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mini-pill (cerazette specifically) and depression/anxiety side-effects - a warning! Please read..

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RedFraggle Sat 29-Sep-07 16:44:42

After my horrendous experience with a mini-pill I felt I had to post this here as well as on the feeling depressed board.

I had my DS three months ago and after initial baby blues was starting to feel better. Went for my 8 week postnatal check and was prescribed Cerazette (the mini-pill) as I am breastfeeding. After about a week I started to feel really miserable and paranoid, gradually got worse until I could no longer face taking my kids out for the day as I just didn't feel I could cope.
Carried on getting worse to the point I was suicidal and kept thinking about harming myself or my baby. Spent a lot of time sitting with him and my DD throwing tearful wobblers and me sitting on the floor crying too!
Asked my HV for help and she got me a Doctors appointment - my HADS score was extremely high and I was put on anti-depressants, they started to kick in (although the side-effects were horrid) and I felt a bit more normal and so popped on to here for a look about. i hadn't felt up to even doing that for weeks! I saw a post about cerazette and mood swings and alarm bells rang. Googled Cerazette and anxiety/depression and found lots of stuff. I spoke to my doctor and came off all medication and lo and behold - I am totally fine again! Cerazette made me so mentally unstable, it was terrifying. I have had it yellow carded and suggest anyone else with similar issues speaks to their GP and does the same.
The fact that this pill is being heavily marketed to doctors at the moment (according to my HV) means more people are likely to be prescribed it, and at a time when they have just had a baby and therefore their side-effect symptoms could easily be confused with PND.
If you have recently had a baby and were feeling ok but suddenly start to feel bad or not yourself shortly after starting a mini-pill it might be worth considering changing or stopping medication to just rule out a link. Check with your doctor first of course!!!

SpawnChorus Sat 29-Sep-07 16:47:57

Thank you for that. Very interesting indeed! I have been thinking about going on the mini-pill, and I have a tendency to anxiety as it is!!

monix Wed 02-Jan-08 11:11:31

Thank you Redfraggle for that..I have been taking Cerezette for 6months and have been feeling very strange, even my husband has been worried about my mental stability.. As my father recently died I had thought it was due to that, but reading your comments has really helped. I'll be visiting the doctor! Also on the funny side, I started to take the pill to improve the spontaneity of our sex life..but since taking it i have just not been interested!! So I think it has affected my sex drive was healthy before this!

NewYearNewCatkin Wed 02-Jan-08 12:12:00

Very interested to read this as I was convinced going on the pill helped to trigger my depression last year. Surprise surprise - Cerazette!
I'd used Depo for years with no side effects until I was told that there were issues associated with it and I'd be better off on the pill. I used Cerazette on the recommendation of my GP and consequently suffered from awful depression, resulting in a need for ADs. As it happens, I was convinced there was a link to going on the pill but was reassured by my GP that there couldn't possibly be!
As it happens, the cerazette didn't work and I became pregnant. The depression eased even though I wasn't taking the ADs anymore and I was told this was probably due to pregnancy hormones. Obviously I'd stopped taking the cerazette once pregnant so maybe that wasn't coincidence??
I was worried about PND because of my recent history but have had no reoccurence at all. I'm not using cerazette anymore though!!
Think i'm going to have another chat with my GP when I see him as this thread has really got me thinking!
Thanks Redfraggle

HeyThereGeorgieGirl Thu 03-Jan-08 18:38:04

Just wanted to add that I experienced exactly the same symptoms as you RedFraggle. I HATED Cerazette with a passion and wild horses couldn't get me back on that poision.

Brilliant of you to post on here and alert other MN-er's to potential dangers of this drug.

anchovies Thu 03-Jan-08 18:48:18

Just to add I was also prescribed cerazette when breastfeeding and have taken it for 2 years. During this time I have had panic attacks, severe bouts of depression, developed social anxiety and a fear of swallowing requiring CBT and counselling. I hadn't heard (before now) of any association between depression and cerazette and before having ds2 never had any mental haelth problems. I stopped taking it almost a month ago now (no particular reason just decided I didn't really like it) and have been feeling progressively better. I will be going back to the doctors!

expatinscotland Thu 03-Jan-08 18:50:47

I had an equally bad experience with Cerazette.

I was already being treated for PND and the GYN had ruled out Depo and the implant for me because of my PND.

But it was thought the Cerazette would be okay because it's apparently low dose progesten.

My depression and anxiety became very nearly unbearable. BAD. REALLY, REALLY bad.

Not to mention, I bled and bled and developed huge, painful, boil/cystic acne all over my chest and shoulders.

I will never ever use progesten-based contraception again!

I'd rather risk getting pregnant again than go through that.

expatinscotland Thu 03-Jan-08 18:53:55

it also killed my sex drive cold dead.

and that had never happened before in my adult life.

Islamum Thu 03-Jan-08 19:01:10

I have had awful depresseion on combined pill, tried 2 different brands with same result, gp said no way pill would be making me depressed, but i've spoken to a few women with similar experinces, and never been depressed when not on the pill angry

pirategirl Thu 03-Jan-08 19:12:03

I am on it and cant say i have had any problems.

I started taking anti depressants yrs back, as i can't survive without them. I havent seen a change in my depressant status, since taking this pill.

For me it has eased pelvic SPD pain, back pain etc...

No probs with bleeding, and only an occasional spot.

Just saying how it is for me. I am sorry it caused such drastic effects for you other ladies.

goldfish17 Wed 06-Feb-08 20:18:49

I'm new on here, so hello everyone. I'm married with 2 kids (9 and 5) and have been on the pill for around 17 years. My GP recently took me off the combined pill Trinordial as I had had two migraines in the space of five years, she was initially happy to leave me on it but phoned Family Planning to check and they said to get me off it right away. My GP then prescribed the mini pill Cerazette and I started taking it on the 14th of Jan. Within just a few days I started feeling really agitated and jittery, grumpy and weepy. The anxiety symptoms increased over the next couple of weeks until Sunday (3rd Feb) when I just felt so weird and out of it that in desperation I Googled "Cerazette Mini Pill" - well, the relief when I found all the postings about the side effects, not just on this site but many others, I just couldn't believe it. I do have a history of anxiety and I thought I was just going through a bad phase again, but I couldn't pinpoint any reason for it, and the timing was just too much of a coincidence. I stopped taking Cerazette right away and went to the GP on Monday, she agreed that it obviously "doesn't suit" me, although she seemed to be saying it was the change in hormones rather than that pill specifically that causes the symptoms. I'm just going to stay off the Pill altogether and see how we get on with condoms for a while. Also had headaches just about every day I was on Cerazette. I stopped Cerazette three nights ago and I haven't slept for the last two nights - I wonder if it's connected? Anyone else had that? Cheers.

RedFraggle Fri 08-Feb-08 15:40:42

I'm so glad I posted now, if it helps anyone else avoid the problems I had with this pill. If anyone believes it was cerazette responsible for their depression/anxiety I really do recommend asking your doctor to let you yellow card it. It is the only way to have these problems flagged up to GPs so they are aware of it for the future.
I'm months down the road now from this issue, and am feeling totally fine and still determined not to go back on the pill again. I had no idea it could wreak such havoc!
Hope you are all feeling better!

TillyScoutsmum Fri 08-Feb-08 15:49:10

Interesting stuff. I was prescribed it for the same reason (bf'ing etc).. I haven't had any issues with depression/anxiety but my sex drive is zero.. Thought it was just having a new baby but she is 9 months now so would have thought/hoped things would be better...

Pinions Fri 08-Feb-08 15:51:22

I too took this pill once and felt completely floored by it. It was by far the worst pill I have ever taken. I only took it for a couple of weeks and then stopped as I knew it was this that was the prob. Terrible.

bobsmum Fri 08-Feb-08 15:54:35

Also had zero sex drive and although I'm not prone to depression I was definitely not myself. Felt a million times better once I stopped. Will not take it again.

Hated all the on/off bleeding too - spent a fortune in sanitary products sad

bubblagirl Fri 08-Feb-08 16:12:04

i have been on cerazzette for 3 yrs nearly and i take 2 a day aswell but i'm ok

is good to make people aware though

mine was for bleeding i never stopped and this has helped although had to up to 2 a day as my body rejects things but i will say i'm ok but maybe because my body was lacking so much i need it

sorry to hear all other bad experiences if i do indeed worry about how i'm feeling i will get it checked

grimbergen Tue 19-Feb-08 11:28:45

I have been taking cerazzette for about three months now and feel terrible on it.I get angry for no reason with a drop of a hat then all of a sudden I am myself again. It is very strange. From previous experence with other pills I am positive that its this one that is making me aggressive, irritable, no sex drive (total shock on that one - no wonder they prescribe it if you dont want sex then you dont get prego..haha)and angry to the point of crying. I have two small children and a great husband who puts up with my out of body experience as I would like to call it. I am in general a happy person, like very one else there are days that can be a bit stressful. I have worked in high stressed jobs and never felt so stressed or out of control of my emotions since I have been on this pill. Next visit to my GP i will be taking off this pill.

grimbergen Tue 26-Feb-08 08:04:08

update - Have stopped taking the pill and feel great! Won't be going back on that pill.

Pinkchampagne Tue 26-Feb-08 08:17:15

I've been taking this pill for a few months now, and much as I am not depressed, there are times where I have questioned whether it is making me more emotional than normal.
i used to be pretty strong & it would take loads to reduce me to tears, but this is no longer the case.

The on off bleeding has been a real pain as well, and I have started a good few threads on the subject.

Maybe I should think about trying something different.

PABLOP Tue 26-Feb-08 08:32:03

Oh great, I have just started taking cerazzette, is there an alternative? I mean alternative mini pill because I don't fancy coil, injections etc

Pinkchampagne Tue 26-Feb-08 16:06:33

There are other mini pills, PABLOP, but you may be totally fine on cerazatte. My sister was on it for years with no problems, and no periods!

PABLOP Tue 26-Feb-08 22:53:06

thanks Pink champagne, was really worried can do without side effects!

mammyjo Wed 27-Feb-08 11:28:19

This thread has really interested me as I have been taking Cerazette for the last 4 weeks. I have a history of PND, but was told that this would be safe for me to use.
So far I feel absolutely fine, probably more stable than before if I am honest, as I had a low few weeks after christmas.

I just wanted to say thanks for highlighting this pill though, as I was not made aware of the potential for depression on this when it was prescribed for me. If I start to feel even slightly down I will be off to the GP, so thanks!

mummyhill Thu 28-Feb-08 21:20:04

Do other minipills have the same effect? I was prescribed cerazette after having ds and was dx with pnd shortly afterwards. I wasn't happy with the way cerazette affected my cycle and came of it after 6 months. Have been put on micronor instead and now ds is 2.5 I am still struggling with depression and anxiety

Jenniferann Mon 03-Mar-08 12:34:13

Thank goodness for these posts, I thought I was going crazy! I went on to Cerazette in October last year. I seemed to be fine at first, I was only concerned that I would put on weight, having managed to lose almost 3 stones and nearly at my target weight. That didn't seem to be a problem to begin with, I accepted that my weight loss was slower anyway, being nearly there, but it began to creep back on very gradually or stabilise, although I was still following my eating plan!

That aside, my main problem with this pill is the 'mood swings'. I have never been a moody person, and have never been depressed for any length of time until now. It isn't all the time, but I can be fine and full of energy and enthusiasm for life one day, and incredibly low and tearful the next: it can even happen over one day, happy in the morning, and desperately unhappy by evening, with no reason. It's really awful, and because I couldn't think of any other reason for it, decided to Google Cerazette. What a revelation! I am sorry for everyone suffering in a similar way, but so relieved to know that it is likely to be due to this. I have made an appointment with my doctor for this week, and am going to tell him that I will stop taking it and hopefully get back to normal! Perhaps I might even be able to lose these last 4 stubborn pounds too!

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