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Ttc 1st baby catch up 3rd thread!

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Fivebyfive2 Mon 21-Sep-20 15:13:13

Thought as I'm bored and we're on page 40 of thread 2, I'd make a thread 3!

@MrsEG, aaahh your Halloween plans and costumes sound awesome 😀 I hope they get to go ahead as planned...

I have no idea what will happen in terms of a lockdown?? I think maybe they'll start with closing non essentials again first? My friend was saying she'd rather have a lockdown now or soon and then maybe be able to have things ease up for Christmas. To be honest I think over Christmas, people will do whatever anyway!

I'm so glad you're back on track with the weaning. You're doing amazingly well xx

Well! Saturday night we started in his room and made it until 11pm. Last night we started in his room and made it until 2am. Slow progress, but still progress! He's got 3 teeth now and I think a 4th on its way. Isolation is getting a bit grinding, but we're getting through the house jobs, having time in the garden and eating like little piggies to make it more bearable! Joe is constantly shuffling/scooching around and has been up on his hands and feet this morning 😂

Hope every one is doing OK? We'll need a new thread soon 😛

@MrsR16 @purplefig @ELW85 @LikeTheFruit @cupcakesandglitter @MrsH497 @Larrydavid @lokicat @stormtrooperjulian @thumper59 @ranchorelaxo @TrashKitten10 @delilah7

Sorry if I've forgotten anyone! Xx

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purplefig Mon 21-Sep-20 17:12:31

@Fivebyfive2 Oh bless him, that starfish position does not sound remotely comfortably but they know best don't they?! I never really cuddle M to sleep, but after that tooth-related meltdown she fed to drowsy, then I cuddled her to sleep. It was actually so sweet - though she didn't sleep in my arms like she did when she was little, she slept positioned as if she was in the sling. Gahhh, too cute. That sounds like excellent progress with the transition to nursery, all you can do is keep trying. How much longer have you got to self isolate for? Sounds like you're doing fab in less than ideal circumstances.

@MrsEG ahhh I'm so pleased you feel fab off the pill too - DH is heading for the same fate as yours once we're done having babies haha. It's only fair after all the years of fake hormones we endured...not to mention carrying and birthing humans! So glad you're better after the choking incident. Totally agree we need eyes on the back of our head - M pretty much sits up on her own now, but I turned around for one minute today and of course that was the time she chose to fling herself back. Ouch. OMG your Halloween costumes sound INCREDIBLE. Please, pleaseeee can we see a pic! grin. Oh I just cannot be f'd with the state of the world right's just so depressing. How are you faring?

Hope everyone is doing OK? We had a lush weekend - sleepover at my parents and then I finally left M with them for a few hours. I was so nervous, but we had the best time. We got loads of Christmas shopping done and then had a really decadent lunch. M was absolutely fine and my parents were in their element. She managed a 2.5 hr afternoon nap over there too!

Today I am inexplicably shattered, so I skipped out on my morning dog walk (which I did miss) and spent the day cooking up soup for DH and my lunches and all of M's food for the week. Freezer is stocked! x

Fivebyfive2 Tue 22-Sep-20 08:48:00

@ELW85, so happy to read Finnn is doing well! Joe does weird stuff with his mouth and tongue sometimes! He does a weird face where it is like he has a funny taste, even when he's not eating?! And he kind of rolls his tongue around his mouth and makes 'lmmlll' noises?! Probably not explaining it very well... I think it's him exploring his new teeth 😂 How old is Finn now? Joe is 9 months and we still do a mix of roughly blended and mashed food and then solid finger food like toast etc.

Another OK night, 7.45 till 6.30 with 3 short wakes and he was in his room until 2am again. I think tonight I'll try to push through the 2am wake up and see if I can keep him in his room until the 5ish wake 🤞

Isolation ends on Sunday and I can't wait!!

@MrsEG, you've inspired me to look at baby Halloween outfits! I've also been looking at baby Christmas jumpers 😂As you can see I'm making good use of all this time indoors!

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Fivebyfive2 Tue 22-Sep-20 08:51:31

@purplefig, your afternoon sounds ace, so glad you got some time away and that M was happy and settled 😀 You're so organised, I need to take a leaf out of your book! Xx

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MrsEG Tue 22-Sep-20 09:10:24

Thanks for the new thread!

@ELW85 Yeah his eczema is actually much better now after weeks and weeks of head and ear scratching (to the point he would bleed) - the main thing I did that I noticed helped was I switched to baths every other day. I read somewhere that water can have a drying effect if doing so every day so figured worth a shot (I hate the duo bath time anyway, I do it very often alone!!) and it’s made an enormous difference. I also rub coconut oil in to his scalp every few days before a bath/hair wash.
Yep we introduced peanuts and eggs very early - PB on a rice cake that they just licked off and boiled eggs, fine with both thankfully!! They now have scrambled eggs and pancakes, and I add a blob of PB to their porridge.
With weaning just go at Finns pace - the boys are 7.5 months, closer to 8 really and still can’t chew anything hard for shit. We live off the above, pasta, cottage pie - anything mash potato based actually - cous cous, chilli, etc - anything mushy!! I always offer finger foods too even if it’s just a bit of steamed veg but they just suck on it for the most part, but it’s all practice. Highly recommend the What Mummy Makes cookbook! It’s been a lifesaver for me. They’re having the ‘hulk mac n cheese’ from it this week!

@Fivebyfive2 Sounds like he’s doing really well in his cot!! Well done to you all! I bet you can’t wait to stop isolating!! Ha see Christmas we’re not nearly as fussed about but it would be unheard of to not get dressed up at Halloween in our family. I don’t even know why or where it started anymore!!

@purplefig the backwards falls! They sound hideous don’t they, we have a lot of them as they’re pulling up now. I have to sit on the floor and just be on high alert for a grab!!!
So glad you took up the babysitting and had a few hours off - I think it just does wonders for your mind! We’re considering our folks actually staying here one night and getting a hotel for a whole actual night off soon.

So what are we thinking BoJo is gonna day tonight?? I get the feeling it’s gonna be basically what the Manchester local lockdown was like. Maybe no home visitors. Who knows! I guess we’ll see later.
Poor Ruairí is full of a cold at the minute so we’re skipping baby sensory today to keep his lurgy at bay. I may go for a run with them in the park instead!
Hope everyone has a fab day!

purplefig Tue 22-Sep-20 16:24:45

@Fivebyfive2 2am is pretty decent! Do you feel like he's getting there with it? Bet you're chomping at the bit to get out of isolation now! So not long.

@MrsEG Hahaha yeah they're awful - I surrounded her with cushions today as she wasn't into being on her back or front whatsoever. Can't believe the boys are pulling up now - incredible! Ahh poor Ruairi, I hope he feels better soon. Have you found anything that helps colds? The nasal spray seems to help a tiny bit maybe? M is teething badly today poor mite. Oooo a hotel night away sounds incredible. What would you do? I think I'd have loads of grand plans and then accidently talk about M and fall asleep at 8.30pm grin

No idea what is in store for us in tonight's announcement, but I've been anxious all day. It's funny - I've been absolutely fine for ages, but today has been really, really hard. M grabbed my hair, as babies do, and I just burst into tears. She was like, calm down m8, it's only hair.

In brighter and somewhat relevant news, I've booked myself a hair appointment for Thursday as I am sick of my long, thick hair. Hair wash day is a CHORE and all I ever do is stick it up in a cliched mum bun. What are all your do's like?! I'm thinking of having loads chopped off...but I am historically a huge wimp when push comes to shove at the hairdressers. x

Fivebyfive2 Tue 22-Sep-20 17:50:59

Hi all! Aaaagh I'm getting a bit stir crazy now. Joe has been fussy all day bless him. Only 4 more days...

@purplefig, I seriously need a haircut! My hairdresser hasn't reopened and haven't gotten around to finding a, new one. I usually have a bob (like Karen O from the yeah yeah yeahs / uma thurman in pulp fiction) but it's soooo long now and my beloved fringe has been grown out for a while now 🙁 Definitely needs sorting! I'm also tempted to dye it a funky colour again, but that's probably just because I'm bored 😂

*@MrsEG*, Omg hotel stay sounds amazing... What I wouldn't give for TV, room service, 8 hours sleep and a massive breakfast... Mmmm, the dream! Definitely go for it,you so deserve it 🙂

So I've read a summary of the rules, unless he's planning on announcing anything different tonight... Doesn't seem too bad. Work from home makes sense. Masks wherever possible makes sense. Doesn't seem to have changed seeing family from what I can tell? Although I think baby groups may be affected? *@MrsEG*, could your dhs gym be affected?

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MrsEG Wed 23-Sep-20 09:37:22

@purplefig I’m finding at the moment that once they learn a new skill that’s it, it’s all they want to do! The worrying thing for us now though is they’re both crawling and learning to pull up and it’s affecting their sleep 😫 I think the dreaded 8-month regression has kicked in. Between the two of them I didn’t see much kip after 2.30 last night!
Ah, are you feeling any better today? I have days like that - I almost just feel overwhelmed with everything!
Do it!! I have a ‘lob’ at the moment but I’m gonna go shorter again next time and have a ‘swishy Bob’ where it’s cut above the shoulder, and go a bit blonder again too. I used to have long hair and took the plunge to a Bob a few years ago and have never looked back. It’s so easy and nice to style as well, I have quite thin hair so I looked like a bloody Hanson brother when it was longer!! Do you have any ideas in mind?

@Fivebyfive2 How was Joe last night? Doesn’t look like DH gym is affected at all - they already have limited indoor class numbers so should be all good! I do feel a bit deflated by it all though, I just can’t see an end to it yet for ages. With the boys were a family of 4 so can only see two other people!

Hope everyone is doing okay? I personally think the new ‘rules’ aren’t so bad (but I just wish they’d not count babies in the 6!! Makes no sense!) but it’s the idea of no normal life until next year that’s really bummed me out. I feel like Christmas is cancelled! And even their birthday!
It’s spurred us on to get our hotel night booked though haha, sod it! We’ve done bugger all else this year!

Managed to get a snap of Ruairí up against his walker this morning. In the space of a few weeks they’ve both learnt to crawl and pull up - these are the same boys who took an AGE to learn to properly sit. It’s like they’re catching up haha!

purplefig Wed 23-Sep-20 11:17:47

Will reply properly to everything later but I'm just bloody fed up today. I just miss normal life. I'm a freaking introvert and I miss people so much. It just feels bleak with the weather changing and new rules. What do you guys do all day?! I feel in a rut. I just want to go to a swimming class. Aggrrrrrr sorry for being self indulgent.

purplefig Wed 23-Sep-20 11:50:11

Also I'm not just blaming the pandemic because I know we can meet in groups of 6. My NCT group is nice enough but a bit crap at organising anything...I feel like it's always me suggesting things. So alternatively I'd go to baby groups or this fab v baby friendly cafe, but it's not possible atm. Christ just call me moaning myrtle.

Fivebyfive2 Wed 23-Sep-20 12:13:42

@purplefig, I know what you mean about a rut! So, when we're not in isolation then most days it's just playmate time, jumperoo time, reading etc. Go in garden, but probably not much now! And food! We do afternbath every other day which he loves 🙂 We're struggling a bit now he is in an in between stage though; doesn't want to sit still but not really mobile yet. God help us when he is 😂 Totally get what you mean about always having to organise stuff!

@MrsEG, great pic! I've been thinking of getting Joe a walker for when he's sturdy enough, would you recommend?? He keeps wanting to stand, but isn't strong enough to do it on his own and we have hardly any furniture for him to pull up on! Really glad your dhs gym will be OK. I don't mind about Christmas, my family is small and it gets us out of massive get togethers with dhs side!

Omg guys, when we're allowed, we should rent a massive fuck off cottage and have a get together weekend 😂

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purplefig Wed 23-Sep-20 12:48:57

@Fivebyfive2 thanks for indulging me when you're currently stuck in isolation. Our days are kind of similar, though we don't have a proper garden so we try and get out to the park. Hard on rainy days.
We should deffo rent a glorious Manor House when this shit show is over. Today I am having a ridiculous lunch of cheesy chips and while M naps I'm going to binge schitts creek. Fuck the to do list.

LikeTheFruit Wed 23-Sep-20 12:53:23

New rules are much harsher in Scotland even though we've far less cases which is frustrating. We're not allowed to meet any other household indoors! Fortunately we're on a bubble with my mum or I'd go insane. It's coming up for winter, thank god for my thermals! Praying my wee holiday to the Scottish Borders in 3 weeks can still go ahead!

@purplefig why can't you go to swim classes? Are they not running yet? We've been going for the last few weeks as fortunately baby groups still allowed.

One good rule here is that under12s dont count towards total number of people which may sense.

@MrsEG Solidarity on the shit sleep. Esme's so so close to crawling, she keeps turning over in her cot and practicing overnight 🤯🤯. She's up every hour at the minute, not sure how much longer I can cope with it. 🤞🤞it'll pass soon. Though it's been a month already 😴😴😴

purplefig Wed 23-Sep-20 17:38:51

@MrsEG the eight month regression?! Aghrrr I feel like we're barely out of the last one. What's it like?! 2.30am is not the morning boys!! I hope it doesn't last long. Surely if they can fall asleep themselves it'll eventually pass?! Can you tell I'm freaking out?! grin. Oooo I bloody love a lob. I bet you'll rock a swishy bob too. Your description of looking like a Hanson brother is everything and made me laugh heartily. I have the opposite problem and can easily look like cousin itt.

@LikeTheFruit There aren't any running in my local town yet, same with baby classes. Strange as it's a decent sized down. The only baby thing I'm aware of is a semi-religious sounding playgroup which doesn't really sound like my cup of tea. Aghrrr your new rules sound really hard, but at least you can still see your mum. I hope Esme starts sleeping better soon - I remember when M was up hourly and it so nearly broke me.

Fivebyfive2 Wed 23-Sep-20 18:35:59

@LikeTheFruit, oh mate I hope Esme's sleep improves soon, it's so hard isn't it?! But it will get better. Joe is waking about every 2.5 to 3 hours recently, not sure why because we'd had a fab run of him doing 4-5 hour stretches?! Solidarity xxx

@purplefig, we don't have any groups here either and I can't be doing with zoom ones.

Only 3 full days left of isolation! Today we've been playing drums with saucepans and spatulas and 'sorting' the laundry bag 😂

Tonight we go for a full night in his room... Which obviously means it's pre destined to go to absolute crap, so wish me luck 🤞

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purplefig Thu 24-Sep-20 10:05:31

@Fivebyfive2 zoom socialising is just dreadful imho. How did last night go? Isolation is nearly over 🙌🏻

I can feel my mental health slipping atm. I think it's the thought of a very bleak winter. What're you all planning to do to make things as bearable as possible?

Fivebyfive2 Thu 24-Sep-20 10:31:57

@purplefig, Well! Took ages to get him down, 1.5 hours after his nappy somehow leaked, he had a total melt down getting changed, tried 4 times to get him down again before giving up and having him in our room for the night! Slept OK but was up at 5.30...still awake! Keeps having meltdowns when we try to get him to sleep. I did get him off and in the cot about an hour ago, but he was awake crying after 5 mins?! Gave up and we've been playing on his mat, he's happy as Larry 🤷‍♀️ I'll try again soon, but I can honestly see us walking him around our tiny garden in his buggy as trains whizz by (we're right behind a railway) I'm not beating myself up though, we've done pretty well overall the last 2 weeks given the situation, it's just a blip. We'll get back on track 🙂

I know what you mean about the winter! I'm gonna get me and Joe a really decent winter coat each and at least then we can have walks without freezing! Also looking at silly things like Halloween outfits, Christmas jumpers, stockings etc. I'll go to my parents with Joe every few weeks overnight to give dh some alone time (he needs it sometimes, whereas I'm more social) Dh has said he'll take Joe a bit more at weekends etc now he's feeding less and I can get back into baking 🍰🥐 Could you find some time for a hobby maybe? Xx

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Fivebyfive2 Sat 26-Sep-20 02:20:05

@cupcakesandglitter, hiya sweet, I hope you and Diana, are doing well?

@MrsR16, aaahhh Ethan you little troublemaker! Is he still sleeping better these days and eating like a champ? Joe is trying so hard to move - crawling, standing, he's trying it all but not actually succeeding much, bless him!

Well, sleep has officially gone to absolute crap again! Last night was awful, I genuinely thought at one point I was going to have to just sit next to him while he screamed himself to sleep, he got himself into such a state and nothing seemed to comfort him. Tonight is only marginally better, in that he's up in the middle of the night again, but at least he's not screaming the house down... Yet! Really struggling to be honest and hoping once we're allowed out again things will improve, or at least not seem as relentless.

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purplefig Sat 26-Sep-20 06:29:55

@Fivebyfive2 oh mate that sounds so freaking hard. You're an absolute hero to still be functioning with broken sleep! I'm honestly in awe of you, I got to breaking point five months in 😂. Would you think about chatting things through with a sleep consultant? I do think sometimes when you're chronically sleep deprived it's hard to see a way forward. Huge big hugs. It won't always be like this.

Thanks so much for replying with your winter plans ❤️ I didn't reply at the time but it really bolstered me. I went out to the charity shop and found m the cutest winter coat and I've ordered myself some rain proof over trousers. Love your plan of getting back into baking too. Hope you have a decent weekend 💕 are you out of isolation now? I feel like it's been going on forever 😳

@ELW85 how're you and the little man doing? Please don't feel bad at all about not being able to reply to everyone's updates. Just hope you two are ok.

Have a good weekend all! M had us up at 5am as per 😂 still, sunrise walks on the beach with the dog...can't complain! x

MrsR16 Sat 26-Sep-20 07:53:40

Omg hey ladies!! I didn't even realise there was a new thread! 😂 no wonder the other one's been quiet!

Hope we're all doing ok!! ❤️

MrsR16 Sat 26-Sep-20 08:05:22

@Fivebyfive2 he's not sleeping too badly! Although apparently he was awake for an hour overnight 😳 I didn't hear him! 😂 and we've started to wake up early again. Hopefully the weekend means we can tire him out properly and he'll sleep well! He's also got a top tooth coming through (has been for the past 3 weeks or so) so I don't think that's helping anything! I hope the last few days of isolation passes quickly for you! 🤞

TrashKitten10 Sat 26-Sep-20 09:23:02

Ahh, here you all are, I never get tag notifications 😩

What a week. I caught a cough from the kids at work and had to get tested. Utter nightmare, 8 hours constant refreshing to book one. Thankfully it was negative. This coincided with Daisy's worst ever day/night of sleep. She completely refused her afternoon nap and ended up awake for 9(!) hours. Couldn't take her out in the buggy or car due to self isolating. Horrendous. It took an hour of overtired screaming to get her to sleep and then she woke at midnight and it took until 3:30am to get her back to sleep.. for half an hour. At 4 she was up again and I ended up having to co sleep for the first time to get her to have the last couple of hours. I couldn't go into work the next day because the results weren't back which was quite a relief after about 3 broken hours of sleep 😬 I am NEVER letting her skip her afternoon nap again.

That day after the worst night ever she decided to take her first steps which was pretty magical and all was forgiven. By the end of this week she's caught her first cold and in the midst of all this my sister had her baby girl. Phew! So today I'm leaving my little snotty girl at home and going to have newborn cuddles, can't wait 🥰

Hope you're all okay, will catch up properly later smile

LikeTheFruit Sat 26-Sep-20 20:09:54

@purplefig I've been sort of following that sleep thread you posted. I've move her last feed to before reading a book to stop feeding to sleep. It is cheating to blast white noise at her til she falls asleep? 🤣🤣

ELW85 Sat 26-Sep-20 20:19:51

Evening all!

Sorry - I didn’t get a new thread notification 😂 I clicked back on our old one and seen the link, so I’m really sorry I’ve not been ignoring everyone.
Thanks for the thread @Fivebyfive2, and for the link and yes the tongue thing is exactly how you describe, thank you! I feel better knowing he’s not the only tongue player 😂

@MrsEG - a bath ever other night sounds like it’s worth a shot. I shall definitely give that a go. The second we stop the hydrocortisone, his skin goes mental again. It’s awful.
Finn proactively has (as in opened his mouth for) sweet potato purée tonight so I’m happy!

@purplefig - hey! I’m feeling better now he’s had the physio ball clear but I think I’ll be on edge for a while; albeit a much lower edge.
For example, he’s not pushed up on his hands yet and he’ll be 6 months on Monday. Physio isn’t worried in the slightest, neither is the HV (but I don’t rate her at all) so I’m now panicking as the internet is saying it’s a ‘red flag’. I just wish he was smashing all his milestones and I’d feel better but it feels like he’s really taking his time with them. @MrsR16 has done a great job of reminding me he’s doing more and more and making progress but it’s hard to get entirely out of my head sometimes.
I hope you and M are great?

ELW85 Sat 26-Sep-20 20:21:40

@TrashKitten10 - oh my god, well done Daisy and congratulations to your sister!
Maybe the 9 hour sleep strike was massively developmental, and the storm before the walking?

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