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Is Diazapam safe to take when bf?

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Hopeitwontbebig Fri 21-Sep-07 10:54:44

Or does anyone know of a similar drug that does the same job?

Suffering dibilitating anxiety at the moment, baby 5 days old sad

NoviceKnitter Fri 21-Sep-07 11:14:30

Don't know about specifics but Breastfeeding Network have a pharmacist they can consult - don't have their no. to hand as DD asleep on me but google and should find it no probs. You may also find it helpful just talking to their counsellor.

However, don't jump the gun to get a prescription, even if considered safe. It's not surprising you're feeling like this - you've just gone through one of the biggest experiences of your life and your hormones will be all over the place. Have you thought about going to see a homeopath - pref one with specialism in maternity issues? I had a patch of bad anxiety during my pg and went to a homeopath. Starting remedy coincided with sun coming out (it was last spring) so was never sure what snapped me out of it, but something worked wonders. Worth giving a try perhaps before going for something stronger. And people to talk to - you need a few weeks for hormones to settle down.

Good luck - I know what it feels like - you'll get through it.

Hopeitwontbebig Fri 21-Sep-07 11:33:20

thanks novice. This is baby no 3 for me and I was exactly the same with other two and with them the Diazapam REALLY helped sad. I'd definitely be interested to see if there is a homeopathic remedy that'll work, thanks for that.

It really is the most crap feeling in the world this isn't it ..

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