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June '07- So DH, what have you done all day today? I have been busy raising your children...

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loonylovegood Thu 20-Sep-07 17:31:06

Ria's suggestion!!

loonylovegood Thu 20-Sep-07 17:32:13

Bugger...we filled up the old one again without doing a link!

Come and join me!

justbeme Thu 20-Sep-07 17:34:32

found you!
im gonna do my mystery shop at a local pub tonight holly - have you done your scwark crystal one?

riabutterflew Thu 20-Sep-07 17:36:05

have fun jmb.

have you seen the title for the due in October AN thread. nearly as good as ours.

domesticgrumpess Thu 20-Sep-07 17:38:42

Message withdrawn

loonylovegood Thu 20-Sep-07 17:39:39

Yep, did it the other day. Got this free! Are you doing it with Retail Eyes? I've been using them for years, they are good.

Glad you found me!

justbeme Thu 20-Sep-07 17:42:21

wow thats nice!! Yes with Retail eyes -
Ive printed off the questionnaire - do I have to scan it back to them or can I just refill it back on screen and email back?

loonylovegood Thu 20-Sep-07 17:47:39

I never even read the questionnaires any more, I've done so many of them I know what to do with my eyes closed!! All you need to do is fill in the form on the website. If you need to take any notes whilst you are in the pub, put them on your mobile phone. That's what I always do. Write a text with your notes on and save it as a draft. That way you just look like you are texting rather than being a mystery shopper!

Remember to visit the toilets, take timings on how long it took to get served/get your food and get the person who served you's name/description.

justbeme Thu 20-Sep-07 18:18:56

Ok Thanks Holly - no food involved on this one tho - but hey its a night out (my 1st!) - and I get to wear a top that I dont need to think whether or not I can breastfeed in it ok!! LOL

daisyandbabybootoo Thu 20-Sep-07 19:31:39

ha....found you!

Well it's only taken 5 years but....DS is officially a member of the Boo household and all four of us have the same surname.....yay!

Bumper, sorry you're still having a hard time. Did the bf counsellor check your positioning and latch today?

Love the thread title, but someone is bound to take exception to it.

holly, i got my little lambs today...they're gorg. I also have a bamboo one coming. brand new for £1.99 plus postage.

annobal Thu 20-Sep-07 19:53:12

Found you!

DH is out tonight and ALL children in bed and asleep. I have penne with tuna and pesto for supper and looking for some good crap on tv (may resort to The Holiday on movies but just noticed that Sixteen Candles is on Sky...).

Now off to catch up...

riabutterflew Thu 20-Sep-07 19:56:44

phew, I'm glad it's a quiet night on here.

Just need a quick rant before I put DS2 to bed.

So, Tuesday morning I went into school to discuss the bullying. Today DS1 comes home with a ripped shirt. A girl who is supposed to be the junior school alternative to a prefect took exception to DS1 not wanting to be the boyfriend of another little girl and got hold of his shirt, pulling it so tight around the neck he had to pull it so he could breathe and it got ripped where the button came off. Said girl then told himi not to tell me she'd done it and to say it was another little girl in year 3 with the same first name. To his credit DS told the teacher who said "why would {girl} do a thing like that".

FFS angry

what have I done wrong in his upbringing to make him such a victimsad?

rant over for now...

annobal Thu 20-Sep-07 19:59:18

God that's awful - I'm so sorry Ria. Poor DS sad

foxybrown Thu 20-Sep-07 20:11:44

Ria, thats terrible! Your poor boy. Will DH go in all guns blazing? Might have to pull out the 'What would Ofsted say?' guns.

Charlie999 Thu 20-Sep-07 20:32:00

Oh Ria - poor thing sad....what a scheming little cow that girl is.....angry

Yay to Scotland in time then? smile

daisyandbabybootoo Thu 20-Sep-07 20:44:12

Update from Trace

Ria, your poor DS. Girls can be little witches can't they. He sounds like a sensitive soul at the best of times (which is probably why he's popular with the girlies)

My DD is showing no signs of slowing down tonight. She is sitting in her chair playing with her mobile thingy and screeching her heart out. Nothing wrong, she just likes to shout a lot.

Saw my DTNs this afternoon smile. They are now nearly six weeks and so cute. DD didn't quite know what to make of them, and she was very unsure when I was giving one of them a cuddle. We got a photo of DS with all the babies beside him on the chair, LOL.

Gawd I need a glass of wine but we have none in the house. I don't know whether I can convince DH to go out to the offie for me as he's literally just walked in the door after his dash to Hawick for DS's new birth certificate hmm

hello to everyone else <waves>

riabutterflew Thu 20-Sep-07 21:27:15

I think your DH probably deserves a nice glass of wine for being such a star daisywink

I have had to agree to all sorts of nasty things to get extra wine and tortilla chips (I am stressed - I need light relief in the form of a stemmed glass). Hopefully I will get pissed and passout!

BTW re PND quiz thingies. They do them routinely here and as I got a top score last time I have to do mine again at the end of the month when DH allegedly back at work and things should have calmed down a bit. HA!

So, I get all worked up and defensive about his shirt(quite rightly). Then I find out that someone else kicked him and his he punched them. And, two other boys (another "prefect" I think) were picking on him for being poor because he's not going on the residental trip next week (£200+, but he doesn't actually WANT to go) and then one of them spotted sopmething in DSs coat pocket he fancied so he tried to get it off him, so DS headbutted him. Now we can't go in to school because who will get the bollocking? Us, as uaual. ARSE. DH blames the anger management group they put him in. He certainly didn't learn headbutting at home (I would have run away and DH would have origamied them into submissiongrin)

Tonight I have had enough. I don't want to do this anymore because what I am doing is not working.

daisyandbabybootoo Thu 20-Sep-07 21:51:37

Ria, your poor DS. He is just trying to defend himself against twatty kids and he gets the blame.

My DS is similar in that he tends to get involved in whatever nonsense is going on, then the other kids have the sense to stop, but he keeps it going and gets left holding the can as it were.

"I am stressed - I need light relief in the form of a stemmed glass"......bloody brilliant, but I know what you mean about feeling as if what you're doing isn't working. I feel like that as well sad

DH would have a glass of wine, but as well as driving to Hawick and back, he has made a trip out to the offie, and has now gone back to our teacher friend for her to countersign yet another passport form (these are the third lot).

If the passport office reject the photos on Monday, I WILL NOT be held accountable for my actions.

Jamantha Thu 20-Sep-07 21:52:52

Just in after a night out (photography club, we both used to go but DH has gallantly said I can go this year and he'll look after DD).

Well done Daisy , poor you and DS, Ria

riabutterflew Thu 20-Sep-07 22:06:23

daisy, today your dh has restored my faith in men as a useful assett(sp?) - for a short while until they all start being twunty againgrin.

My DH is very fond of Hawick - he delivered kitchen umits there once in a previous life!

Well done for having a life J!

It is SO FUCKING ANNOYING (sorry) about DS. Fucking (sorry) crap school I think (I went there too but it was ok then - though we did have a bizarre conversation with the assisting MW at hospital after DS3 was born about haw shity my HM was! - does that score points for the oddest post-labour conversation ever?!) Even the HV (when we asked her advice about DS1 at my PND visit) said the school are not handling him in the right way. I promise I have brought him up nearly as strictly as my DM dealt with us (and more so than MIL) but I might as wellnot have bothered. The new HT has come in from a local "problem school" and seems to have brought the problem attitude with her, so she is creating them.

Sorry to go on. I feel a really shite year coming on. We usually don't have to go in until christmas. FUCK IT.

daisyandbabybootoo Thu 20-Sep-07 22:23:32

Oh you think he may be playing up a bit more because of DS3? He's too old for sticker charts, so how about some other form of incentive scheme if he manages not to attract trouble, like a magazine or something.

We are getting very good results at the moment with DS and the new natural history museum bug magazine (you get a real beetle preserved in a plastic block once a fortnight).

riabutterflew Thu 20-Sep-07 23:28:35

thanks daisy. he actually adores ds3 morte than anything so i don'tthink it's that. my current thoughts are either he is so sick of being the victim he lashes out as standard (can see his point - it has been going on too long, but the judo was supposed to control that) or the HV referred to him as "pre-teen", so it could be "hormonal"(he is disgusted because they are doing sex ed this term). I think he is sick of being called "gay" because he has one close friend. school is completely anti-homophobia. they should tell the kids.

riabutterflew Thu 20-Sep-07 23:30:26

oh fuck. dh crying at tv film again. i CAN@T give in or i won't ever stop.

daisyandbabybootoo Thu 20-Sep-07 23:33:51

Ria....leave the kids with someone and come to Leeds to see me; we can go out on the piss and set the world to rights.

And tell your DH to pull himself together grin

domesticgrumpess Thu 20-Sep-07 23:49:23

Message withdrawn

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