April 2007 - all mummy wants for Christmas is a good nights sleep!

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jingleoooggs Wed 19-Dec-07 12:50:34

I did post it earlier and this is what I would really like. I have been a really really good girl and have written my letter to Santa so..................

James, Erin & Jack be good to mummy and sleep a full night on Christmas Eve especially as it is my birthday grin.

Infact all those special yummy April 07 (March & May) sleep well and help us throught the pissed festive season.

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mammyjounderthemistletoe Wed 19-Dec-07 13:01:18

Well said oooggs!! I would like that for Christmas too please Santa. Normally F is really good but last night and the night before that and the night before thatsad I spent most of it out of bed cuddling her. I need some sleep <<<<<<<<yawn>>>>>>>>>

mammyjounderthemistletoe Wed 19-Dec-07 13:02:14

And Happy Birthday for Christmas Eve too! Does this make you as old as me? grin

jingleoooggs Wed 19-Dec-07 13:18:39

it will do mammyjo grin great age isn't it hmmsmile

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weewishyouamerryonion Wed 19-Dec-07 13:23:35

so 21 is a good age then??grin

mammyjounderthemistletoe Wed 19-Dec-07 13:25:47

21 is fantastic grin

jingleoooggs Wed 19-Dec-07 13:34:15

I'll you next week weeonion wink

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fpesha Wed 19-Dec-07 13:50:19

Lol at the pissed festive season grin

Think I shall have to go in as they have just given me a small box of m&s dark mint choc truffles!! grin Not good for my diet but I have lost nearly a stone already grin Just another 3 few to go then! hmm wink

The head just asked me to write her a letter handing n my notice and to say if I intend to work a month's notice or not. Now I told her at the end of Nov so actually will have worked nearly a month and I dont recall reading a proper contract. i signed something with pay details and my bank details etc on but I dont have a copy of anything. Does it make a difference to any pay I'll receive or not really? Should I make a point of saying when I gave verbal notice or does it not matter?

Very pleased with D though, he fell asleep just before 11, i put him in cot, he gave a couple litle shouts and then apparently slept until 1 shock A record for him, yay I finally have a baby that does daytime naps!!!! WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO HOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO grin grin grin grin

<<Runs off touching all the wood in the house and searching for large trees>>

Oh loved the emails btw - I never mind getting junk funny emails wink Will show SOL's to the kids later smile

geordiemacminxpie Wed 19-Dec-07 13:50:52

Its my bday 4 days after xmas

mammyjounderthemistletoe Wed 19-Dec-07 13:53:38

Happy Birthday GMM!grin Early I know, but once the kids break up from school I wont be around much hmm and there is that small festivity looming which may take a little of my time grin

elkiedee Wed 19-Dec-07 14:25:53

Pesha, I would go in. Sorry! Sleep vibes to your D.

My D woke up very soon after I posted, has watched Teletubbies and had two nappy changes, food, milk etc. And has gone back to sleep but probably not for long. I think I've just reheated that coffee a second time, I get confused! When he wakes up I will have to change his clothes as they're not clean enough to go out in, and go out to do a couple of things and buy Mike's mum's pressie in Wood Green.

jingleoooggs Wed 19-Dec-07 14:30:48

happy birthday gmm grin sod December birthdays and I am sure you are much much younger that me 21!!! wink

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KneehighinYellowSnow Wed 19-Dec-07 14:36:47

hello, all does any one know anything about the dreaded chicken pox?
I took the dt's to toddler group yesterday and there was a very very spotty boy there dribbling over z, and today z is very very very very very grumpy, infact he hasn't stopped crying all day, it may just be teeth and I'm paranoid but have given him calpol and that hasn't improved his mood much hmm

fpesha Wed 19-Dec-07 14:41:19

Happy birthday to all christmasy people lest I forget!

Have a feeling D is not keen on marmite which is a shame cos its all we have in, tesco shop after school. Tray was clear and he was kicking his legs and squeaking at me like he wanted more but have just discovered it is all shoved down the side of him hmm Have put it back on tray and he is now squishing it and seeing how far he can spread the mess hmm He's not really a big lunchtime eater though tbh, BIG breakfast and pretty big tea but lunch he just nibbles abit and I dont think he'd be too bothered if he went without.

Oh and his laugh is rubbish!! Gorgeous and very cute but a feeble attempt at a proper laugh, it sounds like a car engine trying to turn over hmm

I'm sure he says hiya and/or hello, has been doing it for a while but has taken me this long to decide that yes he is saying it on purpose. And when we say 'OUT' to the dog (which we do quite a lot!) he sits there shouting 'Ou Ou Ou'!! And he can sit up but prefers to be lying down so I cant yet leave him sitting as all of a sudden he just leans himself backwards/sideways! hmm

Can you tell I'm bored today?!

What other news can I bore tell you all... hmm

Gosh what a lot of 'hmm' blush

fpesha Wed 19-Dec-07 14:43:19

I think it has quite a long incubation period and starts with cold like symptoms before you get spots. Wouldn't have thought you'd notice anything this soon. Were the other boys spots all scabbed over or were some like blisters still?

Being shouted at now.

KneehighinYellowSnow Wed 19-Dec-07 14:46:22

his spots were red, i didn't take a close look at them just z out of there asap, my mum said something about the spots being there means they are less contagious (sp?) I think I am paranoid, what with all the sickness we have all had recentlysad

mammyjounderthemistletoe Wed 19-Dec-07 14:52:26

Kneehigh, pox does incubate for around 2 weeks so z wouldnt have any symptoms from that boy. If the spots werent all dried and crusted though, that little boy would have still been infectious.

KneehighinYellowSnow Wed 19-Dec-07 14:54:54

Ok so he probably doesn't have the pox, so why the hell is he so grumpy, if it was teeth the calpol would have done something, I just don't know but he is getting very very heavy nowwink

RudolphtherEDDASnosedreindeer Wed 19-Dec-07 14:55:06

KHIN, my two had Cp recently, ds still has the scabs!

Incubation is up to 21 days (i think) and dd had it one week and ds got it not the next week but the one after, does that make sensehmm so I doubt it would be it today. I'm sure you are most contagious BEFORE spots and I wasn't too careful with dd blush but to be fair her's was VERY mild and she was totally unbothered by the whole thing, lucky girl! Poor ds had it worse but still not that bad. He was ok with it and tbh i'm glad he had it before he could scratch. Did make him restless at night though

mammyjounderthemistletoe Wed 19-Dec-07 14:57:43

It is at its most contagious just before the spots come out, but blistery spots can still pass the infection on.

RudolphtherEDDASnosedreindeer Wed 19-Dec-07 15:01:35

You're right mj, i did keep dd off preschool and tried not to go anywhere. but i did pop to a couple of shops, as quickly as I could and kept her away from peopleblush

DS had his the week I was carless so worked out quite wellhmmgrin

mammyjounderthemistletoe Wed 19-Dec-07 15:02:26

Its difficult though isnt it, unless you become a recluse!

KneehighinYellowSnow Wed 19-Dec-07 15:06:18

So it is just z being a typical MAN then, great smile

jingleoooggs Wed 19-Dec-07 15:13:15

BUGGER - JUST SAT AT PC AND DID A FULL SHOP sorry didn't realsie that was on blush delivery on 27 Dec!!!!!!!!! we are going to starve - that was the next avalible date shock just got it cancelled and now will have to go shopping tomorrow angry

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jingleoooggs Wed 19-Dec-07 15:13:54

Hi there KN - long time no 'see'

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