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How do you get a schedule in place?

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Rubyroost Mon 31-Aug-20 23:32:26

With both of mine I waited for a routine to fall in place, for my first he did this about 5 months and second has started doing it at 6 months. Around the same time really, as first was born late (so he was really older) and second born early (so he was younger). I know the first few months are r tough, but honestly they'll be over soon. I have found it less stressful to just fall into a routine, rather than trying to enforce one. I did that a bit with my first before I gave up. I remember one time spending two hours to get him to sleep and him sleeping for one hour. It was so ridiculously stressful, and I just thought I'm not doing this again!!

Lilice Sun 30-Aug-20 08:56:49

I found the e.a.s.y routine great to follow (more or less).

Delbelleber Sat 29-Aug-20 12:27:15

Ah sounds tough.
I have a 3month old also and he is my 3rd baby so has been much easier this time. So we get up about 730am and he feeds then. He will be ready for another nap by 9.30am and will be getting grouchy. Feed to sleep and he will sleep roughly 15 min and wake and have another short feed. Play for another couple of hours then feed and sleep15min or so and another short feed on waking. Every couple of hours it's feed sleep feed until about 6pm when he gets ready for bed. In to pyjamas and in a swaddle. Feed until he falls asleep which can take quite along time, he will have a 15min sleep then wake up for another short feed. He is usually getting ready for bed by 6pm and asleep properly by 7.30pm After that he will sleep for 3-4 hours and only has night feeds from then on. No stimulation at all just the feeds. I don't know accurately how many feeds he had in the night because we Co sleep and breastfeed so it's all done in a blur! It's roughly going about 3 hours in the night but again he has a short sleep in between switching sides for the feeds.

I hope this helps you get an idea of what is doable at this age.

RunningAroundAgain Fri 28-Aug-20 20:35:26

My 3 month old barely sleeps during the day since he was born (I thought newborns were meant to sleep all the time?).. at night he's better, he wakes every 2 hrs for a feed and then back asleep.. except for there's a bit from about 3am where he's wide awake until 5am.

Anyway, I don't mind the nights, but I'm struggling with the day naps. He doesn't sleep in the pram, the car, the sling, the cot, or on me. I could spend hours and hours trying to get him to sleep, and eventually he's so exhausted he does fall asleep only to wake up 10 minutes later very upset again.

I'm just trying to figure out whether trying to put a routine in place would help? But how do you actually make a baby fall asleep when they seem to do everything in their power to resist it?

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