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10 week old - bedtime

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Firstbaby2019x Thu 16-Jul-20 09:14:51

Hi all
We have a 10 week old baby and recently she's been increasingly crying and irritable in evenings and fussing in the breast. I think it's mostly her being overtired.

We've previously been led by her and she has goes down to bed anytime between 8.30-10pm. Would you advise trying to bring bedtime forward to try and calm her and avoid the over tiredness?

Any advice or experiences here appreciated.


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Caspianberg Thu 16-Jul-20 15:30:48

Baby same age here, he usually naps early evening whist we eat and then we take him up to bed around the same time as you.
For 9-9.30pm sleeping, he is often still having a short nap in his bouncer or on us at like 6-7pm.

Twizbe Thu 16-Jul-20 15:34:09

Both mine had terrible witching hours from 7-9pm. They would cry and fuss and feed constantly.

It gets better with time. At 10 weeks you'll start seeing an improvement soon.

In the mean time, follow baby's lead around bedtime.

I wasn't able to get a 7pm bedtime until around 3 months

CupcakesK Thu 16-Jul-20 15:44:59

Following with interest as we can't get DS (15 weeks) to bed much before 9-9:30. He is often sleepy at around 8pm, having had a feed at 7pm, however if we let him sleep from them we would be getting up 3x in the night to feed (10:30, 1:30 and 4:30ish).

At the moment, if I feed him at 9-9:30, we might get 1 night feed and an early wake up (5:30) if lucky!

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