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Baby and dog in the car??

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Viletta Fri 18-Sep-20 00:49:35

Hi all, our medium sized dog used to travel in the back seat and now when I'm pregnant we are planning to move her to the boot. How do you travel safely with the dog in the boot (hatchback of course)? Do you use cage crate, soft crate, no crate, harness? How to make sure the dog is not flying around in the boot but also not strangled on the long lead of attached? If short lead is it comfortable? I've never had her in the boot and have no clue.
My other option is to put her on the floor of the front seat when I'm there, she seems to be happy there as she is right next to me and can lie on the floor in my feet. I guess this is not safe though... any advice is very welcome!

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pepsirolla Fri 18-Sep-20 00:59:00

Soft crate is way forward. We got ours off Amazon. It folds down when not in use. It's great as a bed too when on holiday. Dog safer now. The dog loves it as has a washable fleecy lining just wish we'd got one soonergrin

booandbumpp Tue 06-Oct-20 15:40:25

We use a soft crate however we’re probably going to progress to having bars over the back seat and getting a non slip mat on the floor of the boot so he has more space. Soft crate is great though!

bloodywhitecat Tue 06-Oct-20 15:43:58

Crash tested crate because it seemed pointless to strap everyone else in and in the event of an accident have a loose cannon (AKA Alf the Puppy Dog) in the boot.

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