June 07 mummies find their old selves!

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BumperliciousIsOneHotMother Tue 01-Jan-08 19:56:14

A new start for us all. Lets find the goddesses within wink

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DKMA Tue 01-Jan-08 19:59:13

I'm with ya sista smile

thisisRialifebaby Tue 01-Jan-08 20:01:43

Ah, much better. A clean slate.

My body will be a temple, rather than a pile of rubble after a riotgrin

BumperliciousIsOneHotMother Tue 01-Jan-08 20:17:04

I'm having Toblerone withdrawal.

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annobal Tue 01-Jan-08 20:28:42

Should I withdraw slowly (pleeeeeease can I have a chocolate tonight) grin

BumperliciousIsOneHotMother Tue 01-Jan-08 20:34:34

Depends annobal, do you need me to be strict and tell you no? I can be you know wink or I can tell you that it will be much easier if you wean yourself slowly off the chocolate!

How about have a chocolate tonight if you pledge to go for a walk tomorrow?

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annobal Tue 01-Jan-08 20:58:19

Sounds like a deal to me - however I've just realised that I have no chocolate. Looks like you don't have to be strict...

Just had lamb chops for supper - yum! Is that allowed?

annobal Tue 01-Jan-08 21:12:39

Why is it as soon as my NY resolution starts, I want to break it immediately???

milkyJammy Tue 01-Jan-08 21:15:53

OK, I'm joining in, but on the proviso that we have a huge pile of xmas goodies still, and we have agreed that those that will keep can be kept in store and eeked out as occasional treats over the coming months/year, but stuff that won't will be eaten before it goes off.

BumperliciousIsOneHotMother Tue 01-Jan-08 21:29:40

Same proviso here jammy. I'm saving the rest of the toblerone for when I really need it!

I think that sounds like a pretty wholesome meal to me annobal. TBH I'm not going to worry about main meals for a while, as long as it's not pizza every night! Anything that is cooked from scratch is pretty ok in my book! It's cutting out the cake and chocolate and ice cream I have to worry about!

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sputnik Tue 01-Jan-08 22:16:17

I'm in.
I'm aiming to get exercising again as, for me, the rest follows on from that.
Shall we be really brutal and have weekly weigh ins shock

thisisRialifebaby Tue 01-Jan-08 22:32:58

This IS my last week of food freedom (except the 8th, but it will only be a 1-meal blow-out HONEST), and it will be strict if DH is joining in - he IS the Diet Dictator!

motherhurdicure Wed 02-Jan-08 10:24:37

Message withdrawn

thisisRialifebaby Wed 02-Jan-08 20:39:52

I have done approx 9200 steps today (but the bloody thing stopped counting when I changed my trousers). I don't know how it will fit in when I have other things to do than just walk...

BumperliciousIsOneHotMother Thu 03-Jan-08 08:51:44

That's great ria! I must get mine up and running. I'm up for a weekly weigh in! Or even just weight-loss in IYKWIM?

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milkyJammy Thu 03-Jan-08 09:57:09

Do you girls fing pedometers actually work? I had one and did several "calibration" trials, counting 100 or 200 steps and they were never anywhere near right. I was talking to my Dad about this and he said the same thing, that he'd got one, tried it fpr 3 months decided it was not for him, gave it away rather than binning it, but a few months later got it back because they thought it was rubbish. After 3 people had all given it back to him he decided to bin it! And neither of us had a cheap or freebie one either

sputnik Thu 03-Jan-08 10:06:41

I had the same problem with mine Jammy. I've heard people on here say that Omron ones are good though, maybe we should start a thread?

9,200 + steps is really good Ria
One of my main bug bears is that I have to take the car anywhere I want to go here and have to invent places to walk.

I'm a bit stuck here. DD is at home so can't really exercise. Will try a bit of stretching maybe but usually she just flings herself on me! Maybe I can persuade her to watch the Boogie Beebies dvd

Didn't do too well on the food front yesterday, as I had a cheese and crackers binge mid afternoon, but we were wine-free. Have decided to limit wine consumption to weekends here.
Oh and I bought semi-skimmed milk instead of ful fat. Baby steps, eh.

thisisRialifebaby Thu 03-Jan-08 14:01:04

blushno exercise today. Might have a go with DHs weights laterhmm
Darned snow, I can picture walking the route I wanted to do today but I suppose that's not quite as effective?

BumperliciousIsOneHotMother Thu 03-Jan-08 14:42:16

I got an omron one for Christmas so I'll let you know how it goes.

just had a yummy lunch, Food dr pitta bread (they are yummy & half price in sainsbo's) houmous, salsa, carrot cucumber and cherry tomatoes! yummy & virtuous.

fell off the toblerone wagon last night though, had once piece (well better that the 5 pieces a day I was eating before NYE!)

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NattyThomasandEllen Thu 03-Jan-08 15:01:27

hi guys
ive had a really bad few months, and been avoiding other mums, but im ok now, so you wont be able to get rid of me.

im now back in a size 10 jeans.. but i feel sorry for my boobs which are in a very sorry state after 2 children!

how is everyone else? any crawlers yet?

sputnik Thu 03-Jan-08 15:33:02

Hey Natty, good to see you, and hope you're feeling better. I think Holly MHC and Daisy have crawlers so far. Baby Sputnik appears to be trying to swim How's Ellen?

We confusingly have 2 threads going at the moment, this one is for fatties that want their bodies back, and you obviously don't belong here in your size 10 jeans envy envy grin

here is the main one

thisisRialifebaby Thu 03-Jan-08 16:34:31

size 10 jeans? You can't play on this thread natty! Go away and take your trim waist/small bum and thin legs with yougrinwink

unless of course you have an easy magic solution that involves eating pizza. crisps and chocolate.. then we love yougrin

DaisyBoo Fri 04-Jan-08 14:11:40

bloody typical...I finally get to be in a room with a computer wthout 10 other adults present, and where the feck is everyone??? grin

oh well, back to stuffing my face with my nephew's Christmas choccies.

I'm off to catch up on news whilst juggling poorly baby, poorly nephew and two wild children plus unruly dog!!

sputnik Fri 04-Jan-08 14:44:30

Hey Daisy, you're on the wrong thread, see link 3 posts down. How's everything?

sputnik Fri 04-Jan-08 14:48:52

Well since I'm here I'm going to instate a weekly weigh-in of myself in the hope that the threat of public humiliation will help motivate me. As of this morning I was 72kg. My medium term goal is 65kg, and long term it's 60kg,

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