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I’m worried about my breasts after breastfeeding, should I contact GP?

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Ivfmommy2b Tue 19-Jan-21 22:33:15

Hi All. I stored breastfeeding my daughter at 10 months, almost 3 months ago. Over the last few days I have noticed some discomfort/pain in 1 breast, but I have also noticed that both seem much heavier/fuller/firmer than they were about a month ago. Has anyone experienced anything like this? X

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RoseBud2016 Wed 20-Jan-21 14:02:16

Is there any chance you could be pregnant? I’d rule that out first. And then speak to your GP.

In my experience, my boobs went very small and empty feeling after stopping breastfeeding, and only became full and tender again once pregnant with my second.

PS: I had IVF with my first and a surprise natural conception with my second.

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