Feb '06 - Bibble

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FlameBat Wed 17-Oct-07 10:36:55

CAMERON, 6th Jan, , Born to Teuch, DC1
PEYIA, 23rd Jan, Born to TicTac, DC1
ALEXANDER, 24th Jan, Born to Yeahbut, DC3
MAISIE, 26th Jan, Born to ellenrose, DC3
JESSICA HELEN, Birthdate 30th Jan, Born to JuA, Twin 1, DC2.
EMILY ROSE, Birthdate 30th Jan, Born to JuA, Twin 2, DC3
T, Birthdate late Jan, Born to ChasingSquirrels, DC2
LAUREN EMMA, Birthdate 6th Feb, Born to Morgan, DC2
PIPPA, Birthdate 8th Feb, Born to CSWS , DC1
LEWIS, Birthdate 9th Feb, , Born to Phoenix , DC1
EVIE HARRIET, Birthdate 10th Feb, Born to Hotmama, DC2
RHUARIDH GEORGE, Birthdate 11th Feb, Born to MrsDoolittle, DC2
BEN, Birthdate 12th Feb, Born to Kelbelle, DC1
OSCAR, Birthdate 12th Feb, Born to Chloe55, DC1
LUTHER, Birthdate 14th Feb, Born to Otter, DC5
BRAM, Birthdate 21st Feb, Born to mustrunmore, DC2
LUCA, Birthdate 21st Feb, Born to 2boysmacca, DC2
EMRYS , Birthdate 24th Feb, Born to Flamesparrow, DC2
ISABEL ERIKA, Birthdate 24th Feb, Born to Amiable, DC1
RORY JOHN, Birthdate 25th Feb, Born to dewmeadow, DC2
BOY, Birthdate 26th Feb, Born to Jas, DC3
SALLY ANIELA, Birthdate 28th Feb, Born to Thell, DC1
NEVE, Birthdate 4th March, Born to Frizbe, DC2
ALFRED WILLIAM, Birthdate 4th March, Born to damewashalot, DC3

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mustrunmore Wed 17-Oct-07 10:38:49

blush i just saw this, and though 'Feb 06, that sounds familiar' but thought ds2 was born 2007 blush

FlameBat Wed 17-Oct-07 10:45:45

<worries about MRM>

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damewashalot Wed 17-Oct-07 11:53:52

hmm just reading stats, did boy not get a name? Sure I must have read it at the time but he is still boy on the list and I haven't a clueblush

Are you feeling better today flame? I've got hormones, boys were watching the incredible journey and I caught the end, had to remove myself as was sobbing and didn't want them to noticeblush

So frizbe, where's this shop of yours anyway?

Hello everyone else, brain leaks sso can't remember what else I read.

OOhh nearly forgot <waves at TicTac>grin

CantSleepWontSleep Wed 17-Oct-07 12:09:53

Just adding. Boy has a name, but is remaining incognito on here winkgrin.

FlameBat Wed 17-Oct-07 12:10:58

Leon, but it seemed wrong to call him anything other than Boy grin (I am always torn between changing Bram to Brambles too)

How you doing Dame?

Hormones a smidge better today, DS clung to me so tight at nursery that I put my arms out to the sides and he still stayed stuck to my chest grin

Still broody hmm

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damewashalot Wed 17-Oct-07 12:11:26

That's good as I really though I was losing it more so than usualhmm

FlameBat Wed 17-Oct-07 12:11:36

Oops - was I not meant to name him??

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damewashalot Wed 17-Oct-07 12:13:24

Oh yes, I did knowblush

Go on flame you know you want towink

Sorry I'n no help am I?blush

I'm ok, might go talk to dr tomorrow as still kind of spotting a little on and off.

Jas Wed 17-Oct-07 12:24:28

Is it too early to go and get a scan? I went to the epu both times. I know with dd1 it was 1 weeks, but only about 7 or 8 with ds, ad they still found me a heartbeat.

I don't mind you naming him Flame. Any one who really wanted to know could do a search and find out as he is amed on the olde stats any way, but I wasn't happy with him being named on every months thread forever more iyswim.
He is still Boy to me quite alot, toogrin

Aother busy day here. Hopefully I'll be back this evening after Brownies.

FlameBat Wed 17-Oct-07 12:27:51

Ah yes, that was it

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damewashalot Wed 17-Oct-07 12:44:46

hmm I'm 6+1 so maybe a little early for a scan.

mustrunmore Wed 17-Oct-07 14:15:03

And he's such a boy! Beautiful, but a very boy-stocky physique smile

Am very happy today, as ds1's friends Mum has agreed to do a joint party for the soft play, so I only have to pay half the cost! Hurray! smile Its basically everything except a birthday cake and a coffee for the adults. The party bags only have a lolly and a bit of the cake. But the kids get to choose a big toy on the way out, from a selection, and the birthday kids will choose 2 each. They're still plsatic crap, but a wide range to choose from, and far more substantial than the bits you get for bags (but we can bring stuff to add to the bags if we want!!) And they get 1.5hrs play, plus their food.

Got my friend to give me a big box to post something I sold on here. But now I need another one hmm All the shops here only seem to have small boxes!

CantSleepWontSleep Wed 17-Oct-07 15:24:12

How big a box do you need? I have a large one that I was going to stuff stuff in for the loft, but you can have it if you want instead. It is rather big though - had a food processor in it. 34cmx44cmx55cm to save us interpreting 'big' differently hmm.

CantSleepWontSleep Wed 17-Oct-07 15:26:01

Dame - ask for 2 blood tests to be done 48 hours apart to measure hcg levels - they should double over this time (roughly) if all is well, and saves the worry of not seeing a heartbeat on a scan because it's too early (7 weeks is normally earliest they will look for heartbeat).

CountessPHOENIXula Wed 17-Oct-07 15:39:38

Just on quick so i don't lose this for later

FlameBat Wed 17-Oct-07 15:51:40

Yup bloodtests sound best.

I have GIANT boxes, but methinks squishing one and posting would be odd hmm

Yay for party sharing and free plastic tat grin

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mustrunmore Wed 17-Oct-07 16:41:08

csws; 'big' means big enough to put a Smoby car in! The sort with the parent handle. I doubt your food processor was that big. Although you never know with the csws household! wink

FlameBat Wed 17-Oct-07 17:59:49

pmsl - My mate got the wrong end of the stick - asked him for what he would want from the grand opening of the shop, he thought I was asking what he would want from the shop itself!

Here is his reply Friz - dunno if it helps with stock grin

Gaming - i have no idea, as its a tad too geeky for my liking.

Comics - oooooh, I gofor a bit of a mix. Up to date 'Graphic Novels', hardcovers are always desireable, as well as back catalogue trade editions.
Back issues and up to date monthly titles, obviously with a bit of collectors items like rare editions, Golden Age and Silver Age books will get the geeks with spare cash lying around.

You can't beat a good action figure, model (I think they're called 'busts'?) and cult DVD selection and some retro items either.

The Midtown Comics store in New York is my idea of comic heaven so it may be worth taking alook at their website.

I reckon I spend anywhere between £30-100 per month at Paradox and I'm by no means a big spender (there's just not much catching my eye at present) but some of the smelly weirdo comic blokes spend the upper end of that in a week.

Of course he can't go wrong by stocking Daredevil, Preacher, The Walking Dead, Queen & Country and anything by Brian Micheal Bendis, Andi Watson, Jeph Loeb, Tim Sale, Frank Miller, Garh Ennis, Humberto Ramos and Alex Ross.

Phew, reckon that about does me!

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FlameBat Wed 17-Oct-07 18:02:39

Oh, and my little dude is walking round in pants shock

He is fighting for nappy changes, I don't mind puddles, but little piles of poo I hate - Psycho gave me a load of Psychoboy2's small pants today (he has a bum smaller than I have ever seen), so DS is now wandering round happily wearing those.

Before I put em on him though he yelled for his nappy to be off, grabbed his boy bits, and then promptly pee'd on his feet hmm Please don't tell me that the one of us who is a nappy addict is going to be the one who is out of em first

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CountessPHOENIXula Wed 17-Oct-07 18:32:22

I bought pants for Lewis on Sunday too Flame. I wasn't gonna mention it incase anyone thought i was mad

He doesn't really mind nappy changes, the reason i bought them was, at my mums the other day he was walking around nappy-less and kept crossing his legs every now and again like he needed a wee but everytime we asked if he wanted one he shook his head but when my mum put his nappy on a while later she felt the front of the nappy get warm like he'd done a wee straight away, so i'm thinking if he knows he needs a wee he may start using his potty.

I'm gonna give his quilt another go tonight cos he did go to sleep straight away under it when he first went to bed.

Frizombie Wed 17-Oct-07 18:55:18

Thought I was getting off lightly, you've done a new thread smile good title!

Jas, just you wait, till he starts fetching things to stand on hmm Glad he's bounced ok for you though.

MRM you are not fat!!! PMSL re 2007

Flame, bless him! totally the wrong end of the stick, but nice to know we seem to agree on what to stock grin you should wave our website at him, when we're underway properly smile

Dame, go to dr's tomorrow, blood tests sound like a great idea smile The shop's in Ripley, Derbyshire

Phoenix, dd2 sleeps ok with her duvet now, although more on top of it, than under it? I often pop in at 11pmish and stick her back under it. Dd1 sleeps on top too, always has, I have a fleece blanket which I chuck over here later on at night too!

New game here from dd2, its called climbing up the sofa, then rolling commando style off the back of it hmm naughty step for her, next time she tries that one.....

So we open tomorrow, at 10am, initially without broadband in the shop, as can't run it until I get another wireless key sorted out, tempted to take it out of my machine here, but then think if I loose it or summat happens to it, I won't be able to talk to you all here!

Thanks to all who gave ideas on the opening, we're postponing the grandopening until last sat of Nov, as gives us more time to publicise, and it was the 1st weekend I could get a friend of ours to do caracitures (SP) in the shop! now to blag a few more freebies and people......

mustrunmore Wed 17-Oct-07 20:20:06

But Friz, you havent seen me naked sad (Er, sad about how I look , not sad that you havent seen me withno clothes on blush)

Ds2 has twice gone to the bathroom to wee on the floor when he's had nappy off time. Ah bless!

I'm getting really worried about his lack of speech, and all sorts of things he does now are setting off alarnms that he's not quite right somehow. Was talknig to my friend today, and she said firstly that she agreed I should get him checked out ,and secondly that dh has the same concerns(but told her not mehmm) What do you think Jas; how did he seem to you the other day, honestly?

CantSleepWontSleep Wed 17-Oct-07 20:50:43

mrm - I honestly think that ds2 seems perfectly normal. He talks as much as some of dd's RL friends of the same age, and is, well, just normal. What worries you apart from his speech?

mustrunmore Wed 17-Oct-07 21:06:16

Well, I dont know. Every now and again he does something that seems odd when you take them all as a whole. He just seems a bit cute but vacant sometimes, he's only just got the hang of moving on a ride on toy, sort of,he toe steps alot, he has no concept of bein gtold off. There's more things too, but I cant think off the top of my head.

Can you bring any boxe syou have? I've wrapped the car up like a sausage but need to seal the ends!!

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