April 2007 - Not very inventive title. but brain is mush and this is for Ellie's mobile! =-)

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DippyChristmas Fri 07-Dec-07 12:38:08

Viola! smile 'cuse title - in a rush! blushsmile xx

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ElfPolarBear Fri 07-Dec-07 12:45:26

quick hello so I'm on this

DippyChristmas Fri 07-Dec-07 12:53:11

Bramshott - Just to let you know that I got the post you sent - Thank you honey! smile xx

Off to Soft Play, laters ......

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Idreamofchocolate Fri 07-Dec-07 13:39:00

Oh KHIN, what a crappy time you're having. It's bad enough being ill when it's just you, but having to look after LOs at the same time is the pits. Poor you honey, hope things start to improve on the health-front.

Hi Ellie, if you're there.

jingleoooggs Fri 07-Dec-07 14:10:48

glad your back Katy smile

Fell asleep with ds1 at 8pm shock hence why not about last night and missed the Joe stuff

Thinking of you Ellie <<<<<hugs>>>>>>> if you are still accepting them.

Haven't really had time to catch up

NorthernLurkerwithastarontop Fri 07-Dec-07 14:32:39

KHIN - that sounds grim all round - don't know what to suggest really - any idea when the new house will be sorted enough to move in?

EPB - welcome back - how's the house?

Dippy - 'Not enough experience' is a very irritating thing to hear but there is something better waiting for you!

Ellie - glad to hear things going ok with you, hope you can get all the tests done without any upset for Joe or you. How nice he is more smiley today

Oooggs - was it a better night all round? I was quite chuffed because I did a dream feed with B at 12 and she then slept till 5 in her own cot - looks like that's the way to go

Eddas - hope you get the car thing sorted - I know how stressful it is - don't get me started on my phone row with the washing machine people yesterday......

SOL - sorry you're worried about K. Her being ill will have made a big difference I think. You don't have to go back on the 19th you know - by all means go if you think it will reassure you but as long as K is eating and sleeping and smiling I wouldn't bother. I must remember to take B to be weighed some time - I confidently expect her to have slipped centile wise as she is not a big eater - but she is the picture of health and jolliness so I won't stress.

B is playing with dh's work bag - many zips and a good handle for biting - her whoozit lies abandoned - so cute!

Hello to everyone else

RudolphtherEDDASnosedreindeer Fri 07-Dec-07 15:42:51

NL, i did read about your washing machineangry how irratating

KHIN, am sending you all {{get well vibes}} and not sure what to say about the staying with parents. Such a hard one.

Well, I have a hire car. They tried to give me a corsa which wouldn't fit my pushchair in, but after telling them they let me have a focus! So that's great. Just been in touch with the garage and the results is they are syaing it's a write-offsad so we'll get a formal offer next week sometime probably. But they will have an assessor out to look at the car first and the insurance company have only just been told it's a write-off. They said it's not a close call write-off so no chance I can wangle them fixing itsad So once I have the cash I get 5 days of the hire car then if I don't have a car it's tough s@&* I have no carangry guess what we'll be doing this weekendhmm We won't buy anything but will research and maybe since it's so near christmas we might be able to cut a deal [hopeful] DH has ideas of an old Mercedes but it seems like a bad idea to me. AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAARGH

NorthernLurkerwithastarontop Fri 07-Dec-07 16:15:42

Eddas - about the focus angry about the write off - still you might find something lovely - we've bought cars at this time of year twice actually and got good prices - so good luck!

Sexmasonlegs Fri 07-Dec-07 16:18:14

Hi folks

Ellie, glad things are sounding on the up for Joe.

KHIN, what a sodding nightmare is all I can say. Hope things improve dramatically all round.

NL, thanks for your post. I am trying not to worry about K, as she is such a happy, healthy looking baby. I was just a bit disappointed with the fact that she has dropped to between the 2nd and 9th centile. I will go back I imagine.

Elf, how is your new house? Hope you settle soon. x

Have been in bed since midday feeling awful. Have a high temp, and achy all over. Feel shit. Luckily dh is working from home today and did the school run.


PillockOfTheCommunity Fri 07-Dec-07 16:38:56


he has steroids and an inhaler and seems to be much better, still waiting for the results of another test.

have to go sort out my biggest boy now so will be back later xx

PillockOfTheCommunity Fri 07-Dec-07 16:43:02

oh, and it was 10AM before we saw a paed consultant, after that things went fairly swimmingly!

NorthernLurkerwithastarontop Fri 07-Dec-07 16:46:21

POTC - so pleased you and your little lads are home

RudolphtherEDDASnosedreindeer Fri 07-Dec-07 16:57:56

oh good ellie, so glad you're home and glad your littlest man is seeming bettersmile

SOL, sorry to hear you're feeling crap. NL's advice re K is great. They seem to stress so much at the HV when they look at charts but we do know our kids best. FWIW I haven't had ds weighed since hmm not sure when. Wouldn't have a lcue on his weightblush but he's happy(apart from the poxwink) so i'm sure he's fine plus my clinic is when I work so I can't go even if I wanted to!

Just been talking money/cars to my Dad. At 29 I still rely heavily on my dad whenever there's anything involving money. He's made me more calm that we can get something and even borrow to do it as our mortgage-equity ratio is pretty good considering so although not a great idea to borrow for a car against the house, needs must(probably and without getting a heap we'll need more cash) so will have to look into it and the pursade dh as he will not like the idea. Hates borrowing but TBH it's a way of life these days.

Right off to talk to my dc's who have been ignored as i've had to ring various people all day and have been an emotional disaster todaysad

elkiedee Fri 07-Dec-07 16:59:47

POTC glad to see that you're home, are we still allowed to send hugs? Hugs or manly pats on the back as appropriate.

geordiemacminxpie Fri 07-Dec-07 17:00:10

Just quickly popping in.

Ellie - so pleased you are both home, hopefully J will be back to his normal self soon.

Eddas - sorry if you already know this but dont accept the insurances company's first offer... make sure you have checked Glasses' guide to used car prices - tell them you want book price - they will go up on their offer.

RudolphtherEDDASnosedreindeer Fri 07-Dec-07 17:08:35

tahnks gmm, if it were left to me, being as dumb about these things, then i probably would accept their first offerblush but dh has already said not to. I'm SUCH a woman about these things. Mind you when we bought the now defunct car we(dh and I) didn't realise we could make them take less and barter them done[thicko] but this time, and with the added bonus that it's christmas, we WILL remember that fact.

kneehighinnappies Fri 07-Dec-07 17:26:29

I have downloaded some of the xmas party pics onto my facebook account if any of you guys want to have a look at them, until i get told to take them off.
I can't tell you who anyone is without their permission but there are some funny ones. prehaps the owners will let me tell you who they are as some of you are very familliar with one of the ladies in them from on here.hmm

kneehighinnappies Fri 07-Dec-07 17:27:06

Oh and it's not norma I am on about, rather someone with pumpkins?wink

DippyChristmas Fri 07-Dec-07 17:51:51

Wil take a peek later, kneehigh smile

Back from Soft Play, all 3 girlies watching Charlie and Lola, DH making tea so just popping on quickly to catch up as I have Book Group tonight and won't get a chance to pop on later! So hello! smile <<<<Waves>>>>

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NorthernLurkerwithastarontop Fri 07-Dec-07 17:57:45

Hi Dippy - I've got girls Christmas fair tonight - joy hmm

jingleoooggs Fri 07-Dec-07 19:33:03

Not that it will affect you lot - but I am loosing my voice hmm and feel like sol wink

nice to read about vio on the secret santa thread smile

catch you later

leakythesnowman Fri 07-Dec-07 20:26:26


Ellie so pleased you are home and Joe is brighter already. Hope he's all better soon. You must be soooo tired.

Eddas - car dealers are desperate for business in December. Hope you get a good deal.

Feel like poo. Still got stinky cold, sore ears and throat. G also got cold and teething.

Off to London in morniong for Eva's christening. So looking forward to it just wish I felt better. Not looking forward to 8 adults and 2 babies trying to get ready for 10am service in a house with 1 bathroom!

I'll be back on Monday.

Hope you all have a great weekendsmile

jingleoooggs Fri 07-Dec-07 20:31:31

hard on us mummies isn't it cos we still have to do mummy things when we feel ill hmm

like they say......

children get colds
men get flu
women get on with it grin

have a fab weekend lesley and it is so nice to hear that Eva is getting christened and is doing so well smile

leakythesnowman Fri 07-Dec-07 21:20:53

Was about to have a nice relaxing bath when I realised that my bathroom smells like something has died in there! Why do men smell so bad. TMI I know but I'm going to have to wait at least 20 minutes!

Sexmasonlegs Fri 07-Dec-07 21:25:17

Hi folks.

Leaky, pmsl at "bathroom smelled like something died in there"! What a disappointment to have to delay your bath.

Hope you feel better soon, and that you have a lovely weekend.

Oooggs, sorry to hear you are feeling pants as well. I could cry I feel so awful. Hoping a good nights' sleep will help. Hope you get some rest petal.

Heading to bed in a mo. Sleep well lovely ladies and see you tomorrow. xx

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