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November '06' - Were blowing up balloons, making cakes, clebrating and feeling very old!!!!! Yes the babies are 1!

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Charlee Mon 05-Nov-07 19:06:59

I hope no one minds the other thread seemed to be dying out a bit.

I can't belive Harry is one on Friday, he is into everything, such a cheeky chappy!

Mum is alot better they are sending her home to rest and loose some wieght then getting her back in for another crack at op.
The events of this horrible yr have all caught up with her and she is in bits, its painfull tyo wathc especially not knowing what to say or do.

Jack is fine, still hating nebulisers but its for his own good, he is to into everything and looking more grown up by the day.

I hope everyone is well, are we all looking forward to xmas? <Charlee hears a rousing chorus of groan cheers!

Sorry i haven't been around alot later i have been soo busy.

What is everyone gettling lo's for birthday/xmas?

No walking here yet, although harry is desperate i can just tell!

mygirllollipop Tue 06-Nov-07 09:06:07

Hey Charlee of course no-one will mind!
Amelie isn't 1 until next Thu and really hoping my mam can come down for it.
I'm glad to hear your mam is getting better and that they will have another try at the op. Hopefully the new year will bring her new hope.
Also glad to hear Jack's not doing too badly.
We aren't doing much for xmas, will have meal and a few presents, and I mean only a few. DD4 is getting a Fisher-Price rattle type toy from both us and her sisters for both her bday and xmas.
She has been walking for prob 6 weeks and is getting too good at it, ie she got out of bed this am and walked to the top of the stairs, I had heard her so sprinted up there and got her in time.
Don't apologise for not being around, you have more important things on your plate. do remember to take time out for yourself though.

saralou Tue 06-Nov-07 20:52:46

Mummy2TandF - Freya Grace, 28th Oct, 1DS (14.11.04) Toby James, 2 Tortoises (Turbo&Tiny), me 30, dh 35, Live in Essex
Podglet - Ivan David, 1st Nov, house rabbit (Polar Bear),me 27, DP 36 Colchester
Staceym11 - Keiran Daniel, 4th Nov, 1DD (22.10.04) Chloe may, 1 hamster (damn thing!), me 20, dh 21, live in Redhill, Surrey
Debz99 - Ryan Stephen James, 4th November
Lebe - Alfie Jack born 6th of November (due date!!)at 9.45am.Me - 23yrs,Dp - 28yrs. 3cats Ben&Jerry(brothers)&Rusty.
Charlee - Harry lee born 9th November also have 1Ds Jack. No pets. Me 19 (nearly 20) DP 21 live in West Sussex
BlimeyoReilly - Paige Alyson born 9th Nov, me 28, dh 27 live in Birmingham also have 2 cats Bromley & Spike.
mygirllolipop - Amelie Sophine born 15th November, 3 other DDs (8yo, 5yo and 22m), a rabbit Sox, me and DH both 24.
nellyfin - eleanor, born 16th nov, 1ds finlay aged 3.5, me 30, dp 39, live in cardiff
Amyjade- Fraser James born 17th November, have 2 Dd's, no pets, me 28, dp 28, live in Winchester, hampshire.
Schmizaj - Verity, 22nd Nov, me 29, DH 37. live in Essex
Bethbe - Ross, 22nd Nov, me 31, DH 37, Live in SE Herts
kaybeeandzak - Zak Christopher, born 30th nov. no pets. me 31 dh 30. live in london
saralou - Ryan Daniel, born 7th Dec. also have ds, owen 2yrs and woof the dog, 4yrs. me 26, dp 34. lives in dorset...
NatalieJane - George John, born 7th December, one other DS 4yo, Me 23, DH 36, one cat with no name 2yo, lives in Accrington.
Kelsurprise - Isobelle Grace - born 10th Dec. First child.
debbsyandson - Kai James, born 11th dec. first child. also has 2 basset hounds, buster & sophie, 8yrs. me34 dh 34.
LadyAnne - Taro Thomas, born 11th dec. first child, also has two parakeets - Krackers (7)and Paprika (4), 1 cat - greebo (3) and a small tank of tropical fish (including a huge unnamed angel fish who is 5!) me36 dp (soon to be dh)34. living in Plymouth

so i thought i'd drag over a list so we can remember all these birthdays coming up!!

saralou Tue 06-Nov-07 21:02:19

happy belated birthday to keiran and ryan and happ birthday today to alfie! hope all baby's have enjoyed their birthdays and mummys tooo!!

i'm doing some extra shifts at work, get some extra penny's for christmas! busy and knackered really!!! for his birthday were getting him a sensory tent thing and for christmas a chelsea kit and a little present! ds1 is getting a chelsea kit too and he's obsessed with the disney film cars at the moment so we've got him lightning and doc noisy car things that whizz around (?)

ryan keeps having these random acts of standing moments, he can stand up now without pulling himself up on anything... and he's definitely growing curly hair! they've both had colds and coughs that keep us up all night... i miss sleep

hope your all well xx

mygirllollipop Wed 07-Nov-07 09:41:40

Oh yeah, DD4 seems to be getting curly hair, not surprising really as both me and DD2 had curly hair when we were young (which is now straight) and DD3's hair is still curly.

Belated happy birthday to all the babies who have had their birthdays esp Kieran and Alfie.

Charlee Thu 08-Nov-07 11:26:28


I am so stressed!

We were all set to have Harry bday part tomorrow, but since Southhampton cocked up my mums op and neglected to preform several important tests she is now in Chichester hospital to have them done closer to home but she can't get home for a week so she will miss it, my sisters both will need picking up with thier kids which will mean two trips to the same place only for the sister who is looking after my nan to need dropping back home an hour later to make sure she is ok.
So anyway that is proably not going ahead now.

Jack is coughing again, he has been home a week, i feel shit and usless i can't get through to the council how urgent it is that we move so jack is going to continue to get ill and i have to sit back and watch it happen.

Jack will not tolerate his nebulaser at all which means me getting kicked punched and the £500 worth of equiptment being wrecked everyday and he ends up haitng me for the day and bursting into tears if i so much as look at him.

The car failed its MOT so now i am borrowing money again to pay for it.

I got robbd out of my driving liscence becuase of some grumpy bastard examiner who failed me for someone elses reckless driving. so now i have to pay another £50 whihc i don't have to have another test even though i am a bloody good driver i only got 6 minors! angry

The Hospital reffered us to the child disability team at the social services to help us with housing they have now called to say that they don't think we fit the criteria but they will send out someone to do an assessment but it may take several weeks to get an appointment.

I am in bloody agaony, my legs are hurting so much everynight now, i went to the specialist clinic to be told that i will have to put up with it as it's just the way im built.

I can't stop crying. sad

podglet Thu 08-Nov-07 20:24:09

Oh Charlee my love, you poor poor thing. That is really silly of the clinics to say that about your legs, can your GP not refer you on somewhere else? Pain of any kind is not just because of the way you are built - am angry for you.

Jack doesn't hate you, he hates the nebuliser, can DP not help with doing it? Poor J sin't old enough to understand it will help him.

I know it won't help much but H won't know if you have the party or not. Have a nice tea with the boys and chill at home with them. I'm not sure a house full and ferrying people around is a wise idea for your stress levels at the moment...

Finally - have a huge hug and a virtual hot choc, wish I was closer to you to help out a bit.

I am back at work full time now - but only 23 weeks til mat leave again! DS settling well into nursery. No walking yet but lots of cruising.

saralou Fri 09-Nov-07 10:41:11

what rubbish charlee, the way your built!! have they at least refferred you for chronic pain management? so they might not be able to stop the cause of pain, but they can treat it and help you to manage it!! what pain relief do you take now for it??

have you contacted your specialist nurse about the nebs. is it the mask he hates? perhaps she has some different ways to administer the neb, such as a mouth piece rather than a face mask (not sure how feasible that is in a 3 yr old, but it's worth asking)

can you have the party next week instead so nanny can be their??? harry won't notice!!!

and a huge hug and a cup of tea for you!!! oh and a piece of birthday cake! happy birthday harry!!!!

NatalieJane Fri 09-Nov-07 12:25:47

Hi everyone

God I have missed so much, don't know where to start the catch up!

Firstly HAPPY BIRTHDAY to all the little people Hope everyone's day has gone really well so far.

Charlee echoing what everyone else has said really, don't know what else to add, but as always we are here if there's anything we can do, just yell.

George is walking - sort of! He holds on to his ride on thingy-me-jiggle-thing, and walks behind it, but although you can see he isn't actually using the ride on thingy-me-jiggle-thing to balance, he just won't let go of it! Big wuss he is LOL

He is having a load of toys for his birthday, including a ball pit and slide (he goes in/on them at mums and tots and loves them) and then for christmas he is having one of those hard plastic wendy house things, to go where his play pen is, if he ever let's go of the ride on thingy-me-jiggle-thing, he won't want to be stuck in his pen!

I haven't been about much lately, had a few problems with internet, but we are with sky now and so far it's been pretty reliable, but I am addicted to a bingo site, LOL every spare minute I get I'm on there!! LOL (it is a free site, I'm not gambling our house away or anything!!)

Everything is still steaming ahead for Spain, can't wait, getting closer and closer by the day

Right I am away to my bingo LOL See you all soon, tc xxxxxx

calsworld Fri 09-Nov-07 22:06:24

I can't believe our little girls and guys are nearly one shock, I have barely logged on since being in labour blush and that I haven't had an opportunity to read through many of your posts sad...I sincerely hope that you are all doing well.

My beautiful little DS is the best thing that's ever happened to me. I had a tough time growing up but now know that it was all worth it if that's what I had to go through to get my little man.

He's no miracle, he doesn't say any words and won't be walking for some time yet, he can't stack bricks or sort shapes or blow kisses - but he does like knocking down stacks of bricks, chasing the dog around and has managed to climb a few stairs...and if you bounce him around or play "this little piggy" you're bound to get the most amazing giggle that you can't help joining in with.

I love my little boy so much, and I just wanted to say hello to you all, to say thankyou for the amazing support that I had throughout pregnancy and am looking forward to doing it all again...just not quite yet!!

I'm back at work full time and only just getting the hang of that, but will try to be a better poster.

NJ - a very belated and particularly big thanks to you and your mega labour post - your fans being online at silly o'clock when my waters broke was just an amazing source of support for me! Sorry again for the hi-jack!

Love to you all,

SleeplessInTheStaceym11House Sun 11-Nov-07 16:07:44

hi everyone, happy birthday to all the kiddle winkles.

k really enjoyed his birthday (although dd enjoyed it more! grin) thanks for the birthday wishes!

i still have no internet which is a pita to say the least. esp. as im on my own in the evenings now!! would be nice to come on and chat but i cant angry!

will hopefully catch up more when i have internet again!

charlee if you need a sholder you've got my email, i pick them up most days at mums! <<hug>>

KaybeeandZak Mon 12-Nov-07 16:08:17

Hi Happy Birthday to all the babies grin Zak still has a few weeks to go as he only just squeezed in to November in the end!

Zak isnt walking by himself yet, but will cruise around furniture and walk holding my hands or a push along toy. Still no words either, but am sure it wont be long. And he only has 4 teeth poor wee thing!

I am 18 weeks pg now, feeling ok apart from the tiredness! We are planning to move to NZ early next year so have heaps of stuff to plan for that. I want to have baby number two out there so its a bit of a rush!!

Where is everyone now days?

LadyAnne1stTimeMum Tue 13-Nov-07 09:31:03

Hi all - turn round for a few minutes and you've moved! Happy birthday to all our little ones (Taro still has just under a month to go). He loves balloons so we'll have a few ready for the party (we're doing it on the Saturday before so my mum can get down here from the Midlands). On the actual day we're going to go out with Taro - he loves the countryside so we'll probably have a picnic on the moors. Piccy's on profile.

On a sad note though - I don't know if you saw the news about the firefighters in ALcester - but I knew one of them. Darren grew up next door to us when I lived in Alcester and I was a regular babysitter for him and his younger sister. It was a shock seeing Alcester featured so prominently but then to find out that I knew one of the brave men ... it's a very thought provoking situation.

Anyhow - I've just been reminded that Taro has sussed stairs now (not quite walking yet though) he's heading for the kitchen - see you soon.


podglet Tue 13-Nov-07 09:39:25

Hi all,

Charlee, hope things are settling for yuo a bit now.

mygirl, DS's hair is going a bit curly at the back but I think that is more to do with the fact that I can't bring myself to cut it yet

Ladyanne, how sad for you and D's family they are so brave and it was a real tragedy. Glad Taro is well and you are ok.

Kaybee - can I come too - I would love to live in NZ. You are 3 weeks in front of me, am due 2nd May.

Stacey, hope you are ok, glad K and C enjoyed K's birthday!

Am off work today with a horrid sick bug thing, have puked over most of Colchester in the last 24 hrs blush am off back to bed now... DS is fine at the mo, getting braver by the day and will stand a little on his own now

NatalieJane Wed 14-Nov-07 15:46:17

Hello everyone

Once again HAPPY BIRTHDAY to the little ones... hope they have all gone well to date.

Finally got our broadband sorted out we are with sky now so I have a new email: if anyone want's it

I have been trying to sort out George's birthday, but still no closer to knowing what we are all doing. Problem being that our family is so spread out through out the country, and one sister isn't talking to other sister, another sister won't go anywhere because no one has been to see her for ages..... grrrrrrrr! Begining to wish my mum hadn't come up with the brilliant idea of us all getting together!

Anyway on a better note, George is getting braver by the day, he has started standing on his own, only for a few seconds, but am thinking he won't do the same as DS1 and not walk till he's 14 months!

Had his hair cut properly for the first time at the weekend, and he has stopped breastfeeding, he really isn't a baby anymore

Thanks to Calsworld for that message, it was lovely, but you've not to thank me, it was all the absolute stars on that thread that got us all through it! LOL it was a good laugh Some of the things that were discussed on there are best forgotten LOL

Right I have got to get ready for picking DS1 up, he has an after school on Wednesdays now, so I get an extra hour before I have to pick him up.

Hope everyone is well, tc xxx

Charlee Thu 15-Nov-07 09:50:01

Morning all smile

Thanks for your kind words all of you.

We did have a tiny tea party for Harry with my sisters and thier children he seemed to enjoy it but we had it alot later than planned.

Jack is getting ill again but still not a great deal i can do about it, our local council are so uncaring they just don't give a monkies, the woman in charge is the most obnoxious cow i have ever spoken to and i have had to hang up on her on more than one ocassion as she has made me so angry. angry

Mum is doing alot better coming home friday on a strict no stress lifestyle and diet, she will have to have another operation but hopefully not untill she is actually well enough this time and has had a chance to mentaly and physicaly recover, she will not be going to southhampton though as they were all in all not great and very negligent.

Jack is still not enjoying his nebs but i doubt he ever will, i have a daily urse come int o help me give them to him now which is helping alot!
We are still trying to potty train jack, he is clan and dry all day at home its just playschool he is reluctent to go on the potty.

I have the social services disability team coming out today to asses our situation to see if they can help with the housing matters fingers crossed they will, this place is a totaly dump thats falling apart daily.

I hope everyne else is ok and getting on well. smile

saralou Thu 15-Nov-07 10:13:27

happy birthday amelie... hope your having a fun day!!!

we all have stinky colds in this house... but i'm gonna brave the shops and do a bit of christmas shopping as i have dp at home to keep the boys amused!!

mygirllollipop Thu 15-Nov-07 11:57:17

Sneaking a few mins on MN as mam is here (and it's mad I tell you)......

Charlee hope everything is going better than it was before.
Sorry for not reading all posts, thank you SaraLou! Can't believe my baby is 1! and she's not gonna stop BF she has learnt a word that magically gets her a BF and that is boohbah sometimes boob boob then laughs histerically because she gets what she wants.
Anyway must dash......

Charlee Tue 20-Nov-07 10:28:06

Morning all smile

I hope everyone is well.

Were still going through the bloody mill here, the dear council have decided to cut my benifits down further and my electric bill has skyrocketed since we are desperatley trying to heat this pit of a house we live in so the boilers been running non stop.

Apart from that were ok, i have xmas mostly sorted just presents from eachother dp and i have to buy.
DP is building a super computer so wants parts for it for xmas cue me going into p.c world looking like a complete idiot and asking about what the best rams, motherboards and processors are. Im sure dp does it on purpous i have ofen been asked for car parts for xmas/birthdays and have had to trundle into a garage full of oily blokes to ask for certain parts!

I was sooooooooooooooo angry at one mother at playschool yesterday who on picking up her ds asked if he had been ok as the dr said he had croup! angryangry i could have throttled her!

Anyway Harry has a molar pushing through so he is being a bit of a grump, he can walk but won't he feels crawling is alot easier.

Jack is now about 80% potty trained finally!
It took a while but we are getting there he is able to wear pants round the house and at playschool.

Anyway must dash speak soon. x

SleeplessInTheStaceym11House Tue 20-Nov-07 16:50:52

hi everyone, finally had my modem delivered today so should be on the net later! so will explain whole story later, life is sh*t as usual, hope you all ok!

Charlee Wed 21-Nov-07 07:28:07

Awww Stacey i hope things aren't to bad for you hun, you know wherei am if you need me. x

saralou Wed 21-Nov-07 11:35:56

hi everyone!!!

hope everyone and their babies are ok!!!

sorry your still having a sh*te time charlee, i'm here with an ear as always!!!

hope your ok too stacey!! thank god you got your modem back... we missed you and it'll help you in the evenings (even more time wasted on mn??)

not much to say really... ryan is getter ever braver with his walking, still only small gaps, but this is exciting... ds1 never even attempted until he finally took off at 18months, so we;re enjoying all the will he won't he!!! my mum thinks he'll do it on his 1st birthday like his show off mother did!!!

i took a photo of ryan yesterday, he looks like such a little boy! when i;m back home i'll stick it on my profile for you all to see (sciving at work at the moment!!)


SleeplessInTheStaceym11House Wed 21-Nov-07 13:20:57

well, dh been gone nearly a month. im having to claim sh*tting benefits because i won't leave ds at a nursery just yet, hes my last and i want to enjoy him. hate relying on state to pay for me though! angry

dh still sees kids about 4 times a week and has them stay with him at his mums once every two weeks. hard on me though now as im with them 24/7!! argh!

kids been ok about it, although it breaks my heart when dd (just turned 3) says 'but my daddy has his own house' to people, feel like breaking down.

Hopefully its not permenant but i cant trust him right now so it's got to be for now!

anyway! kids doing ok, k starting to get some words, can say 'heya' 'at' (cat) 'dodee' (chloe) 'mumum' (mummy) 'dadada' (daddy) 'nunu' (nanny)

still no more acomplished at walking than he was at 6 months when he started pulling up!! grin i dont mind tho, he'll do it in his own time, hes so quick at crawling trying to walk just slows him down!!

thanks charlee hope life isnt too sh*te for you.

saralou Wed 21-Nov-07 20:39:24

ive put some gorgeous new photo's of my fella's on my profile if you want to nosey!!!

StarlightMcKenzie Thu 22-Nov-07 00:10:27

Message withdrawn

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