April 2007 - back to the wine please ladies (one sip and I'll fall over - hwich)

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PillockInThePumpkin Sun 07-Oct-07 00:05:17

thanks to Pinions, Runny and Captaindippy for the title grin

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VamPesha Sun 07-Oct-07 00:16:23

envy I gave you my opinion - does that not count for anything?!? angry



PillockInThePumpkin Sun 07-Oct-07 00:17:13

oh yeah, and thanks to Pesha for jumping on board after the ship had sailed wink

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VamPesha Sun 07-Oct-07 00:28:27


VamPesha Sun 07-Oct-07 00:28:41


VamPesha Sun 07-Oct-07 00:29:05

Ellie's being mean to me tonight sad

VamPesha Sun 07-Oct-07 00:29:21


VamPesha Sun 07-Oct-07 00:31:23

Have you seen this - Tampon Craft shock its eeeeeeeeeeeeewwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww

Although the ghost is actually pretty good!! grin

IsThereAnybodyOutThere Sun 07-Oct-07 00:41:27

Message withdrawn

VamPesha Sun 07-Oct-07 00:45:55

I'm still here - just!

IsThereAnybodyOutThere Sun 07-Oct-07 00:48:37

Message withdrawn

VamPesha Sun 07-Oct-07 00:51:32

Was just on my way to bed actually! Who are you and what are you doing?! grin

IsThereAnybodyOutThere Sun 07-Oct-07 00:54:17

Message withdrawn

VamPesha Sun 07-Oct-07 00:58:12

I am Pesha wink and have been drinking wine and mning and facebooking but am now going to bed where my dp is snoring!!

<<Whispers - you do realise this is an antenatal thread for women who have babies born april '07 and like to drink wine?? Not just any old wine drinker?!>> wink grin wink

VamPesha Sun 07-Oct-07 00:59:45

Really have to go bed now before ds2 wakes up but nice to meet you nikki grin Hope you've had a good night and your dp makes good chips! Am very envy !!

IsThereAnybodyOutThere Sun 07-Oct-07 01:02:51

Message withdrawn

SharpMolarBear Sun 07-Oct-07 05:37:29

so the clock tells me

Idreamofbroomsticks Sun 07-Oct-07 07:29:44

Oh dear SMB 05.37, not good sad.

Emily wants to do some typing...

cat Emily... stinky doggrin

Idreamofbroomsticks Sun 07-Oct-07 07:38:18

SOL - all good now with dh, but not the end of the situation as far as I'm concerned. Not easily move-on-from-able behaviour I'm afraid, but he doesn't want to talk about it right now.....gotta go, someone else wants the pooter for CBeebies, sigh. Back later.

Idreamofbroomsticks Sun 07-Oct-07 07:38:54

Mammyjo, forgot to say, sorry your dh is being a twunt.

Eddas Sun 07-Oct-07 07:43:10

I wasn't impressed when both dd and ds decided 6.30 was the time to wake up, greathmm

On the plus side i'm now going to be one of those people who get to the shops as the open this morninggrin not convinced it's a great idea yet though since I will have to take both dc's <<shudder>> but I will try bribing dd with a mcdonaldsgrin ds will be fine, hopefully will have a sleep!

IDOB, glad things are better with dh now.ISWYM about not being able to move on, it's ok the first time it happens but when it's over and over again it's harder to deal with and rightly so. Hope he talks to you about it all soon, then you can tell him how he affects you and the dc's.

Right off to wash bottles [rolling eyes emoticon] and then get me some breakfast

mammyjo Sun 07-Oct-07 07:56:00

Morning all. Leaky, have been thinking about Eva this morning. Hoping she has had a better night xxx

IDOB, glad things are a bit better with dh. Know exactly where you are coming from wink

Thanks for everyones hugs and good wishes. Made me laugh about pouring the wine over his head. Bloody well would have except for the fact that its a waste of perfectly good alcohol!grin

Well, dh is still pissing me off. Have come downstairs this morning and he has buggered off fishing. I wouldnt normally mind and he often takes ds on a Sunday, but he has already been away two days this week on a fishing trip. I have gone past the point of anger this morning, I have just had enough. Its like living with a moody child, he needs to grow up and take a bit of responsibility instead of leaving everything to me.
Also, a photo of him and me has been turned around the wrong way. Dont know whether he did it intentionally, or it could just be me being paranoid!! Still think he is a prick tbh. My mum and dad are away on hols this week and I am seriously thinking of taking the dc's and going to live at her house for the week. Cant stand the atmosphere in my own house and dont really want to spend any of my time with dh either.
Doesnt help that we are both as stubborn as each other so neither of us will back down hmm

mammyjo Sun 07-Oct-07 07:56:31

<<<<<<<<<<Thinks happy thoughts>>>>>>>>>>>>

mammyjo Sun 07-Oct-07 08:03:41

Am off now, going to have shower and get dressed then go into Cardiff to nice farmers market to buy bits for scrummy sunday lunch. Might put dh's on a plate then accidentally spill into his lap (now that would be unfortunate grin)

See you all later xxxx

Eddas Sun 07-Oct-07 08:05:30

oh dear mjsad would time away from each other help? maybe a break would let you both have the space to think?

will he be off all day fishing? can't stand fishing myself, don't really get the fascination especially when they chuck them backhmm still I guess we're all into different things!

Hope today isn't too bad, am sending you happy thought vibesgrin

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