happy...

elkiedee Tue 29-Jan-08 21:43:02

Hi SPB, GMM, Ange, Pesha. There have got to be more offensive threads on mumsnet tonight than this one, surely?

elkiedee Tue 29-Jan-08 21:44:15

Hi eb, sorry to hear that, have you had a lot of pain in your hip? Will that mean giving up a gym habit?

ellesbelles Tue 29-Jan-08 21:44:52

and hi Elkie

ellesbelles Tue 29-Jan-08 21:47:46

Yeah elkie, but not acute pain just on and off, but its always stiff and feels like one leg is longer than the other (freak!!). Was just starting a gym habit to lose the baby (and before baby) lard. Suppose there's always swimming and walking...snore

Sorry to hear about your dp's mum elkie, hope things get better for her.

Pesha Tue 29-Jan-08 21:51:02

Elkie - sorry about dp's mum sad

EB - my dp has arthritis in his knee although his is due to football injury and operations to remove cartilege and the fact that they still haven't fixed his cruciate which is making arthritis worse all the time. he must have had it about 6/7 years and still plays football every weekend. I wouldnt recommend that obviously but they do think him building up the surrounding muscles has helped. He is also taking glucosamine (or he was anyway) which is supposed to really help joints.

StealthPolarBear Tue 29-Jan-08 21:52:03

omg he will not settle wails every 5 mins

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NorthernLurker Tue 29-Jan-08 21:54:50

I did a post and it disappeared - very odd??

Anyway - Elkie - sorry to hear how dp's mum is - hope he can get things sorted out for her a bit.

Ellesbells - oh dear that does sound painful - good luck with your research

ellesbelles Tue 29-Jan-08 22:03:28

Thanks Pesha, I will look into the glucosamine and thanks NL.

Sexonlegs Tue 29-Jan-08 22:04:12

Fantastic title!!

Eddas, sorry about the money. What a pita and v disappointing. Good luck with the sort out and sale!

CD, hope you are ok and not feeling too blue. xx

POTC, I would echo what others have said re Joe being happy with M's dad.

Pesha, fab news re D and his weight gain.

Maveta, we never bothered with proper shoes for B until she could walk.

EB, really sorry to hear about the osteoarthritis.

Runny, hope your friend is doing ok.

Oooggs, still v jealous of your electric blanket!!

Brain emptied. Hi to everyone else I have crappily not mentioned!

All ok here, although dh is away tonight and tomorrow night, so Runny I empathise! Girls have been ok, but B is hard work atm. She is refusing to go to swimming lessons which she has always loved. It is a real shame, and a waste of money. I don't want to drag her there though.

Anyway, love to everyone, and here's to great nights!! Off to bed as am shattered. x

StealthPolarBear Tue 29-Jan-08 22:05:48

sorry for that v selfish post#
eb sounds painful, hope your research shows some promise
elkie, so sad about your dp's mum
night sol x

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NorthernLurker Tue 29-Jan-08 22:07:17

SPB - not selfish at all! It's very hard to think straight anyway when baby is yelling - any progress?

StealthPolarBear Tue 29-Jan-08 22:10:18

he keeps goin g to sleeo but theneither stirring or the slightest thing wake him
Has been asleep for 5 mins now so fingers crossed
Going to bed soon myself I think

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NorthernLurker Tue 29-Jan-08 22:17:03

Gosh - it's 10o'clock already - how did that happen? (NL looks guilty and trys not to notice the ironing pile)

ellesbelles Tue 29-Jan-08 22:28:53

Night night everyone xxx

Octothechildherder Tue 29-Jan-08 22:29:49

Hello again grin

Have been chatting to my sister smile

Lets talk puddings grin

NorthernLurker Tue 29-Jan-08 22:39:21

Sticky toffee, Eve's, Christmas, Summer, Chocolate, Bread and Butter grin

Octothechildherder Tue 29-Jan-08 22:48:05

rhubarb crumble, eton mess, pavlova, sorbet, chocolate gateaux .....

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