July 2005 Club- halfway through our terrible twos?!

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DiamondsAreForever Wed 02-Jan-08 16:27:03

OK, I just started one anyway! Happy New Year!

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bagpuss Wed 02-Jan-08 21:40:42

Happy New Year! grin

merryberry Wed 02-Jan-08 21:59:57

Happy New Year everyone. It was lovely to catch up on your news on the old thread today.

We are all well here. Tried and failed at potty training, giving it a break until summer, let ds1 get used to ds2 (due in 8 weeks) and nursery school (due in 3 weeks) first.

I am so large and PG (see profile pic for general idea). Oof, glad this is last time round for me. Off to look up courses to keep my own lazy brand of mumsiness at bay in September...hoping to do a module of some random IT masters to carve a few hours out for myself. TTFN

bagpuss Wed 02-Jan-08 22:12:05

Hello, MB smile. Another ds, how fantastic! Glad you are well.

hoxtonchick Thu 03-Jan-08 18:38:58

hello all .

nappyaddict Mon 07-Jan-08 08:53:44


sorry to hijack but have you still got those nappies?

i would like

1 wambamboo size 2 natural
1 bambineo size 2 pistachio
1 swaddlebees velour large sage
1 cherry red p'tits dessous toudou size 2
1 large hemp ellas house (purple stitching)
1 tots bots bamboozle popper size 2 (what colour is this one?)

would you take £26 for the lot? misdee has just paid me that amount for a pushchair so i have it in paypal already. email me tobys_mummy at btinternet dot com

bagpuss Mon 07-Jan-08 20:55:02

Yes, nappyaddict, I do. Will e mail shortly smile.

Eulalia Sat 26-Jan-08 10:29:37

Hi all, how is everyone doing?

ds2 is well on the way to toilet training Started again after new year and he has been great, uses either potty or toilet and is dry most nights too!! Even dd who is 5.9 still wears pull-ups at night although going to tackle her with that when the Spring comes.

Have bought some real pants, had to get 18-24 months, I hope they aren't too big but I don't think you can get smaller ones.

He's started Rising 3s so I have a whole 1.5 hrs to myself once a week. woweee....

Rolf Fri 01-Feb-08 20:22:02

Hi Eulalia, I'm impressed with DS2's potty training. I still haven't started DD - I think she'll be one of those children who just decide for themselves and that's it (wishful thinking!). She talks about poo contantly and tells everyone she meets that DS2 did a poo in his underpants blush

Had my 20 week scan last week. Another girl smile. All fine, hopefully - I asked the consultant to keep her soft marker scary bollocks to herself this time grin. Soooo excited!

(It's MrsDarcy btw)

DiamondsAreForever Mon 04-Feb-08 16:35:50

congrats on another girl Rolf- brilliant news! and I am with you with your sentiments about the consultant- I wish we had never had to go through all that nonsense with ds, for absolutely nothing in the end!
dd is also refusing to be potty trained, but does like to sing songs to her potty... I blame my stay at home dh for it all....!
On a good note, we got the children's passports finally today after about 3 months trying to get them to look at the camera and not pull silly faces to get their pics- thank goodness as we are off to USA in 3 weeks! Now we just need to find a cat sitter!

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merryberry Sun 09-Mar-08 03:50:31

I tried potty training DS1 at Xmas, put he just looked at us like we were mad. Simply didn't get it. Seems ot have a better idea now, but with DS2 imminently due, I'm taking the easy option of keeping him in nappies until warm enough for naked back garden action!

congratulations MRsD/Rolf..(perm name change?)

Rolf Wed 12-Mar-08 14:38:50

Check out Merryberry's birth annoucement!

Well done Merryberry! I'm mightily impressed and delighted for you smile

merryberry Fri 21-Mar-08 13:46:04

ooh, thank you Rolf!
Here's our Big baby, big birth story finally!

hoxtonchick Fri 21-Mar-08 18:26:04

great birth story mb. am wincing on your behalf at his size, but it sounds like you coped with it brilliantly.

dd is fine. potty trained for about a month now. we had a dreadful week of her pooing in her knickers which i dealt with v. badly. but thank god she just got it & is doing really well. she's dry about 50% of nights too, which i find amazing as ds was in night nappies until he was 4. she still talks pretty much all the time.... and is very keen to go to school with ds .

Eulalia Wed 09-Apr-08 09:08:48

Congratulations merrberry and what a great story! Sorry to take so long to catch up. Hope to hear how you are getting on soon.

Our potty training has levelled out - he is fine at home, bare bum and holds on for hours but as soon as anything goes on even loose bottoms (won't wear pants) he wets. so its pullups when we are out. however he always asks to do a poo even when out so that's the worst bit sorted.

It is sleeting this morning, hope the weather improves soon, its dd's birthday next week - last year we went to the beach!

DiamondsAreForever Thu 10-Apr-08 14:05:29

Helo everyone, long time no speak! Congratulations mb- I've read your birth story and it brought tears to my eyes, some out of happiness but mostly wince-induced! I hope you are all settling in nicely and I wish you all the best!

Well, we had a lovely holiday in the USA- we visited my SIL who lives in Baltimore. The kids loved it, but didn't sleep at all on either flight- which was pretty awful. The flight home was an overnighter so it was all pretty gruesome! Then we got back at BA lost our buggy so we had to carry two exhausted kids, three bags and our own tired bodies all the way from the plane to baggage- I was in tears by the time we got to passport control! Anyway, the only nice thing about it was that we had booked valet parking and they had cleaned our car inside (yes, even the car seats!) and out- and we were presented with old gingerbread men and half eaten munch bars all nicely wrapped in a plastic bag!
anyway, the sheer amount of weak dollar bargains I came home with more than made up for the lack of sleep. We even bought a fabulous Radio Flyer Wagon for the kids which was about £40- we posted it home via my SIL's BFPO address for less than £15, so what a bargain! So hoxtonchick, if you see two crazy kids being wheeled around hackney in a wagon, sunshade and all- you'll know why!!

other news from me, potty training for dd going well, although she now works it to her advantage and stalls for time at bedtime by saying that she needs a wee!
ds is walking and is a right little whirlwind- what is it about boys and plugs, leads, sockets, wires and other dangerous electrical items?!!! dd was never like this!

I read a funny article about girls and boys the other day- a man had an older boy who was refused a toy gun. Instead he found some sticks and pretended they were a gun. His younger daughter found the sticks, wrapped them up in a blanket and tried to cheer them up! It really sums up my two- dd likes to kiss all of her toys, ds likes to see how far he can throw them out of his cot....

anyway, back to work!

by the way, any Londoners going to the Real Food Festival at Earls Court later on this month be sure to look me up- I'm on stand 23 sampling all of my Fairtrade wines!

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Rolf Thu 10-Apr-08 18:39:24

<Fingers in ears about potty training - don't want to think about it!>

This is such a nice pregnancy. I'm feeling a million times better than I did when I was expecting DD. I've booked a doula and am learning how to use hypnosis in labour, in the hope of avoiding my usual 2nd-stage meltdown. So excited.

We haven't got a clue about names. With DD we were pretty much settled on Harriet well before she was born, but with this one we have no idea. I've suggested loads of names and DH hates them all but can't think of anything he does like. I think he's still freaked out at having another girl - he's scared of girls hmm.

It's interested what you say about gender stereotypes, DaF. DD is pretty feisty, and I'm sure it's partly because of having 2 big brothers. But she loves cuddling dollies too and I think will enjoy "mothering" the baby.

Eulalia Sat 19-Apr-08 08:56:58

When are you due Rolf, I seem to have lost track of time?

Been hectic here, dd got up an hour early on Wed for her birthday and proceeded to exhaust herself throughout the day. I took all the kids out straight after school as the weather was so fine. Now we have a party tomorrow in the local sports centre, so more excitement.

Anyone taking any nice holidays this year, I am desparate to get away but dh seems to have too many work commitments.

Rolf Wed 23-Apr-08 03:53:15

Hi Eulalia. I'm due 7 June but have stupidly got it into my head that the baby won't be late. I've booked a doula who is on holiday until I'm about 38/39 weeks and my in-laws are staying late May - late June. So 39/40 weeks would be very convenient!

No holidays for us this year. We booked a place about 18 months ago for a week in July. It's a converted railway carriage somewhere in Wales and although it looks lovely it's probably too small for all of us with a newborn, so DH will go with the boys.

Eulalia Wed 21-May-08 10:10:20

Hi Rolf (and everyone) gosh that is not far off. Hope baby does come at the right time.

We've just come back from 6 days hols in Dumfries and Galloway staying in a Scandanavian style wooden chalet. Gorgeous view overlooking a loch with swan and rolling hills around us. It was self catering but with a reception nearby with a small pub and swimming pool we could use as often as we like.

ds2 is mad about Wallace and Gromit - he loves "goggies". He's just started saying please and thank you quite unpromted (we are not big on that because of ds1) so its rather nice, he has such a sweet nature.

dh away on Friday abroad for a month. Still not unpacked our cases yet so better get that done and get his stuff organised.

Hope all are well.

merryberry Thu 29-May-08 16:14:05

oh that's soon Rolf, will be looking out for your birth announcement!

i've invented a new phrase you may all find useful: 'in a mummy minute'. this means, very soon, when i've finished doing this thing that needs doing. after a while checking out if this was 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10 minutes, he now gets it

merryberry Fri 30-May-08 15:08:30

ds1 says he was feeling 'wackered' before his nap, after his farm visit.

'oh i'm whackered mummy!'

hopefully that is a simple coruption of knackered and he's not heard the version where the c is replaced with an N.

Rolf Wed 04-Jun-08 05:48:28

Like the mummy minute, MB grin

I now realise what a lovely compassionate consultant I have, inducing me at 38 weeks with DD. I had totally forgotten how horrible the last couple of weeks can be. I'm not even due yet (7th) but have been having strong BH for weeks, pingy cervix, PMT-type hysteria etc etc. And if anyone else says "still here then?" (like our builders every sodding morning) I will wallop them. Very much regretting saying that the baby would be early and now think I'll be pregnant forever grin

DD is finally in a proper bed and is sleeping much better (crap, author of own misfortune, lazy mother emoticon).

Eulalia Sun 08-Jun-08 09:57:56

grin MB. My eldest ds takes me literally if I say that and will irritatingly count down every second.

Poor you Rolf. It's not fair is it? The time you need to most rest you don't get it. My dd was 42 weeks (15 days late to be precise). I got sick of repacking my slippers every night (for some reason I'd not bought a spare pair). As for the "you still here comments" well I just stopped answering the phone, emails etc after the first week of being late. It was the boredom that got to me though.

Anyway baby will come and by the sound of it very soon, so good luck and looking forward to hearing your news.

I am half way through dh being away abroad (4 weeks) and really missing him). Kids are OK but some days I do struggle, particularly when ds2 gets up first and hangs round me while I try and get the other two to school. Bedtimes are really hard!

Our open air pool just opened so may take them down there today as the sun is shining.

Rolf Fri 20-Jun-08 15:40:12

Just to let you all know that I've finally had my baby. Here's my birth announcement:

A much, much nicer delivery than I had with Harriet. I'm still on a high from the whole experience.


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