Nov 05 Toddlers & Brother & Sisters - 2008

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Rodeo Wed 09-Jan-08 11:45:27

New thread

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Rodeo Wed 09-Jan-08 11:47:29

Poo, that should have read Brothers & Sisters!

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Diege Wed 09-Jan-08 12:22:11

Hello!!! smile. Many thanks for new thread RODEO! I would also like membership of 'house in a tip' group please grin. I have the enjoyable sight of breakfast dishes abandoned to return to at 7pm, which sort of stalls any progress being made. The house is in suspended animation from Sunday night through to Thursday morning because of work, and then I 'pick up where I left off' come working from home day!! Snap on the toffee penny front RODEO - also ornnage creams aren't a massive hit, but bearable. My faves (but no one elses) are coffee creams!! Great post NOVA! Loved the train trip story, and pmsl at dh's hording problem. Looks like there are several of us in the same position grin. I too got to the stage when I supplied black bag, which then remained half filled on corner of landing before being deposited reluctantly in garage by dh hmm.
No worries about Thursday TWINKLE. I'll look up some dates for early Feb. Yes, we must have a serious think about dates for London, before it gets too uncomfortable for you to travel!
CHACHA, I'll admit that, like Rodeo I too thought 'twins' (!!) when you mentioned your scan. Good luck. and let us of your extended family know the news! smile.
Right, best get some work done - dullsville here I must say, almost missing the chaos of home (almost...)

ChaCha Wed 09-Jan-08 14:02:12

Great Rodeo - a new thread! Barcelona sounds nice, have you been before? We want to go to Dubai next month but don't think we can afford it, i've looked at different options but it doesn't really make much difference, couple of pounds here or there IYSWIM.

Boys are finally having their nap. Both were rolling eyes and nodding into their lunches but when moved to sofa suddenly came to life with giggles and play mode. Got them settled with made up version of Fireman Sam - always a winner here lol.

Not at all excited about scan, don't know what's wrong with me. I started taking a big bag to pieces that was full of toys and annoying jigsaw bits that needed sorted and am still hours later left with a massive pile up in middle of room. Really need to get out today.

Twins lol. It's funny because the day before i told my mum my aunt called her and said she had a dream i had twins so when i told mum she laughed and said 'guess what aunt r said?' Am 99% sure there is only one little heartbeat here - just feel exactly as i did with others but worse IYSWIM, hope that made sense.

My exciting afternoon should be to sleep but instead must get rid of junk and shower and dress before scan appt.

Will come on later as will want to share news. Fingers crossed eh. Feeling funny for some reason aobut it.

Diege Wed 09-Jan-08 14:28:16

Ooh good luck for the scan CHACHA!! You will be fine smile

twinkle1 Wed 09-Jan-08 14:34:34

Let us know how the scan went chacha
I have just bought a fetal doppler so i can have a listen inIm looking forward to my nuchal scan on Mon, but am nervous that everything will be ok!!!!
Well i have cleaned the car out ready for change over tommorow can't belive how much junk was in there
right must go and put some washing in

twinkle1 Wed 09-Jan-08 16:18:04

Speak of the devil, my doppler just arrived 2 little heart beats in there I can't belive how far up they are though, right up in line with my tummy button!!!!!! Im gonna look like a huge moose!!!!!!!!!!
Any news chacha?????
DS1 has arrived home from school coming down with flu there is so much of it about in school

Londoner Wed 09-Jan-08 17:54:50

Hello all,

Thanks so much to you all for your 'hoarding stuff' advice, it's been really helpful and I can see what I need to do now, ie the black bag of questionables - lol at all the guys ignoring and then hiding the bags! Nova you say your dh put his into storage that's outrageous lol! Thanks so much everyone, I have a hoarding dh and hoard myself on befalf of all the kids - also am prevaricaor.... I'll deal with that later, no now, no I'll just put it here, actually I'll put it away in that drawergrin etc.
Rofl at your post last night Btks, you're so funny! I really enjoyed it, hope you/dh managed to get them off in the end before morning!
Nova, great post, really enjoyed reading that too, good to hear all your xmas news.
Rodeo, thanks for the new thread!
Twinkle, how amazing to hear your babies on your own doppler!smile
ChaCha, can't wait to hear all about your scan, my fingers are crossed that all okay for you smile. Sympathies on how lyou're feeling right now and about the scan, is not surprising with all you're coping with, lovely or not it must be completely and utterly exhausting for you atmsmile.

Okay must go, am in demand! Will check back later for your scan results ChaCha.

novadandypowder Wed 09-Jan-08 19:35:14

was just thinking that we needed a new thread, thank you Rodeo.

I've booked my first horse riding lesson next week! I decided I wanted to do something else for fitness, and this way (if I keep going) I should have something that noo and/or miniman can join in with when they're older. We shall see how it goes, but the stables are only two roads away so I have no excuses!

twinkle1 Wed 09-Jan-08 20:09:49

evening all,
I get my new car tommorow yeah!!!!!!!!
Hope ChaCha is ok?????
Very jealous of the riding nova I love to ride and so does DD1 there are lots of trails and really nice rides up here,you will have to let us know how it go's

Londoner Wed 09-Jan-08 20:40:35

Hi all,

Yeah Nova riding sounds great can imagine the children will love that.
Good luck with the car tomorrow Twinkle.
Rodeo, lol no i put that badly about the sleep, it takes 2-3 hours to get them tucked up and asleep, I get about 7 hours sleep a night, although Baby still wakes up for a cuddle & comes into our bed most nights but she goes straight back to sleep. Thank you for your caring comments though, am v.touchedsmile.

Am also hoping ChaCha is okay Twinkle.
Will check again later.

ChaCha Wed 09-Jan-08 20:54:41

Hi girls,

Scan went well, measuring 9+2, little ball that was moving and beating away - was lovely to see consultant again - he has a special place in our hearts and made me feel special.

Vomiting non stop tonight and feeling awful so much so I asked DH not to go out, i know he really wanted to but i just want to put my head down (other than toilet) and shut off. So off i go before i burst into to all x

Rodeo Wed 09-Jan-08 20:58:43

Just watching 'celebs do single parenting' on channel 5, it's great! Can't wait to see how they get on!
Hope scan went great Chacha, there's nothing wrong with not feeling excited, think I was similar with Jess. I'm sure you enjoyed it when you got there I would love to go to Dubai! Though no chance on our budget! The list of places I'll be going in my 40s and 50s grows everyday!
Diege, love coffee creams too! And the green praline triangles, mmmm! I really wish I could be a tidy as I (and the kids) go person, but I always seem to be rushing and then come back to a depressing bombsite! Had a angry moment with one of the kitchen drawers this morning, it doesn't shut properly and you have to really drag it to open, red mist really descended - '...AND WHAT THE HELL IS GOING ON WITH THIS *&^%$ DRAWER! ARGH!!' - ended up trying to kick it shut, the poor thing trapped behind/under it must be broken into smithereens, hope it's nothing important!
Nova - enjoy your riding lesson! I hope you love it! Then we can talk about horsey stuff, yay! I'm riding about 4 times a week at moment though have to rush to get there, get done and back home so it's not relaxing exactly but still really enjoy it, even enjoy the mucking out
Londoner - yes bag the questionables is the way to go - you just need to book an hour in with each member of your family grin You could give them an appointment card!
Twinkle, enjoy your new car! Hope pick up goes smoothly!
x x x

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twinkle1 Wed 09-Jan-08 20:59:34

FAB news Chacha, glad everything is ok
Sorry you feel so ill Its pants when you feel like that, it makes you just want to go to bed and abdicate all responsibility!!!!Did the consultant say anything about giving you some anti sickness med's.well im off to bed as well.
Sending you big HUGS
love Twinkle

Rodeo Wed 09-Jan-08 21:01:46

Aw Chacha Glad scan was all fine, and nice you got to see your consultant - I bet it was nice for him to see you too. Sorry you're so ill How poo. And don't feel bad about dh, he'll have plenty of opportunity to go out again. Please don't cry! x x x

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BrownieBells Wed 09-Jan-08 22:07:03

Hello all, thanks for the new thread Rodeo, always think about it......gald we have you to rely on! smile

Chacha, glad scan went ok, and so sorry to hear you are feeling pants. Big hugs to you, echo Rodeo, please don't cry, unless you feel it will be cleansing, then cry babe cry.....

Twinkle, glad all is well with you and your little babes, how cool to hear their heartbeats.....enjoy the new car tomorrow....

We are having a series of night wakings from T - he goes to bed okish (although am currently implementing the back to bed, SuperNanny technique.....pick up & say it's bed time darling, good night, next pick up and say Good night, then continue to just pickup and put into bed saying nothing......this seems to work at the moment at least!) but seems to have a spel of an hour or so in the night where I am up and down at least 6 times (and it has to be me - DH won't do, T screams NO DADDY, NO DADDY and gets very agitated, so I end up going in to him. He settles again int he end, and then sleeps through till between 7 & 8am - bizarre!

Nova, lovely to read all about your trip to Scotland,sounded fab (except dubious driver chap!)

I have ordered a new car too! Due to be delivered on 1st March grin Am having a Rav 4 - am planning ahead, as it's costing me a fair amount, will be keeping for 6+ yrs, and it will be suitable for any other little Brownie-babes that we may plan to have in the future! am excited now, just need to sort out what we are doing with my current car!

Right, am off now toget some rest before this evening's round of early mornign wakings!


GreedyGecko Thu 10-Jan-08 12:29:56

Hi, I'm 1/2 back, have just managed to sort out a dial-up connection. HAPPY NEW YEAR to you all! How are ChaCha & Twinkle doing? Any other bfp's while i've been away? Can we get a news update for me? I would probably throw this old thing through the windo if i go back to read up on how you're all doing! grin

Quick update from me:

Boys are great, being little horrors, but hey yhey're boys, what do I expect!
XP has finally moved out this week, after a lot of stress, and a final helping hand in the right direction from my solicitor.
I've realised that I didn't have PND, but PITA Partner Depression. Haven't taken any tablets since the day we split up, and feel great.
The house went on the market last Weds.
Have had a few viewings, young couple very interested, just off to chase Your move to find if there is any sign of an offer.
Laptop obviously still not replaced. Insurance ar being arsey about it and taking forever to deal with it, so not too thrilled there, but have discovered there is life outside facebook! wink

Diege Thu 10-Jan-08 12:56:31

Hi girls smile. Congrats CHACHA on your lovely scan. Hoping you're feeling better soon, and are being looked after well by dh smile Please don't be sad! You're doing a brilliant job! RODEO, me too with the lone parents programme grin. I assumed it was a one-off, not a series, so surprised not to find out what happended! When's the next one? Bet you're tempted by tonight's Kate Moss channel 5-er too grin NOVA, I envy you being so close to a stables - it's fantastic learning to ride as a child, and will give them (and you) many happy memories smile BB: oh no nightmare wakings!! You sound remarkably perky considering! Are you managing to get enough sleep,esp with your work hours? Hi LONDONER sympathies again on the sleep front - although you too seem remarkably 'chilled' about it all! Maybe it's just me who is the Richard Ferber control freak! grin. Hi TWINKLE! Hope the trip to get the car goes OK -how exciting! Hi to L&S,FH, GG (are you Ok? smile), BEKS, and anyone else I've missed out.
Well my news is that the bloody hamster has escaped from her cage, and is assumed minssing through a chewed hole at the side of the downstair's toilet sad. Poor dd1 will be frantic, but for now we're keeping it quiet and I'm going to try out some of the suggestions tonight that I've been given on the 'pets' stream - never thought I'd be posting there, lol! I'm of the avoidance school of thought when it comes to pets - we'll get a replacement without telling dd if Nibbles doesn't come back. Time enough for the harsh truth when she's older (don't think 'she escaped down back of loo where she will be slowly starving/thirsting to death' would go down very well). Ooh feeling sad again - must go and check if she's bee tempted by titbits left sad. Any suggestions gratefully received!

Diege Thu 10-Jan-08 13:04:49

x-post GG! Great to hear from you, and pleased that things are looking up. Good for you! smile. Very quick update, Twinkle and Chacha have had scans, and Twinkle is expecting twins!!! Nova has had brill' holiday and is making us all extremely jealous grin, LONDONER and BB are chilled and philosophical about sleep (and lack of it), RODEO and me are struggling with nightmare middle children, but are consoling ourselves with telly and left-over chocs, BEKS has been poorly horrid conjunctivitus, and I think L&S's S has been poorly too...oh and BB is also edging closer topwards the folic acid tablets! Will let others edit as appropriate!
Oh and we're trying to arrange a meet-up in London, with me and others from up North staying at BEKS grin I think she has a place reserved for you and the boys too? smile

Londoner Thu 10-Jan-08 14:05:41

Hello all,

Rofl, what a GREAT update Diege, I thoroughly enjoyed that, brilliant! Sorry to hear about Nibbles and can't think of one helpful piece of advice, what a nightmare for you, does it belong to all or is it attached to dd1/2? I have heard of hamsters reappearing in their cage if left open though, happened to our neighbour, so you never know, perhaps leave the cage in the loo overnight? I really hope N turns up.
GG, so good to hear from you, how amazing about you realising where your feelings were coming from, depression by proxy not good. I'm really in awe of you being so strong and seeing through the separation it can't be easy. Will you be moving far do you think? Change of nursery etc or no, nearer in laws perhaps?
Oh no, toast burning!
ChaCha GREAT news on scan!grinyay!

Londoner Thu 10-Jan-08 14:07:49

Right, toast well and truly incinerated(sp?) will try again, hopefully better outcome this time! Meant to say Rodeo, lol at appointments for my family to sort rooms.... probably not too far from the truth though!
Gotta go before other toast goes, bye!

ChaCha Thu 10-Jan-08 15:10:46

Hi girls,

Thank you for usual lovely messages smile Much appreciated. I had a very good night's sleep and managed to keep something down, was absolutely shattered and very emotional.
Braved the wind and the rain and we went to Starbucks for some lunch which was nice as they boys were happy with sandwiches, fruit and straws leaving me to read paper and enjoy a latte. We walked home, felt so good in the fresh air and DS2 had fun splashing in puddles with his wellies and trying to keep his umbrella up.

I wonder if you all every get a feeling of no space with the children. I mean like now, i've taken them out, played with them, done snacks and drinks and i sit for 2 minutes to have a look on MN and both are hanging off my laptop, DS2 licking and drooling over the keys and DS1 shouting 'choo choo, see it!' - there's no escape is there? LOL, feeling a little claustrophobic - have put order in for bigger house.

Diege - Oh no!!! Where is Nibbles??? Poor DD will be devestated, can you get a replacement or too difficult? Could she be somewhere in the house or definitely through hole?

GG - Good to hear from you, hope house sells asap for you.

Londoner - How is the housework going? Any tips? I am going to start back on FlyLady - like i have the energy lol.

BB - Congrats on new car too! Hurray.

Rodeo - Looks like DH is going to Dubai on own, with stop overs elsewhere sad Promises me a holiday when DC3 is born when i'll really want it - but i want to go too now sad [sulky]

Okay best go now, DS1 has had no nap and is flinging himself around the room now in frustration. Thanks again girls. sorry if i missed anyone. xxx

Diege Thu 10-Jan-08 17:49:25

No sign of Nibbles sad. I've poked a stick about the hole (def. went through there) as door was shut (we put her in the downstairs loo at night because of the noise!)and have a horrible feeling she won't be able to get back up sad Have a few 'plans' though, so we'll see..
CHACHA, know exactly what you mean about the 'overwhelmingly-ness' of young children. If it helps, I don't think it gets any worse with no.3 - if anything, the intesity and demanding-ness is sort of diluted, with no.3 amused more by dc 1 &2 than by you! Phew, must be hard for you at the mo' though, at least I get a break working out of the home (and I don't mean that in a condescending way, I really believe SAHMs do the hardest jobs!!).
Right, dh away with work so here comes the arsenic hour!!! Hope the toast was saved LONDONER!! grinNibbles was dd1's birthday present this year, so yes she has the strongest bond,with other dds indifferent. really going down the replacement route at the moment ('ooh look J, Nibbles has got her grown up colours' )- we have to replace an unusual grey/brown/white hamster... hmm)

twinkle1 Thu 10-Jan-08 17:52:21

evening all,
Back from mamoth trek to get the car I feel like i have been hit by a truck!!!!! The car is fab!!! they fitted me a free dvd system the kids love it.DS1 is still ill, i took him with me to the NE in his pj's and wrapped in a duvet!!!!!!!!!The car has so many buttons its like something from NASA didnt dare press anything on the drive home in case i accidentaly ejected a child!!!!!!!!!!! Will be fab when i read the instructions
Diege i nearly wet myself laughing at hamster escapade Reminded me of the time me and my best friend got the hamster out she was minding for the neighbours.Of course she was told not to get it out of the cage, so we did, it legged it and crawled through a small hole in the bath panel and dissapeared!!!!!!!! so best friend in panic grabbed the bath panel and pulled!!Needless to say the bath panel shattered and we both got wrecked by best friends dad (big time) It seems so funny now, but remember been petrified at the timeIm doomed when my lot get bigger
right must go ds1 feeling the need for calpol

Rodeo Thu 10-Jan-08 18:24:47

Oh no Diege Hope she comes back, have got everything crossed, and so have Bella & Joe, glad you have a few ideas Good luck! Loved your update too!
LOL at your bath panel trauma Twinkle! Can just imagine the scene! We looked after friends gerbil once when I was a teenager, which our dog (german shepherd) was obsessed by. I had a lock on my bedroom door so had to lock gerbil in to keep Bess out, but one day she got in, and I returned to an upside-down cage, sawdust everywhere and no gerbil! The gerbil was found unscather apart from being soaking wet from dog slobber! She'd obviously just been licking it senseless, daft dog!
Londoner, glad the sleep troubles aren't as bad as I thought! Phew!
Chacha, glad you're feeling a bit better today! I know the 'no space' feeling too, sometimes it gets so bad I want to shout 'GO AWAY!' to all of them, and sometimes I just sneak upstairs and leave them to their devices just so I can lay on the bed face down for 5 mins blush Dp obv doesn't get this, and thinks I'm evil hmm but he gets quite a bit of time to himself at work. And he conveniently forgets the times he shouts at them for being too rowdy! Men!
GG - Wow, new year, new you! Great news on getting things sorted, it's good to hear you feeling so positive Keep us updated!
Have been thinking about our Summer Holiday, thinking of going to Dartmouth this year, I used to go alot with my family and it was always nice then, hope it's not changed!
Right early bath & bed for the children, they've found this first week back quite tough I think, Joe in particular, even banned TV tonight - that's how grumpy they're being LOL! Speak later x

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