calling the old dec '05 mums and beanie brigade :)

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dramaqueen72 Sat 12-Jan-08 22:22:12

just back on the boards and looking for you all to see how things are now.
Daisy is 2 and well, living up to the cliché two yr old description!!!LOL
hope to find some of you girlies again.

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MrsEi25 Sun 27-Jan-08 01:14:45

hey dramaqueen lovely to see you! sian is doin great there are some pics on my profile of her i got married! an we r now goin for baby number 2! glad to see you are sounding well an little daisy of course! how are th rest of your brood? xx ei xx

scully Tue 29-Jan-08 10:38:46

Hello ladies I just put a comment on the other Dec05 thread last night, wondering where everyone was, it had been quiet on there for a few weeks. Lovely to see you on here again DQ, how's Miss Daisy, and all her siblings? grin
We are trying for no3, had a m/c in August last year, so I'm keeping MrsEi company on the conception threads now wink
Know what you mean about having a 2yr old, it's like Madeleine turned 2 and suddenly she is talking nonstop and full of opinions grin

Nemoandthefishes Tue 29-Jan-08 10:42:00

hellllllllllllloooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo ladies....

huge huge hugs to dq not seen you in forever..

all ok here..depression still crap but whats new...hannah is a monkey but [preen] completely out of nappies now, chloe is a doll but clingy as hell and adam is in nursery 5 morning a week..wooo hooo...may rival you in mo. of children yet dqwink

scully lots of positive baby dust coming your way xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx********************************************$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$£££££££££££££££££££ £££%^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

scully Thu 31-Jan-08 02:57:23

Thx Nemo, you and DQ must have bags of babydust stored at your houses grin
Well done for Hannah being out of nappies, I've been very slack with Madeleine, keep thinking about toilet training but haven't quite got around to it yet shock
dd1 started back at school yesterday (Gr1) and the house is so much quieter today, dd2 will miss her though, no one to play or argue with wink

sweetheart Fri 22-Feb-08 17:56:23

Hi all - I didn't know this thread existed, thanks for the link scully. How is life down under? I'm still dead jealous of you - could you possibly send some sunshine my way please grin

DQ - great to hear from you, it's been ages! How is everything down your next of the woods - finding any time for art and crafts these days?

Everything is really good here. L has started potty training well and is dry around the house but I haven't ventured out with him without a nappy yet (chicken on my part more than anything!).

Feeling quite broody which is most unusual for me - not really a maternal type. I think it's becuase L will be starting nursery shortly and the though of having no more babies is sad. There def won't be any more coming though so will have to get used to it!

Work and everything else life oriantated is going really well. We were thinking of moving house but have decided to stay put for a least another year becuase of the way the housing market is at present - and the fact the dd loves it here and would be devestated if we moved! She said she's only coming if she can bring the neighbours grin

Would be great to hear from more of you about life with the terrible two's although mine's not being terrible at all so I'm hoping it's not being stored up for later on grin

bonkerz Mon 25-Feb-08 13:04:24

thanks scully for linking me in! I didnt know oyu had all started a new thread!
NOTE TO SELF....Stop getting life away from MN!!!>>>>>

Life here with my little mushy is good. She is obsessed with Lazy Town and Fifi which means she is eating lots of sportscandy and singing silly songs! Potty trained and dry all day now for the past 4 weeks! Language skills are scarily good and she is SO caring and loving she truley is a joy. We have now started to be a bit strict with her which is causing a few terrible twos moments but one glare from me or daddy and the darling takes herself off to the stairs and reappears a few minutes later proudly clapping hands and seclaring "i dopped de noise, dodd dirl alex"!!!!!!! We are regularly awoken at 6.30 am with the bedroom door rattling and cries of "get me out of here daddy i do toilet!!!"

Compared to DS (who we now know has issues along the lines of autism) DD is a pure joy!

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