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Cathbell Sat 22-Sep-07 19:52:49


Is anyone interested in starting a singing group in Glasgow? I am a new Mum and love to sing. I thought it might be a good way of meeting other Mums and doing something that can be combined with babies and not related to the colour of poo, breastfeeding and possets. Anyone interested??

p.s. I am in Glasgow southside but could travel...

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bibimoonunit Tue 19-Aug-08 13:49:32

hello cath .
yes im interested!!!!!!
im not sure if anyone every replied to your posting.
i was looking for singing groups in glasgow on the net and just happened to find your ad. im also a new mum. well ot so new now. my little one is 9 months old.
if you would like to get together for a sing then i would be very very interested!!
emma 585 9405

conkertree Thu 21-Aug-08 09:29:50

i'd be interested too. Ah just seen the date of op - but if you're still about thats two people now interested.

I am just outside Glasgow but can get into west end/city centre no problem. And have a friend in Glasgow who I'm sure would also be up for it.

Were you thinking of at people's houses, or meeting in a hall somewhere?

TheGreatCaspie Thu 19-Mar-09 17:08:35

Hi there
I would love to set up a singin group. I have a one year old daughter and I have just moved to Glasgow (South side)

I know these messages were posted some time ago, but if you are all somewhere singin away I'd love to join you?


weesmiler Tue 08-Sep-09 22:04:52

Me too My kids are older but would love to join a singing group!! Let me know anyone. Thanks

Margal Sat 03-Oct-09 09:25:56


I run pre school music classes in the southside. Through school and up till my daughter was born 4 years ago I was always involved in Musical Theatre and toured with a concert party for years. I really miss it and although I don't have the time to devoute to that at the moment(sometimes 2-3 nights a week) I would love to do some more singing, so a singing group would probably be a good option for me. Is everyone who's posted here still interested?

DESREE Mon 16-Nov-09 21:23:43

Hi. I'm in the southside and would love to join a singing group (although nervously wondering if would be up to your standard ha ha)

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