Nov '07 - Were blwing up balloons, making cakes, celebrating and feeling old - yes they are 1!

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Charlee Mon 05-Nov-07 19:02:56

I hope no one minds the other thread seemed to be dying out a bit. smile

I can't belive Harry is one on Friday, he is into everything, such a cheeky chappy!

Mum is alot better they are sending her home to rest and loose some wieght then getting her back in for another crack at op.
The events of this horrible yr have all caught up with her and she is in bits, its painfull tyo wathc especially not knowing what to say or do.

Jack is fine, still hating nebulisers but its for his own good, he is to into everything and looking more grown up by the day.

I hope everyone is well, are we all looking forward to xmas? <Charlee hears a rousing chorus of groan cheers!

Sorry i haven't been around alot later i have been soo busy.

What is everyone gettling lo's for birthday/xmas?

No walking here yet, although harry is desperate i can just tell! smile

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Charlee Mon 05-Nov-07 19:03:45

Bugger was ment to be Nov 06 - sorry blush

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