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6 week post natal check up COVID

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5aside1 Mon 30-Nov-20 07:03:39


I’m just wondering if anyone has had a 6 week post natal check up and whether this was in person and with a GP?

I’ve made 5 requests for one so far and still have not received an appointment. I have been advised that they are only offering 6 week checks via the phone due to COVID. I questioned whether that would be the case as I had experienced a third degree tear, preeclampsia and have been struggling with thrush whilst breastfeeding for over a month. However I was advised it would still be via telephone.

Ca ask if anyone else has had their 6 week check and if so how was it conducted? I’d also be interested to know whether others think it’s reasonable for these checks to be via phone due to COVID.

I suppose I feel particularly angry as my dad recently experienced pain whist weeing and was given a GP appointment. Yet somehow a tear from your vagina up to and including the muscles in your bum which results in bleeding, intense pain when using the toilet and some incontinence doesn’t merit one. Can’t help but feel that if that a man had torn the same muscles then he would be seen.

I think I also have a lot of anger around the NHS’ approach in general. For example no partners being allowed in scans throughout my pregnancy. Also had community midwives only area refusing to do home visits meaning I had to cart myself (feeling very sore) and my one day old baby out to their clinic for just the standard post birth care. Also during my labour, my partner was only admitted to the ward for the last hour of it. I had been admitted the day before for induction so this meant I had to experience the induction process and all of my Labour apart from the last hour without anyone there (6 hour Labour in total so shorter than most I know). Also for the first 90 minutes of my active Labour contractions the midwife wasnt available so I was just in a room on my own having to FaceTime my mum for some moral support as a first time mum myself.

Sorry for the rant and going off on a tangent. I think just still feel angry about that experience and the GPs position on the 6 week check is resurfacing by those feelings

Thank you

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B1rthis Sun 03-Jan-21 23:22:07

Oh my heart goes out to you!!
I can't imagine what you're going through. You must be in so much pain physically and emotionally.
Yes, they are offering physical 6 weeks but they're combining them with your baby's first check sometimes too, this was the case pre-covid.
Rant away!
Birth should be a blissful experience shared between you and the family/friends you want to support you.
How are you feeling physically now?
It's a bit of a postcode lottery with GP and 6 week checks. Some are amazing and others aren't so much.
My suggestion would be a woman's physio, they can advise you on what is reasonable at what ever stage your at and can work with you on what to discuss with your GP.
You could then be referred to gynae and urology if you consent.
Are you getting lactation support at all? Please join your local la leche league if you aren't.

dirtybubble Sun 03-Jan-21 23:24:19

Ours was an 8 week check in person and then we had the vaccinations appt immediately after the check as they want to reduce appts

Whatelsecouldibecalled Tue 05-Jan-21 18:38:53

Hi. Firstly congratulations on your baby. I have every sympathy as my boy was born during first lockdown and I also was induced and DH only allowed up towards the end. And had a huge nasty 3rd degree tear front front to back and into my uterus. Make sure you keep as hydrated as you can and keep on top of your pain meds.

Regards the 6 week check I didn’t have one due to covid. It happened at my 8 week check where the doctor was utterly shit. Considering I had three back to back infections in my stitches. Luckily the nurse doing DS jabs actually took a proper look!

It’s likely it will be with your 8 week jabs

Whatelsecouldibecalled Tue 05-Jan-21 18:39:23

I can also highly recommend a women’s physio if you need one x

Laura0589 Wed 06-Jan-21 21:03:21

I had problems with a second degree tear and i'm pretty sure i've a prolapse and I experienced problems booking with the GP. I told the receptionist when booking that i needed a proper amount of time and wanted to be examined at my appointment as it was necessary. They tried to tell me I needed to have the telephone appointment to then have the GP make another appointment to be examined. I pointed out how ridiculous this was. Its sad that i had to be pushy to receive this as it should be standard. I'm a Nurse and I'm familiar with the surgery so I was prepared for it to be like that. If i was you i would speak to the gp and tell them you want an examination, they also arent the specialist so you may need referred.

RobynNora Sun 10-Jan-21 01:10:14

It’s not happened for me yet either (now 11 weeks) so guessing it’s not going to 🤷‍♀️

Misty999 Fri 15-Jan-21 20:02:00

I rang to book mine today, they will do a telephone call if you want one am assuming you would then ask for an examination if needed. Baby will be checked at 8 week immunisations.

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