October '04 babies - Roll call!

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florenceuk Tue 16-Nov-04 21:15:02

OK, here is the list I have so far:

Eyelash (age 36) - DS3 arrived 5 October
Toots (age 37) - DD1 3 - DD2 arrived 5 October
Cazzybabs - DD born 7 October
sooz31 - DD arrived 7 October
Distracted - DS arrived 9 October
florenceuk (age 38) - DS 3 - DD arrived 13 October
Huppa, (age 37) dd now 21months - DS born 14 October
Bibiboo (age 25) DD arrived 15 October
Rickman - DS arrived 16 October
geoteach (age 33) - ds1 3 dd 10 months, DS2 born 16 October
Nailpolish - DD2 arrived 17 October
Piglit (age 36) - DS born 19 October
Miffy2 (age 35) - 22nd October dd 5 DS1 2 - DS2 arrived 22 October
Beansprout (age 35???) - 1 dsd (16). DS born 25 October
Bellie - DD arrived 30 October
Turtle35 (age 35) - DD arrived 31 October

I've taken this from the old pregnancy thread so there are some odd bits of info floating round eg age and other children. Excuse me if I've got any of this wrong, as my sleep-deprived brain barely capable of putting this list together! Any amendments please speak now, and we can start the new thread!

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rickman Wed 17-Nov-04 11:15:21

Message withdrawn

geogteach Wed 17-Nov-04 11:17:51

I'm very impressed florence! Would just like to point out that DD is now nearly 18 months old as 10 months would mean I was pregnant when she was 4 weeks old and therefore could be again (not bloody likely)!

Toots Wed 17-Nov-04 11:25:25

florence hope you're having a lie down after that!

dd2 woke at 3.30 so is normal after all. Made sticker chart for dd1 and she didn't getup til 7. do you think it would work for the babies?

trrtle, beansprout - feeling any better today?

huppa Wed 17-Nov-04 11:40:41

Wow Florence - very impressed indeed.

Well ds only screamed all afternoon yesterday instead of all day as he did on Monday. I still can´t get him to go for longer than 3 hours at night, but at least he usually goes straight back to sleep ( realise I´m tempting fate here).

Is anyone else having problems with leaking nappies? I´ve tried 3 different brands and they all leak. I´m beginning to think I´m not putting them on properly or maybe ds is a strange shape. I never had the problem with dd, but it´s happening once or twice everyday and is really annoying when it happens at night.

Dh has the afternoon off so we´re heading off for pizza. The restaurant is literally just over the road, but at least it feels like we´re getting out a bit. Hopefully ds won´t scream his way through the meal.

Hope everyone else is doing o.k.

Distracted Wed 17-Nov-04 14:01:05

That's pretty impressive. I can add my age if you like (I'm 34) and I have a dd too who was 2.5 when ds born.

Huppa hope you had a nice lunch, always makes you feel better to get out. I'm using Pampers nappies at the mo' and haven't had any leaks, but if you're talking poo, then ds has been constipated so not likely to leak!

On that subject - I knew it had to come to this at some point - does anyone know what the significance of green poo is?! Ds's poo is turning green and I'm sure I remember having the usual 'poo conversations' when dd was a baby and it was supposed to signify something if it was green. Or am I just turning into paranoid mum again

Bibiboo Wed 17-Nov-04 15:16:35

Am also impressed florence, so many of us now!

Huppa, I found the Huggies nappies I used leaked loads, as did the Asda own brand, but that could have been a result of my learning curve ... anyway, have since switched to a combination of Tesco own brand and Pampers and have had no probs with either. Dh seems to put nappies lower down on dd's body than I do and complains of leaks all the time, so maybe it is the way we put them on..?

Anyone else's baby sleeping less and less now? Boo is not having her 3-4hour long sleeps during the day (unless she's in the pram), but is napping for say 30 mins at a time. Not really much of a problem, except that I can't get as much done around the house in those 30 min time spans as I could a 3 hour one, but she isn't increasing her night-time sleeping. The most I get out of her is 4 hours at a time and 4-6am is her *play time* where she just will not go back to sleep. Any suggestions or is 4 weeks still to early to establish a routine? Am getting increasingly tired (ha!, and I thought pregnancy was tiring!) and don't know what I can do to catch up on sleep, as sleeping when Boo does isn't really an option ... unless someone can recommend a hoovering/laundry/sterilising and feed-making fairy who'd visit my house daily
Bean, hope you're feeling cheerier today - how is situation with dsd? Hope that's not causing you extra hassle at the mo.


beansprout Wed 17-Nov-04 15:40:15

Thanks Florence, and yes indeed, I am now 35! Am sadly v chuffed that Bean and I are the same star sign (Scorpio). Ahem.

We went on a big adventure into town today. Bean got his first trip on the tube, his own travelcard and everything. He was not too impressed though and cried more than usual, although I was well chuffed just to get out. My god the underground is a difference experience with a pushchair! I give thanks for all the kind people who helped me up and down stairs, otherwise I would still be standing there trying to change onto the District line...

Bibi - know how you feel about the housework but at this stage (and esp given your c-section) the fairy is called dh or your MIL, and you absolutley MUST have help from them. Or, it will have to wait. You are too tired to maintain the full monty my love. Ok? Sorry to be bossy, but you will only suffer and no carpet is worth that.

Distracted - I had the green poo thing and for breast fed babies it apparently can mean they are not getting enough of the hind milk, but equally, it is also within the range of normal on the poo-ometer.

Dsd came over for the first time since June on Sunday. It was ok, a bit odd. I still feel very unsure about her being in my bedroom though (eg when I am changing Bean) since the revelation that she snooped through our stuff looking for money to steal. Will have to see how it all pans out. Unlikely to take up her offer of babysitting though!

Wow - mega post - sorry!

Bellie Wed 17-Nov-04 16:54:25

Well remembered Florence - you can add my age if you want -31!!

Dd has slept virtually all day today - so now worried that she will be up all night - however I have whispered in her ear that she could be awake all the way through the football instead - we might as well start ganging up on dh earlier rather than later .
Am feeling slightly stir crazy at the moment - not being able to drive after c-section is a right pain, and nowhere is really within walking distance - guess that's the downside of living in the leafy suburbs!
Glad to hear you are feeling better bean.

beansprout Thu 18-Nov-04 15:57:14

It's dawning on me that some of you have been told that you can't drive for a certain number of weeks after a c-section - is this the case? I was told to do whatever I wanted to do and drove 12 days after the op... have I been badly advised?! Eek!

Screaming Bean this morning = knackered mum this afternoon. Yawn....

florenceuk Thu 18-Nov-04 16:59:58

Bean very impressed that you've been on the tube - and yes it is a pain with a buggy! The District line is particularly bad. I am contemplating my Xmas shopping list at the moment - I think everyone is going to get gift vouchers at this rate! What do you reckon - should I just buy a bulk lot of Jamie and Nigella to give away???

Bibiboo, definitely try and sleep when baby sleeps and ignore hoovering/laundry etc. Sympathise though, as the last few nights DD has been a nightmare at night - long protracted periods of wakefulness ie screaming after each feed, culminating in exhaustion on both our parts, and every time I think about lying down in the day DD seems to wake up... However according to various books babies don't start to produce melatonin until after six weeks and so they can't regulate their sleep till then (although there is always the miracle babies that sleep through!!) - ie start to tell day from night and sleep longer periods at night time. Urgh. I have a cold and so has everyone else including DD - double urgh...

BTW have a look everyone at Bean's meet-up thread - date now proposed (thanks Geogteach).

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Toots Thu 18-Nov-04 17:27:34

heartened by the melatonin factoid flo, dd2 woke 3 times last night, not even particlarly hungry.

had her weighed. turns out i misread weight last time and actually she is only 2 oz over birth weight now at 6 weeks . have started fenugreek sups to improve milk supply thanks to research on mn.

went to cinema today! mum and baby showing of bridget jones. went with my mum - so she was with her baby too . it was packed. nuts! much screaming so hardly heard any of daniel cleaver's sardonic asides. enjoyed the slapstick though and dd2 vg - do you see what i did there?

florence, know what you mean about christmas...

btw, all you with 2 or more, how on earth do you manage tea time? what do you make? keep just doing peas for dd1 as always have too much crying or feeding going on to do other veg. it's all down to planning i suppose.

geogteach Thu 18-Nov-04 19:57:50

Toots tea time is mahem basically! DS1 only has a repotoir of about 3 meals so that is my current excuse for why DD aslo only gets those 3 favorites!
A momentous day in this house, DS1 has his new tweenie hearing aid! and DD has walked! I however have over done it having taken DS1 to pre-school for the first time since DS2 was born, been to the supermarket and taken DS1 to hospital, early to bed me thinks

Bibiboo Thu 18-Nov-04 20:23:36

No fair! I want to go see Bridget Jones too! Plan was for MIL to have Boo tomrrow evening for dh to take me (as cannot drive self), but dh has after-school rugby shield match and presentation to attend - MIL busy Saturday and next weekend. Life is unfair. On the up side, I am hoping to have some of the girls from work over for a bottle of wine and let them cuddle Boo all night so I can just chill.
Bean, I asked MW about driving as a friend was told she could drive 3-4 weeks after a section, I was told no sooner than 6 to be on the safe side. Also was told if I planned to drive before 6 weeks (if healed miraculously well) to check with car insurance company as some of them have a policy regarding post-section women driving. Ass it happens, I've had an infection and weeping wound so don't want to risk hurting it further by driving. Basically, the bottom line was, if you would be comfortable doing an emergency stop without hurting yourself, you're okay to drive. My tummy is still tender to the touch near the scar so I'm not driving until me 6 week check with Dr.
Off now to watch EMA awards with a glass of something chilled ...

beansprout Fri 19-Nov-04 09:10:15

vg Toots!
In fact.... sleep - 3 hours, nappies - 8, rows with dp - 1.
Pants, pants day yesterday/today and Bean shows no sign of wanting to sleep yet. Am also cheered by the melatonin fact too along with general mantra of "this will get better". Nothing like the thought of "have I made a mistake?" at 3am to trigger a good dose of mummy guilt. If I didn't know this was normal, I really would think I was going mad at the moment. That's not to say I'm not a little crazed {wild, bug eyed emoticon]

I discovered online shopping last year and plan NO visits to the shops this year. That will have to do for this year!

huppa Fri 19-Nov-04 14:22:31

Well it´s snowing heavily again here today so I´ve decided to abandon any plans to go out and snuggle up on the sofa with the kids.

Bibiboo - really try to take a nap during the day if you can. If I can get both mine to sleep at the same time I sometimes get half an hour - it does make a difference. I´m now aiming for an hour because I realised after a week that´s 7 hours - a whole night´s sleep!

Geotech - how´s DS1 taken to his new hearing aid? Well done to your DD.

Toots - I know exactly how your feeling about your DD´s weight. My DD was exactly the same and was really slow to put on weight. I think if she´s generally happy and can go 12 - 6 even if it´s not every night then there´s nothing to really worry about. Ds on the other hand is putting on weight quickly but still won´t go for longer than 3 hours at night.

Bean - hope you have a better day.

I´m not even thinking about Christmas until December.

Bellie Fri 19-Nov-04 18:53:06

Hi all,
having a good day today - she slept for 7 hours last night! I can't beleive that I had to wake her this morning for her feed.
Tonight is the first night that she has gone down after her feed in the evening so dh and I are opening a bottle of wine with our takeout!
Hope you are having a better day bean - sounds like it has not been the bliss that we all expected.

cazzybabs Fri 19-Nov-04 20:17:24

hi guys - internet access still rubbish - am missing you all. DD2 still lovely, sleeping lots (has even managed to spend some of the night in her own crib) and doing less crying in the evenings - touch wood). anyway hope you are all doing well.

New house lovely but cold!

geogteach Fri 19-Nov-04 21:26:47

Well DS2 has been awake all day so I jolly well hope he is planning a long sleep tonight, don't think he has done more than 4 hours in one go yet. Weight gain doesn't seem to be a problem here ( except perhaps for my back)DS2 appears to have gained over 2oz a day for the last 10 days. For all those wanting to see Bridget Jones and can't leave baby there is a mother and baby showing in Croydon 14th December that i'm planning to try and make.
Hearing aid so far seems to be a popular gimmick, didn't send him to school in it but he seems to think it is necessary for TV watching which is good as we can turn the sound down a bit!

beansprout Sat 20-Nov-04 09:20:39

Well DS finally slept last night and I feel completely different today. Sleep, or lack of it, just changes everything doesn't it? So, whatever happens today, I will manage as I am not half crazed with tiredness. Blessed be the child that sleeps (and the dp who takes him to the other room when he doesn't...)

Huppa - like your hours of sleep logic. Will remember that and grab even short kips and add them up!
Geogteach - glad the hearing aid is going well. If I can't get to a Bridget screening up here in the meantime, I may well see you in Croydon on the 14th?

Toots Sat 20-Nov-04 17:00:48

bellie - 7 hours! bring it on! that's top notch.

bean - SO pleased last night was good.

geogteach - it is a relief to turn down the telly isn't it. when we come home when my mum's babysitting (oh, when, when!!!) we can hear it several houses away.

Huppa and cazzy - hope you're nice and warm this weekend.

We all went to Tate Modern today. Really enjoyed it - I was like a sponge for a bit of culture. So good to get on out when you're knackered, takes your mind off it, and (this is saaaaad) it means no-one's in the house making a mess that I expect I would be the one tidying up

Bellie Sat 20-Nov-04 17:47:20

Bean - so pleased that you had a better night - makes the world of difference.
Decided to go out today - once out it started snowing! one thing that they don't tell you in the baby books is that you can't push the pram and have an umbrella up! Looks like santa will be getting me a coat with a hood or a hat then!!

Bibiboo Sun 21-Nov-04 09:32:42

Just found this poem on another thread and it made me smile, thought some other mummies might like to read it...

I hope my child looks back on today
And sees a parent who had time to play
There will be years for cleaning and cooking
But children grow up when you're not looking
So settle down cobwebs,dust go to sleep
I'm cuddling my baby and babies don't keep.

Aaaaawwwww, off to cuddle baby now xxx

Bellie Sun 21-Nov-04 09:53:29

That's lovely Bibiboo - enjoy your cuddle - I am off for one with dd now

Distracted Sun 21-Nov-04 11:52:20

Bibiboo that is lovely isn't it. I was reading that thread too about how you should enjoy the times when your baby falls asleep on your chest and make the most of the cuddles as they grow up so fast.

Bellie - 7 hours is great, esp. as your dd's only something like 3 weeks old (is that right)? DS did a 7 hour stretch last weekend too as a one-off, but it wasn't 7 hours that we could sleep all of, as it was 7pm to 2 am - still really surprising what they can do sometimes and it gives you hope that they will start stretching out the night feeds soon when they do that.

DS is now 6 weeks, which is one of the milestones (and I've got the 6 week checks tomorrow) and also when you hope that they get more settled. However, he was really very settled between 4-5 weeks - he got into his 3hourly feeding and only cried when he was tired or hungry, really a textbook baby. However, for the last 5 days he's been getting more and more unsettled and I think it's probably colic as he seems to be in pain when he cries and his poo has gone green Just wonder how long it will last and whether he will go back to being a wonderful textbook baby or perhaps that too was just a phase. Will maybe buy some infacol tomorrow, though not too sure if it often works.

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