Dec 2005 babies, screaming, stamping, tearing hair out and thats just me!

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rosylizzie Fri 07-Dec-07 20:31:09

where has my sweet baby gone?
lots of overdramatic throwing self not floor and screaming all day - remind me of this stage next time i am broody -oops too late ds3 now 5 months!
hows everyone elses bundles?
any plans for second birthdays?

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gigglewitchyouamerrychristmas Sat 08-Dec-07 20:07:01

had second birthday last sun.
what an event. tricycle, pink pink pink everything, dolls and stuff - even worse pinkfest than when she was born.grin
can't beleive the orders and instructions that come out of her...don't remember my boys being anywhere near this bossy shock

gigglewitchyouamerrychristmas Sat 08-Dec-07 20:07:36

ummm, believe, even

Nemostwonderfultimeoftheyear Sat 08-Dec-07 20:12:44

pmsl...Hs 2nd bday is next sunday and we are having a dreading H at the min is a minx as she is soo bloody cute but a demon at the same time with no fear!!!

gigglewitchyouamerrychristmas Sat 08-Dec-07 20:20:52

hi nemo!! long time no "see"!
think this cute fearless demon thing is part of the deal shock

Nemostwonderfultimeoftheyear Sat 08-Dec-07 20:25:16

yep I think so...keeps me on my toes especially now C is copying her big sis!!

scully Mon 10-Dec-07 09:37:15

dd2 is exactly the same, we say she has lots of 'character', certainly no wallflower
We had a night away without out two dd's last night, stayed at the Crowne Plaza at Surfers Paradise and the girls had a sleep over at poppy and nona's house.
Definitely recommend it, even if for just one night grin

Nemostwonderfultimeoftheyear Mon 10-Dec-07 10:16:46

oh scully sounds heavenly...

Well I am without any little fishes for the first time in 4 yrs started nursery this morning[only doing 2 sessions a week mon am and fri pm] and ds is in school nursery..its sooo strange!!!

ebbie22 Fri 14-Mar-08 22:04:50

hey guys,remember me?

where has the time gone,my baby boy now 27 months

how are you all?

gigglewitch Fri 14-Mar-08 22:12:25

hi ebbie - don't think we've met?
how's your erm "baby" wink

my little cherub has had a terrible twos day. She has scratched my face - twice [so i have matching lines down each cheek shock]
she has thrown herself on the floor outside school when we went to collect the boys and kicked DH hmm
I called her (affectionately, i must add) 'baby' today, and she responded indignantly
"my not a baby. I'm a big boy". PMSL.

scully Mon 24-Mar-08 00:34:48

2 is an interesting age isn't it grin
dd2 is so full of 'character' right now, but most of the time it's hard not to laugh at her (without her seeing, of course wink )

Nemoandthefishes Thu 15-May-08 22:51:38

ohh I just adoreeeeeeeeee 2yr olds...pmsl
H isnt too bad at the min although she now has a dead tooth after an accident, a bruised cheek from the swing and her desperate desire to be a princess and currently wear dressesshock

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