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Babies born Nov

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Riebee Thu 04-Nov-04 16:10:49

Right oh this should be ok this time. I hope I've done it right this time - If not I'm giving up!!!
Posted the thread under pregnacy last time.

Mum2Ela Sat 06-Nov-04 09:46:04

I am here with you Riebee!

Lets crack open a bottle of champers!

Ok, this is me:
I am 24, DH is 30, DD is 2 yrs 2 months and little baby Luca was born Tuesday 2nd November. No pets!

Ok, so I need to apply for Luca's passport as we are going on holiday boxing day. How do I get a week old baby to pose in a passport photo booth?!?

chicaguapa Sat 06-Nov-04 13:51:34

I'm here too!

Mum to dd Emma who's 3 and ds Andrew Harry born yesterday a day early!

Mum2Ella, if you have a digital camera you can get passport-size photos printed at Put a white blanket behind Luca's head and take the photo.

Btw love the name Luca. Had it in our shortlist when expecting dd. Didn't go for it this time as felt we needed a name to match dd ie more traditional.

collision Sat 06-Nov-04 22:15:54

Well done ladies! Am so desperate for it to be me soon and have it all over with. Will be with you soon I hope, complaining about sore nipples no doubt! Any tips for me for the birth?

miam Sat 06-Nov-04 22:18:34

collision - take in a laptop so you can keep us up to date with the proceedings!

Riebee Sun 07-Nov-04 12:19:22

Hi all
Just taking a break from being daisy the cow! He is feeding so much I will be a dried up husk soon
Right oh this is me ....I'm 30, DH 32 I have 1 ds of 10yrs and 1 ds of 7yrs from a previous relationship and decided to start again with baby Ethan 1wk old!

I need to get Ethan a passport too as we off to Florida in Feb,think I will go with the digital photo at home option aswell.

Collision - all I can say is when it comes to pushing, push as hard and as long as you can through the contraction the better you do this the less times you will have to push for. Also when the head is about to come listen to your midwife, Ethans head took five small pushes with a lot of pants inbetween but I didn't tear or need stitches this time, much better
At the end of the day it's a natural process you will know what to do!! good luck

Flossam Fri 26-Nov-04 11:41:58

Ok, I figure with most of us having 'popped' by now we should bump up this thread and get it started!!

So, I'm 23 (24 week after next!), DP is 25 and Benjamin arrived on the 8th two weeks early, no other children, just two guinea pigs, who I'm afraid to say aren't getting their usual level of attention!

We are still managing to breast feed at the moment, the health visitor was very impressed with Ben's sucking reflex today! He is putting on weight, was born at 7 7 and is now 8 5 so not too bad so far!

So is anyone else still out there?!

collision Fri 26-Nov-04 14:08:48

Hi all.

Im 33, DH is 31 and DS1 is 2.7yrs. Joshua (DS2) is 10 days old and I am adapting to being a Mum of 2!!

DS2 is feeding well and as long as I can keep DS1 off my boobs all will be well!! 'One for Joshy and one for me, Mummy!!' AAARRRGGGHHH!

Was pleased last night as Joshua fed at 11pm, 2.30am and 6.30am which I thought was pretty good. Am feeding on demand......any tips for anything else, Nov Mums??

Janos Sat 27-Nov-04 13:13:19

Hi all, first time mum - my little DS is 3 weeks old, born on 4th November. Very hungry which is tiring but he seesm to be putting weight on at a v healthy rate.

Collision, good luck. Can't eally give any birth tips as mine was a bit of a shock, induced at nearly 1 month early. (See Birth Announcements if you want the details!)

All I would say is, a healthy baby is the best outcome however you do it and also don't feel awful if you don't bond straight away after birth, it will happen.

Labour, birth and caring for a newborn are big shocks to the system. Take all the help you can get - and of course enjoy your new baby

Must go I hear the sound of a hungry baby!

Mum2Ela Sat 27-Nov-04 13:18:14

Hi chicks

Well I haven't been on mumsnet for a couple of weeks (trying to wean myself off it - not totally of course!) so I thought this thread would be busier than this!

Luca is doing well. We had a bit of a scare last sunday. Most of Sat and all sat night he intermittently screamed, like he was in pain, and he isn't a baby that cries. By Sunday lunchtime he was screaming if anyone as much as touched him and I was in tears. His poo was a horrible green colour (he is breastfed) but he hadn't been since the night before. We took him to a&e (emergency docs around here are crap) but after a few hours they said ther was nothing wrong. I was really pleased but he was definitely not himself at all. Do you think it could have been what I had eaten? I had a curry fri and sat night. The docs and m-wives said it won't affect them at all, but my h/v said it def does and I am now convinced this is what was the problem.

Apart from that we are all cool. I have bought a double buggy (something I was adament I would never ever do) but I am enjoying taking DD and DS out for walks and getting a bit fit again. Also started at a circuit traning class on thurs to help tone up again.

Anyone else started expressing? I have left DS a few times now and he will take a bottle which is fab. Finidng it harder now to express. Last week I could get 4oz but last night only managed 3 oz (half of that from each boob!). Was hoping to get a bit of a stock going in the freezer for whan I am out. Any tips?

collision Sun 28-Nov-04 15:31:14

Mum2E.....what you eat def affects the baby and he probably had a lot of wind. When I was in hosp with ds1 the only palatable food was the curry which was brought in for the Indian Mums! I asked for curry and was told it wasnt for the English Mums(!) but I persevered and asked again and was given it. Well, it was SO delicious I had it every day, sometimes twice, without a thought for the baby.

When it was time to change ds1's nappy the projectile poo that came out of his nappy was hilarious! It just shot out all over the cot and the nurse and she had to go and change! This happened 3 times and one of the nurses couldnt cope with the amount of poo and had to call for backup!!!!! I told her about the curry and she said that is what was causing it! (The poo was green too) I had to revert to the horrible bland 'English' food!

For expressing, I used to drink loads and could feel my breasts filling up. I found thought that expressing was my downfall as it was easier to do and DH helped to feed him and I gave up BFing much quicker than I would have liked. Am finding it much easier this time and will keep going without expressing if I can.

Maybe post a question on the BFing thread as Mears and Ticktock are the gurus on this.

Flossam Mon 29-Nov-04 14:46:16

I am absolutely knackered! Couldn't sleep last night, so was still awake when DS woke at 2 am for feed. Finished around 2.45. Awake again at 5.30, finsished at 7. Next feed at 10, and stayed awake feeding on and off and on and off till about 1.30. Off now to have him weighed, if he hasn't put on at least 2lbs since he was weighed on thursday I will be sending him back as he obviously dosen't work properly!!

collision Mon 29-Nov-04 15:15:05

Know how you feel Flossam. DS2 put on 170g in a week which is well above average but feels like nothing considering he is attached to me all day!

Am knackered too and not even dressed at 4pm! Went back to work on Saturday evening but it nearly killed me so am taking it easy today. My sis is here til tomorrow and then all hell will break loose as my house is in a pickle and I need a nanny, cleaner, housekeeper and a personal dresser!!!!!!

Flossam Mon 29-Nov-04 17:03:59

You went back to work? How the hell did you do that? You are a better person than me, I couldn't do that! I'm exhausted!

Realised on my way home that I put lbs instead of ounces. Ok, so he has been eating loads, but not that much! He has put on 10ounces and is above his centile at the moment, so I'm glad to see he is putting it all somewhere! A total of a 1 and a half lbs now since he was born, bless him!

Bronze Mon 29-Nov-04 19:15:20

Well I'm glad you all sound happy. I just came on here to be nosy. Can i join you even if I go into Dec which I look like I'm going to

Riebee Mon 29-Nov-04 21:21:19

Hello Ladies
Long time no posting!

I have been tied to my little one most of the time, he has been feeding every hour and I was considering doing myself in as he never seemed to be content unlike my other 2 ds'. Health visitor weighed him and he had put on 2lbs which was a pound a week since he was born. I was instructed to try to stretch him to 2 hourly feeds, which is what I have been doing the last 2wks....I gave up yesterday and decided just to see how it goes and everyone is a lot happier. I can no longer be seen wheeling a screaming baby up the road with a slightly demented air about me! Ds fed every 2hrs ish of his own accord and has been a lot more settled...I knew I should have ignored the HV and gone with my instinct.
By the way has anyones little one started the old regular crying at the same time each day? ds has been doing it for the last 2 weeks, I've been giving him massage and it seems to be helping, fingers crossed.

Hope everyone is doing ok
Can't believe you went back to work collision I'm lucky if I get out the house before lunch!
Bronze, I'm technically an October thread but decided to stay with the Nov girls as ds was due 3rd Nov.Hope there news soon

Flossam Mon 29-Nov-04 22:58:37

Bronze, we'd love to have you with us, of course.

I am feeling really guilty, despite never really having an opinion on dummies before, DS has been making such a racket and just not settling. I think he is a sucky baby. He impressed the health visitor by finding his thumb and how strong his sucking reflex is. It's a bit hit and miss finding the thumb though... Anyway a couple of nights ago, I tried a dummy. It calms him down but dosen't send him to sleep. But I just hate the way it looks. It's horrible. But I don't know what else to do. Only using it occaisionally but still. I guess I am going to have to get used to this lifetime of guilt thing!

eidsvold Tue 30-Nov-04 10:59:03

well this is me - 36yo married to dh ( of course!) 2 yo dd1 and dd2 born 15 November. Life is slowly settling down - no real routine as I am still having to take it easy post caesar...... hate being restricted but have had some great visitors.. friend came today with cooler and afternoon tea for dd1, me, her and her two... what a visitor. She noticed dd1 had spilt some milk - I was getting to it - she cleaned it up for me. What a visitor!!

dh has been brilliant with helping out and doing things for me.

dd1 loves her little sister - lots of kisses and stroking her head when dd2 cries...

dd2 has mainly green poo - I figured it was what I was eating - spicy, garlicy food - she was originally doing the mustard colour!! Tonight however - changing her nappy and she projectile poos - all over the change table, her nappy, my shirt!! she seems to have a wind build up and then explodes in the nappy.

No real routine to feeding yet - taking a while for milk to come in.. .most she has gone is 5 hours but as it is very hot here ( mid - high 30's) she seems to be snacking every hour for just 5 - 10 minutes and then longer feeds and sleep at times.

SHould have first visit from child heath nurse tomorrow - so will know if dd2 has put on any weight ..... still deciding whether this breastfeeding is for me - dd1 was ng tube fed for eight weeks and then post surgery bottle fed.... I did express some milk for about 6 weeks at first but that was given in combo with formula...

Riebee Tue 30-Nov-04 16:40:53

Flossam.. I swore I wouldn't ever give my babies a dummy...can't stand the way they look but I ended up giving my middle son one at 14mths old because he wouldn't give up the comfort of my boobs! he had it at night time until the age of 3,he developed a slight overbite which corrected its self as soon as he stopped having it and now has a better set of nashers than his older brother who never had a dummy.
I think you've just got to go with the flow, this time I have been trying to get ds to have one as he is quite an unsettled baby in general and really noisy at night and watch do yer know he doesn't want to have one! I really could have done with it today as he cried all the way around the supermarket I was considering sellotaping it to his face at one point (only joking)

webmum Tue 30-Nov-04 20:14:08

hello everyone, finally managinig to get on this thread, I'm 33, dd1 id 3.3 and dd2 was born on 9th nov.

I've just had my first 2 days on my own with them, and it's not been too bad, especially dd1 has been on her best behaviour, unseen when my mum was here. no tntrums in 48 hours, and she went to bed of her initiative tonight!!

dd2 is quite good, much easier than her sister was, does not feed for as long as dd1 used to, but she does feed quite often...sometimes I wonder if its too often as she then brings up quite a lot of milk!!! Shes already had her first dummy, one day when I left her with my mum to have my haircut, and when I saw her sucking hard on it, I did feel quite guilty....

we're trying to decide whether to go on a long weeked in 2 weeks, she'll be 5 weeks only, and I'm afraid I',ll be stuck to her all the time and we won't actually get any time to ourselves...

flossam, you do need time to recover, if your ds takes a dummy don't worry too much, dd1 never took one and I ended up being a v. depressed and unhappy mummy for the first few months, it's not worth it!!!!

webmum Wed 01-Dec-04 10:35:42

me again, I'd like to have a bit of a whinge....yesterday I amnaged to break the boot catch, so I had to leave it open and this morning guess what, battery's flat, can'ttake dd1 to nursery, can't find anyone who can do it for me...great...have just realised I have put £200 watch through the wash AGAIN in 2 weeks, how idiotic is that? it seems to be working, though, if dh finds out he will kill me!!!!

And I thought I was coping!!!!

collision Wed 01-Dec-04 11:42:12

Poor you Webmum.......some days are like that!

This will make you laugh. DS1 is 2.7 and DS2 is 2 weeks old. We live in Italy and my brother lives in France with his wife (no kids). He is supposed to be coming to see the baby this weekend and then he had a great idea that we drive to France to see them. It is a 6 hour drive which I said was too much ATM for me and the baby. 'Come on the train,' he said to which I replied 'No'. 'Oh, go on' he said, ' We could all go SKI-ING!!' He wasnt joking!! He really thought we would all be up for skiing with a 2 week old baby! Sweet thing that he is. I did decline but the thought of all the cold and skiing with 2 kids so young did make me laugh! I cant wait for him to have children!!

KatieLiz Wed 01-Dec-04 12:16:07

Hi there!

Does anyone know any good post-natal groups or regular meet ups in the Paddington/Lancaster Gate/Bayswater area? Would love to hear from other Mums of young babies - my daughter is 4 weeks.

Flossam Wed 01-Dec-04 20:01:53

KatieLiz, if you post in the meet up sections of this website there are a few mums get togethers in London I think. I'm out in Barking!

Another tiring night last night. DS seems to have his day night pattern the wrong way round at the moment, he is feeding 4hrly during the day and more like 2hrly at night! He seems to have to be in arms as well all night. Every time I put him down he woke up and through a tantrum! Never mind. I am just really hoping we can get a decent nights sleep tomorrow night, my mum is coming, and I'd really like to surprise her and go and meet her at the station, it's an hours journey each way, figured I could get there early and feed DS before I meet her. The evil aunty is probably visiting on Saturday so I will need positive thoughts please!

collision Thu 02-Dec-04 09:17:06

A personal is everyone's weight? Are you back in your jeans yet? Are you still wearing maternity clothes?

Congrats to Bunny and Abigail Bunny BTW.

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