June '04 babies

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zephyrcat Mon 08-Nov-04 21:26:45

Have noticed lots of other 04 months but not June so thought I would get it going DS was born on June 17th. He is totally different to how DD was so its like starting over again! He's growing fast but seems to get very bored and frustrated at not being able to do much. He's just starting jars of baby food but tends to have a bit of a sweet tooth!! He's also a gemini and definately seems to have two personalities in there - he can stare at you and go from wobbly bottom lip/about to burst into tear to huge grin in a second!! How are other the other June babies getting on?

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Gomez Mon 08-Nov-04 22:22:11

Zephyrcat we are around just really bad at posting!



Most of us are at least second timers, with a few real professionals in there on numbers 3 & 4!

I have DD2 (12/6) who is v. cute and sat up all by herself today for longer than 5 seconds - must have made it to at least a minute .

Hope to see you around and chat some more soon.

Gomez Mon 08-Nov-04 22:23:21


June 04 Thread

monkeygirl Tue 09-Nov-04 10:32:03

Hey are you all trying to sneak off without me! Are we posting on here now then?

Hello and welcome zephyrcat. I've got a dd1 who is 3 and a half and ds who is now 5 months (10/6). He is mostly laid back and can happily play by himself with some toys while he's reclining in his bumbo, but when he wants attention (or to hear the sound of his own voice?) or is tired or hungry he has an ear-splitting scream!

Sorry if I'm repeating myself here but I did give him some food ages ago but he wan't interested so I left it and am now trying again. He is definitely impressed with apple and pear so I'll see today if he'll have a go with carrot. But poor little tot has to have a Heaf (sp?) test today so I am very nervous. If he 'fails' he will have to have a BCG next week .

Karen - of course you want to get back to normal life so it's not selfish. Hope you can get back on track now.

Gomez - I'm impressed - sitting up! Can't wait for Alex to sit up properly as it will make life a whole lot easier.

zephyrcat Tue 09-Nov-04 11:04:01

Hi everyone - sorry i missed that post obviously couldnt see the woods for the trees!!! I will come and post on that one instead og you all moving around!! Great to hear from you guys tho

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Amai Tue 09-Nov-04 11:24:38

Just thought it was time to start a new thread on June 04 zephyrcat don't go! I'll say hi to you all. My DD was born 10/06 like monkey girl's DS. She is becoming a real little character and her face says a thousand words. She is a good entertainer for the family as her laugh is contageous and spontaneous also a gemini. I am sure you have allll found this with your babies dont they grow up fast! I am not into jars yet but think I will be strictly organic and use the blender for DD's food unless I am travelling. Any recipies? she is still on milk.

Amai Wed 10-Nov-04 10:14:55

Ok then...I'll just search the recipies site. I could also join the old June 04 thread but feel I would have to sift through all of it to learn who every one is!

monkeygirl Wed 10-Nov-04 17:00:02

Welcome Amai! Shall we keep this new one open then? I'm sure you'll get to know us soon enough. Gosh, dont know about recipes - at this early stage I would just concentrate on pureeing single foods like apple, pear, carrot etc and testing them out on your dd for a couple of days to test for reactions. Apple and pear together goes down well in our house though and I seem to remember sweet potato mixed with another veg like cauliflower or carrot again was popular with dd1 when she was a baby.

Yesterday I passed the hospital where I had both dd and ds and I felt so tearful and broody - somebody stop me now cos I don't think I could go through all that again (could I??). Ok who else is still broody out there (and I'm talking to you Skara whether you are ). Ds has also been practising saying 'b' for about 2 days now which is very sweet. I can say that now cos he is asleep and being quiet for a change!

Skara Wed 10-Nov-04 20:45:33

Did I hear someone taking my name in vain ?

Hi all, was just scouting the threads for sightings of the June bods and here we are in a brand new snazzy thread of our own. Hi Amai and Zcat, nice to meet you. Quick re-intro - I'm Skara, mother of the heavenly J who is the most delicious boy born 30th May but was meant to be a June baby! He's our 3rd baby; we also have a nearly-five year old daughter and a 2 and 3/4 yo son who are bl**dy knackering at the moment. Just been off for a visit to friends back home in Edinburgh with only one small inoffensive baby in a sling which was bliss - only had to pack clothes and that was it, although that's our last trip like that cos I guess J will be thinking about solids soon . And my other bit of news....ta-daaaaaaaaaaa..........J slept through from 6-6 last night and 8-6 the night before. I am astounded. Hope it carries on now I'm back home. Now I must leave, there's a cup of tea calling me from the kettle and a huge bar of dairy milk with my name on it in the fridge.

Oh and MG, I have to admit shamefacedly that I have gained 8lb - the bf diet is failing miserably and I am SO FAT my trotters can hardly carry my larderous weight. Off to read the other thread and catch up whilst stuffing my porky chops. Oink.

zebra Sat 13-Nov-04 18:44:44

Coming clean I've been posting as Cavy on these threads. Because I was a moody pregnancy cow.. but it niggles me bcuz I am not a deceptive person by nature.

I told a few fibs... baby born 16 June, not 17th. But I really did predict his birthweight exactly.

B4 I run off bcuz you're all sure 2 hate me, I have a cracking birth story -- 2 hour labour at home, baby fine but blood everywhere. Hauled off in ambulence 2 hospital 4 pph but didnt need any medical help after all.

Said baby now conked out on my lap & stinking the room up rotten. So much 4 "breastfed baby poop doesn't smell" -- He has the whiffiest baby farts on the planet...

karen01 Mon 15-Nov-04 12:29:21

Zebra/cavy, all I can say is WHY!!lie about the dates etc. The name you wanted to post under was entirely up to you. I don't understand the change though but that is life. WHy do you need to dissappear now just continue as Zebra I am sure nobody else minds.!!

Welcome Zcat.
Amai are you pg again!!.

NIL amd MIL still haven't gone back, they are at the hospital againon wednesday for another scan and have been tod that they should be home bby next monday. Which I don't really understand as surley it depends on the scan results. TBH my mil hears what she wants to and not what she needs to. This is the third or fourth date they have given them for going home so you think she would be backing off not getting excited about going home until the flights are booked but nooo as far as she is concerned she is going then regardless!!!. Sorry I really have hd enough now. I am feeling really really low and just want the ground to swallow me up and not see anyone etc.
I am really getting to the point of never wanting to see my inlaws again. I am pi**ed off with my fil as he went on holiday to Benidorm for the week to get pissed instead of coming out here and helping to support his wife and seriously ill MIL (more important to me that he should have been eith his wife!!)_ I told my DH if he ever did anything like that then that would be it!!!. I do feel for my DH as alll I have done for past 3-4 weks is slag off his parents I know it is wrong but I just had to ge it all out as I have never been a big fan anyway!!!. ( and guess were I am spending christmas!!! JOY!!! and on.

SOrry for rambling and being selfish just talking about me etc but i just want to sit and scream and cry. being a pain in the arse but i really feel I can let rip on here and get tid of some tension. Only another 2weeks then DH will be home.

Take care all

Gomez Mon 15-Nov-04 22:04:18

Karen - sorry that things till shi*t in sunny Cyprus. How are DD and DS coping with all the upset? Chin up love won't be for long now.

Cavy/Zebra/Mystery Woman, I am confused but not offended nor likely to hate you as I don't properly understand but don't run away now, having outed yourself. We can do with all the posters we can get on this thread as we are rubbish!!!!

Skara - didn't realise you were an Edinburger - lived there for many years (Fifer originally), moved about 18 months ago and much to DHs disgust now want to move back. Glad you had a nice trip.

Monkeygirl - I am also brooooody, but remember I was too with DD at this age, then she turned into devil child at about 9 months and hey before you know it a 4 years age-gap between kids! Still no periods either so not much chance anyway. In fact DH was talking about this only a few nights ago (when pi**ed after the rugby I should add) and reckons we should have another and I defer entry to my law degree until 2006. Yeah right and that will work, (never mind that I haven't even been accepted for 2005 yet.) A law degree with a 6 year old a 2 year and a 1 year old - what fun. Sure to succed etc....

Anyways DD2 is still cool, still appears to be teething and is generally gorgeous. DH away on business this week so peace in our household. And much to my disgust as I swore never to buy before December I started Christmas shopping today.

Hope to hear from some of the others soon.

Take Care,


monkeygirl Mon 15-Nov-04 23:50:18

Bloody hell what's going on here then? Double identities people disappearing from this thread as quickly as they joined, absent members, some of whom I have seen elsewhere on MN...although I haven't been on MN much recently, when I am I do read through loads of threads and post on (non-contentious cos I don't usually like confrontation) ones but I must admit I have even stopped checking this one as much as I did cos, for whatever reason, we are crap! Don't know if I should ask this but, honestly, is it because you find it boring or because you don't come onto MN much or because you just can't be bothered or another reason. My answer would be, well I probably would post more but have to jump over the tumbleweeds sometimes when I come here and so have been feeling a bit self-conscious about posting.

Cavy/Zebra - why should we hate you? It's entirely up to you how many identities you have on MN, just as long as you are not trying to embezzle money or lure our children away from us....

Karen - sorry you are still having a s**t time - don't feel guilty about not wanting your in-laws around. I like mine but honestly could only manage a few days at a time with them and am now psyching myself up for several visits over the next month or so (although I know it does not compare to your situation).

Gomez - funnily enough my dh has been hinting at another but I've gone off the idea after the past few days with whinging 3 year old and baby who is becoming more demanding - hat's off to you for going for a degree with just the 2.

A seems to have started wising up at bedtime to the fact that we have the temerity to leave him alone to go to sleep and occasionally howls until we go back. Don't think it's separation anxiety yet(far too early isn't it?) but am thinking it's when he's in pain and needs some comfort cos a dose of Calpol seems to then settle him. God but will be so glad when this first tooth finally arrives cos I have been attributing all grumbles and blips to teething for yonks! But now that I have managed to give him solids for 3 days in a row, he is beginning to virtually eat the bowl and spoon as well - got a feeling he's going to love his food!

Gomez - was your dd1 an angel baby then until month 9??

Skara - I have a worse confession - I have put on a stone since breastfeeding and have only recently stopped the rot . Well at least it's less than last time when I put on 2 stones. Come and join us on long-term slimmers - I just cannot believe how much weight some MNs have lost .

karen01 Tue 16-Nov-04 09:18:35

MG- I am sure Scott is now starting with the seperation anxiety as if he sees me leave the room he starts to cry then as soon as I pop my head round the door and call himm he looks at me and laughs!! the little lugger bugs!!.
MG and Gomez-m I am still soooo broody I am trying to talk myself out of it but it is not working i really want to start again. DH wants us to wait atleast another year, I think this is so he doesn't have to fork out for a double buggy.!!! Men.!!

zephyrcat Tue 16-Nov-04 09:28:43

Sorry I disappeared there for a while!! I keep losing track of this thread and meaning to get back to it! ds is going to clinic to be weighed this morning. God I hate clinic. All the other mothers are so skinny and in nice clothes. Soooo not fair!! Last time we went he had just started on the jars for dinners twice a day and lost weight for the first time since he's been born!?! Confused me a bit - i thought the solids made them put it on more! He's into this separation anxiety without a doubt - he's been like it for about two weeks now - if i so much as move out of his sight he SCREAMS! It's a real pain as dd is 2.11 and i constantly have to drag her from the kitchen/bathroom anywhere she shouldnt be! Other than that he's a pretty cool little dude!

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monkeygirl Tue 16-Nov-04 16:52:01

ZC - I don't think solids add that many more calories in the early days, not until you have them on 3 meals a day I guess. Maybe the weight-loss is just due to that 'adjustment' period?? How much does your ds eat? I think it's very hard to get that balance of how much milk to how many spoonfuls of solids right.I'm not sure how much to give my ds. He could probably have eaten the whole jar of Hipp banana and cereal but wasn't as impressed with my sweet potato/milk combo today! Still he didn't cry when he had his BCG today and I got all broody again (must stop going past that hospital).

Karen - I've got to say I do see your dh's side of things! Two so young would be a nightmare for me personally but then I think I'm just one of those people who is NOT meant to have a big family. But I still can't decide about no 3. If we were to go for it, I would tbh want to do it soon to try and get the baby bits over and done with asap - that's presuming I could have another one...wouldn't want to spend years 'trying' and I've been so lucky with nos 1 & 2 so don't want to tempt fate...waffle, waffle, waffle...

zephyrcat Tue 16-Nov-04 16:57:20

I have to say since i've had Finn I've been sooo broody as well! No idea why! I'm pretty sure I want to stop at 2. We've got one of each which is perfect and every mum i've seen with 3 looks in desperate need of help! (Not that i dont look it just with these two!) I'm wondering if the broodiness is because I kind of know he's my last so I want to hang onto that baby feeling or if it's something that's going to nag me forever if i dont have the third one i always used to want!? (if that makes any kind of sense?) Anyways - did baby clinic this morning and his weight has gone down again

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monkeygirl Tue 16-Nov-04 17:06:37

How much has it gone down by? Did the dreaded hvs say anything to you or are they not concerned? My ds dropped from about the 99th centile to near the 25th when I was bfing - but must admit he had podged up again now that he has formula! I too have to face the dreadaed clinic soon.

Agree about probably wanting to stop at 2 but having a nagging feeling about having 3. Don't tihnk those pros and cons list really help in the end, it's just going to have to be a gut feeling that one way or the other finally feels right.

zephyrcat Tue 16-Nov-04 17:16:01

Hi mg - since he was born hes gone up to the 50th and gone steadily along it til now when over the last 4 weeks he's dropped straight down to the 25th. I'm not overly worried although the hv seemed to be a bit concerned (we have 3 amazingly nice hv's!!) He's only put on 2 oz in 2 weeks. The other mums at clinic are very 'close knit' so dont seem to be interested in much conversation so i dont know if this is normal weight gain for his age? He's currently 15lbs 15

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monkeygirl Tue 16-Nov-04 17:34:40

I know weight gain does start to slow down around 6 months anyway, so you're nearly there and he's only dropped down to the next centile line so it's not really that bad. Baby's weight is such an emotive subject isn't it? If ds is alert and happy and developing then I wouldn't worry about it - as someone once said to me just throw away those bloody charts and be led by your baby! Can be easier said than done though I know but they only show average trends and are not a definitive guide to anything.

monkeygirl Tue 16-Nov-04 17:37:30

Oh and mums are always forming cliques somewhere or other. I just don't talk to anyone really at my clinic and can't be bothered with the 'mummy gang' at my dd1's nursery (gawd I sound so unfriendly don't I!).

zephyrcat Tue 16-Nov-04 17:42:13

lol you sound like me mg! I'm sure if i really wanted to i could get involved in their little 'gang' but i really cant be bothered!! I never took dd to the clinic and she has only seen the hv about 3 times since she was born so with her i was never paranoid because i never knew any different!
Plus I have all the girls and help i need right here in my front room!!

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monkeygirl Tue 16-Nov-04 18:30:41

With my dd (who is my first) I think I went to the clinic every week - can't believe it now! Actually, come to think of it, she dropped from the 75th centile to below the 25th and is a perfectly healthy, happy, sweet and annoying toddler (who has just informed me that she has done a wee on the floor - aaaaaaarrrgh!!!!!)

karen01 Tue 16-Nov-04 19:33:47

I am going to the clinic everyweek here with Scott but things are very boring here and it is the only time I do something whilst DD is at school. The clinics are run as a drop in coffee morning/mother and baby group all the play mats, nests and baby gyms and other toys are put out for all the babies and toddlers. there is also an outside area for the toddlers with little slides etc, which is nice as you get the big age range. I suppose the situation out here is different as if you didn't mingle you would be on your own for 2-3years as all your friends are in the UK.
Zcat-Scott weight gain really slowed down in the first few weeks of weaning, but he has now adjusted and is putting the weight on again. Saying that he has stayed at the 25th per centile sinvce birth. I was looking at DDS book the other night and at this stage she weighed the same as what Scott does now but she was 2lb lighter at birth. (4lb14 scott was 6lb 15)

I will be taking him to be weighed in the morning, once the men have come to take my washing machine to be repaired. Which according to them this morning is not brloken . When I sppoke to there head office again this afternoon she said seem as you are insisting we will come and take it for tests at 8am tommorrow. I said that will be good maybe the repair men can get my clothes out tof the machine as it is on stop full off water and obviously door will not open. I could set it to spin but I am not going to I want them to see this as I am sure they think I am going mad. I even set the cam corder to watch the machine whilst it was on the last wash so that they could see the dial moving round willy nilly and see that it set itself to stop after program 10 when I set it to program 4 and after reaching stop it proceeded to fill itself up. God am I pissed off or what. Never mond just rambling now. SORRY. Just having another winge god it is all I seem to do lately.

Take care all.

Gomez Tue 16-Nov-04 20:43:32

Hi again,

Don't get them weighed and you can't worry about it would be my answer. But then again my two have both been heifers and got grief for them popping off the other end of the scale so who knows if we/HVs are every happy.

MG - not sure why I don't post so often probably a combination of all the things you mention. Also think thou that as a small group we haven't reached the critical mass to get any continuity going. Also as we are mostly second time or more mums then we all have lots of other things to be getting on with (and perhaps feel less need for reassurance from others). Don't you worry love the tumbleweed won't get you. It is too busy chasing me as whenever I post anywhere else I am always ignored so probably me that is boring rather than the thread thinking about it.

Babies, babies everywhere - do I want another, don't really know yet. But feel more agreeable this time than I did immediately after DD1 so who knows. Yeah, MG DD1 was an angel (although DD2 is even better I have to say, except that she still pukes all the bloody time) but I found the 6 months from 9 to 15 months hell. They are frustrated, teething plus as I went back to work during that time with all the hassle that entails.

I don't go near the clinc this time around! have met HV twice, once at beginning and once for first set of injections. Getting the second set on Thursday so will meet her for a third time and get buddah weighed. But then I didn't so it first time around either, just not my thing really.


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