Nov 2007..... Once we pop, we will not stop!!!

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sparklygothkat Sat 20-Oct-07 14:20:27

grin I can finally start this, as someone else has had her baby.. woohooo!

SparklyGothKat - 25 Sep (8 Nov) BOY - Callum Eden
KaylaBMummy – South Wales - 18 Oct (8 Nov) GIRL - Katie

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Pixiefish Sat 20-Oct-07 14:27:50

Congrats Kayla. Looking forward to joining you both

podglet Sat 20-Oct-07 15:05:46

OMG - cannot believe the Nov '07 POST natal has opened up! Am on post natal '06 (DS born 1.11.06)

Moany congrats to all of you and your scrummy new babies!

RGPargy Sat 20-Oct-07 16:05:55

Congrats to Sparkly and Kayla! The very first November babies - and not even in November!!

iris66 Sat 20-Oct-07 18:12:30

Love the thread title Sparkly wink I'll be with you and Kayla (and any others!) by next Friday (or before if I have my way grin)

JARM Sat 20-Oct-07 20:15:23

YAY for this! Makes it all seem even more real!

Congrats to you both (again!) and hope to see lots of yummy photos!

Loopymumsy Sun 21-Oct-07 20:24:44

Message withdrawn

sparklygothkat Sun 21-Oct-07 20:26:43

Callum is doing well, the jaundice has gone and he is gaining weight with the feeding tube.

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RGPargy Mon 22-Oct-07 19:46:17

Kayla - how are you getting on with your lovely new bundle?

Sparkly - great to hear Callum is doing well - he's such a fighter! Are you still BF too?

sparklygothkat Tue 23-Oct-07 14:40:08

yes still BF as well as pumping, its very tiring, but worth it

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RGPargy Tue 23-Oct-07 22:42:38

Well done Sparkly

iris66 Thu 25-Oct-07 14:41:22

Hiya everyone - I'm here to join the throng grin
Elliot arrived on Wed 24th Oct 8lb 5oz. We've only just got back so I'll post again later (much baby cuddling to do wink x

RGPargy Thu 25-Oct-07 18:21:15

Congrats iris! Great news!

iris66 Sat 27-Oct-07 06:35:25

morning everyone smile How's everyone doing? (it's awful quiet on this thread so farhmm) damn that waking early in pg - I seem to have got my body clock stuck!
Elliot's blasting the zeds in his carrycot and only woke twice for a feed so I've been pootling around having a peaceful breakfast and getting washing on etc before the rest of the house wakes up.

Is anyone else co-sleeping btw? I ended up doing it with DS because he wouldn't settle otherwise and was up almost hourly for ages. It's just seemed the right thing to do this time too even though Elliot sleeps really well. I'm feeling truly blessed with my little man [slightly teary emoticon] wink Aren't we lucky.

StrangeTown Sat 27-Oct-07 07:11:02

What a lovely message Iris - so pleased for you. I lurk on the Nov thread a lot and will post more as I just finished for my mat leave yesterday. Feels really exciting to start seeing your birth announcements on here..

JARM I am due on same date as you and have my next app on Tues too. Can't wait to find out what's going on!

Best wishes to the three who have already delivered!

Easywriter Sat 27-Oct-07 13:06:23

Hi ladies, how are you and your lovely babes today? It must feel soooo good to have a little one, I can't wait.

Anyhoo! I'm not here for no reason at all (oh no!) I here to say 'please and may we have some baby photos please'. (It's jolly hard work being a baby stalker you knowwink.
Oh, I just can't get enough.
Love and hugs to you all!

iris66 Thu 01-Nov-07 15:48:54

Looks like we're all too knackered/loved up/busy to post?!

Sparkly - how's things going with Callum? Did you say you were using pre-fold nappies by the way or muslins. I've been looking at folds but they all seem to come up too big even using muslins. The boys are both in disposables at the mo (which are getting very annoying as they always bloody leak!) and I'm keen to go back to washables with both at the same time but mine are too big for Elliot yet (I've got wambamboos and fluffles)

Kayla - how are you doing with Katie? you've not posted for ages!

and where's everyone else? Roll on a full thread (not that I'm impatient or anything despite it being only Nov 1st grin)

izyboy Thu 01-Nov-07 20:12:33

Hi Iris66 congratulations by the way, and the same to all the other new mums, my comuputer's been in storage so I have not been able to post for a while. Probably be joining you over here in a week or so.

RGPargy Fri 02-Nov-07 11:50:01

Morning ladies!

I've taken the liberty of doing your very own list for you. Am very envy of all you with your babies. I want mine out now!!


SparklyGothKat - 25 Sep (8 Nov) BOY - Callum Eden
KaylaBMummy – South Wales - 18 Oct (8 Nov) GIRL - Katie
NYKate - 21 Oct (9 Nov) BOY - James
Pinklady82 - 22 Oct (4th Nov) BOY - Jake Jason
iris66 – Wiltshire - 24th Oct (5 Nov) BOY - Elliot
Pixiefish – Anglesey N Wales - 1 Nov (8 Nov) GIRL - Name TBA
AnnainNZ – Auckland, New Zealand - 2 Nov (4 Nov) GIRL - Name TBA

iris66 Fri 02-Nov-07 11:52:05 good that you beat me to it grin thanks RG

RGPargy Fri 02-Nov-07 11:53:22


sparklygothkat Fri 02-Nov-07 12:45:25

iris.. yes was using prefolds and muslins, the trick with muslins is to fold them down smaller. The prefolds I used fitted Callum. Am now using little lambs and they fit ok too, and he isn't 5lb yet.

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iris66 Fri 02-Nov-07 19:36:34

isn't 5lb yet? he is now!!! congratulations!! All that pumping was worth it grin well done you! (should have put it on the other thread but hey...) you must be so chuffed. Does he have to be a certain weight to have the tube out?

Pixiefish Fri 02-Nov-07 21:18:27

i'm here!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


dd2 born 5.08am on 1st Nov so she made it in the right month lol

8lb.08oz when she was born

sparklygothkat Fri 02-Nov-07 23:08:48

The tube will be defo. staying in for another week at least, we are now only topping up if he doesn't feed for long and the last one before he goes to bed. Fingers crossed he will be free of it soon.

Went to the special needs support group this morning and everyone wanted a cuddle, haven't been for months so some people didn't even realise I was pregnant lol. Then it was off to breastfeeding group to be weighed and have more tea and biscuits grin

Callum is now 5lb 1oz so we are happy!! grin He is more alert now and sat on my lap earlier just watching me. DH laughed at me for chatting to him about my camera lol

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