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Babies weight slowing down

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Megzmoo Fri 14-Aug-20 10:15:20

Hi, first time mum (a bit of a worrier)

My little one is 10 weeks old and exclusively breastfed, she has been on the 50th centile since birth, however when we went for 8 weeks jabs she was between the 50th and 25th (she had gained weight, just not that much) I have weighed her agin today (10weeks old) and again she has gained some weight but is now just above the 25th centile. Should I be worried?

I have left the health visitor a message but I am concerned that I'm doing something wrong regarding breastfeeding.

Any advice/ experiences greatly appreciated 🙂

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Namechange6005 Sat 15-Aug-20 20:15:05

Don't think you can be doing something wrong! Are you feeding on demand?
Personally I wouldn't be worried about some variation in weight as long as you can see your baby is looking well and passing urine regularly. My 13w old is only pooing about once a week now. He is also breastfeeding.

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