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April 2007 - new thread for GMM

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StealthPolarBear Wed 19-Sep-07 13:56:31


StealthPolarBear Wed 19-Sep-07 14:04:09

please please please kick me into doing some housework

mmk Wed 19-Sep-07 14:30:52

get to it, spb, or I'll send some of our executive housewives to you...that'll shame you

CaptainDippy Wed 19-Sep-07 15:22:33



Just been for yummy tea and cake at local childrne's bookshop and cafe. Now at home, my older 2 and friends little girl playing downstairs while so goes to collect hero lder 2 from school!

Nice wine is always good, mmk! grin



CaptainDippy Wed 19-Sep-07 15:33:58

Awwwwww, just went and "spied" through the living room door and my two gorgeous older girlies are sat on the futon, chatting to each other whilst "breast feeding" a rather over-sized toy hippo and a frog hot water bottle cover respectively! hmmgrin

kneehighinnappies Wed 19-Sep-07 15:38:52

Afternoon, have I said that already todayhmm

Have tried a bit of blw with the dt's again today, Z is not very good he doesn't pick anything up, i have to hold it in his mouth till he cries.
L was good she had a good old suck on some bit's, she didn't swallow any as it kept popping out of her mouth and landing on the flooor, but she will get the hang of it soon.

kneehighinnappies Wed 19-Sep-07 15:39:36

LOL @ your dd's cd

CaptainDippy Wed 19-Sep-07 15:39:55

She will indeed, bless 'em. [wink P had a few cake crumbs in the cafe today. blush

CaptainDippy Wed 19-Sep-07 15:40:11


StealthPolarBear Wed 19-Sep-07 15:43:26

stupid woman on phone

Peshasofeight Wed 19-Sep-07 15:48:12

I think thats the idea really khin, if their tummys arent ready for it they wont swallow it they'll just suck. By the time they learn to move food to the back of their mouth and swallow it their tummys will have developed enough to digest it properly. Same with small bits of food, by the time they've developed the fine motor skills to pick up a small bit of food their eating skills will have developed enough for them to be able to chew it and swallow it without choking!
Its just all so clever! grin

Bf group was fine, hardly anyone there but it ha only just started. Got some good advice from a couple of midwives they had there who think I'm doing the right thing wrt holding off solids and top up bottles.

Dishwasher is now leaking hmm seems dp didnt do such a great job after all but it should be easily fixed.

Peshasofeight Wed 19-Sep-07 15:49:41

Thats has only just started as in the group has only been going a couple of weeks!

Peshasofeight Wed 19-Sep-07 15:50:50

This is my pirate name btw me hearties aaaarrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

Or summat like that hmm

CaptainDippy Wed 19-Sep-07 15:53:20

hmm Ok then Pesha!! winkgrin Glad you felt reassured by the BF Group hon. smile

weeonion Wed 19-Sep-07 16:02:13

hi folks - quick hello to you all.

i have just lent gmm a meitai - another convert to babywearing? smile
back from swimming - i thought it as meant to knacker the babies - alas not the c. she is currently rolling around her cot. not a nap since 7am......
sunny afternoon here - off for a dander with the c - hoing she'll drop off for a kip!

Peshasofeight Wed 19-Sep-07 16:12:23

Its National (or international?) Talk Like A Pirate Day BTW - I'm not just being weird! grin

Idreamofchocolate Wed 19-Sep-07 16:15:47

Pesha - never heard of national talk like a pirate day! Are you sure someone's not winding you up?grin

DH's birthday today, have been out for lunch/walk and he's gone to collect Em from school. Have cake & candles all prepared for when he gets back, then we have friends over for a takeaway Thai meal tonight (oh the high life!hmm).

Just wondering how early we are allowed to start getting drunk. Should we wait until the DDs are in bed, or will tea-time do?

Peshasofeight Wed 19-Sep-07 16:20:54

International Talk Like A Pirate Day grin

IDOC - teatime sounds abit right to me! wink

bumble75 Wed 19-Sep-07 16:27:38

Afternoon everyone,

As I've just caught up I'm assuming L will wake up any second so I'll try and be quick!

WO, L didn't sleep after swimming either, I was hoping for some marathon naps to no avail...

Luce & Liath, next Wednesday would be good for me, we go to yoga in the morning but are done by midday & are not far from the Gyle.

Happy anniversary SOL for yesterday!

Am very envy of those back to pre-pregnant weight. I bought some scales yesterday so I could see how much I've been deluding myself that I'm still losing weight... about a stone to lose to be pre-preg and another one to where I'd like to be... seems to have done the trick so far - haven't been on a locust-like rampage through the biscuits... when L wakes up I need to go to Tesco to get something for dinner, I'm dreading chocolate falling into my trolley grin.

Can't believe L not awake yet, normally she wakes up as soon as I click 'Add message'

Oh - that CV one sounds awful! Haven't come across her before... not cuddle a baby - is she mad?????????

bumble75 Wed 19-Sep-07 16:30:09

IDCO - hope you have a lovely celebration for your dh tonight. Surely it's never too early to start drinking? wink

Vio Wed 19-Sep-07 17:23:42

Hi all,

Would like to thank mums from the due in april thread , thanks for the flower, very kind of you...thanks for everyone who have donated in memory of James. James is a very special boy, he has given me so much, he has brought me to another world, a world of love and I miss him so so much.

Just created a memorial site for my son. Please visit:

Thank you very much.

Idreamofchocolate Wed 19-Sep-07 17:33:57

Oh Vio, you will always carry James with you in your heart. He was blessed to have such a loving Mummy. xxx

Vio Wed 19-Sep-07 17:40:13

Please visit his page and kindly light a candle for James, he is the best boy in the world.

Eddas Wed 19-Sep-07 17:41:25

Hi vio, we're all thinking of you and your family. His life was far too short, but you must have so many precious memories to carry with you and treasure alwayssmile

Eddas Wed 19-Sep-07 17:43:14

(hope you don't mind)

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