may babies get sevenny

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spots Mon 15-Nov-04 18:40:19

Nice here eh? Seven is a lovely magic number.

DD has horrible cough off DH. They are both hacking away like nanny goats so our house is rather noisy and I s'pose I'll have to get it too, sooner or later. A real workout for the immune system at 6 months anyway.

Think maybe my purees were a little bit lumpy for DD. She really went for the bought stuff I gave her today, and I was quite reassured. Anyone actually tried the Hipp apple and blueberry? So tasty I could have it on toast , no probs.

Georgina hope your hands, feet and mouths are OK.

Twiglett you are a rascal... sleeping through eh? what on earth is she thinking of?

Think I would rather miss my little overnight fixes of DD if she didn't remind me of her presence every 3 hours or so.

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Twiglett Mon 15-Nov-04 18:41:53

I think its cos you started that thread on sleeping through spots .. wasn't expecting it (but she did eat 3 meals yesterday) .. and I was still awake twice last night checking on her

spots Mon 15-Nov-04 18:46:14

glad to b e of service Twiglett

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Egypt Mon 15-Nov-04 20:35:52

oooo, sorry spots, just got your email! shall start an epic right away, if you still want it that is!

Twiglett Mon 15-Nov-04 20:59:44

sorry guys we have to go back to 6 for 4 days until Judd gets her DH to unlock another thread

linnet Mon 15-Nov-04 22:54:38

Spots dd2 loves the Hipp apple and blueberry, I thought it tasted pretty nice also, and the apple and apricot compote. Infact if it has apple in it she will eat it, or if it's just sweet tasting she'll eat it.

One of the mums at school told me that apparently babies will eat anything if it has apple mixed in with it. She used to give her dd potato mixed with apple and cheese and she loved it. Personally I think that sounds really disgusting but I may try it when dd2 is bigger. another one I've heard of is apple and carrot, yuck, haven't tried that either.

SusiS Tue 16-Nov-04 09:10:48

yes linnet, it's yummy, isn't it?
i prefer hipp to all the other ones - they just taste nicer imo

phew, what a night!
ds woke at 11.30 i went to turn him around and he fell asleep at once. and then i saw egypts words in front of my eyes and thought "well, we have to start one night ..." - next time he woke 12.30 i "ignored" him; no 5 min and he was asleep again. next i remember he woke 4.30, first i "ignored" him but it was a diff cry so i went in and i think he had wind, gave him some gripewater and he stopped crying. i went back to bed and could hear him cooing and babbling for another 20min and next thing i remember it was 7am
phewwww! not really easy
but i know he doesnt need any food anymore and mostly he is on his front and gets upset.
is it cruel to leave him on his front and make him learn to sleep that way??? he isn't really crying he is just enoyed i think.
well, if he doesn't like it he always could learn how to turn back
dang, i am a bad mother

Egypt Tue 16-Nov-04 09:21:28

go to old thread peops.

Judd Thu 18-Nov-04 19:34:11

Thank you ever so much for keeping on the old thread, I've really really appreciated it! Anyway, I'm liberated so please come on in and make yourselves at home !!

libb Thu 18-Nov-04 19:48:29


SusiS Thu 18-Nov-04 20:01:25

welcome back

Linnet Thu 18-Nov-04 23:24:55

Judd you can move to the new thread, hurrah

Libb I have no idea how to "define the first word" dd2 has said hiya from an early age, a lovely breathy hiya, more of a sigh that sounds like hiya but cute all the same and if you say it back to her she will repeat it, until she gets bored. She babbles away saying mumumum or dadadada but she doesn't know what she's saying. She has said bleugh though when I was feeding her once, lol I was quite offended as it was one of my puree's I was feeding her at the time . she was babbling in between mouthfuls of yogurt tonight and said mama, my brother was there and heard her as well and was amazed. He then tried to get her to say it again and she just laughed at him.
dd1's first proper word was Dada, I'm being selfish and hoping that dd2's is going to be mama.

So who's got snow then? It's absolutely freezing here -2c tonight but no snow. It's snowing north of me though and there is snow forecast for Sunday. It's far too early for snow, we don't usually get snow until January. Mind you if it snows on Sunday it will be nice to go out and play in it, assuming that there will be enough to play in, as dh is off on Sunday so we can have a family day playing in the snow. Unless it's the horrible wet slushy stuff then I'll just stay inside where it's warm.

prufrock Fri 19-Nov-04 08:48:11

I cook chicken by poaching it in milk, usually along with vegetables (if you cook it with the veg it tastes less "meaty"). YOu can then roughly blend, or mash the veg and shred the chicken into strands. Good combos are parsnip, or carrot and potato.
But ds has refused both, so last night just had the lamb stew (lamb/carrots/red wine/stock/tomatoes) that we had mashed up (I did manage to mix 2 cubes of sweet potato in - I will use up my frozen purees

cat82 Fri 19-Nov-04 10:21:00

Helllooooo everyone!

I haven't read any of the least thread it's enormous and i would have been there all day
My knee has been complete agony which is why i haven't been posting- i couldn't focus on anything apart from pain and kiera
The swelling's gone down a tad now, so i'm not in so much pain, thank god, but still no hospital appointment. Grrrrrr.

Well i spent all day cooking up a storm on Wednesday. I did baked plaice with tomato rice for lunch and then mashed potato with carrot, chicken and parsnips and banana for pudding. An hour cooking for each, approxamatly 30 seconds attempting to feed kiera while she squirmed, gagged and spat it all out again, 10 minutes throwing it away, removing jar from cupboard, heating jar and putting jar in bowl, 10 minutes as she wolfed every sinlge bit down and asked for more and another hour cleaning the mess i had made cooking the feast that my baby likened to poisen mixed with bleach, in the kitchen. I must be something wrong.

We did have a victory yesterday though i made chicken and mashed potatoes again and she seemed to enjoy it. Hurrah!

Spots- I hope little dd gets better soon.

Susi- Sounds like you're doing everything right re: night imo.

We have snow!! i went out breifly in it yesterday and when i came back in i swear i was pulling ice chinks the size of small children out of my hair

Okay so....people still on for the 26th of November? I have a venue suggestion. I don't know if people know the Slug and Lettuce in cambridge? Upon investigation it has some reasonable baby change facilities and the prices for food/drink etc aren't astronomical. As for time-Throw in suggestions people!

Hope everyone's okay

Egypt Fri 19-Nov-04 12:15:41

sounds good cat, is it easy to find and park? i have no idea about cambridge city centre. will look on map on net though.

glad your knee is feeling a bit better. you poor thing.

how did you do your chicken? surely if it's shreaded it can be swallowed? too long and stringy or am i getting the wring idea prufrock? ooooo, boring food mummy. mind you, as far as my fitness fanatic, health guru, obsessive eater of a sister is concerned, chicken can easily contain bacteria and shouldnt be given at all. along with minced beef, which can lie in the gut for years (!), fish which have bones guess should wait until i go home to cook these things up, so she can't tut over my shoulder.

it is f.f.f.freezing. lovely clear blue sky and my mum /does/ have her washing on the line but it is sooo cold. snow? blimey! we are s.e mind so none of that yet! if at all.

mum has taken dd for a walk in the cold. she slept until 9.30 this morning which was weird. she did wake at 7.30 according to my mum but went back to sleep. since i have been here i havent been hearing her wake. usually i hear the first sound but i sometimes dont wake until she's screaming or when my mum comes in the room and says "shall i go and see to her?" ooo dear. bad mummy. must just be because i know someone else is listening out for her too.

dd is babbling lots too, especially between mouthfulls of food, when she remembers she has a tongue. did say dada the other day according to my mum but as yet nothing is really copied. except blowing raspberries. oops.

i am impressed with your lo's vocab!

Egypt Fri 19-Nov-04 12:16:29

i meant surely if it's shreaded it can't be swallowed. sort your life out egypt

Egypt Fri 19-Nov-04 12:18:26

oooooo didn't realise we had a new way of doing italics

GeorginaA Fri 19-Nov-04 12:33:01

Ds2 isn't babbling. Well, he's doing terradactyl like screaches, and different sorts of noises, lots of raspberry/razzing sorts of noises and definitely doesn't have a hearing problem, but nothing I associate with babbling (consonant/vowel sounds like dadada, mamama, etc).

Though thinking about it, ds1 didn't either and he didn't say his first word until 15 months then caught up tremendously with above-average language skills at 2.

Still, being worried about yet another thing keeps me occupied, doesn't it?!

There was a point to this post... I think I lost it though...

libb Fri 19-Nov-04 17:59:18

I see the April thread are only just talking hearing tests - DS was tested the day after he was born, is this not the norm? I was a bit surprised at the time as I thought there would still be "amnio stuff" making an exit. (sounds far sillier now than it did at the time . . . )

We don't have terradactyl noises anymore - thank goodness. They were dire and always badly timed! Ga and Da are his latest sound bites. I have also felt the start of a bottom tooth peeping through. I gave up trying to look as he would poke his tongue out every time I tried! little monkey.

He is still stingy with his smiles and the Beavis/Butthead laugh is very odd - but they are more frequent than a month ago, clearly too busy absorbing information!

prufrock Fri 19-Nov-04 18:09:24

Cut into small cubes (2cm ish) before cooking, then shred both ways with two forks -I look to end up with pieces of meat about 2mm by 5mm (yes I measured a bit from ds's plate ) any bigger and he seems to just spit out. But they can cope with quite big stuff now

Judd Fri 19-Nov-04 18:11:15

Libb - I think that there may be a hearing test at the 8 month check as well. Blimey - that will be us soon! Got to go, having the most horrible day ever. Stereo crying has been had, yoghurt is all over the floor, knickers have been pooed in, and Time Out is in progress.
Roll on bedtime.
(actually that makes me sound very flippant. Its just been one of those days, I hate hearing my children cry and its all such an absolute shame).

libb Fri 19-Nov-04 18:29:40

Pardon? he he! (sorry, that was dire!)

Cat, can I get back to you after the weekend about Friday? I have gone holiday crazy since being back (am ashamed to say that it was only 6 weeks ago too) so need to contain myself a little! The CM is off on Christmas Eve so I have already told big boss that I either take the day off or bring him in - I like the last idea as he will get lots of cuddles, there is something nice about the last day "at school" and we don't do much anyway.

Georgina, please don't worry. His terradactyl noises have passed and have been replaced by a weird "crcrcrcrcr" sound at the back of his throat and GA and DA - with the odd raspberry thrown in for good measure. right now he is watching Top of the Pops and bopping his feet. He bops them so hard he moves across the floor, time to say goodbye to the bouncer soon?

The other day I was tapping on the computer table with my hand to MTV2 and he was trying to copy - his timing is terrible though. I was tapping 2 beats and he was tapping 3, lovely muppet.

Twiglett, love your DS's back to front pants story by the way!! had me cracking up! I still can't imagine DS being like that one day . . . but I really hope he is xxx

kbaby Fri 19-Nov-04 21:15:07


DD is sitting up quite well but ive been told that shes early. I can leave her for about 2 mins or so. She does fall over if she looks up and loses her balance. If im with her she will sit for about 20 mins. Shes alos started doing this funny worm thing. She looks like shes trying to do the catepillar, I think thats what it was called anyway. Its where they used to do breakdancing and used to go on their belly and move across the floor. Anyway ill stop blabbering and get on with it. She looks very funny and I cant help laughing at her attempts to move forward. All this body popping ends up doing is moving her backwards

Is it ok to bath DD after tea? im afriad to encase it makes her sick.
Also Georgina A we give 4-5 cubes veg at 11.30 and then a bf at 2.30 and a rice cake or yougurt at 4. This seems to keep her happy until 7ish when she has tea. Ive bought 2 other recipie books for babies today. I just cant get my head around what to cook DD when she s6 months. Purees are all I know. Anyone find that jar food is too runny. I gave DD rice pudding the other night and it was just like milk. All the food I make for her is mashed up and quite thick. Did manage to choke her today though. I gave her rusk with milk but there mustve been a bit that wasnt dissolved. This means now that her new trick is to gag when I feed her anything.

On the talking front. DD's not doing anything other than screaching in different tones. She doesnt blow rasberries or make anything resembling dada etc. She was making lots of different sounds before but seems to have discovered screaching and stuck at it.

On the sleep front- We managed to go 8-6.30 on tuesday yeahhhh.. although doesnt seem to have lasted. Wednesday night was 8-5 and then last night was 8-4.. Why oh why do they do really good one night and then start to fall back on old habits. At least I know she doesnt need feeding at night so im being a bit more hard hearted, im not feeding but leaving her in her cot and stroking her hair. Im hoping that tonight will be better as shes had a good dinner. At least weve cut out the 11pm feed. Ive also bought ear plugs. I got fed up of being the only one to get up all the time so now that she doesnt need feeding I put the ear plugs in and let dp sooth dd.
Why is it that my messages are always much longer than everyone elses. I must bore you to death.

Ok you can wake up now..............................

Bozza Fri 19-Nov-04 21:22:04

Always have so much to catch up on come the weekend. Commiserations Judd - I've had a bad day too. Decided to limit DD to one feed in the night. So fed her when she woke at 11.30 pm but tried to settle her at 3 am. Come 5 am and having had not sleep in the meantime DH decided to end it and brought her in. Think part of the problem was that she'd done a poo at 3 when DH went to her so had to get her up, light on etc. Anyway she then went back to sleep and didn't wake until 7.45 but DS up at 7. Anyway I had a busy day with the hairdresser coming and my friend coming for her hair doing with her two kids and my other friend forgetting to come and going to work but realising and sending her DS. So I had to do lunch for 3 adults and 4 children. And DD projectile vomited all over the floor, high chair, my friend's socks, the haridressing cape I was wearing etc etc. And she's had about 8 dirty nappies and been very clingy and miserable. So she's back on the diarolyte exactly one week after the last bout.

The joys of putting your child in nursery.... So that hot topic of weaning is going backwards rather than forwards for us. Although she is getting quite good at drinking water out of a cup.

Bozza Fri 19-Nov-04 21:23:07

NB Didn't just ignore her between 3 and 5 am - but tried to settle her without feeding and failed.

Obviously can't try tonight because she needs the comfort and I'm worried about dehydration.

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