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Mine Fri 28-Dec-07 15:23:35

Hi there

I'm a first time Mum to baby Eren, he's now almost 10 weeks old and is finally over his colic!
I'm starting to enjoy being a mum and have just managed to settle myself and Eren into some kind of routine. I never thought it would take so long, but i did it!

The only thing i miss is having adults to talk to, so i was wondering if anyone knows of mother & baby group i can attend in the Enfield area...???

I know this is a long shot, but i'd really like to meet other mums and just talk about anything and everything over a cup of PG and a chocolate muffin!


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nobodysfool Fri 28-Dec-07 19:43:19

Sorry i dont live in your area but joining a mum and baby group was the best thing for my sanity!
I phoned around all the local church halls (no im not religous but it was a good place to start).I also chatted to any mums i saw ie in the shop q and asked if they knew of any good groups-did i look like a nutter, probably.Did i find a fantastic playgroup-indeedee!!

deenymcqueenygoreandguts Fri 28-Dec-07 19:50:05

Health visitors have list or good ideas of local groups.
Also when you go to baby clinic, why not ask around there?

lulurose Fri 28-Dec-07 19:52:42

I got a list from the library and went from

Where in Enfield are you?

PoinsettiaBouquets Fri 28-Dec-07 19:53:24

The Mumsnet Local / My Mumsnet facility on here should link you up to other MNers near you.
Can't recommend enough joining the NCT for their local post-natal tea groups. Really worth it if you're planning another baby one day too. Plus your local branch will have all sorts of volunteering stuff you can do with a baby in tow, keeps your brain working and makes new friends.
Your health visitor will know of some too I should think.

Izzybel Fri 28-Dec-07 19:54:41

I don't live in your area, but ask your health visitor. It was my HV who told me about mine. I had to push myself to go as I'm quite shy, but I'm so glad I did as it's great to meet people in the same situation! Cogratulations on your new baby smile.

Mine Sun 30-Dec-07 14:47:27

thanks guys... i live in Ponders End area of enfield but i don;t mind traveling a bit... only a bit though as you know you can never be too far from home with a new baby. Esp as i'm a new nervous mum!

I'll defo ask the health visitor at the clinic tomorrow.
It would be nice to find anyone on mumsnet in enfield that might want to get together... have only found likeminded people on this which is a lifeline for me!!

Nutters not allowed of course.

Can't wait to join or create a group, i never thought i'd need it so much, but i really do.

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